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The Pet Place Radio Show 10-13-2018

Dr. Marie Hulett, Jeffrey Isbell, and Ariana Isbell discuss Halloween safety with Maryanne Dell. Susan Keyes from the So Cal Animal Response Team invites Pet Place Listeners to a special wine tasting fundraiser to help support post disaster animal rescue efforts. Animals in the News covers an abused and abandoned horse as well as a new California Law that prohibits makeup sold in the state from being tested on animals. Chef Ariana Isbell teaches how to make felafel waffles. And of course,...


The Pet Place Radio Show 02-20-2018

Marie, Jeff, and Ari discuss pet loss with special guest, Lisa Brambilla, founder of Ari cooks cauliflower steaks with a middle eastern flair in her humane kitchen, adoptable pets are showcased, plus animal news and events.


The Pet Place Radio Show 10-29-2017

Host Marie Hulett along with her husband Jeffrey Isbell and her daughter Ariana Isbell discuss Halloween safety with Orange County Register Pets Columnist, Maryanne Dell. Ariana shares her favorite, ghoulish vegetarian treat recipe. Operation Jungle book leads to the arrest of wildlife smugglers. New California las prevents puppy mills pets from being sold in pet stores. Plus adoptable pets.


The Pet Place Radio Show - 5-06-2017

This week on the Pet Place Radio Show, Marie, Jeff, and Ariana examine the latest animal news including a giant bunny that dies during airline travel, illegal and deadly bird smuggling, pet adoptions, and a fun, new, pet-themed game that could possibly feature YOUR pet. Guest: Michael Varma, game creator.



Marie Hulett, Jeffrey Isbell, and Ariana Isbell take in the sights and sounds of America's Family Pet Expo at the Orange County Fiargrounds. Guests include a pet psychic, creator of hair care products, volunteers from rescues, and more. Ariana reports from Splash Dog competitions.


The Pet Place Radio Show - 4-29-2017

From building 10 at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Marie Hulett and Jeffrey Isbell interview a 12-year-old who has developed a special emergency backpack for dogs, volunteers from rescue organizations, a natural pet healer/behaviorist, and more! Pet Expo is a three-day event that features pet-related entertainment, pet productions, and adoptions of shelter and rescue pets. If you weren't able to visit Pet Expo today, the event continues tomorrow. Guests are encouraged to come visit the Pet...


The Pet Place Radio Show - 4-28-2017

Marie Hulett and Jeffrey Isbell interview guests from Guide Dogs of America, a horse sanctuary, a pet portrait studio, a unique pet memorial service (after care - non-traditional option), holistic pet health service, and more! Young Filmmaker's Scholarship program is discussed and Pet Expo OC is the backdrop.


The Pet Place Radio Show - 4-24-2017

This week, Marie, Jeff, and Ariana talk about important bills in California that will protect animals if they pass including one that will require all pet stores that sell pets on their premises to get them from shelters and rescues to help put an end to euthanasia of healthy, friendly, adoptable pets, and another that will rrequire all police officers to get regular training on how to deal with dogs they encounter when responding to calls. (To prevent shooting family pets.) Ariana...


The Pet Place Radio Show - 04-10-2017

In this week's episode, find out how Trump policies harm animals, how a zoo goer tries to pet a tiger, how to cook mapu tofu, and more. Adoptable pets are introduced and Maryanne Dell reviews a series of books about animals and children.


The Pet Place Radio Show - 3-28-2017

What happens when a turtle lives in a wishing well? Meatballs made out of eggplant?? Chickens as pets??? Find out about all this and more in this week's episode. Interested in this week's recipe? Here's the transcript for how to make it: This is a great recipe for the italian food lovers in the audience - today we are making meata ballas! Eggplant meatballs, that is. These meatballs were a big hit with my omnivorous friends as well my vegan ones. You’ll need two eggplants, 6 cloves of...


The Pet Place Radio Show - June 11, 2016

Marie Hulett, Jeffrey Isbell, and Ariana isbell report on a police shooting involving an officer and a dog; a K9 officer left in a hot car by his handler dies from heat stroke, and a veterinary intern saves a dog right before it is euthanized. Ariana shares a vegan recipe for a tasty pasta salad; Maries interviews Lisette Goins from Lucky Paw Exchange; a listener gets advice on how to deal with indoor marking behavior in a newly adopted dog; and adoptable pets needing homes are showcased.


