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Gaslit Nation with Andrea Chalupa and Sarah Kendzior


Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa are experts on authoritarian states who warned America about election hacking years before 2016. Here, they take a deep dive on the news, skipping outrage to deliver analysis, history, context, and sharp insight on global affairs.

Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa are experts on authoritarian states who warned America about election hacking years before 2016. Here, they take a deep dive on the news, skipping outrage to deliver analysis, history, context, and sharp insight on global affairs.


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Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa are experts on authoritarian states who warned America about election hacking years before 2016. Here, they take a deep dive on the news, skipping outrage to deliver analysis, history, context, and sharp insight on global affairs.




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Support LGBTQ Youth: The Raquel Willis and Lindsay Amer Interview

We’re excited to welcome two very special guests to Gaslit Nation to bring some much needed light: Raquel Willis, a leading Black transgender activist and Director of Communications for the Ms. Foundation, and Lindsay 'Lindz' Amer, the creator and co-host of the YouTube channel Queer Kid Stuff. As the summer rages on, and so does the pandemic and corruption in the White House, it’s never been more important to support the next generation of light-makers -- LGBTQ youth. Here's how.


American Gestapo

Welcome back to the weekly authoritarian weather report in the longest year in human history, 2020! This week we discuss death threats against judges, secret police kidnapping critics of the government and stuffing them in vans, a bank that is really a front for money-launderers and child traffickers, an aspiring authoritarian who refuses to concede, and the refusal of the officials tasked with accountability to do anything to stop it!


Silence is Poison: Agnieszka Holland, James Norton, and Peter Sarsgaard on "Mr. Jones"

In this Gaslit Nation Resistance Cinema Special, Andrea looks back on making Mr. Jones and the film's lessons for today with director Agnieszka Holland and stars James Norton and Peter Sarsgaard.


Trump Lets Putin Kill U.S. Troops

This week we discuss the capture of child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and what comes next. We move on to Trump’s traitorous countenance of the Kremlin-Taliban bounty on U.S. troops, and what Putin’s ultimate goals are for his puppet in the White House.


Corruption Kills: The Warnings of Orwell and Mr. Jones

This week, Gaslit Nation brings you a special episode on the making of Mr. Jones, the journalistic thriller exploring Stalin’s crimes in Ukraine that Andrea wrote and produced! This movie about a Welsh journalist, Gareth Jones, whose attempts to bring the truth about Russian terror to light made him not only a threat to the Soviets but a target of sneering reporters at The New York Times is all too relevant to our era.


‘Oligarchy Won the Cold War’: The Timothy Snyder Interview

We interview special guest Dr. Timothy Snyder, the historian of fascism whose warnings about American authoritarianism under Trump were prescient yet unheeded by officials. Dr. Snyder is the author of the recent bestsellers On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century and The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America, and was a historical consultant on Andrea’s film, Mr. Jones, a journalistic thriller set during Stalin’s genocide famine in Ukraine, available now on streaming...


Protect the Election: Impeach Barr

This week on Gaslit Nation, we flip through the deck of white supremacist kleptocrat playing cards that comprises the Trump administration and deal out a hand of doom! We start with Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, who is currently refusing to disclose the corporate recipients of a taxpayer-funded $600 billion-plus coronavirus aid program, and detail his long history of looting.


Protest Season

This week Gaslit Nation discusses the protests against racism, imperialism, and police brutality that have rocked the world this week – and caused debate about where to go from here.


Reichstag Fire

We are in a horrific time and it’s not going to be easy, but we are grateful for the brave Americans who continue to embrace free speech and free assembly despite a pandemic and a vicious regime.


Walter Duranty: "Resistance Journalist"

Gaslit Nation is back trying to save the 2020 election! This week we discuss Trump and the GOP’s attempt to illicitly influence the election, using old tactics from 2016 along with a new assault on the vote-by-mail policies that are being recommended due to the coronavirus pandemic. We go on to examine the media debate between Ben Smith of the New York Times and investigative journalist Ronan Farrow, whose book Catch and Kill describes how the brutal Israeli private intelligence agency...


