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This Week in America is about issues that matter to you. This Week in America is informative, educational and entertaining. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Ric Bratton.


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This Week in America is about issues that matter to you. This Week in America is informative, educational and entertaining. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Ric Bratton.






Episode 2820: A FAITH THAT OVERCOMES THE WORLD by Eldred C. Marshall III

A Faith That Overcomes the World by Eldred C. Marshall IIIAre you a member of a book club whose book you have never read? The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. It adorns coffee tables and church pews. We swear on it in court and politicians take their oaths of office on it, yet few have actually read the Bible in its entirety and even fewer rightly divide and apply it. However, what is most troubling are the ones who say that their beliefs and practices are based upon the eternal truths of the Bible, but nothing can be further from the truth as those beliefs and practices are cultural derivations that are contrary to the God revealed in the Bible. Furthermore, if the Bible is properly interpreted and applied, it is a book of unity and not division for we are all equal before God in creation, we are equal before God in sin, and we are equal before God in salvation. This book has taken some of the most divisive and hotly debated topics of the day and run them through the prism of the Bible. The primary source of this book is the Bible. Therefore, this book is replete in scriptures from the Bible. Please take self-assessments in each chapter to determine if what you believe and practice aligns with the dictates and directives of the scriptures. For those who are unbelievers, please take into serious consideration what the Bible teaches about the person, promise, and power of Christ, not the misrepresentations of the Christ of culture. For those who consider themselves believers, truly honor and worship Him by realigning and recalibrating your beliefs and practices in accordance with the dictates and directives of the scriptures as indicated. Eldred C. Marshall III, a loving husband and father as well as a licensed, ordained, and seminary-trained Southern Baptist minister of the Gospel of Christ, has completed his new book “A Faith That Overcomes the World”: a powerful tool designed to help readers deepen their understanding of modern issues by examining them through the Bible, all while expanding their faith in Christ and knowledge of what the Lord actually says through Holy Scripture. Born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi, author Eldred C. Marshall III has been a follower of the Lord ever since making a public profession of his faith in Christ. He was called by Christ into Gospel ministry, which he accepted, and preached his first sermon in Los Angeles on November 19, 1984. In addition to being a pastor who taught his congregation the Bible in obedience to the call of Christ line upon line and precept upon precept, his tentmaking enterprise was as a public-school educator. For fourteen years, he taught Algebra 1 to eighth graders and was an administrator for eleven years after that. During that tenure, he fought for educational justice for all students. Now retired, Eldred and his wife live in tropical paradise, and he currently teaches a Bible course as an adjunct professor for Christian university’s global learning program. He is also active in his church in administrative and spiritual leadership.



Miracles, Masterpieces, and the Madonna: A Mother's Journey of Faith and Revelation by Prof. Aban P. Kavasmaneck My book is a true story of a mother’s unwavering faith, a journey spanning 35 years and 3 continents, starting with the instantaneous healing of our 5-year-old son from an incurable skin disease, in Lourdes, France in 1988 ABAN KAVASMANECK is a professor of English literature, philosophy, and religion, and has taught in many prestigious institutions across the United States and abroad for over fifty years. She attended a Scottish high school in Bombay, India, where she met her future husband, Percy. They both attended a Jesuit college, got married, and moved to Stanford University, California in 1971. Aban specializes in teaching world literature, women’s literature, and the classics. She was voted “Professor of the Year” by the students at the University of Charleston for five consecutive years. For the last thirty years, Aban has started rosary groups in all the states she has resided, is active in her church, is a Lector, and attends daily morning Mass with her husband. Aban is a daughter of the Saint Francis de Sales Association, a member of Legatus, and a Dame Grand Cross of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Aban has three sons. The older two, Cyrus and Darien, are physicians, and the youngest, Zubin, is her “miracle” son, the subject of this book, whose miraculous healing started a mother’s journey of faith and revelation.


