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This Week in America is about issues that matter to you. This Week in America is informative, educational and entertaining. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Ric Bratton.


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This Week in America is about issues that matter to you. This Week in America is informative, educational and entertaining. Hosted by veteran broadcaster Ric Bratton.






Episode 2866: THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT THE MET by M.J. Simms-Maddox

The Mysterious Affair at the Met by M.J. Simms-Maddox A favorite destination—even for New Yorkers—is the venerable Metropolitan Museum of Art. On this particular day, “the Met,” as generally known, experiences an unusually large number of visitors. Visitors have their choice of viewing over two million works of art spanning five millennia of cultures worldwide. But some among them are up to something more sinister. At one point, the Met’s surveillance cameras’ lenses capture “a mysterious-looking couple” amid the many visitors strolling about the many galleries. The pair is dripping wet in their matching taupe Burberry trench coats. Just as the two of them walk past Soleil dans le Ciel de Saint-Paul, a masterpiece of Marc Chagall, a large tourist group— who, oddly enough, all are wearing distinctive red-and-white-striped vinyl raincoats—converges around them. But it is what happens next that baffles the museum’s surveillance crew. After “the mysterious-looking couple” pulls off their prank, they and the large tourist group walk out of that particular camera’s range, becoming submerged elsewhere in the interminable galleries of the gigantic museum. But when a docent notices “something strange” with Chagall’s Soleil dans le Ciel de Saint-Paul, in short order, the museum-goers inside the Chagall gallery hear “High Alert!” and watch in horror as a heavy metal grille drops down from the ceiling to the floor, effectively locking them inside the gallery. And thus began what later came to be called The Mysterious Affair at the Met. The Met hires Priscilla's PR firm to avert an impending scandal regarding the provenance of three masterpieces on display Indie author M. J. Simms-Maddox, Ph.D., is the creator of ‘The Priscilla Series,’ a unique novel series chronicling the coming of age and adventures of a modern-day, feisty, fiercely independent, Black American young woman. The South Carolina native grew up in the Snowbelt of western New York. Her academic credentials include a Doctor of Philosophy degree in political science from Ohio State University. She has served as a legislative aide in the Ohio Senate, operated a PR firm, and taught political science for many years. Most plots in the novel series are about political issues. The author is self-taught; she did not study creative writing in college. She began writing fiction in the late 1990s behind a recurring dream about a conversation with her father. She thought she was finished after publishing her first novel, Priscilla Engaging in the Game of Politics (2016), but who knew there was more!


Episode 2865: COFFEE BREAK DEVOTIONAL by Brenda Ford Biggs

Coffee Break Devotional by Brenda Ford BiggsCoffee Break Devotional is designed to encourage people for when things are not going so well in their lives. These inspirational scripture passages are truly a blessing for people in these troubling times. Scripture has a way of speaking to us in ways no other book can. Read this book and perhaps you too will find some words of hope. About the Author Brenda Ford Biggs is an 83-year-old widow with no children of her own. Her husband passed away eight years ago after a 16-year illness. They were married for 30 years. Brenda remained by his side until the end. Brenda has endured a lot of sorrow and hardships, so that is why she wrote this book. She teaches a Bible study class every Thursday for anyone who wants to get to know the Bible and the One who inspired it, where the characters come alive in each study. She has read the Bible from cover to cover 26 times and will continue to do so till she draws her last breath. Brenda loves God's Word and she learns something new each time. She also serves her local church in various committees.


Episode 2864: THEN I CAME HOME by Sam Gaylord

Then I Came Home by Sam GaylordAt some time in our lives, some of us face hardships and heartaches and are forced to face devastating tragedies that completely change who we become. The decisions we make at that time have a profound effect on the rest of our lives. Sam Gaylord will take us from the foothills of Southern Indiana to the steamy jungles of Vietnam—from the rice paddies near the South China Sea to the jungle near the DMZ. However, do not mistake this as just another book about Vietnam. Sam Gaylord grew up in the heartland of America. He believed in the American flag, apple pie, and “God Bless the USA.” As a young man, he believed and trusted in the government, joined the United States Marines, and served in Vietnam. He wanted to fight for his country like his dad and uncles. Soon after arriving in Vietnam, he realized that his country had betrayed him. This is his story.


