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Each week, PGA TOUR COUNTDOWN brings you player interviews and tournament insight from the Clubhouse, Media Center, Practice Range, Players Locker Room, and Inside The Ropes...


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Each week, PGA TOUR COUNTDOWN brings you player interviews and tournament insight from the Clubhouse, Media Center, Practice Range, Players Locker Room, and Inside The Ropes...



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Remembering Grayson Murray: Mental Health in Golf and Davis Riley's Victory at the Charles Schwab Challenge

As we gather around the microphone this week, our hearts are heavy with the loss of Grayson Murray, a figure whose battle with personal demons resonated with so many of us, both inside and outside the ropes. PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan joins us to shed light on how Murray's candidness has left an indelible mark on the sport, propelling a much-needed conversation about mental health in professional golf. We take a moment to honor the legacy of a player who was much more than his scores on the leaderboard, discussing the emotional toll on his peers, including Scotty Scheffler, and the collective grief that swept through the Charles Schwab Challenge.


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Rory McIlroy's Winning Strategies at the Wells Fargo Championship and Preparing for the PGA Championship

Get ready to explore the triumphs and techniques behind Rory McIlroy's stunning victory at the Wells Fargo Championship, where he notched his 26th PGA Tour win. We're bringing you a special episode featuring insights from the man himself, as he breaks down the key components of his game that led him to success at Quail Hollow. Discover how Rory's recent win with Shane Lowry at Zurich has supercharged his confidence, especially with his driving, which proved crucial on the course. Plus, we'll hear from Xander Schauffele, who, despite facing his own hurdles, admires McIlroy's exceptional performance and shares his determination to sharpen his short game for future triumphs. As we aim our sights at the upcoming PGA Championship at Valhalla, McIlroy reflects on the emotional and technical journey that's shaped his game. He candidly discusses his battle through self-doubt, the tweaks to his strategy, and the Charlotte crowd's unwavering support that propelled him forward. Rory also gives us a glimpse into his preparation for the major challenges that lie ahead in Louisville, including the evolution of his iron shots that could make all the difference. Join us for a riveting conversation with one of golf's greats, and take away some inspiration for your own path to victory, whether on the fairways or in the game of life.


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Inside PGA TOUR's Teams Week: Partnerships, Friendships, and Alligators

Imagine standing on the green of TPC Louisiana, with the buzz of New Orleans in the air and the stakes of PGA TOUR's Teams Week electrifying the atmosphere. That's where we take you in our latest episode of PGA TOUR COUNTDOWN, complete with exclusive chats with the likes of Billy Horschel, fresh off his latest triumph, and his zen-like partner Tyson Alexander. We unravel the tapestry of their golfing partnership, exploring the alchemy between Horschel's fiery competitive spirit and Alexander's cool, collected approach. Who doesn't love a good story of camaraderie and last-minute team-ups on the fairways? Our conversation with Billy Horschel takes us on a ride through golfing friendships, the serendipitous moment he stepped up for a pal at the Zurich Classic, and the culinary escapades that have cemented him as the unofficial foodie guide for his peers. Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry remind us of the power of old friendships and Ryder Cup bonds, bringing their A-game to the unique challenges and strategies of team play. Finally, we'll whisk you away to a close encounter of the reptilian kind from Florida's Gator Growl to the alligator-inhabited waters of TPC Louisiana. With the tournament in full swing, we invite our listeners to join the conversation, share their excitement and anecdotes, and get swept up in the team spirit that makes this PGA Tour event an absolute spectacle. Tune in, get inspired by the tales from the course, and experience the exhilarating world of professional golf as we count down the moments of the PGA TOUR's Teams Week.


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Inside the Ropes: Reflections on Scotty Scheffler's Majestic Masters Win and the Personal Journeys of Golf's Elite

As the echoes of Scotty Scheffler's triumph at the 2024 Masters still reverberate, we take you inside the ropes for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the drama that unfolded on Augusta's hallowed grounds. Feel the tension and glory with runner-up Ludwig Oberg, as he opens up about the rollercoaster of his first major championship appearance, and how his duel with Scheffler sharpened his thirst for the pinnacle of golfing success. Meanwhile, Alex offers a candid recount of the shot that could've changed it all, providing an intimate perspective on the fine line between victory and learning moments in professional golf.


