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This Week in America is about issues that matter to you. This Week in America is informative, educational and entertaining. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Ric Bratton.


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This Week in America is about issues that matter to you. This Week in America is informative, educational and entertaining. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Ric Bratton.







Walk on Water: Not Allowing Fear to Handicap your Greatness by Jacolbe Barefield Jacolbe Barefield writes a motivational book about fear that has complete control over one’s life. People might let God into their lives but still grip on fear like a child’s favorite toy. Fear has always been the shadow that goes around with the person. People who strive to be great can be handcuffed by fear, paralyzing and letting them fail in reaching a goal. The author shares the story about how fear held him back and how he broke free from its chains. He also provides examples from the Bible about how fear took over the characters of the parable and how the characters were guided by Jesus to steer away from it. Faith is fear’s twin that keeps people enlightened and guided through a direction where fear cannot get one’s hold. The author reminds his readers that everyone is like a disciple that is challenged by fear and empowered by faith. Walking with faith towards a goal can help achieve the greatness one expects at the end of the day as fear would shy away from the light it illuminates. Jacolbe Barefield is a vibrant, innovative example of an individual walking in their greatness. Born in Houston, TX, Jacolbe is a proud graduate of Texas Southern University, where he studied biology and chemistry. In further pursuit of this greatness, Jacolbe attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he began his graduate studies in theology. As an inspirational member of the community, Jacolbe is known for his genuine compassion and positive approach to life. Serving as a mentor, advisor, and confidant for many, Jacolbe is a pillar in the organizations he serves in and again in his community. Being called into ministry as a young man, Jacolbe heard the voice of God and his call to become an author. As a leader, he strives to maximize his greatness and share the gifts he has been blessed with. His purpose is to positively impact everyone he encounters through his writing and his life.


Episode 2761: GLACIER HIGHWAY and GLACIER HOUSE - books by Donna V. Batt

Glacier Highway: Book I by Donna V. BattIt is a beautiful spring day when Jen decides to hike with her retired military service dog, CD, near the base of Glacier Park. Recently discharged from the military due to an injury, Jen is looking forward to a relaxing hike in the sun. But when she encounters two scruffy men on the trail, everything changes. During a scuffle with the men, Jen is rescued by handsome Homeland Security Agent Zack Julion who takes down the perps and asks her to provide a statement. After they part ways, they stumble into each other at a local coffee shop where it soon becomes evident they have a connection. Jen, who believes God is her protector, soon discovers that Zack is also a believer. When they witness an attempted abduction outside the coffee shop, they become embroiled in a quest to take down a human trafficking ring. As they work together, with help from their faith in God and each other, Jen’s past rises up to haunt her in ways she never imagined. Glacier Highway is the inspirational tale of a military veteran and Homeland Security Agent as fate brings them together to take down a human trafficking ring and potentially find a happily-ever-after in the process. Donna retired from her mental health counseling practice in 2021. She reports she loved the job because she was able to walk with people during difficult times and watched them learn to blossom. Donna lives in Idaho. She has 10 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Her hobbies include working in her 1-acre yard, reading, traveling and spending time with friends. She reports the most important thing in her life is her faith. "It has gotten me through some pretty rough times and made the good times better. It helps me look forward to seeing my husband in heaven when I get there. Glacier House by Donna V. BattJake was with his brother when they took down part of a human trafficking ring. He realized that the victims had a difficult road ahead trying to have any semblance of a normal life. A dream was born of creating a place for victims to help them learn skills so they might be able to reunite with their families and succeed.


Episode 2760: THE 1300 YEARS' WAR by Robert Maddock

The 1,300 Years’ War by Robert Maddock The book is in two volumes and describes the evolution of Judeo-Christianity and Islam and the 1,300 years of warfare between them. Islam and Christianity follow gods with different characteristics and differing doctrine—free will versus determinism. They were engaged in bloody conflict from AD 632 until 1856 (Crimean War) when the Ottoman Empire became the “sick man” of Europe. It reignited with Egyptian encouragement backed by Soviet money, the arming of fedayeen terrorists in 1956, and the Six-Day War following Egypt’s seizure of the Suez Canal, and it has become progressively more serious ever since. Robert Maddock is a board-certified physician specializing in internal medicine. With a minor in history from Stanford University, Robert combines a passion for medicine with a keen interest in historical events. Over the years, Robert has penned several notable books, including two volumes of "The 1300 Year's War," "Operation Wappen: A War That Never Was," three volumes of "A Topical Guide to the Koran & Sharia Law," and a two-volume series titled "THE Korân Index & Topical Guide to Islâmic Law." Apart from his academic and literary pursuits, Robert Maddock is a proud parent and grandparent, cherishing moments with his son and two grandchildren.