The Pet Place Radio Show - May 31, 2016

Host Marie Hulett, joined with her cohosts, Jeffrey Isbell and Ariana Isbell discuss the latest animal related news - a man jumps into an enclosure of lions, cruel veterinarian who kills neighbors' cat with bow and arrow continues to practice medicine, Rally Cat from the Angel's baseball game on the road to finding a fur-ever home. Ariana prepares vegan stuffed cabbage, Marie talks with Prince Lorenzo who saves hundreds of dogs each month, plus info on the Super Pet Adoption Event at the...


The Pet Place Radio Show - April 16, 2016

After a brief hiatus, the Pet Place Radio Show is ALL NEW with a fun format featuring Marie's family! Marie, husband Jeff Isbell, and daughter, Ariana Isbell discuss animal news stories, including a world famous dog's bucket list, the dog meat industry in China, and a man who tried to steal a snake from a pet store by hiding it in the most unlikely, and highly unrecommended place! Ariana, and accomplished vegan chef shares a weekly recipe for sushi lovers and Jeff Interviews Doug...


The Pet Place on Tuned In With Mike Johnson

While the Pet Place is gearing up for it's new re-launch, Mike Johnson and Marie Hulett tackle a few topics that animal lovers want to hear about...summer safety with pets, urban wildlife, fleas, and the tragic killing of Cecil the Lion, along with thousands of other innocent big game animals that are killed each year by trophy hunters.


The Pet Place Radio Show, Original Airdate 7-11-2015, KJAZZ 88.1 FM

Host Marie Hulett chats with Maryanne Buttner from Petrosexual about her designer dog-carrying purses; Documentary Producer Kim Sill shares stories about "Saved in America," her latest film. And big news! Because most of our listeners catch the show online rather than during the live FM radio broadcast, we are switching over to online exclusively! This will give us a lot of new options that we did not have when we were on FM. We will be developing a call-in format so you can call in live...


The Pet Place Radio Show, Original Airdate 7-4-2015, KJAZZ, 88.1 FM

Today, one of our long time Pet Place Friends, Terri Steuben will be stopping by to talk about her memories of rescuing pets in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina using her amazing animal communication abilities – she has just written a book about her adventures that commemorates the 10th anniversary of the natural disaster and all the heroes who helped save the many animals affected; then, after our half time break, Mike Johnson and I talk about his dog’s recent adventures that weren’t...


The Pet Place Radio Show Original Airdate 6-27-2015, KJAZZ, 88.1 FM

For all of you Empire TV show fans out there, you were probably all shocked when Lucious Lyon was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (MG). I first heard about this MG back in the early 1980s, when a young german shepherd puppy came into the veterinary hospital where I worked and displayed all the tell-tale symptoms. With further testing, it was confirmed that this poor pup, who was as cute as a button, was suffering from MG, and at that time, there really was not an adequate way to treat him...


The Pet Place Radio Show, Orig. Airdate 6-20-2015, KJAZZ, 88.1 FM

Some of you may know that June was Adopt a Cat Month, and to shine the light on this special season, Paul Raybould, the Chief Innovation Officer for the American Humane Association is stopping by to talk about this along with some other fabulous news from his organization. Then after our halftime break, animal communicator Nancy Gardner will share some of her insights on how to help our pets be healthy and happy.


The Pet Place Radio Show Original Airdate 06-13-2015, KJAZZ, 88.1 FM

This morning, we've invited Melissa Palomo the Founder & President of Street Mutts to our show. Her organization uses photography to shine the light on the problem of pet overpopulation and it is quite amazing. Then after our halftime break, it’s bookreview time with Maryanne Dell and we all know she will be recommending some fabulous books as she always does.


The Pet Place Radio Show, Orig. Airdate 6-6-2015, KJAZZ 88.1 FM

Today, we are going to get you all the information about dog flu – I’m sure you’ve been hearing scary news stories about a dog flu epidemic…Well, we’ve invited Dr. Jose Arce from the AVMA to give us the straight scoop on this story so that every pet parent can do what it takes to keep their furry kids safe and healthy. Then after our halftime break, Tracy Mulder, marketing manager for PetSafe® will be stopping by to talk about a fun contest that could bring a fabulous new dog park to your...