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Masters at Augusta: Winds of Change with Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau

Brace yourself for a wind-whipped journey through the 2024 Masters at Augusta National as we broadcast from the vibrant Azalea House. Tiger Woods, with his monumental 24th consecutive cut, shares his battle scars and strategic insights from the day, discussing everything from the physical toll the course takes to the importance of a laser-focused game plan. You'll also hear Tiger's admiration for Max Homa's performance, a testament to the fresh talent challenging the greens alongside seasoned pros.


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Navigating the Traditions and Transformations of Masters Week: Inside Scoops from Augusta with Tim Matthews and Frank Bassett

Get ready to stroll the hallowed fairways of Augusta with us, your hosts Tim Matthews and Frank Bassett, as we bring you the essence of Masters Week. Feel the pulse of the tournament and the character of the PGA Tour, all bundled up in discussions rich with golfing lore and the latest industry shakeups. Our journey isn't solo; we're graced by the wisdom of former Senator Sam Nunn and the architectural insight of Robert Trent Jones Jr. Moreover, we reunite with Virgil Herring, reliving the foundation days of our show and the evolving landscape of golf media.


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Triumph at the Valspar Championship: Peter Malnati's Victory, Mackenzie Hughes' Grace, and the Spirit of Golf

Feel the raw emotion of victory with Peter Malnati as he secures his second PGA Tour triumph at the Valspar Championship—an achievement teeming with heartfelt jubilation and the sweet relief of dreams realized. I, Frank Bassett, invite you to relive the climactic final moments of the tournament, where Malnati's journey to the top and the gracious sportsmanship of Mackenzie Hughes illuminate the profound spirit of golf. This episode offers a window into the fine line between triumph and second place, as Hughes openly shares his putting game insights and how the capricious wind played a pivotal role on the course that day.


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Celebrating Scottie Scheffler's Triumph and Preparing for the Players Championship: A Study of Mental Game and Identity in Golf

Join us on the fairway as we unpack the excitement from the Arnold Palmer Invitational and celebrate Scottie Scheffler's victory that's got the world of golf buzzing! With putter in hand, Scheffler's game has hit new heights, and I'm here to share how his steady hand is shaking up the leaderboard. Plus, Shane Lowry spills on the consistency that makes Scheffler a force to be reckoned with and opens up about his own iron play finesse as he eyes the challenges at Sawgrass. We're tapping into the heart of the PGA Tour, where family and community spirit are par for the course, bringing you those touching moments that resonate off the green.


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From Nightclub Bouncer to His First PGA Tour Triumph: Jake Knapp's Victory at the Mexico Open

Imagine stepping onto the golf course, the weight of years of dedication on your shoulders, only to emerge victorious with your first PGA Tour win. This week's episode takes you inside the recent 2024 Mexico Open at Vedanta, where Jake Knapp's gripping birdie-led triumph is more than just a scorecard tale. Knapp shares his emotional journey, from guarding nightclubs to seizing golf glory, reflecting on the profound influence of his late grandfather, whose memory inspired a tattoo tribute. We also offer a peek into Sami Valimaki's sharp strategies that almost clinched the title, and his determination to carve out future successes on the tour.


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Tiger Woods' Triumphant Return & the Heart of Golf: Insights and Inspirations on PGA Tour Countdown

Gather 'round, golf aficionados and sports enthusiasts, as we mark the momentous return of Tiger Woods to the greens and his hosting gig at the iconic Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club. Amid the stately eucalyptus and the storied fairways, we're talking comebacks, resilience, and the sheer love of the game with the man who's redefined golf. Tiger shares his candid insights on playing through pain, the fusion that's changed his swing but not his spirit, and the unyielding passion that keeps him coming back to the course he adores.