Episode 2818: "on that Day": A Trilogy by Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets

on that Day: A Trilogy by Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets"on that Day" is a trilogy of books written without knowing how it all would end: Book #1: “The Death of The Promise,” Book #2: “The Resurrection of The Promise,” and Book#3: “The Land of The Promise.” The common theme of the trilogy was witnessing the faith of the First-Century Church, as demonstrated in the Parable of The Ten Virgins. The five wise virgins lived in anticipation and preparation for the groom, while the five foolish virgins were locked out. Paul's view of this faith is expressed in 2 Timothy 4:7–8. In Ephesians 4, Paul instructs teachers and preachers to bring unity of The Faith in The Body of Christ. Faith in The Second Coming and the awarding of eternal life fulfill the Promise of resurrection made to Abraham. Salvation is not awarded to anyone prior to this event but is a promise until Jesus' return and cannot be possessed this side of the grave. The author declares that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, and the perishable cannot inherit the imperishable. Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets is a seventy-six-year-old semi-retired businessman who, while never attending college, has had a reasonably successful career. He now lives at Providence Farm in Bedford County, Virginia, and has a beef cattle operation, raising calves for the feeder market. During discussions with a friend, a retired pastor, and a marine chaplain who has decided that he is “done with the church,” Tom was challenged to write a book. His friend understood his ongoing frustration with both the message and direction of the established church and felt that many others shared this frustration. Tom, who has a heart for the lost within the church, believes that the church has been hijacked by the instant-gratification crowd. Thus, he felt that he was challenged to address this issue, and as a result of this challenge, The Road to Restoration, The Death of the Promise, and The Resurrection of The Promise were developed.


Episode 2817: ENLISTMENT by Jodi M. Swanson

ENLISTMENT by Jodi M. Swanson My military career started out as a way for me to grow, to expand my opportunities, and leave my little rural hometown in Wisconsin. Who am I trying to fool? I was a broke farm girl trying to get an education. Everything after that just happened. But you're not here to read my sappy teenage memoirs. You're here to find out about "them". How I was selected. And what happened As a prior member of the US Air Force, Marie Peterson is reminded daily of what she misses being active duty versus her current civilian life. News stories and the threat of a comet stir her sense of patriotic duty and make her think on going back into the service. Then a stranger with military credentials, who knows things of Marie's past, offers her a chance to go back as active duty. But the things he knows and shows her has Marie wonder what is really going on. Is it just going back in, or is it a different calling. Heed the call to serve. Read and sign the dotted line of ENLISTMENT. Recipient of the Hollywood Book Review "Excellent Merit Star" About Jodi M. Swanson I'm a prior USAF veteran, Boise State Alumni, proud single mom of two great kids for many years. I have lived all over because of the military, but I have been happy to call Wisconsin home. I like writing in my free time. I find it a great stress reliever. It also fits in with some of my other passions, which are theatre, reading, watching movies, and being outdoors. Follow me on social media: Jodie M. Swanson


Episode 2816: GOD IS PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE by Jenni Guzman Bautista

God Is Proud of Who You Are by Jenni Guzman BautistaGod Is Proud of Who You Are, sung to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," is a wonderful book for parents and their children that incorporates prayers into song, which works wonders in comforting all lives, both big and small. The pages of this book represent the deep love we feel for our children and also the profound messages of hope and faith that only God can provide. Share God's word with your kids using this familiar melody, and watch His message take root in the hearts of your little ones. Thank God. About the Author Jenni Guzman Bautista puts family first. She lives a very active lifestyle as a wife, health coach, amateur gardener, and kid taxi. She pursues health in body and mind every day, and endeavors to spread the love for life into her kids as they grow together. Jenni Guzman Bautista is from Denver and has lived there all her life. Her path towards God and His salvation became more meaningful and intentional after hardships suffered in 2014. She loves the outdoors, she loves the rain, and she loves the feel of green grass under her toes.


Episode 2815: SOUL LICENSED: TIPS AND TALES by David Tuttle

SOUL LICENSED: TIPS AND TALES by David Tuttle David Tuttle received messages from psychics encouraging him to write spiritually. He created a website in 2012 and years later after further messages, he joined an online bookwriting class offered by psychic medium James Van Praagh. “Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales” was completed 2 years later. Tuttle realized that many people lack hope for an afterlife and he wanted to share his experiences with spirits, energy, and psychics to help them create a healthier, more peaceful existence. Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales offers wisdom on creating a healthier existence and reminds readers that they are never alone in this sphere. David Tuttle is a Reiki master/teacher, former financial and insurance consultant (CLU/CHFC), newspaper journalist, press agent for the Ohio Secretary of State, and an Ohio legislative caucus. He was a U.S. Army combat medic in Asia and currently resides in the foothills of Boise, Idaho, where he enjoys biking, running, and other outdoor activities.



