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Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of ‘The West Wing,’ Lawrence O’Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. Join him every weeknight.




Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of ‘The West Wing,’ Lawrence O’Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. Join him every weeknight.




McCarthy sends caucus home with only a week until shutdown

Tonight on The Last Word: Two House Republicans say they may work with Democrats to force a funding vote. Also, infighting reportedly led a top Trump Georgia lawyer to leave. Plus, Uvalde families join President Biden for the opening of the Federal Gun Violence Prevention Office. And New Jersey Sen. Menendez and his wife are indicted for a bribery scheme. Rep. James Clyburn, Adam Klasfeld, Paul Butler, Amy Lee Copeland, TX State Sen. Roland Gutierrez and Dr. Brian Williams join Jonathan Capehart.


Lawrence: Rupert Murdoch stepping down but 'Daddy will be watching'

Tonight on The Last Word: Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as the Fox and News Corp. chairman. Also, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy asks a divided Congress for more Ukraine aid. And the Senate confirms three military leaders despite Sen. Tuberville’s months-long hold. Michael Wolff, Charles Blow, Fmr. Amb. Michael McFaul and Norm Ornstein join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Trump reportedly frets about prison privately

Tonight on The Last Word: Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis raises potential conflicts of interest for six defense attorneys in the Georgia case. Also, House Republicans demand respect for Congressional oversight even though Jim Jordan has refused to comply with a January 6 Committee subpoena. Plus, Ukraine President Zelenskyy calls for Russia to be stripped of its U.N. veto power. And Democrats are overperforming in 2023 special elections. Glenn Kirschner, Barbara McQuade, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Laurence Tribe and Simon Rosenberg join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence: Biden gave the country a lesson in hope

Tonight on The Last Word: President Biden says we have to stand up to Putin’s “naked aggression.” Also, Ukraine President Zelenskyy plans to present the details of Ukraine’s Peace Formula at the UN Security Council meeting Wednesday. Plus, Sens. Whitehouse and Durbin ask right-wing billionaires about their gifts to Supreme Court justices. And a Georgia judge allows Trump co-defendants’ lawyers to question grand jurors with limits. Timothy Snyder, Ben Rhodes, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Gwen Keyes join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence & legal panel react to Trump admitting election subversion was his decision

Tonight on The Last Word: Donald Trump’s comments on a Georgia co-defendant could push the boundaries of a bond agreement. Also, Jeffrey Clark waives his right to appear in court Monday. Plus, President Biden and Ukraine President Zelenskyy plan to address the U.N. Tuesday. And Planned Parenthood resumes abortions in Wisconsin. Andrew Weissmann, Joyce Vance, Gwen Keyes, White House Press Secy. Karine Jean-Pierre and Ben Wikler join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence: Jack Smith asks Jan. 6 case judge to tell Trump to shut up about witnesses, prosecutors, and the judge

Tonight on The Last Word: Special Counsel Jack Smith wants a limited gag order on Trump in the January 6 case. Also, GOP-led state legislatures use gerrymandering and voting restrictions to try to retain power. And Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson speaks at the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing memorial. Rep. Ted Lieu, Temidayo Aganga-Williams, Faith Gay, Jamelle Bouie and Imani Perry join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Trump on having to comply with subpoena: 'I know this. I don't even know that'

Tonight on The Last Word: Donald Trump again falsely claims he’s allowed to keep classified documents. Also, a Georgia judge says the 19 co-defendants won’t all be tried together. Plus, Hunter Biden is indicted on gun purchase charges. And Vice President Harris kicks off the “Fight For Our Freedoms” college tour at Hampton University. Andrew Weissmann, Neal Katyal, Bradley Moss, Gwen Keyes and Lillian Carr join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence: Fani Willis points out key flaw in GA co-defendants asking to move cases to federal court

Tonight on The Last Word: Donald Trump waives his right to a speedy trial in exchange for severing his case from his co-defendants. Also, the discovery phase begins in the Trump classified documents trial. Plus, most Republicans remain silent after Vladimir Putin condemns U.S. democracy. And Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin meet in eastern Russia. Barbara McQuade, Harry Litman, Gwen Keyes, Bradley Moss and Timothy Snyder join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence on why Fani Willis wants to try Trump with 18 GA co-defendants

Tonight on The Last Word: District Attorney Fani Willis wants Donald Trump and his co-defendants tried together. Also, Vladimir Putin defends Trump and criticizes democracy. Plus, Rep. Matt Gaetz threatens to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker. And President Biden touts a successful trip abroad as Putin begs for weapons from North Korea. Glenn Kirschner, Joyce Vance, Laurence Tribe, Rep. Adam Schiff and David Rothkopf join Lawrence O’Donnell.