Episode 2759: IN AWE OF IT ALL by Sherry Dee Lady

In Awe of It All: Stories and Inspirations from a Spiritual Journey through Eight Decades of Life on This Earth by Sherry Dee Lady Upon request of family and friends, a series of weekly essays written over a period of four years was put into book form with the essays put into various chapters along with accompanying photos provided by daughter Julie Hall’s personal photography. The essays are part autobiographical, part stories from personal experiences from 86 years of life and part inspiration gained by walking through daily life with all its blessings, intrigue, challenges, surprises, and many blessings and thoughts that come when one pauses long enough to breathe in the wonders of life. It is definitely filled with joy, passion, love, dreams and experiences of being with people from all walks of life met in various places along life’s path and within one’s family. It has been a joyful journey from notebook to physical published form. Writing is a passion and a joy, along with hard work. Sherry Lady (Ripple) was born in Portland, Oregon, where she lived until the age of nine. At that time she, her parents and her sister Kathleen moved to a farm in a small hamlet known as Cove Orchard located in Yamhill County. She attended the small, two storied school known as Cove Orchard Grade School, a two story building on property that had a small creek running through the field surrounding it. When she graduated from the 8th grade here, she attended Yamhill High School in the small but historic town of Yamhill, located three miles from her home. Upon graduation from high school, she attended Oregon college of Education where she earned her BS Degree in education with a minor in art. It was here that she met her husband, Robert, who was majoring in Secondary Education. They were married for 58 years, until his passing in 2016. During the early years of their careers they both taught in Dallas, Oregon where they became parents of their two children, Julie and Jeff. After two years the family moved to Aloha, Oregon where Sherry spent time at home while Robert taught at Sunset High School. In 1966 the family of four moved overseas to Japan where Sherry returned to the classroom and Robert was on the high school staff at the American School in Japan 32 miles outside of Tokyo. Julie and Jeff attended the school along with their parents. Upon completion of of four years in Japan, the family moved to Eugene, Oregon where Sherry and Robert continued their careers in education and Sherry completed her Masters Degree in Education at the University of Oregon, along with an associate degree in Theater. After retirement, Sherry entered ministerial training at Unity School in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and was ordained in June of 1996. She then returned to her home church in Eugene and became Associate Minister and youth education director, as well as director for their theater musical productions. No longer youth education director, she serves now on a three person ministerial team and share with others in leadership of the church. In November of 2022 she celebrated her 86th birthday.



A JOURNEY THROUGH MY LIFE - Enjoying the Journey” BY YVONNE E. BROWN (2ND EDITION - BOOK 1) This book is about the fascinating story of a woman who has had a rich and remarkable life. An interesting story of resilience, perseverance, and growth that will undoubtedly inspire readers to reflect on their own lives and the paths they have chosen. Yvonne Brown’s book “A JOURNEY THROUGH MY LIFE - Enjoying the Journey” (Book I)” is one of the most captivating memoirs that takes readers on a heartfelt journey through her life. The book offers a unique glimpse into the struggles, joys, and milestones of a woman who has lived a full and inspiring life. Real Life Story of resilience and perseverance leading to success! “Always dream and never stop dreaming. Dreams help you to realize your goals in life. Believe in yourself and let your thoughts be positive at all times.” - Yvonne Brown! Yvonne E. White-Brown was born in Egypt Pen, Belfield, St Mary Jamaica. She is from a family of fourteen siblings. Thirteen from the same mother and father who were married for over sixty-five years. Yvonne graduated from Saint Andrew Technical High school in 1970. She was the class three, two and one champion girl in her high school track and field competition. She was also the Class One champion girl in track and field at Girls Champs in Jamaica in 1970. She represented Jamaica in various track meets abroad and also was on the Jamaica Olympic team in the Munich Olympic in Germany in 1972. Yvonne has graduated with a Diploma in Music and physical education from the Mico College now the Mico College University. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration Yvonne Brown is a writer, a preacher, and real-life coach who has dedicated her life to helping others find their purpose and live their best lives. She is a multi-talented author who has written several books, including “ A Journey Through My Life,” “Words to Enhance the Soul,” and a children’s book titled “Short Stories.” She is an inspiring figure who uses her writing to inspire, educate, and entertain readers of all ages. Her works are personal, insightful, and inspiring, making them a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration and motivation. Yvonne Brown is genuinely extraordinary in her ability to express her personal struggles and successes with transparency and honesty. Her memoir takes readers through her life journey, from her childhood to adulthood, highlighting the various challenges she faced and the lessons she learned along the way. Her ability to reflect on her life experiences with self-awareness and humor makes her a relatable and inspiring figure. Yvonne Brown Book Video Series YouTube Channel: ● Yvonne Brown Books Official Facebook Page: ● Yvonne Brown Books TikTok Account: @yvonnebrownbooks