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Inside the Ropes: Unveiling the Magic of AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and Golf's Greatest Challenges

Step inside the ropes with us, Frank Bassett, at the redefined AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, where the game's elite face off on the hallowed grounds of Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill. Feel the sea breeze and the competitive tension as Justin Rose defends his title against the likes of Justin Thomas, and where a smaller, more intimate field promises a more riveting contest. This episode peels back the layers of what makes a tournament not just good, but great, from the weather's sway over play to those undeniable moments when golf transcends sport and becomes theater.


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Teeing off with Max Homa, Keegan Bradley, and Xander Schauffele

Discover the vibrant heart of professional golf as I, Frank Bassett, whisk you away to the scenic Torrey Pines Golf Course, setting the stage for a PGA Tour Countdown unlike any other. The stage is set for Max Homa's title defense, and the tension is palpable as we navigate the challenges of the course, and the tournament's strategic Saturday finish. You'll get insider access as Keegan Bradley, Max Homa, and Xander Schauffele pull back the curtain to discuss their tournament experiences, ambitions, and the incredible drive that keeps them climbing the world rankings.


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Teeing Up with Lanny Watkins: A Look at Golf's Evolution, Event Innovation, and the Future of the Tour

Feel the pulse of golf's evolving landscape as we tee up with Hall of Famer Lanny Watkins, sharing his seasoned views on the Charles Schwab Cup Championship and his storied Ryder Cup history. Lanny swings into the heart of modern challenges, including the LIV Golf Series' impact on the beloved tournament. The conversation doesn’t shy away from the speculation around Tiger Woods' potential involvement in his Bahamian event, while our very own Frank Bassett stirs the pot with lighthearted takes on Arizona city names and a foggy escapade at the country music awards.


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Resilience and Reflections: A Champion's Journey in Golf and Life with Paul Stankowski

Facing the aftermath of Nashville's devastating tornadoes, our community's enduring spirit is a testament to the resilience that defines us. Join us, with Frank Bassett at the helm, as we navigate the complexities of personal triumphs amidst adversity, and delve into the intriguing world of professional golf negotiations. This episode is rich with insights from PGA Tour Champion Paul Stankowski, who shares candid reflections on his journey over the past year, his aspirations on the Champions Tour, and cherished memories from the emerald courses of Hawaii.


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The Future of Golf: A Dialogue with Nelly Korda and Tony Finau

Get ready to tee off with us as we countdown to the much-anticipated PGA Tour. Our special guests, golfers Lilia Vu and Joel Dahmen, are gearing up for the Grant Thornton Invitational. Here's a sneak peek into their camaraderie - Joel can't stop praising Lillio's putting skills and Lilia is eager to learn from Joel's gameplay. Despite limited preparation, they appear undeterred, confident in their abilities to sink birdies. Round two of our countdown brings the phenomenal LPGA winner Nelly Korda and PGA Tour winner Tony Finau into the spotlight. As they also prepare for the Grand Thornton Invitational, they share their course insights and discuss the challenges they anticipate. And get this, they're playing under the team name "Vutang Clan" - an amusing nod to their competitiveness. Listen in as they talk about using Masterclass, a platform that connects experts and learners, to further hone their skills. In the final segment, we engage in an enlightening discussion about the future of golf with Korda and Finau. They discuss their recent preparations, their shared love for sports and family and their ambassadorship for Grant Thornton. The conversation also dives into the ever-increasing prize money in the LPGA and the recent rollback of the golf ball. As they express their excitement about being part of the event, they view it as a significant step forward for the sport. So, grab your headphones and settle in for an enriching episode that looks at golf's present and future through the eyes of its stars.


