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Kagro in the Morning - September 21, 2023

On today’s KITM, by popular demand, David Waldman will continue our discussion of Canadian pirates. By greater popular demand, Greg Dworkin returns with another of his Raft O’ Stories®rrrrr, matey. Remember TV’s Byron Allen? It’s okay if you don’t. Bryon is doing just fine without us. Mr. Allen is so well off now that he could even afford to dine with David Brooks. Kevin McCarthy’s plan to hold the House together while avoiding government default is simple. He will keep giving in to right-wing extremists until Republicans are forced to accept whatever Democrats offer them. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has presented an even simpler solution to Republicans, the “F’ everybody and save my ass!” plan. (Donald’s now suddenly concerned about how he might look in orange.) Presently, Gop priorities center around lining up people to hand them their head in committee meetings. Elsewhere, justice marches on. You could fill a stadium with lawyers embarrassed to have been associated with Trump. Trump’s fake electors are wondering if their sleeper cells had been sleeping enough to evade prosecution. Is Trump Employee 2 a model witness? Trump Is the reason women can’t get abortions. And yet, Trump has a really good feeling that he’s going to win the nomination. Ron DeSantis circles the drain, for 2024, and probably also 2028. Alabama is doing its part for their future Republicans, by keeping Black representation down to a minimum. Nuns are fighting the Catholic patriarchy, which the Catholic patriarchy has determined disqualifies them from fighting the Catholic patriarchy.


Kagro in the Morning - September 20, 2023

It’s Wednesday, time for David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and KITM, your source for Canadian pirate information and news. We have talked on the subject, and I posted a few links yesterday, but more needs to be said. It turns out that despite American’s comprehensive and detailed knowledge of pirates, Vikings and such, some are still unaware that these swashbuckling heroes might also be Canadian. For instance, there’s Peter Easton, warlord, gangster, and profit center of the North Atlantic. Proof that a rising tide raises all boats, unless you crossed him, then he sunk yours. Also, Pirate-Canadian Maria Lindsey Cobham, Pirate Queen. And who can forget “Roaring” Dan Seavey, who pirated Americans and Canadians alike? Yarr! Eh? Republicans (and Democrats) wonder if Kevin McCarthy should be made to walk the plank, even as the Gop House sinks beneath the waves. McCarthy’s last words will be “Regular order!” while the rest of the Republican rats have already picked out shores to swim to. Don’t expect our Navy to fish out the treacherous picaroons. Meet The Press and moderator Kristen Welker failed in their interview of Donald Trump… or they did exactly what they had planned to do. Larry David asked Elon Musk “Do you just want to murder kids?” and discovered that Elon has a wide range of other interests, including mass disinformation and trolling. Nikki Haley warns that supporting unions will only make unions stronger. Just look at how emboldened UAW president Shawn Fain has become! Auto workers have successfully employed union jujitsu on selected auto plants. 3 fake electors want to make a federal case out of their subversion charges. Fake elector Cathy Latham used to hate politics. She’ll really hate prison. Gen Z influencers moonlight as Ken Paxton’s astroturf support. Meanwhile, special elections continue to go really, really well for Democrats.


Kagro in the Morning - September 19, 2023

Cap’n David Waldman, at the helm of the Good Ship KITM, sails us safely through another “Talk Like a Pirate Day” … uhm, “Yar”? (For our Canadian listeners, that’s “Yar, eh?”) Special Tuesday guest Joan McCarter isn’t feeling nautical today but can suggest a few members of Congress to keelhaul. Republicans in DC have not been quite “arrayed” as of late. Republicans who always wanted to burn it down are using their fellow Republicans as kindling. The House are kneecapping the Senate, but so is Senator Ron Johnson. Matt Gaetz has turned against Kevin McCarthy, but pretty much everybody is turning against Matt Gaetz. The Biden impeachment inquiry might at least shut down with the government if they all didn’t mind abusing their staff. Clarence Thomas’ graft scandal raises the question of why SCOTUS justices have the time to take 38 vacations. Catholic fundamentalist tycoon Leonard Leo is working the judges from federal to state level to choke out voting rights. Donald Trump has been in court for about 60 years and is 77 years old. What does a warning about crossing the line into lifelong legal jeopardy actually mean to him? That’s why he wrote to-do lists for lackies on classified documents. Using them as toilet paper wasn’t getting his point across. Donald reminded aides that they “don’t know anything about boxes”. Trump is right, in that not many know everything about all of the boxes. Rudy Colludy Giuliani's ex-lawyers sue him for $1.4 million that they say he owes. Rudy could use a little of that money Trump raised for him... Too bad it all went to Bedminster overhead costs, huh? Canada isn’t worried so much about pirates anymore. Now it’s the Sikh Khalistan movement which has been an Indian problem but is turning into a Canadian crisis. Five Americans are back on US soil after release from Iranian detention, which would normally be seen as great news, if it wasn’t for the way abnormal people see things.