Episode 2757: HOUSEPLANTS FOR YOUR HEALTH with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

HOUSEPLANTS FOR YOUR HEALTH with SUSAN SMITH JONES, PhD We all know that plants make people happy, but do you know the science behind it? Adding living plants to your interiors is shown to have positive effects on mental health, ability to focus, stress relief, air quality and even provide therapeutic benefits. Today we will explore why and how plants support our health and some favorite houseplants to add to your home and reap myriad health benefits. Our guest today, holistic health and lifestyle author and expert, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, will offer practical ways to bring nature into our homes and the many ways it will bless your health and life. Susan Smith Jones has made extraordinary contributions in the fields of well-being, anti-aging, optimum nutrition and balanced living. A frequent radio/TV talk show guest and motivational speaker, Susan is also the author of many books on holistic health and opimum vitality, including her latest celebrated book — UPLIFTED: 12 Minutes to More Joy, Faith, Peace, Kindness & Vitality Twitter @SusanSmithJones


Episode 2756: PANCAKE by Robert E. Cartmell

PANCAKE by Robert E. Cartmell Chris Pancake loves the Lord and loves baseball. He is the best high school pitcher in his district, perhaps even in the state. A major league scout pursues him and informs him that the Pirates intend to draft him second overall, but Chris has other plans. Then, he accomplishes a feat that has rarely been seen before from a high school pitcher. Still coping with the loss of his mother, he has a near perfect relationship with his father, Charles. Conversely, his faith and his relationships with his best friends are put to the test. On the cusp of turning 30 years old, Chris looks back and reflects on two tragic events that shaped his character as an adult. Pancake is a tale of faith and forgiveness, tragedy and triumph, and lives transformed. Throughout his young life, Chris retains an unwavering commitment to his faith despite societal pressures and personal struggles that threaten to pull him away. His is an amazing journey of sports, family, and the love of God. Robert E. Cartmell is a lover of baseball and the Bible. He is a veteran of the United States Army and has an associate’s degree from Blue Ridge Community College. He is faithful to the Lord’s church and lives with his family in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.


Episode 2755: THE UNHEARD OF CRY OF AN ADOLESCENT by Briyanna Dorminvil

THE UNHEARD CRY OF AN ADOLESCENT by Briyanna Dorminvil Does anyone know about the depression and pain of an adolescent? Some of us may think that only adults endure trials and pain. However, people of all ages experience difficulties and distress. Life does get more challenging as you grow older; however, age doesn't define the severity of problems in life. Several young people are currently suffering in silence and crying themselves to sleep as they wonder when their lives will get better. Are you a young person who feels lost and disregarded? Do you feel hopeless, numb, or worthless? Have you been searching for help? You are not alone, and this is the end of your suffering. This book will teach you about healing, renewal, and optimism and provide you with the wisdom you need to overcome your past as you become a better person. Your past doesn't define you, and you can arise from your trials and become a successful person. You will discover the hidden potential within you and learn about your worth. You are unique, extraordinary, and genuine. You are worth much more than people think. Briyanna Dorminvil is a Haitian-American Author, Mentor, and Artist. Throughout adolescence, she became a mentor after several people constantly approached her for advice on suicidal thoughts, relationships, depression, and stress. Over the last decade, she has mentored people of all ages as she helped them heal and overcome their past. In 2019 she became eager to help people in other ways aside from mentoring. She developed a love for reading and writing poetry after reading more books. She combined her love for mentoring, writing, and a desire to help people to become an author. Her journey as an author began in 2022 when she released God Is With You Throughout Your Trials. She uses writing as a voice for the misguided, hurt, and discouraged people to properly uplift and inform them through the difficult times of life. As an author, she is driven to teach morals and wisdom based on scriptures and past experiences. Her second book The Unheard Cry of An adolescent has just been released in March of 2023. Her upcoming book Why is time important? will be available at the end of 2023. Connect with her on social media. Instagram: Anointedauthor Twitter: Anointed_Author Tik Tok: The_Anointed_One YouTube: TheAnointedOne91 Facebook: Briyanna Dorminvil Facebook art Page: The Anointed Artist