Within and Beyond: The Connection Revisited by Gayle RedfernWithin & Beyond, The Connection takes complex concepts that have been around for many years, explaining how the earth and the universe are connected, pulling the magnetic energy up from the Earth and the electrical energy down from the Universe. This merger flows into each cell forming a star tetrahedron providing the wisdom of life for each of us. This channeled information defines the dimension as –Planes of Reference and Cosmic Life Pattern(CLP) as the internal genetic coding for each individual. As well as the channeled information presented here, Within & Beyond brings us historic quotes such as the one from Bob Frissell book “Nothing in this book is true But it’s exactly how things are.’’ My analysis is “Everything in this book is true, and its exactly how things have always been”. During her many years as a Health Consultant, Psychic and writer, Gayle Redfern helped individuals create balance in their lives. It was not long before she got the information of the individual’s acceptance of universal wisdom available to each of us. She soon became aware of the urgency and importance of accepting and applying the ancient data that is on our bookshelf. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Holistic Health all tailored toward learning how to use personal skills and how to help recognize the personal triggers as keys to healthy living. After discovering how easily Ayurveda brings balance and unity into one’s life, Redfern went beyond her private consultations to develop and teach workshops and seminars. These were designed to help people understand the basics of this “Science of Life.” The next step is writing and promoting psychic and spiritual books. Currently she has published four books Inner Bridges - Opening your Connection to Inner Peace & Harmony, Ayurveda Demystified-For Optimum Living, Within & Beyond - The Connection, Ancient Wisdoms- Exploring the Mysteries and Connections. Gayle Redfern’s interest in spirituality has been life-continuous with a focused drive over the past 15 years. As a conscious channel, she combines this gift with the learning from her degrees in Psychology and Holistic Health, helping others discover solutions to achieve personal balance and reasons to share with others. Previously she worked in the communication industry as an educator, workshop leader and motivational speaker. Also trained in: o Bachelor degree in general psychology o Masters Degree in Holistic Health o Metaphysics and psychic Counseling o Bio-kinesiology, Meditation and Empathic readings o Ayurveda Concepts o Counseling o Energy Medicine o Comparative study of alternative health care systems o Counseling o Workshop leader o Meditation and seminar leader · Introduce the following throughout INNER BRIDGES o Acupressure Touch Testing


Episode 2813: THE FINAL KEYSTONE by John Kevin Crowley

The Final Keystone by John Kevin CrowleyEvery case in the history of Jurisprudence involves three things: Trust, Betrayal, and Accountability. Through his education, studies, and observations and experiences, author John Kevin Crowley has learned the interconnection of history, law, philosophy, and religion with the human condition. How that relationship has played out in human history leading to present day is a focus of The Final Keystone. This treatise is the story of us and the source of the lessons left unlearned. It is a reminder of what does not work and how what does work must be ever vigilantly guarded. John Kevin Crowley is no novice to the world of legal complexities. With an illustrious career spanning over four decades as a trial attorney in the challenging landscape of California, he brings to the forefront a wealth of knowledge and a treasure trove of experience. It’s this very experience, combined with his extensive education and relentless pursuit of understanding, that forms the foundation of “The Final Keystone.” In “The Final Keystone,” John Kevin Crowley extends a heartfelt invitation. It’s an invitation to embark on a thought-provoking journey that spans the annals of history, law, and the very core of our shared human experience. This isn’t just a book; it’s a key to unlocking the hidden truths that have shaped our world. It’s an opportunity to explore an enlightening masterpiece that lays bare the profound impact of Trust, Betrayal, and Accountability on our past, our present, and our future. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Secure your copy of “The Final Keystone” through this link Click Here. Join John Kevin Crowley on this illuminating voyage, and discover the enduring legacy of Trust, Betrayal, and Accountability that has left an indelible mark on the human story.