Episode 2863: WHISPERS OF THE WAVES by A.K. Girisam

Whispers Of The Waves by A. K. GirisamDid you bunk classes to go to movies, or hang out with friends... or just because you could not push yourself from bed? Did you stay awake at night, desperately reading piled up portions for the next day’s exams, which you neglected for several months? Did you lecture your kids about the value of time, hard work... and felt guilty about it since you did not follow what you preached? Did you goof up on your first day at work, commit embarrassing mistakes, which you would rather brush under the carpet? Did you have exciting, adventurous, life-threatening experiences and wished to share? A.K. Girisam, a chief engineer in merchant navy, narrates his sailing experiences on high seas, some life-threatening incidents, from junior engineer to chief engineer, in a lighter vein. Fun filled college days, frolic with family and friends, and musings on several topics which will take the reader on a roller-coaster ride. He is the great grandson of Mr. Gurajada AppaRao, a literary giant and a social reformer of the 19th century, whose play ‘Kanyasulkam’ eradicated an evil custom of girl children marriages to old men, when illiteracy rate was highest in India. A career in shipping and sailing is not everyone’s cup of tea, you are away from mother earth for months together, and for many, it is a scary thought that beneath the steel hull, there is nothing but hundreds of meters of water. You are on your own, to fight your battles, storms and survive, when you are thousands of miles away from land, no one can come to help or rescue you. The most attractive feature of the book is that reader can select any chapter and read, since all chapters are independent. This book was first published and previously titled Merry Mariner.


Episode 2862: WHISPER OF HOPE, CRY OF DESPAIR by Vicky Bedi

Whisper of Hope, Cry of Despair by Vicky BediThis book is the autobiography of the author. It began, however, as a biography of the author's mother who allowed Vicky to write about American society in the mid-to-late twentieth century; experiences of Slavic, French, and East Indian immigrants at the United States around the turn of the twentieth century; child and spouse abuse perpetrated by women as well as men and the effects of intergenerational abuse; and murder and suicide. Vicky (Victoria) Bedi, was raised in a blue-collar town, Springfield, Vermont. She gifted in music and took piano lessons starting at age 4, accordion lessons at age 9, organ lessons at age 15 and voice lessons at age 18. She has been a church organist since age 15. She majored in music education and later earner a master's degree in music theory. Vicky also has a master's degree in information science. She loves wildlife and nature and has four pet cats and a dog. Currently she lives in the panhandle of Florida. The author hopes to educate people about the American poor in the twentieth century and to broaden people's perspective on American life. Not all Americans had the benefits of understanding mainstream American culture and society as well as knowing the language of the nation and having a supportive family. Perhaps this book could help us all understand present-day immigrants as well.


Episode 2861: THE DUKE LEGACY by D.W. Duke

The Duke Legacy by D.W. DukeWashington Duke is very young when he first realizes there is racial discrimination in the South. Living outside of Hillsboro, North Carolina, in the mid-1820s, he is one of ten children in a family that shares the wilderness with bears, rattlesnakes, and mountain lions. Washington learns about the world around him from his scholarly father, nurtures a compassion for others, and eventually grows into a man deeply troubled by the institution of slavery. Unaware of what awaits him, Washington is conscripted into the Confederate Army and reluctantly leaves his three-hundred-acre farm in 1864 to fight in the war. When the Civil War is over, Washington is left widowed, with nothing but his farm, two blind mules, a wagon load of tobacco, and his four children. Determined to rise from the rubble, Washington soon begins building the foundation for the Duke financial empire-although not without challenges. As Washington ages, his sons eventually capture his dream to establish Duke University. Even with the family's successes, though, there is tragedy and heartache; Washington's granddaughter, Doris, dies under suspicious circumstances in 1993 and her estate becomes embroiled in a legal battle. Based on a true story, this compelling and inspirational tale examines the life of a gentle giant and his descendants who together built a multibillion-dollar empire, numerous charitable foundations, and a renowned academic institution, proving that anyone can overcome adversity to achieve greatness. DW Duke (David W. Duke) is an experienced trial attorney, writer and noted lecturer. He has authored five published books including the popular books Palestine and The Duke Legacy. He has also written dozens of articles on various legal topics ranging from real estate law to human rights and is a freelance editor for Oxford University Press. DW received his bachelor of arts from the University of Michigan and his Juris Doctor from Washington University School of Law. He is a member of the California Association of Realtors Strategic Defense Panel and lectures regularly to members of the real estate industry. DW is the President of the Institute for Children’s Aid and a member of the Board of Directors of Stop Child Executions. DW holds a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo with the World Taekwondo Federation in Seoul, Korea. He is an accomplished musician who plays keyboards and guitar. DW has appeared on numerous radio and television broadcasts including Time Warner News, The Dee Armstrong Show and the Ron Williams Show, among others. He lectures frequently for such entities as the California Association of REALTORS® and Rutter Group/Thomas Reuters law book publishers.


