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Former All-Pro NFL defensive end Fred Dryer and Michael Horn talk sports! Live on CRN1 every Wednesday from 4-5 P.M. PST






Nick Chubb Gruesome Injury a Concerning Trend in NFL

Cleveland Running Back Nick Chubb suffers gruesome knee injury; Out for Season Justin Fields calls his play "robotic" and questions if it's over coaching Orioles, Rays, Braves, and Dodgers clinch playoff spots early Sean Payton losing patience with QB Russell Wilson? Fan emails and tweets...


Expected #1 pick in next NFL draft may stay in school? Deion Sanders and Colorado

Could the next #1 pick in the NFL decide to stay in college to avoid going to a bad team?Deion Sanders has Colorado the talk of College Football Julio Urias a bad look for Dodgers and Baseball Shohei Ohtani has body double for team picture Fan emails and tweets...


Tailgating and Matthew Stafford's Age Gap Hinders Ability to Connect and Lead Team

Tailgating this Football Season Matthew Stafford can't relate to younger players on team and it makes leading difficult Mookie Betts frontrunner for MVP? Shohei Ohtani's value after injuries Fan emails and tweets...

MLB sees Historic Winning AND Losing Streaks; Shohei Ohtani, Tua Tagovailoa and More

Seattle Mariners record winning streaks Yankees historic losing continues Tua Tagovailoa fed up with TV Commentator Sam Darnold beats out Trey Lance for backup QB in San Francisco Former MLB Pitcher sends letter to Shohei Ohtani requesting autographed jersey Fan emails and tweets...


Who put their foot in their mouth" John Angelos or Ron Rivera? Or both?

NFL Preseason to test out new kickoff rules Orioles owner John Angelos suspends broadcaster Kevin Brown for reporting truth about team's history Washington Commanders Ron Rivera sticks his foot in his mouth with comments about new OC Eric Bienemy Johnny Manziel opens up about suicide attemptHenry Ruggs sentenced to 3-10 years for drunk driving crash that resulted in woman and her dog dead Fan emails and tweets...

Winners and Losers of MLB Trade Deadline

Mets trade Max Scherzer/Justin Verlander to Texas Rangers/Houston Astros, respectively Orioles Eduardo Rodriguez turned down trade to Dodgers, why? Aaron Rodgers fires back at Sean Payton for trash talking his coach Archery defunded due to "mass" shootings Fan emails and tweets...


Pitchers aren't built the Same in Today's MLB...

Orioles young pitchers overworked? MLB Pitchers overmanaged or burnt out? Fred and Elizabeth Taylor Stephon Diggs on same page as head coach Bronny James Cardiac Arrest Fan emails and tweets...

Dodgers, Yankees, and Underpaid Running Backs?

Dodgers Orioles chatter Yankees losing and adding patch to jersey for 1st time Mariners removing Blue Jays gear from Team Store DeAndre Hopkins declines contract from Patriots due to Guaranteed Money Running Backs want to get paid, and aren't Fan emails and tweets...

Joey Chestnut, Mike Trout, Enes Kanter, and Flopping...

Joey Chestnut eats a lot of hot dogs... againEnes Kanter sounds off on WNBA star Josh Allen downplays issue with Stephon Diggs Injuries mounting for a few MLB teamsNew NBA Flopping rules? Fan emails and tweets...

Rob Manfred Regrets Giving Astros Immunity for Sign Stealing Scandal

Rob Manfred Regrets giving Astros Immunity for sign stealing scandal Biggest surprises in the MLB so far... Member of Philadelphia Eagles questions field during Superbowl Fan emails and tweets...

Gambling in Pro Sports; Dodgers faltering

Gambling in pro sports; NFL cracking down Tyreek Hill in trouble with law? Over management of pitchers in MLB Fan emails and tweets...

Vegas and Denver win titles; Running Backs devalued; Fred likes chocolate donuts

Dodger talk and uniform/grooming requirements Fred loves chocolate donuts with a light glaze NFL Running backs being de valued? Fan emails and tweets...

The PGA and LIV golf merge? Say what!? Pitching mismanagement

Dave Roberts under fire for bullpen handling LIV golf and the PGA merged?!?! Chris Paul done?Fan emails and tweets...

Clyaton Kershaw takes issue with invited guest to Dodger game

Clayton Kershaw speaks out against the Sisters of Pwerpetual Indulgence being invited back to Dodger Pride Night Patriots Matthew Slater questions NFL's motives on kickoff changes Aaron Rodgers didn't ghost the Packers Fan emails and tweets...


No no hitters, Lamar Jackson, Lebron James...

No hitter's down? Shot clock era new norm? NFL RB Adrian Peterson wants to play at 38 Lamar Jackson promises more throwing, less running Lebron James retiring? Fan emails and tweets...

Loyalty Under Fire; Dodger stories; Bo Jackson hiccups

Doc Rivers fired; Players too much influence? Dodger Talk; James Outman & Clayton Kershaw A baseball story; Reggie Smith won't swing at first pitchBo Jackson hiccups... Fan emails and tweets...

A Ghost Story w/ Fred

Fred shares a chilling ghost storyShohei Ohtani sets another recordCarlos Correa says he deserves to be booedMatt Araiza unjustly fired from NFL? Fan emails and tweets...

The time Fred was a Reporter from the 1920s at the Superbowl; Trevor Bauer a star in Japan; Yankees slide

Fred dressed up as a 1920's reporter and went to the Superbowl Trevor Bauer has his first start in over 2 years... in Japan, and they LOVE HIM there Yankees struggling early Fan emails and tweets...

Load Management in Pro Sports

A discussion about Load Management in pro sports after Clippers lose in playoffs without 2 stars due to injury Fred talks about needles the size of pencils used to deal with injuries in his playing days Aaron Rodgers is officially a New York Jet Fan emails and tweets...

Max Scherzer ejections sparks debate; Fred injury stories from the gridiron

Max Scherzer tossed from game versus Dodgers for resin sparks debate Demar Hamlin cleared to play football; but what happened to him? Fred talks about playing injured during his football career Jalen Hurts signs huge contract extension Fan emails and tweets...