Episode 2812: LIVING ART AS LIFE, AND LIFE AS ART by David Cavagnaro

Living Art as Life, and Life as Art: Mid-century Artist Milton Cavagnaro and Five Generations Passing the Torch of Creativity By: David Cavagnaro About the Book In the late 1930s, with World War II looming, the famous German Bauhaus art school closed, and many of its teachers migrated to America, greatly influencing the course of modern art and architecture in the 1940s and 1950s. Influenced by the work of Bauhaus painters such as Lyonel Feininger, Paul Klee, and Wassily Kandinsky, a young artist named Milton Cavagnaro began what would become a lifetime art career in San Francisco that spanned abstract painting, commercial design, college teaching, jewelry making, gardening and landscaping. During this journey, many famous mid-century artists, beginning their own careers, would grace his family's life as friends or visitors, including photographers Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Ernest Braun; Margaret Bourke White and Yohana Meith, the first women photographers for Life; and close associates of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Milton's history, as told here by son David Cavagnaro, became in the writing the much larger story of five generations in the family, all passing along the torch of creativity via a plethora of media. Lavishly illustrated, this journey demonstrates that the definition and expression of art can permeate all of life, if we also live life itself as art. About the Author DAVID CAVAGNARO is the author of six previous books and a widely published writer and photographer in the fields of natural history and horticulture. Having spent most of his life in Northern California, his former home and land in Northeast Iowa have become The Pepperfield Project, a nonprofit devoted to sustainable food gardening, seed-saving, and personal growth, body, mind, and spirit. His work and activities may be viewed at


Episode 2811: A HIGH AND NOBLE MISSION by Robert W. Price

A High and Noble Mission: The Adventist Outreach to African-Americans During the Civil War Era and Beyond by Robert W. PriceThey were turbulent years, the ones following America's Civil War. The emancipation of those held in slavery opened new ministry opportunities for Northern churches. Previously blocked from reaching any held as slaves, they now were free to preach the Good News to the poor, helping "bind up the nation's wounds." They did their best to follow the Lord's example--setting prisoners free, releasing the oppressed, and especially as Adventists, proclaiming the year of the Lord's favor. Individuals discovered within this new mission field, the Freedmen, willingly came to hear the Word of the Lord proclaimed. Among their many physical and spiritual needs, one request arose high above all others. The Freedmen wanted to read. That privilege had been vigorously denied in the past, but now, with freedom a reality--they wanted schools. Many had the noblest of reasons. Having heard preaching and teaching from the Bible all their lives, they now wanted to read those words on their own. Others wanted an education to help secure the new liberties coming their way. Northern churches sent more preachers than teachers, yet schools were established. While teaching the new converts to read the Bible, missionaries were pressed to go beyond that introductory level. However, churches on the home front seldom saw the need for expensive schools and only reluctantly supported anything beyond the preaching ministry. Meanwhile, the surrounding White community was strongly opposed to any schooling at all. Teachers were threatened, housing denied, and some schools burned to the ground. Missionaries stood in the middle, seeking to please both the sending churches and the Black Freedmen, while maintaining peace within an oftentimes hostile community. They were overworked, financially under-supported, and all suffered from "burnout"; a few even paid the ultimate sacrifice. Yet many individual lives were wondrously transformed as they participated in this most high and noble Christian mission. Author’s Bio: Robert W. Price, with a lifelong involvement in urban ministries and education, did his doctoral studies at the University of Illinois. He helped found and later pastored a large inner-city church in Chicago, which continues to maintain a strong educational ministry. On the denominational level, he served on and chaired both its Board of Christian Education and the National/Urban Ministries Task Force where he promoted the growth of urban churches and endorsed effective Christian education material and programs.