Episode 2860: TEARS OF AN ASSASSIN by D.J. Power

Tears of an Assassin by DJ PowerJim Coleman has no idea what to do with his life. He joins the Marine Corps in 1962 on a whim. He makes history by making the perfect shot at Parris Island. Jim has become the only marine ever to accomplish this feat. This will unknowingly change his life in the marines forever. He meets a naval officer, Commander Forrest Damon, who is the military liaison with the CIA in Washington. A new life begins as he goes on temporary duty with the CIA. Jim joins the most elite section of the CIA. It is so secretive that it's only known by the most powerful and influential men in the government. What does the CIA have in mind for him? Where will they send him? ‌From Southeast Asia to the Caribbean, surrounded by the underworld in the Deep South, Jim fights his demons every day. Only he knows what is constantly in his dreams. Jim tries to come to grips with his beliefs and teachings, but it is so difficult. With every assignment, he goes deeper and deeper into the other life. He is an American author who has lived an incredible life. ABOUT DJ POWER He was born in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts in 1943. He has held many titles throughout his life. He was a businessman, entrepreneur, husband, father, grandfather, and the one that started him out in his various successes, the Marine. Dick joined the Marines in 1963 and was on active duty for 8 years. He proudly served his country with two years of duty in the Republic of South Vietnam. From the Marines, Jim joined American Airlines and before he retired, after 25 years, he was Director of Special Services for the Western Division is based in LAX. He is living now in Southern California with his wife of 54 years, 3 sons (middle son deceased), and four grandchildren.


Episode 2859: MY SPIRITUALTY OF NATURE: SELF DISCOVERY by Morreece Elaine Cook

My Spirituality of Nature: Self Discovery; The Relatedness of Spirituality & Nature In Your Life by Morreece Elaine CookMy life has grown in wholeness with the writing of this book. God shows me more every day about how to connect with my "spirituality of nature." This concept reveals how my spirit (my "core") connects with all of nature--earth (animals, vegetation, microorganisms), water, wind, and fire. My literary contribution looks at, Who is nature? Who am I? and How are we connected? For a very long time, I believed that there were few connections, if any. Through a lifetime of living with God, my spirit has been inspired to look more closely at his creations and what makes them connected. What is my responsibility (if any) in all of this? Over the course of my lifetime, my explorations led to what I name my spirituality of nature. It is my spirit, my core, my believing which leads me to see God as I never have. Not only is one human being related to another, each of us is related to and responsible for all that God creates. I know beyond all unknowing that God created me to be both unique and to be responsible for his creations. I am part of all that is and all that is me. I invite you to take this phenomenal journey with me. My hope is that we will join together in seeking out God's creations. MORREECE ELAINE COOK cannot recall a time in her life when she did not get pleasure from helping others. Elaine has since enjoyed a thirty-year-long career in clinical social work. She has earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree both in clinical social work and has completed partial coursework in doctoral studies .Elaine has held numerous clinical social work positions in health care and in the field of education. Those notable are hospital social work, social work management, graduate/post graduate education, residency training, corporate level training and development. Along the way, her deep love of nature and animals grew. Combined with love of her professional career, this "new" love grew far beyond anything she could have imagined. Elaine is now retired but stays actively involved in social issues. She continues to be an advocate for animal rights, and she lends her skill and dedication to the Ocean Conservancy, the Sierra Club, and the Earth Preservation. Elaine loves to hear them talk about the universe and how all livings/ things are irrevocably connected. The greatest achievement of her professional life and her spiritual life continues to be helping others live the best possible life and to enable organizational environments to provide the best opportunities for this to happen. Elaine's impressive career and life objectives open doors to membership/leadership roles in numerous organizations. She has also achieved recognition in national/international arenas.