Jeannie Ann's Grandma Has Breast Cancer by Diane Davies Jeannie Ann is a typical six-year-old. When she learns her grandma has breast cancer, it brings up the fears, questions, emotions, and misunderstandings that come with facing a medical challenge. With her loving family by her side, Jeannie Ann learns about what cancer can bring; tumors, mastectomies, chemotherapy, pain, and loss, but also hope. Jeannie Ann's Grandma Has Breast Cancer is a story written with honesty, love, and understanding for children of all ages. Diane Davies traveled her own breast cancer journey in 2004. The blessings of a wonderful family, supportive friends, and an outstanding medical team made it possible for her to come through the experience stronger, wiser, and filled with a need to reach out and help others. She has volunteered with the Hastings Breast Cancer Support Group to produce a DVD series entitled Voices of Hope and published the books From There to Here: A Breast Cancer Journey and Breast Cancer Saved My Life. As a Bush Fellow, Davies also helped create a nonprofit advocating for breast cancer patients.


Episode 2753: LEMONADE by Jackie Ng

Lemonade by Jackie NgJackie Ng is a 56-year-old Chinese female from Malaysia. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 1998. Two brain surgeries and a series of complications caused her to live with paralysis. Through her fortitude, she struggled through depression and disability, and managed to rejoin society. She published a short medical memoir, Rising, and a Chinese version, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This new book is an in-depth healing narrative of her journey with brain tumor. The author is hoping Lemonade touches the listeners' heart and listeners would be able to appreciate this uplifting book and be inspired and motivated. At the same time the author wishes to create awareness about brain tumors, inspire and motivate listeners with her fighting spirit, and give hope to everybody who might be affected by this brain tumour named meningioma.



The Truth About Your Healing: Anyone Can Be Healed of Any Disease by Adelle Penn-Brown, D. Min. If you are fed up and exhausted of being sick, this is your book. When medical science says it’s a chronic disease, you don’t have to live stuck in that dimension. There’s healing for every disease and every sickness. This book tells you why anyone can be healed of any disease and how you can be healed of any disease. Adelle was born and raised on the island of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. In her early teens she made Jesus Lord of her life and had her first missionary trip to the island of Anguilla shortly thereafter. Her salvation dramatically changed her life. She went from an extrovert to an introvert because of her lack of understanding that the new birth was indeed truly a new birth. She had several supernatural experiences. Her first missionary trip opened her eyes to ministry. She completed her bachelor’s degree in three years from Creighton University in Social Work so she could use the finances designated for her fourth year to attend Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. In 1982 she graduated from Rhema. In 1983 she returned to St. Thomas and was instrumental in the establishment of VI Christian Ministries. In 2005 she received her Doctorate of Divinity in Conflict Management from Trinity Theological Seminary which was endorsed by the University of Liverpool, England. She’s authored several books, one of which is “The Truth About Your Healing (Anyone Can Be Healed of Any Disease).” Adelle pastored over 30 years and has traveled and ministered in several countries including Australia, Belgium, Kenya, China, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Croatia, Sarajevo, Taiwan. This new season is a compilation of everything over the past 40 years for the purpose of building, engaging and strengthening Christian communities and leaders, as was God’s original plan. This is being accomplished through writing, short term missions and ministry of the Word.