From Stressed to Blessed: 5 Simple Steps to Learn Meditation and Change Your Life by Cynthia Chase MA, CHTHAAre you stressed? There are many reasons why we feel stress in life. Family problems, ill health, financial problems, addiction, divorce, the death of someone close, a stressful job or loss of a job, problems in school, or problems with relationships are just a few examples. When you begin a practice in meditation "in 5 simple steps," within a handful of sittings you'll experience more joy, happiness, peace, better health, and more meaning in life. "From Stressed to Blessed" is how you will feel. Learn the art of meditation now, and change your life. Cynthia Chase was born and raised in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in political science, she moved to North Lake Tahoe, California. Cynthia holds a master’s degree in counselling psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. After obtaining a certification in clinical and medical hypnotherapy, she opened a practice where she specialized in working with surgical patients. Following her attendance at Michael Mamas’ School for Healing and Enlightenment in San Diego, California, she expanded her work with clients to include a variety of healing practices. In addition, Cynthia served as a ski minister on the slopes and a minister with the wedding chapel in North Lake Tahoe. She received her meditation teaching certificate from the Self Awareness Institute in Laguna Beach, California, and is a member of Celebrating Life Ministries . Cynthia and her husband, Robert, live in the Gold Country of Northern California. They both delight in the joy of spending time with their five adult children, their spouses and their eight precious grandkids.


Episode 2809: CHICKEN OF COURAGE by Sarah Scott Nutt

Chicken of Courage by Sarah Scott NuttI would like to begin by saying that I truly appreciate the time you have taken to read my book. My daughter is autistic and had an extremely hard time going to school for the first time. As most children with sensory issues, she had a hard time adapting to school life as well as new routines and people. This is a true story of how she overcame her fear with a little, yellow, crotched chicken! I live in Lonoke AR with my family. As the parent of a child on the spectrum, starting school was especially challenging for her. God has made a way for this book to be published. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share our family’s journey to victory! It is so amazing how God can use the smallest thing, even a little, yellow, crotched chicken to move in our lives!


Episode 2808: SELECTED STORIES by Xue Mo

SELECTED STORIES by Xue Mo Selected Stories by Xue Mo is a collection of short tales set on the ancient Silk Road, exploring love, hope, faith, life and death. The first three tales depict the lives and relationships of outsiders in rural villages, offering a contemporary perspective on the impact of rumour, pain and suffering. The last novella tells a gripping story of two sisters-in-law crossing the desert by camel to find hope, seek freedom and pursue dreams. These tales serve as a perfect introduction to Xue Mo’s literary works. Translated into over two dozen languages, namely English, French, German, Korean, and Swedish, this book has been praised for its universal appeal. Its English version was translated by Nicky Harman,a prize-winning British sinologist and translator, with the Guardian newspaper including one of its stories Old Man Xinjiang, in their collection of five top short stories from contemporary China. In 2022, its Sinhala version was awarded the National Literature Award in Sri Lanka. Xue Mo, previously known as Chen Kaihong, was born in Wuwei, Gansu province. He is a celebrated cultural scholar, contemporary Chinese writer, Vice-Chairman of the Gansu Writers’ Association, Dean of the Guangzhou Research Institute for Shangpa Culture, and a humanities tutor at Fudan University. Xue Mo’s writing is heavily influenced by his hometown in western China and embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture. His writing style perfectly blends hallucinatory realism with minute descriptions of rural life in China and the inner worlds of Chinese people. He employs various literary forms, such as short stories, novels, poems, and prose essays, and his work explores themes such as love, freedom, life and death, and humanity ’s relationship with nature. His works have received critical acclaim, enjoyed extensive media coverage at home and abroad, and are considered seminal 5 literature from China’s western regions. During the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2022, Xue Mo ranked No.1 in the list of top topics in international media, outshining even the Spanish Guest of Honor and becoming the most talked-about figure. More than 2,000 media outlets, such as The Associated Press and PR Newswire, covered “Xue Mo” and his works. According to a statistical analysis of media presence conducted by Meltwater, the top10 print and online media coverage related to “Xue Mo” potentially reached over 1 billion people.


Episode 2807: A TRUE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK STORY by Colin Barnes

A True Australian Outback Story by Colin BarnesColin Barnes traces the life of his father, Ronald Barnes, from his modest beginnings on a property about three miles west of a little town in New South Wales called Peak Hill, to a lovely coastal spot called Kings Point near Ulladulla, New South Wales. He also shares memories from his mother, Margaret Barnes. The book—filled with an assortment of family photos—is sad, happy, curious, and funny with a little adventure thrown in. As you read, you’ll learn what it was like growing up in the Australian outback from the 1930s to the 1960s. Eventually, the author’s parents left the bush and moved to the city. After a lifetime of hard work, they finally were able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. This family history will leave you reflecting on how a positive attitude, perseverance, and an attitude of gratitude can lead to living the life you always wanted. Colin Barnes wrote this book based on memories that his father, Ronald J. Barnes, had put down about his life. His father started writing after he retired, and his son decided to preserve his life story and legacy, starting from modest beginnings in Peak Hill, New South Wales, Australia. He also consulted his mother, Margaret H. Barnes, who also shared her memories and added to the story.