Radioactive Era of Change: We The Kindred by Isaiah Lopez A meteor has left the world forever changed. People within the blast zone have amassed incredible powers. The land is left quarantined from America. One such man awakens with a new power and a missing arm. As he copes with this changed world, he bonds with new allies and reunites with old friends as a grim plot threatens to engulf his new way of life. Born in a military family and raised across the U.S. This aspiring author has found himself a jack of all trade in an attempt at searching for the lifelong dream. To build worlds, craft fantastical environments and page turning plots, He has found his calling in the workings of Radioactive: Era of Change and hopes to bring more representation in the world of Literature with more fun and compelling stories to come.


Episode 2857: MY CEMETERY FRIENDS by Vincent J. Tomeo

My Cemetery Friends: A Garden of Encounters at Mount Saint Mary in Queens, New York by Vincent J. TomeoMy Cemetery Friends honors our families, friends, our military, the forgotten, and the unnamed. We sing their praise while celebrating life, nature, humanity, and compassion, all in search of peace. Stroll with the author through a living museum over cemetery trails, and learn much about things overlooked before. You will not be disappointed Vincent J. Tomeo is a poet, archivist, historian, and community activist. For 36 years, he taught American history at a New York City public high school. He has formerly volunteered at the 9/11 Tribute Center Museum at Ground Zero. Vincent is published in the New York Times, Comstock Review, Mid-America Poetry Review, Edgz, Spires, Tiger’s Eye, ByLine, Mudfish, The Blind Man’s Rainbow, The Neo-Victorian/Cochlea, The Latin Staff Review, The Evening Street Review, and Grand- mother Earth (VII thru XI). Vincent has recited his poetry everywhere across the United States, throughout Queens, New York City, and internationally; South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Italy, Tanzania, Kenya, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Germany, and France. To date, he has 1146 published poems/essays, winner of 108 awards, and 138 public readings. ​The Usefulness of Hippopotamus: A Humorous Chapbook for Trying Timesliterary titan book award I am staring at a blank piece of paper, wondering what to write. Where do I begin? My mind begins to wander-pleasant thoughts of Disney's Fantasia dance in my head. The dancing hippopotamus comes to mind, and this made me laugh. The result: I penned a poem on the hippopotamus from which a chapbook was born: The Usefulness of Hippopotamus: A Humorous Chapbook for Trying Times. One cannot imagine a world without humor. Without humor, the world will be dark, cold, and a sad place, tragically lacking joy, cheerfulness, and laughter. Humor is medicine. During rough times, humor will help lighten and lessen physical and mental anxiety. In challenging times, I chose humor. During the Pandemic, I had to deal with my bladder cancer. In my struggle not to get depressed or dwell in negativity, to find solace, contentment, and peace, I chose to seek out beauty and laugh. In search of happiness, the humor worked its charm, resulting in a treasure chest of joy. So, I wrote my chapbook,



Claim Victory Over Brain Fog & Support Brain Health… at Any Age with Susan Smith Jones, PhD While we might not be able to be in control of all aspects concerning our personal brain health since genetics are involved, we can certainly choose which foods to eat and which to eschew to help maximize our brains’ abilities well into old age, as well as the essential lifestyle practices that support optimum brain health well into our golden years. As Holistic Health Expert Susan Snith Jones, Ph D. writes in one of her latest books, Wired for High-Level Wellness, it has been well-established in recent decades that the brain and gut are related, the gut often being referred to as a “second brain” or a “second nervous system.” Although it’s not the same as the brain in that it doesn’t “think,” it does have over 100 billion neurons, and, therefore, like the brain, determines our mood. So, it’s not just our physical health that foods and lifestyle affect, but our mental and emotional health as well. On today’s show, Susan will feature some important holistic living practices to embrace, foods to avoid and the best foods to include in your diet if you want vibrant wellness and brain vitality well into older age. Welcome Susan. For a woman with three of America’s most ordinary names, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, has certainly made extraordinary contributions in the fields of holistic health, anti-aging, optimum nutrition and balanced living. For starters, she taught students, staff and faculty at UCLA how to be healthy and fit for 30 years! Susan travels internationally as a frequent radio and TV talk show guest and motivational speaker; she’s also the author of 33 books, including her two most recent ones which cover in much more detail all of the topics we’ll discuss today on this show —WIRED FOR HIGH-LEVEL WELLNESS. X @SusanSmithJones