Jeremiah's Prophecies: The End of the United States by Charles J. Brannan Jeremiah, the prophet, has been reborn in spirit to prophesy to the United States about the coming judgment it faces. He takes his words of 2,500 years ago and addresses them specifically for the United States. His message is simple: repent or be destroyed. He takes the events of today and shows us what is happening at present and the consequences that will shortly follow. He gives prophecies of coming events for the United States and other countries as God tells us what countries He will judge for their unrepentant wickedness. Lastly, an answer is given for readers to know what to do in the perilous days. Charles Brannan was born and grew up in Alabama. He participated in track and field as well as cross country running in public school. Also he joined the prestigious Auburn High Band where he became a first-chair flute player. Upon leaving high school, he went to Auburn University where he earned BS degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Chemistry. He also earned a MS in materials engineering and entered the PhD program for Mathematics. He has worked as an engineer for the Air Force and Navy and then with the Chemical Engineering Department at Auburn University where he designed the test the US Department of Transportation uses for testing asphalt and aggregate. He also has researched capacitors and batteries for the space shuttle program. He has preached many sermons at Abundant Life Church where he was an elder at one point. He has moved on from that church and is being prepared by God to start a new ministry in the near future.



What is Eternal Salvation?: A Big Lie or Simple Truth? by Joe Clemons What is Eternal Salvation? A Big Lie or Simple Truth? is a Christian theology book designed to help its readers check their spiritual intelligence quotient. Joe Clemons believes that a person’s intelligence quotient may be suitable for making a living. It is one’s S.I.Q. that makes a living and dying a good experience. The book has six Bible-based questions that will make readers think and reflect as they try to answer them. It will help them know where they stand regarding their S.I.Q. The book also details what makes eternal salvation the most crucial concept people should know and understand. Author Joe Clemons wrote his book because of the problems he experienced. He wants to help others have a clearer understanding of why eternal salvation is real. According to Joe, until one understands salvation and what makes it infinite, the Good News of the Gospel will never make good sense. Joe wants to make others smile because of the joy and love that comes from Jesus. Joe Clemons became a Christian in 1983, and it was the best decision he has made for dying and for living. Joe has a caring, loving family—his wife of 38 years and two sons and a daughter. Because he was a victim of dumb doctrine and bad theology, He wrote the books: An Open Letter to the Human Race, The Solutions to Life’s Greatest Problems, and What is Eternal Salvation: A Big Lie or A Simple Truth?


Episode 2749: 2 X 2 ON THE ARK: FIVE SECRETS OF A GREAT RELATIONSHIP by Mary J. Giuffra, PhD

2 X 2 on the Ark: Five Secrets of a Great Relationship by Mary J. Giuffra, PhD This book is a wakeup call. It highlights relationships and staying in love as serious adventures for adults, not Disney rides for kids. Relationships make you stronger and more defined as a person or call out your weakest and least evolved parts. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard. Do you wonder where love has gone? Has your relationship, even your fights, before predictable? Do you take one another for granted? Have career, children and family diluted the early excitement in one another’s presence? Or are you new to the love of your life and committed to growing in love? When you understand what makes people love, you learn the secret of a fulfilling life. Your relationship will transform, and you will be a model for children and other couples. Based on research in the neurosciences and years of experience working with thousands of couples and supervising family and couples’ therapists, I will share the Five Secrets of a Successful Relationship. The book will teach you what you never learned growing up or in romantic novels or films: how to be a LOVER. It will be your guide as you practice the Five Secrets to a Great Relationship: 1.Leave Space for Love 2.Operate Your Brains to Love 3.View Your Conditioning with Love 4.Emerge Free to Love 5.Route and Navigate in Stormy Seas