Episode 2806: THE LOVE AND POWER OF GOD by Maria Luisa J. Edwards

The Love and Power of God: Missionary Experiences in the Jungles of Ecuador by Maria Luisa J. EdwardsThe book covers from the beginnings specifically to the time spend in the jungle besides evangelizing learning the peoples cultures adapting myself to them to earn their trust and going on with teaching , participating in their lives .living poor with the poor. Building communities around, training leaders in each community. Sharing the good News of Jesus Christ. One of the most rewarding dimension on the evangelize were the women. I was able to train leaders in each Community, we had 13 groups altogether and all strive and grow teaching the next generation. At the end they could take care of the youth and follow up in their group. As a group we were able to go where the Pope came to visit Ecuador, a very long trip on a bus that in the middle of nowhere broke and we had to wait for someone to come and get help. Before I got married my friends told me to write a book about the jungle of Ecuador, the experiences in the jungle. I had 3 jobs at that time and couldn't spend time writing a book, when I got married I have all the time to start writing a book, and my husband is very supportive about what I am doing. And I collected the letters from the sisters, I have my own diary, I decided not just to write but I did. All the memories were flooding my mind and once in a while I visit them and keep up the memories alive and see the work that I have done or what's going on, and I found out the work is still on and the organization continue in their own way and that is a fulfilling feeling for me.


Episode 2805: I BE EMMA by Charlotte Pritchard

I Be Emma by Charlotte PritchardFor Clara, life in the backwoods of Tennessee is all she knows. She lives with her parents, who have kept her isolated from the outside world. And until the day she is allowed to leave their rural home, she has no reason to suspect that her life is in any way unusual. She goes out into the world to help her father sell brooms, and there, after a seemingly chance encounter, the logic of her life begins to unravel. She meets a woman and suddenly begins to have terrible nightmares she can't explain. Clara's doubts begin to take flight when her mother accidentally lets a crucial fact slip . Now she can't stop the questions and concerns from consuming her. She puts it all together and comes to a life-changing realization: the man and woman who raised her are not her parents-they are her kidnappers. Now nothing will stop this determined young woman from learning the truth and finding her real parents. Can Clara find a way to escape and reclaim her stolen life?


Episode 2804: AN HONEST CHRISTIAN POET by Chuck Worthy

An Honest Christian Poet: In the Dead of Winter, I Have Seen A Wondrous Thing by Chuck WorthyAn Honest Christian Poet is a reflection of my journey through this life. In it, you will find my thoughts, fears, views, passions, struggles, and faith. With the reading of this book comes an understanding of all that I am. It is honest, open, and leaves nothing hidden. My journey has been unique and indeed, in the dead of winter, I have seen a wondrous thing Chuck Worthy was born into a Navy family and they traveled extensively. He and his sisters spoke conversational Spanish when they returned from Puerto Rico and had Scottish accents upon their return from Holy Loch, Scotland. Worthy was in the Navy, which took he and his wife, Linda, to Adak, Alaska and Argentia, Newfoundland. Worthy's youngest sister is a Naval Academy Grad and married to a Naval Academy Grad. Worthy and his wife, as Worthy Music Ministries, have produced musical events for the military, cities, municipalities, churches, civic groups, and other venues such as Seattle Center (the cultural heart of Seattle). Husband and wife are both published song writers and poets. While in high school, Worthy lettered in music and football, received a Presidential Nomination to the Naval Academy, and by selective invitation attended American Legions Boys State. While in the Navy, he was a Data Systems Technician and is now a Master Accredited Solutions Expert. Husband and wife are both Board Members At Large of the Tacoma Events Commission.;jsessionid=5C80410560483E7E8FEA7DDB5DE5BCA1.prodny_store02-atgap11