Episode 2855: A NEW BEGINNING, MAYBE? by Xiomara Rodriquez

A New Beginning, Maybe? by Xiomara Rodriquez A New Beginning, Maybe? is a fast-moving crime drama and is the 3rd installment of the adventures of the crime-solving team of twin sisters, Captain Jane Sparks of the SFPD and Special Agent Fran Morris of the FBI. This book takes the sisters into the world of stolen art and antiquities, that takes them into different roads in their lives. Xiomara Rodriguez is a 72-year-young woman with a dream. She was born in San Juan Puerto Rico and lived there until the age of 27 when she came to Mainland USA. She retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after serving 20 years, ten of which she served as a Special Agent with the Coast Guard Investigative Service. She was the first Hispanic female to become a Special Agent with the CGIS. After her retirement from the Coast Guard, she did many things, but one of her proudest achievements was that on April 1, 2014, she co-founded Tu Casa Latina, a non-profit organization geared toward helping immigrant women, men and children who are victims of domestic violence, violent crimes and human trafficking in Northern Nevada, with immigration help and referrals so they can stay in the USA and build a better life. Since the age of 9, she dreamed of be a writer. She published some short stories and poems in various college magazines, in some online magazines and also some of her poetry as well some of her short stories were published in Nuestro Magazine. She is a wife; and has been married for 41 years, she is a mother of two outstanding women; a grandmother of two and a great grandmother of six. Xiomara Rodriguez studied History and Theater at the University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Sociology at George Mason University in Virginia and Paralegal at the Truckee Meadows Community College. One of Xiomara's favorite books is Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel Cervantes, but she also enjoys reading books Patricia Cornwell, she believes she has read them all. At an early age she started to read the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, which she believed she had read them all several times, later on she became a fan of Sydney Sheldon, mystery novels, which she again read them all. She enjoyed, Sydney Sheldon fast writing, which helped her developed her own writing style ​


Episode 2854: POETRY AT ITS BEST by David Vanderburg

Poetry at its Best by David Vanderburg1. The United States Flag to represent that the U.S. of America is a great country. 2. The Okla. State to represent that Okla. Is a great state and to remind us that U.S.A. and Okla. Bonded together as one for OKLAHOMA during the crisis of the Alfred P. Murrah Building. 3. The HEART to represent that this is the HEARTLAND 4. The STAR to represent the LOVE that shines in our heart for all of those who were killed and their loved ones who lost loved ones and those who were but survived. David Vanderburg has been writing for over forty years and has been published for over thirty-five. He has poetry posted in the White House, at NASA, at the governor’s mansion in Oklahoma City, as well as a vertical file in the Oklahoma State Library. David has received four presidential citations. The National Library of Poetry/International Library of Poetry has published his work many times. He is The American Author of Poetry. Writing poems comes natural to him. David has been blessed to have the talent and ability to share his work. He writes a lot of patriotic poetry for country, love of live, and the safety of others. David has designed a flag of for the victims of the Alfred P. Murray building that hands in the archive of the same name. He writes poetry to honor those who would otherwise be forgotten. David believes he will be not be materially rich but is one of the richest people in the world because of his talent. He offers his humblest thanks for the honor you, the reader, as bestowed upon him.


Episode 2853: MY COVID-19 DIARY by Theresa Y. Wee M.D.

My Covid-19 Diary: Practical Tips and Scriptures for Improbable Times from an American Doctor by Theresa Y. Wee M.D.In 2020, COVID-19 became a worldwide pandemic. With forced shutdowns, Dr. Theresa Wee began to connect through social media with daily blogs. These blogs included practical advice on getting through this unprecedented time from her many years as a pediatrician, wife, and mother. She also shared the many ways God sustained her throughout her life, even after the unexpected death of her husband, Dr. Stephen L. Wee. In her book, My COVID-19 Diary: Practical Tips and Scriptures for Improbable Times from an American Doctor, readers can rediscover those blogs and find inspiration from her faith journey. They include various tips on health and fitness, dealing with loss, and learning ways to carry on. Dr. Theresa Wee is a practicing pediatrician, wellness expert, and mother of four. She has a strong commitment to improving the health of Hawaii and began her non-profit organization “Walk with a Doc - Oahu” eight years ago, where she conducts free weekly walks to help her community get healthier. She authored two best-selling books and continues to educate families on regular television and radio spots. She has been an inspiration to many, especially after the sudden and unexpected death of her husband and business partner, Dr. Stephen L. Wee. She openly shares ways she has learned to keep moving forward, persevering, and even thriving, no matter what the circumstances are.