Resistance: The Tori Amos Interview

This week we welcome special guest Tori Amos, the iconic singer-songwriter whose new book Resistance: A Songwriter's Story of Hope, Change, and Courage is a must-read! We discuss the value of creativity during times of chaos and crisis, processing grief during a pandemic, the challenges of motherhood in this political era, what’s in store for the 2020 election, and much more.


BONUS: Tori Amos Reads "Resistance'"

For our weekly bonus episode, provided exclusively for our Patreon supporters at the Truth Teller level and higher, we're sharing this week's bonus with all Gaslit Nation listeners to celebrate Tori Amos's new powerful book Resistance: A Songwriter's Story of Hope, Change, and Courage. In this excerpt from Resistance, Tori explains the harrowing inspiration behind her classic song “Cornflake Girl.” Audio excerpt courtesy of Simon & Schuster Audio from RESISTANCE by Tori Amos, read by the...


Show Trials

We examine the horrible and unprecedented decision of Bill Barr to let Michael Flynn walk free despite Flynn confessing his own guilt; how the failures of the Mueller probe enabled Barr to take this action; the relationship between Barr, Flynn, and the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile trafficking operation; and the Trump administration’s lust for show trials, which they seem to be planning against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


Hiding in Plain Sight: Sarah Kendzior Answers Your Questions

In this Gaslit Nation special, Sarah answers your questions about her new best-selling book, Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America. In other words, it’s a fun break from our usual “how the coronavirus is helping criminals consolidate autocracy” show!


Hiding in Plain Sight: How We Got Here

In our latest episode, we have a special guest! Gaslit Nation co-host Sarah Kendzior stops by the studio (we don't have a studio) to talk about her latest book Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America. This is another rendition of Gaslit Nation's greatest hits on the international crime syndicate masquerading as a government, and the social ills that gave rise to a fake populist and autocrat wannabe, Donald Trump and the Trump Crime Family.


Blood Money Brigade

Welcome back to the Groundhog's Day of Gaslit Nation! We augment our pandemic coverage with a discussion of the peril of gas station dictatorships! We break down what the plunge in oil prices means for the US and for the transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government.


Corporate Manslaughter

On week ten billion of coronavirus self-quarantine, we examine being a captive audience to a reality TV autocrat. This week we discuss the danger of the newly created “Council to Reopen America” which features key members of the Trump Crime Cult we have been warning you about for years: Ivanka, Jared, Mnuchin, and Ross, along with three lesser known members of the Blood Money Brigade whose shady dealings we explore.


Dictators Die, Art Is Forever: The Oleg Sentsov Interview

On our one billionth week in self-isolation, we discuss the trauma of the coronavirus crisis and how it’s reshaping our political landscape. We conclude with a special interview with Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian filmmaker kidnapped from Crimea and imprisoned in Russia for his activism. Sentsov’s story of persevering under brutal conditions, and never surrendering his commitment to his art and his principles, is one that we need to hear in these dark times of self-imposed isolation.


The Trump Crime Cult Has Blood on Their Hands

We discuss how Trump, a life-long mobster and aspiring autocrat, is trying to shake down individual states and deny medical workers and their patients life-saving equipment. While he is more overtly sadistic to so-called “blue” states, Trump is also endangering residents of so-called “red” states – and that dichotomy is going to get worse as the crisis moves over the next few months from hard-hit big cities like New York to rural areas that no longer have hospitals thanks to GOP defunding.


The United States of Enron

We call out the disaster capitalists running this horror show, including Treasurer Steven Mnuchin, one of the only people who profited off of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme and who currently serves as an oligarch lackey about to make yet another fortune off a tragedy. We delve into the history of this sadistic corporate culture.