Episode 2803: HAMBURG'S HYBRIDS by Sarah "Flit" Thomas

HAMBURG'S HYBRIDS by Sarah "Flit" Thomas The contents of this book will open up the full spectrum of the readers' interest in knowing who are the Langleys and what is the secret the patriarch of the family left in a package after his demise. This novel paints a captivating picture of the lifestyle and history of a well-established wealthy family in Charleston, South Carolina. The family has to face the fact that the patriarch of the family, upon his death, decided to reveal, via a handwritten document to his daughter-in-law, Jennifer, the true story of the maternal and paternal bloodline of his only son, Edwin. This document was delivered to Jennifer on the wedding day of his firstborn granddaughter, Bria. The story provides the dynamic characteristics, personalities, and secrets of each family member and culminates with the son, Edwin, wondering why his father waited until after his death to reveal these truths. Edwin is left wondering how these revelations would affect him in his business and social life. More importantly, will he be able to cope with the truth about his real bloodline? Sarah "Flit" Thomas lives in McDonough, Georgia. Her love for writing prose, short stories, plays, and inspirational songs have brought her to this period in her life: the completion of her first novel, Hamburg's Hybrids. She has a BS in biology from Tuskegee University and a master’s from Wright State University. Her love for reading nonfiction, fiction, biographical, inspirational, and other written materials was her catalyst for forming three book club groups in California, Indiana, and Georgia. She retired as a senior manager from the US Department of Treasury.


Episode 2802: MICHAEL MOOSE HELPS SANTA by Dawn Harvey Kittle

Michael Moose Helps Santa by Dawn Harvey Kittle Santa's reindeer are all ill. Santa may have to cancel Christmas. A moose named Michael comes to the rescue. He helps Santa deliver the Christmas presents. Along the way Santa learns about the true meaning of Christmas. Dawn Harvey Kittle is a widow with grown twins, a boy and a girl. She has four grandchildren. Actively involved in the Greater Lansing Orchid society and her church. Dawn is a retired school teacher from Redford Union Schools in Michigan. One of her former students, who became a teacher, is using her book as one of her material in her own classroom. You can download a free teacher's manual from


Episode 2801: 800 SAYINGS BY OLD FOLKS WHO RAISED US by Wm. Rocky Brown, 3rd

800 Sayings by Old Folks Who Raised Us by Wm. Rocky Brown, 3rd“The parents and grandparents of William Rocky Brown,3rd, who raised him, had roots in the southern USA. Along with that Southern upbringing came the ability to turn everyday activities or things of nature into wise sayings. His mother and grandmother had old down-home sayings that took him a while to understand. After talking to others, he realized he wasn’t alone in this beautiful experience growing up, so he compiled the wise sayings in his book, 800 Sayings by Old Folks Who Raised Us. This book is full of ‘Down Home Wisdom’ to be shared from one generation to another. The Rev. Dr. Wm. Rocky Brown, 3rd, is a graduate of Cheyney University, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Jameson Christian College. He has furthered his studies at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change in Atlanta, Georgia, the University of the Virgin Island's and the F.B.I. Citizens Academy, Philadelphia Division. He is President and CEO of Brown and Associates, LTD, which provides' Anger Management, DUI and Drug & Alcohol Treatment as well as Community & Public Relations Services. He is the Pastor of Youth and Community of the Bethany Baptist Church in Chester, Pennsylvania and a Master Police Chaplain. He also has a weekly religious column that appears in Scoop USA and a daily Blog on his web sit In the 80's and 90's He traveled around the country using "Educational/Rap Music" to motivate young people. Thus, he was affectionately known as the "Rappin' Rev. He has been actively involved in numerous community organizations over the years. He is an Ambassador of the Philadelphia Division of the F.B.I., a Chaplain for several local Police Departments, President of the Law Enforcement Chaplains of Delaware County; PA, State Representative for The International Conference of the Police Chaplains, and sits on several organizational Boards He is a member of the Prince Hall Masons, the Elks and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. His community work has earned him over 200 awards and commendations. Personal motto: "Lord treat me tomorrow, the way I treat other people today