Episode 2852: SHERWOOD by Bette Hurst

Sherwood by Bette HurstWhen 15-year-old Colleen Reilly becomes a patient in Sherwood TB Sanitarium in December, 1945, she leaves behind a life of orderly transition from student to adulthood. At Sherwood, she finds that there are two kinds of people- those who play by the rules and those who rebel against them. She finds herself falling into the group who take chances in order to live rather than merely survive. Some choose to break taboos and racial barriers and take risks in the name of love. Another will literally do anything to enforce his view of the world when he has no right to do so. One with much talent will risk throwing it all away for a higher purpose. And others live as if there is no tomorrow because for all they know, that may be true. Each chooses a path to happiness or power he or she feels must be followed. Colleen and her new friends find tragedy and love, violence and criminality, as these competing needs gradually build and then meet head on during a fateful Halloween night. Its aftermath sweeps Colleen into a new life beyond Sherwood that she could never have predicted. Sherwood is three stories in one. It is a coming-of-age novel, a psychological study of selfless search for love and meaning, and an inquiry into the nature of truth and beauty. Colleen, Pete, Bret, Laura, Will and an enigmatic outsider known only as "The Handyman", form a cast of characters whose decisions and actions take place in the era of the TB sanitarium in post- World War 11 America, but the are as timeless as philosophy, religion, and man's quest for meaning. Bette Hurst earned a BA in philosophy from Penn State and a teaching certificate in French and Spanish from Towson State University. She likes to play the piano and go for walks with her husband and their dachshund, Woody. Hurst and her family live in Maryland.



Women Telling Our Story: Baring Our Soul From Behind the Wall by Mae Dixon"Women Telling Our Story - Baring our Soul from Behind the Wall " is a compilation of stories told by incarcerated women as they begin the process of healing. These women could be any one of us except they lost their way mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. The telling of their experiences is helping them to reclaim their life, their self esteem. Between 1980 and 2020, the number of incarcerated women increased by more than 475%, rising from a total of 26,326 in 1980 to 152,854 in 2020. Many women in prison have experienced physical or sexual trauma at the hands of men. The past 20 years the war on drugs has caused significant rise in the number of women incarcerated and their access to adequate drug treatment. Mae Dixon is the Amazon best-selling author of The Secret Code of Girls - The Ins And Outs of Being a Female; The Secret Code of Girls - Empowering Girls to Become Confident Women; Restored by Grace - A Journey Like No Other; Nurses Wield Grace and Grit; Crown Me Queen, and; I Lead With Authority - Because I Can. Dixon has also authored poems, newsletters, blogs, and leadership training manuals. Dixon has experienced a rewarding real estate career for over 40 years, where she received numerous awards, public exposure (newspaper, magazines, podcasts and TV) for expertise, and peer leadership, including Realtor of the Year and Top Gun in Real Estate. She is a certified spiritual healing coach and has written and facilitated numerous empowerment programs for women and youth. Dixon advocate for survivors of domestic violence and social justice. She has founded, presided over, and served on numerous boards and committees. She has received awards and recognition for her leadership. She is the founder of A Will & Way Inc, a 501(c) non-profit organization. Dixon is the proud mother of two sons who blessed her with many grand and greatgrandchildren


Episode 2850: MATRIARCH AND WORLD WAR III and 9-11 AND THE HOLY WAR by Daisy Snow