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Exclusive Interview: Tiger Woods' Anticipated Return and the Future of Golf

Get ready for an exclusive interview with the golfing great, Tiger Woods! As he gears up for his third comeback at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas, Tiger Woods pulls back the curtain on his preparations, his recovery journey from ankle surgery and the anticipation of hitting the greens again. To add to the excitement, Hero MotoCorp, the tournament's sponsor, reveals a significant increase in the prize money, setting the stakes even higher. We go further, delving into Tiger's health, his role in the upcoming golf agreement, and his future plans. Understand how his recent surgery has altered his life and golf game, and learn about the measures he's taking to adapt and overcome. Hear from Dr. Manjal on the importance of elevating the Hero World Challenge and rewarding players. We also present an in-depth discussion on the uncertainty shrouding the professional golf landscape and Charlie Woods' future role. The finale? An exploration of Tiger's potential schedule for the next year, reflections on his successful 1999 season, and his thoughts on PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan's work. We lay bare the discussions surrounding the new company, PGA Tour Enterprises, and the role of team golf in shaping the sport's future. With Tiger emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the tour's integrity while accommodating players who join rival leagues, strap in for a riveting examination of golf's future. Don't miss out on these enthralling insights!


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INSIDE THE PGA TOUR with Ludvig Aberg & Mackenzie Hughes

Ready to hear the scoop on all things PGA Tour? We're letting you in on everything from recent developments, swirling rumors, to expected changes at PGA Tour Enterprises. We've got all the insights from Ludvig Aberg's victorious press conference at the RSM Classic and the thoughts of runner-up Mackenzie Hughes. We're also speculating on what the future holds for dynamos like Jon Rohm and Patrick Cantlay. So join us as we discuss our predictions for the upcoming tournaments at Pebble Beach and Riviera, and the potential of Ludvig Aberg, a rising star to watch out for. Our chat with a professional golfer is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. How did he feel during the nail-biting final stretch of a recent tournament, and what's the secret behind his unique golf swing? You'll hear about the tactics he uses to stay composed under pressure, his exciting recruitment to play for Texas Tech, and his game plan for the weeks ahead. Plus, join us in celebrating his recent achievement of securing a spot at the cherished Augusta tournament. There's nothing like hearing the sheer joy in his voice as he gears up for this life-changing opportunity. Tune in to this episode for an insider's view you won't find anywhere else.


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The RSM Classic Media Center Interviews

Ready to discover the captivating world of professional golf? Join us for a riveting PGA Tour Countdown episode, where tournament host Davis Love III provides insights into the exciting anticipation surrounding the RSM Classic at scenic Sea Island. Tag along as we explore the impact of weather conditions on the two courses being played, the significance of FedEx Cup points for players, and how Davis is preparing to get back to playing golf. Round off this engaging golf experience with a profound reflection on Zach Johnson's tenure as the Ryder Cup captain and his thoughts on future opportunities. Lastly, we leave you with an affectionate glance into Davis Love III's life journey, his victories in golf, and the crucial role of time in affecting player performance in competitive golf. This episode promises a feast of insights, emotions, and conversations, so brace yourself for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the golfing world.


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Keith Mitchell and Sahith Theegala on Mastering the Greens

Tee off with us as we navigate through the thrilling landscapes of the Worldwide Technology Championship, hosted in the beautiful locale of Los Cabos, Mexico. Our special guest is none other than Keith Mitchell, who gives us a hole-by-hole analysis of the Tiger Woods designed course, El Cardinal at Diamante. Get ready to walk in his shoes as he discusses the intricate strategies he has to plan while navigating this challenging field, and his reflections on the importance of these events in securing a spot in future tournaments like the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and the Genesis Invitational. Further adding to our golfer's tee party is PGA Tour rookie, Sahith Theegala. Fresh from his victory at the Fortinet Championship, Sahith takes us on a journey through his debut season, allowing listeners to share in his joy and gratitude for the support of his loved ones. But that's not all - Keith Mitchell returns to the fore, sharing his experiences from the Latino America tour, emphasizing the need for adaptability in the face of different cultural contexts and the hurdles posed by language barriers and travel hiccups. Join us as we navigate the fairway, taking in the lessons learned along the way, on this exciting journey into the world of professional golf.