Facing the Challenge, Beating the Odds: The Jimmy Mulzet Story by Jimmy Mulzet Facing the Challenge, Beating the Odds follows the life of the author, Jimmy Mulzet. It is a story about faith and love for Jesus and His church. In this autobiographical book, Jimmy attempts to put his faith into action. Jimmy Mulzet barely survived before his first birthday. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at six months old. The diagnosis posed a prediction that may never walk. However, Jimmy soon discovered that God sometimes provides miracles. All he needed was patience. The book shares Jimmy’s life story to encourage others to be the best they can be despite their obstacles. His remarkable life experiences shine a light on the values of insurmountable odds that lead to a self-sufficient, accomplished life. Fueled by faith and prayer, Jimmy details how he achieved independence by eventually learning to walk, which allowed him to attend school, make friends, and later run in the New York City marathon. This also lets him climb the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building, and meet Pope Saint Jon Paul II. The author’s story inspires other people with disabilities to never give up on dreams, find hope in the darkest of places, and always rely on God for strength. JIMMY MULZET was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at six months of age and was never expected to walk. Not only was he able to walk, but his path led him in many directions. Recently retired after thirty-nine years working for the City University of New York, Jimmy is a devout Catholic who intends to use his faith as his guide to achieve much more in life.



Penelope's Song: A Seventeenth Century Tale for a Twenty-First Century World by Carol J. DeMars Penelope's Song: A Seventeenth-Century Tale for a Twenty-First-Century World occurred during the seventeenth-century golden age of the United Provinces of the Netherlands. With the country's wealth and superpower, why would a vivacious niece of a wealthy Dutch merchant hastily marry her father's brilliant student? Carol J. DeMars' book then took its readers to one of the least desirable outposts in the Dutch Empire when the new couple decided to sail across the dangerous Atlantic Ocean. The lovers arrived at the city of Nieuw Amsterdam, today's Manhattan. Penelope's Song also follows the story of an aristocratic English widow who traded her land of birth for New England, seeking liberty of conscience. She expects Sir Henry, her only son, to join her when the Civil War erupted in England. Loyal to the monarch who bestowed his knighthood, Sir Henry became a Cavalier fighting for King Charles I. Another war disrupted the lives of the Algonquian people that once flourished in the eastern woods of North America. Oliver Cromwell started a trade war for supremacy over the high seas which threatened to overthrow the vast Dutch empire and destabilize their lives again. Once again, drama stirs the life of the legendary couple Richard and Penelope Stout. Witness a story that combines romance, history, and thrill in Carol J. De Mars' book. Carol DeMars graduated from California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA. She was a sociology major interested in social change, the Bible, European church history, and the growth of American churches during colonial and pioneer periods. Carol earned a teaching credential at California State University, Northridge, and taught English and United States history for several years. When she decided to pursue research as an independent scholar, she returned to CSUN for further graduate studies and qualified to join Phi Kappa Phi, the prestigious national scholastic society. Carol now resides in Georgia. Penelope's Song: A Seventeenth-Century Tale for a Twenty-First Century World is her first book.



From Goo to God: A Science-Based Defense of Creationism vs. Evolution by Bruce R. Matson Author Bruce R. Matson explores and explains the idea of creationism as a natural and accurate means of describing how life came to be in the vast cosmos. The concept of creationism is examined and explained by author Bruce R. Matson as a rational and accurate way to explain how life came to be in the enormous cosmos. He attempts to demonstrate this view by using science, a methodology commonly employed by atheists, to demonstrate that the clever designs of every creature must have been created or molded by some higher power and that we are all excellent works of the Lord God. According to Bruce, almost every media mode, including children's textbooks, considered evolution an unquestioned fact. He explains that if anyone dares to speak against it or even mentions "creation" as an option, they will be thrown to the lions of public disdain, similar to what happened in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome. Bruce successfully advances his creationist viewpoint while refuting the theory of Darwinian evolution. Bruce Matson helped his readers understand the Lord God's omniscience by fusing scientific ideas with religious doctrines. The science-based information in this book rips evolutionary theory to shreds and exposes it for its useless propaganda. It inspires readers that it's time to stop teaching evolution propaganda to Christian children in schools. Bruce Matson is an educator of 30 years who has taught kindergarten through 8th grade. He has also been a principal, athletic director, bus driver, and football, basketball, and track coach. Most importantly, Bruce is a survivor of stage four non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. After 18 rounds of chemo and a month of radiation, Bruce was humbled to the core of his existence. Seeing his mortality, he made it his mission to let people know they are so much more than fate, by-products of evolution. So Bruce wrote a book using science-based facts to expose evolution's faulty foundations and reveal how intelligent design throughout the universe leads us to a Creator.