Matriarch And World War III: A 9/11 Incursion - Internal State Terrorism in Australia by Daisy Snow In addition to what the author, Daisy Snow, revealed in her interview last year about her 1st encounter with the UFO Alien, Itt, her findings have become more important than ever because, as said, the American government has advised the world that flying saucers, UFO’s—now called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, UAP’s—are not a hoax. What is known is that they (the UFO Aliens) are watching us. The assumption is that the world should destroy all nuclear weapons. But that is only because of the 21st Century wars in the Middle East. The military intelligence in the United States admits that the UFO’s / UAP’s are watching their military and nuclear sites. What is not always revealed is that UFO’s are also watching nuclear power plants. The author is a 77 year old Australian woman who has undergone injuries to her body that cripple or kill other people. The poor woman has been targeted by the government in Australia for Systems Abuse ever since she was 15 years old. She studied in fraternal organizations for ten years and in universities for an additional ten years and obtained four qualifications including a Masters. Her area of expertise is the quasi-science of Metaphysics. That perspective is not known in public universities. The poor woman lived on the streets in her old age for the most part of 25 years. Street education is a must to understand the way the government treats the poor and the vulnerable. Her ability to move in all circles socially provides her with an understanding that is not necessarily available to the average person. She is always in the right place at the right time. 9/11 and the Holy War, 21st Century Style - Answers and Questions: Al Cole radio interview, USA - Update Coronavirus/New York by Daisy SnowMy new book 9/11 and the Holy War, 21st Century Style is really a summary of the important points in my book 'Matriarch and World War III; Internal State Terrorism in Australia' written under the pen name, Daisy Snow. An opportunity popped up for me to use my real name in Al Cole's unsung hero People of Distinction Talk Show. My real name exposes evidence about the 9/11 scenario. The metaphysical perspective I use provides additional information to what is known in the public arena.


Episode 2849: THE DAY MY LIFE CHANGED: AN ACCIDENT SURVIVOR by Linda Crosby featuring Roy Crobsy

The Day My Life Changed: An Accident Survivor by Linda Crosby featuring Roy Crosby The moving true story of Linda Crosby, an accident survivor who was left permanently and totally disabled, and Roy Crosby, her devoted husband and caregiver, The Day My Life Changed: (An Accident Survivor) offers a glimpse into the lives of an everyday couple whose love endured and thrived, even in the most impossible odds. Crosby’s memoir offers more than just an in-depth look into the life and the daily struggles encountered by someone with disabilities; speaking the truth on every page, she details the transition period from being who she was to becoming who she is, and the heartbreak that can come with acceptance of such momentous adjustments. But to those navigating life’s changing challenges, Crosby also offers a message of hope: that life goes on and is still beautiful, and God is on your side. Linda Crosby is God fearing; a wife, stepmother, sister, an aunt, a friend, and a U.S. Army Veteran; and lover of religious programs, classic black-and-white movies, and biographies of classic movie stars from the Old Hollywood era. A proud country girl, she lives in the South with her husband, Roy, and their furbaby Bella. She is president of the pastor’s aide ministry at her church.


Episode 2848: LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE by Peninnah M. Kako, PhD

LIVE ON PURPOSE: How to Find Your Inner Peace to Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose by Peninnah M. Kako, Ph.DGod's desire is that you live your life on purpose, to do what God purposed you to do. Believe and know that God is with you right now, and that He has the best plans for your life. You will discover the secret of attaining peace with God, even in the worst of times. My heart is moved with love and compassion for you. The Word is working in your life. Since God declares the end at the beginning, and since He made us in His image, we can also keep moving ahead in our paths toward what we were made to do, by focusing out thoughts on what He has promised in His Word. I pray that you will rise above all circumstances in your everyday life, take dominionover that which is already yours, and acknowledge the presence of Him who loves you forever-------Jesus Christ Peninnah M. Kako, PhD, is a senior copastor of Kingdom Vision Outreach Center and cofounder of Kingdom Vision Outreach Ministries together with her husband, Apostle John M. Kako. She is also the founder and director of Global Care Inc., a ministry dedicated to serving orphans and widow, and she is an anointed teacher of the Word of God. Dr. Kako is also an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.



Art with a Story: Original Paintings. Original Fiction by John NiemanThis is a book of original art and original flash fiction (3 pages or less) The stories can be amusing, enticing, romantic, or shocking. Fun to read…especially for American’s busy culture. You can read some stories on the train, in bed, and airplane or anywhere. After college, I started in the advertising field, creating work for Coca-Cola, Hallmark, Anheuser-Busch, Lincoln-Mercury, among others. I won lots of awards and graduated to global creative director traveling all over the world. After much success, I decided to recreate my life around fifty, went to culinary school, and then started creating art and writing books. I have exhibited art all over the world, and enjoyed about a dozen solo shows. I have also written 32 books—novels, art books, essays, poetry, kids books, etc.