5 defendants seek to move GA RICO case to federal court

Tonight on The Last Word: Donald Trump asks the judge in the Washington, D.C. election case to recuse herself. Also, Trump releases a video after years of 9/11 lies. Plus, a new report raises questions about Ginni Thomas’ income. And Justice Alito refuses to step aside from a case involving a lawyer who interviewed him on ethics for The Wall Street Journal. Andrew Weissmann, Neal Katyal, Rep. Daniel Goldman and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Georgia special grand jury report: No 2020 election fraud

Tonight on The Last Word: Mark Meadows loses his bid to move the Georgia case to federal court. Also, a lawsuit seeks to bar Donald Trump from Colorado’s 2024 ballot, citing the 14th Amendment. Plus, Republicans are trying to find a new term for “pro-life” amid electoral losses. And anger over former President Nixon’s pardon mirrors the divide over Trump. Neal Katyal, Amy Lee Copeland, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, Rep. Gwen Moore, Ben Wikler, Jill Wine-Banks and Michael Beschloss join Jonathan Capehart.


Lawrence: Guilty fmr. Trump aide Navarro was afraid to open his mouth in court

Tonight on The Last Word: A jury convicts Peter Navarro of contempt of Congress. Also, the Fulton County grand jury report is expected to be released Friday morning. And Rudy Giuliani faces millions of dollars in legal bills. Andrew Weissmann, Mary McCord and Michael Daly join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence: It was a good day for Fani Willis and a bad day for two Trump co-defendants

Tonight on The Last Word: Georgia prosecutors say the Trump trial could last four months. Also, District Attorney Fani Willis files a motion to keep the jurors’ names secret. Plus, Trump’s attorneys reportedly discuss his possible reaction to a classified documents case subpoena. And E. Jean Carroll beats Trump in court … again. Amy Lee Copeland, Harry Litman, Joyce Vance and Faith Gay join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence: If Jan. 6 leader of 'Trump's army' gets 22 years, what about Trump?

Tonight on The Last Word: Ex-Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio gets the longest January 6 sentence. Also, Trump co-defendant Jeffrey Clark hits Neal Katyal for going to Burning Man. And Justices Thomas and Alito release financial disclosure forms after requesting extensions. Andrew Weissmann, Neal Katyal and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Trump pleads not guilty in Georgia criminal case

Tonight on The Last Word: Donald Trump waives his right to appear at his arraignment in Georgia. Also, the Biden administration proposes a rule expanding gun sale background checks. Plus, Vice President Harris addresses changes in Florida’s education standards. And the Biden administration looks to extend overtime pay to millions. Joyce Vance, Andrew Weissmann, Amy Lee Copeland, Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost, Adam Serwer, David Canton and E.J. Dionne join Jonathan Capehart.


Lawrence: Trump co-defendant Eastman lied on television about GA indictment

Tonight on The Last Word: Trump co-defendant John Eastman comments on the Georgia case. Also, Special Counsel Jack Smith raises concerns over the legal representation of Trump’s co-defendants. And Tennessee GOP lawmakers vote to “silence” State Rep. Justin Jones. Barbara McQuade, Glenn Kirschner, Georgia State Rep. Tanya Miller, Bradley Moss and Tennessee State Rep. Justin Jones join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Why Bob Woodward says the federal elections case against Trump is the ‘most important’

Tonight on The Last Word: A judge seeks more information before ruling on the Mark Meadows hearing. Also, Bob Woodward says Jack Smith’s federal election indictment of Donald Trump is “cleverly designed” for the jury to understand. Plus, Smith’s team reportedly grilled witnesses about Rudy Giuliani’s drinking habits. And President Biden announces the first 10 drugs up for Medicare price negotiations. Amy Lee Copeland, Glenn Kirschner, Bob Woodward and Sen. Amy Klobuchar join Lawrence O’Donnell.


Lawrence: Trump's lawyer just previewed what Trump will say if found guilty

Tonight on The Last Word: Trump’s trial is set for March 4, 2024 in the federal election case. Also, Mark Meadows takes the stand in the Georgia hearing. And three people are killed by a racist shooter in Jacksonville, Florida. Neal Katyal, Amy Lee Copeland, Gwen Keyes Fleming and Barbara McQuade join Lawrence O’Donnell.


All 19 defendants have surrendered in Georgia criminal case

Tonight on The Last Word: 3 co-defendants argue they acted “at the direction” of Donald Trump in roles as fake electors. Plus, a Trump ally fires back at the special counsel in the documents case. Also, the Texas GOP enacts laws taking over elections in a democratic county. And the Kremlin denies Putin’s involvement in Prigozhin’s death. Glenn Kirschner, Paul Butler, Bradley Moss, Rep. Colin Allred, and Michael McFaul join Ali Velshi.


Lawrence: Donald Trump’s mug shot will live in history forever

Tonight on The Last Word: Donald Trump surrenders to face Georgia election charges. Gwen Keyes Fleming, Harry Litman, Joyce Vance, Amy Lee Copeland and Georgia State Rep. Tanya Miller join Lawrence O’Donnell.