Put Your Hands into Hers: Mary, Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope ... by Rev. Ronald Ramson, C.M.In Put Your Hands into Hers, author Father Ron Ramson offers an in-depth look at Mary, the mother of Jesus, a woman who has exemplified a mother’s love, hope, and inspiration. With snippets of Ramson’s life included, it offers interesting, informative, and inspirational insight into the human side of this special woman’s life. Put Your Hands into Hers demonstrates that Mary is the answer to a messed up world; she is our refuge and our hope. We need Mary; we need a Mother’s love in action. We need her inspiration, truth, compassion, and justice. Fr. Ron (Ronald) Ramson, C.M. is a Vincentian priest. He was born and raised in Chicago. He has been a parish priest and pastor, a vocation director, a seminary rector and formator. He has served as director of formation for the National Society of St. Vincent de Paul, as a missionary in Kenya, and has authored several books and articles. He has also appeared in several online videos for the Association of the Miraculous Medal.



Gorky, Russia; First man in: Memoirs from being the first American allowed inside Russia's closed exile city by Donn G. Ziebell, Ph.D. ​Russians needed internal visas to travel outside their place of residence. It was rare for foreigners to get such travel permission. After 30 years of corporate employment the author made an improbable career change. His new boss and two VP’s were black-listed by the KGB and could not enter Russia. The author was asked to write a business seminar proposal for Russia to see if he could open a door and get in. One of the three Russians who received the proposal got approval nine months later by Moscow’s Ministry of Education and the KGB . Surprisingly the seminars were designated to be held in Gorky, an exile city for political prisoners and closed to foreigners.The Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. and the officials in Moscow would not issue a travel visa to Gorky. So the author took the chance to be driven 250 miles to Gorky without a visa. The Russians in the city had never seen an American before. The seminar was attended by 60 top industrial personnel, including some suspected to be KGB. The author describes seminar incidents which reveal the thinking and unexpected responses by the Russians. He was taken to meet with many different people and visited many sites during his stay. The memoir is filled with events, pictures and entertaining cross-cultural experiences. From his time inside Russia, readers follow the many twists, turns and surprises the author encountered which entertain and hold reader’s attention. Gorky was not opened to foreigners until the year after all these events took place. About the Author: Donn Ziebell's pursuit in doctoral studies with The Union Institute University, Cincinnati, Ohio, intersected simultaneously with his receiving of the approvals from Moscow's Russian Ministry of Education and the KGB to present business seminars in Russia. Delivering his first in a series of lectures in August 1990, the seminar program proceeded with his sending a number of US instructors with specific disciplines into Russia to lecture on their business areas of expertise. Their trip reports provided original research for writing a cross-cultural experiential doctoral dissertation to receive his Ph.D. degree. Previously, his B.S in Metallurgical Engineering from the U. of Missouri, Rolla, and a MBA degree With Distinction from the U. of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut, expedited his earlier career in manufacturing and consulting roles within Fortune 500 Corporations for thirty years, including five years in his own manufacturing consulting firm, Ziebell Associates, Inc.



FORETASTE: LEADERSHIP FOR THE MISSIONAL CHURCH by Paul M. Dietterich This book provides lay and clergy leaders with practical ways to work together to strengthen their church as a missional community. Readers gain a theological foundation for their leadership and learn to practice six behaviors that transform a church’s climate into one that demonstrates Christian faith. It is only through the life, work, and message of the community of faith that the gospel can be interpreted and made relevant. This is why leadership that forms a missional community is so important. The gospel is not only that by which the Christian community lives, the gospel itself lives through the life and witness of the community. Paul Dietterich, a native of Buffalo, New York, is an ordained United Methodist minister and a clergy member of the Iowa United Methodist Conference. He holds advanced degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University and Boston University. He has served as pastor to churches in Massachusetts and Iowa. He directed the ecumenical program of the National Council of Churches at the Church Center for the United Nations, and for more than forty years directed the work of the Center for Parish Development. He has taught as visiting professor of practical theology at the Roman Catholic Theological University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and more than a dozen theological seminaries in the United States and Canada. Through his work at the Center for Parish Development he has served as consultant with the Episcopal House of Bishops, the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church, and clusters of North American congregations, districts, conferences, dioceses, and synods. He is married to the Rev. Dr. Inagrace T. Dietterich, is the father of four children and the grandfather of seven.