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Former All-Pro NFL defensive end Fred Dryer and Michael Horn talk sports! Live on CRN1 every Wednesday from 4-5 P.M. PST


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Former All-Pro NFL defensive end Fred Dryer and Michael Horn talk sports! Live on CRN1 every Wednesday from 4-5 P.M. PST






Shohei Ohtani dominates on Baseball world stage; Free agency in pro sports not what it used to be

Fred and Mike Garey discuss baseball and the king of the baseball world after the World Baseball Classic, Shohei Ohtani A spirited discussion about free agency in sports today, and how the pendulum has swung from the owners holding all the cards, towards the players. Different game now than it was when Fred was a free agent for the Giants.


A chat with Ron Cey; Aaron Rodgers to NY?

A chat with former Major Leaguer Ron Cey Aaron Rodgers to New York?

New MLB rules; A chat with former MLB pitcher Matt Young; Lebron James

A chat with former MLB pitcher Matt Young on the new rules being implemented this seasonLebron James injured

Fred and Mike welcome back Vince Ferragamo

A chat with former LA Rams quarterback Vince Ferragamo


Holding in Chiefs Superbowl win; MLB's 3 new rules changes

Chiefs are Superbowl Champs; Lack of discipline led to controversial holding penalty that sealed the game Betting on sports; Calvin Ridley MLB's new rule changes


Superbowl 57 is Upon Us; Eagles vs Chiefs; Lebron passes Kareem

Eagles vs Chiefs is here, Hurts vs MaholmesThe Kelce brothers Bowl; Travis and Jason Lebron James makes history; surpasses Kareem

Bengals fan outraged; Niners want more QB roster space; Tom Brady retires, again...

Fred and Mike get caught up on the NFL playoffs from Championship weekend Tom Brady retires... again. Talks of expanding roster size to allow teams to carry 3 quarterbacks after Niners lose only 2 healthy QBs vs EaglesPro Bowl getting stale

NFL Championship Sunday Preview

Fred and Mike get caught up on the NFL playoffsBengals, Chiefs, Eagles, and Niners Will Tom Brady retire?

Hijinks on set with Fred & Mike; Georgia National Champs; Damar Hamlin discharged

Fred and Mike get to know one another; Rimshot Please? Magic Water bottle trick Part 2 Discussion on the College Football National ChampionshipDamar Hamlin discharged from hospital in Buffalo, back home with familyFan questions, photos, and more


Damar Hamlin; Chuck Hughes; Sammy Davis Jr

Damar Hamlin showing signs of improvement Chuck Hughes died on field for Detroit Lions in 1971 Fond memories working with Sammy Davis Jr


Franco Harris; Carlos Correa deal with Giants falls thru- Now heading to NY; NFL Talk

Pittsburgh Steeler great Franco Harris passes away Carlos Correa mega deal to Giants falls through, lands with Giants; And other MLB Free agent signings continue Shakeups at quarterback in the NFL continue


RIP Mike Leach; MLB contracts breaking bank; Baker Mayfield back?

Texas A & M Coach Mike Leach passed away Carlos Correa signs 350 million deal; Ross Stripling signs Kyler Murray goes down for season; Trevor Lawrence and Baker Mayfield heroics


Former MLB Pitcher Matt Young joins; Lakers surging

Baker Mayfield claimed by Rams and more NFL news Lakers surging under dominant play of Anthony Davis Aaron Judge breaks the bank


Deshaun Watson to play this week and some of his accusers will be there to watch

Deshaun Watson is back, and some of his accusers will be in the stands to watch Russell Wilson trade worse than infamous Herschel Walker deal? NFLPA says NFL agreed to nix fully guaranteed deals


Zach Wilson done in NY? Vince Ferragamo joins discussion

Zach Wilson replaced- done in New York? Quarterbacks in the NFL and how they earn the right to lead a team LA Rams great, Vince Ferragamo joins the show


Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Shaq being sued over Crypto... Problem with artifical turf

Crypto lawsuit includes claims against Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, Shaquille Oneal, Naomi Osaka, Shohai Ohtani, Trevor Lawrence, and more... Time to go all grass in NFL says Aaron Rodgers; Astro turf has hurt players for over 40 years says Fred Dryer and Rodgers should know this fight has been going on... Fan mail


NFL and Tom Brady head to Germany; Josh Allen's elbow; Laker woes

The NFL continues to go global with Germany trip Lakers seeking trades after disastrous start Fan mail responses and more


Why Fred didn't play baseball; A lunch date with Mike Fanning and Andy Warhol; Fred answers the fans

Fred answer's fans questions What drove Fred to play football over baseball... Fred's lunch date story with Mike Fanning and Andy Warhol


World Series talk; Dodgers/Lakers/Yankees; Ghost stories and more

World Series Time; Philadelpia Phillies vs the Houston Astros Aaron Judge and Russell Westbrook; New locations coming? Ghost stories with Fred


Halloween stories w Fred; NFL players Charged, Benched, and Called out; UCLA and USC undefeated

Davante Adams charged with misdemeanor assault for MNF shove Cowboys' Dak Prescott to start throwing; Cooper Rush expected to start Commanders' Ron Rivera apologizes to Carson Wentz for 'QB' remark Halloween stories with Fred