Kagro in the Morning - September 18, 2023

Greg Dworkin had an embarrassment of embarrassing embarrassments to go through in rounding up the weekend’s news. They put TFG back on normie TV, and to no one’s surprise, it sucked. And nobody told viewers he was a lying liar. Which they’re really going to have to do, one of these days. Meanwhile, he used the weekend to complain about Biden’s mental acuity, while also bragging that he was ahead of Obama in the polls, and that if he didn’t win the presidency in 2024, the US might find itself in World War II. In Texas, Ken Paxton is guilty. But that didn’t stop Texas state senate Republicans from finding him not guilty. We knew that was likely to happen, even though state house Republicans had voted overwhelmingly to impeach him. But in the end… the “jurors” were… Republicans. In other performative impeachment news, the WaPo comes up with a correct headline for whatever it is House Republicans are up to in DC. The NYT, meanwhile, has noticed that Democrats are hand-wringers. Looming in the background: another government shutdown, which ordinarily, the Speaker of the House would try to deal with. But we don’t have one. All we have is a collection of press hounds, who know it’s easier to become famous for saying no. Well, that and a Dusty Johnson. Jenna Ellis has temporarily learned a lesson, finding herself on the menu at a leopard restaurant. Even odds on whether she forgets it if TFG ever matters, again. What do you say if you’re a conservative who is disgusted by Vivek Ramaswamy? You say that you dislike him, and that it’s because he “sounds like” a progressive Democrat. In a sampling of the latest courtroom drama, Trump hilariously insisted that the judge in his DC case should recuse herself, while prosecutors merely insisted that that he should stop inciting violence. Twitter lawyers, meanwhile, insisted that they would keep appealing their previous losses over Smith’s warrant for TFG’s Tweets.


Kagro in the Morning - September 15, 2023

David Waldman delivers us to the end of the week and the beginning of the year on today’s KITM. Shofar so good! Artificial Intelligence should not be writing obituaries, unless, of course, you want AI to be part of bereavement process. After all, what could be worse for AI than to be declared useless? What could be a prouder moment than to have played in video games? An AI named “EagleAI” has shown itself to be useful in disenfranchising voters and helpful in spreading disinformation. It won’t be dying soon. PraegerU aims to teach children the words of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and Ullyses S. Grant, as passed through the intestinal tract of Rush Limbaugh. It’s gotten out that Florida “homeschoolers” can receive kayaks, paddleboards, big-screen televisions and theme park tickets free from the State. (Who knew that people read Facebook?) It was only a matter of time before someone came to break up the party. Rural Georgia voters are wondering how Trump’s co-conspirators managed to get away with all that they did under their noses. Meanwhile, in North Carolina election fraudster Mark Harris wants to put all his old crimes behind him, to make room for his future in Congress. Donald Trump has another interview and digs a little deeper.


Kagro in the Morning - September 14, 2023

Thursday on KITM, and we welcome David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, your unimpeachable sources for news and mirth, weekdays. Not-so mirthful Kevin McCarthy finally realizes the value of f—king procedure, if not adjective placement. The MAGA/Freedom caucus is beginning to realize that destroying government for their revenge fantasies isn’t a big vote-getter. Neither is their shutting down of abortion rights. Unfortunately for everyone, their MAGA doom loop is much more frequent than the Brigadoon loop of 100 years. Soon you won’t have Mitt Romney to kick around anymore. Joking! Of course, you will. Forever. Remember, that just because someone hates the same people you do, it doesn’t make him your friend. We still have Donald Trump to kick around, so somebody really needs to be kicking harder. The ass-kicking line is just queuing up, and everyone will get their full turn. Meanwhile, if Hunter Biden has a problem with the law, he needs to settle up. That’s the way it goes, and the way it should go with everyone. MAGA terrorists never will see it that way.


Kagro in the Morning - September 13, 2023

David Waldman, This Is Your Life! On today's KITM, David relates the true story of his rollercoaster-like ride to honchoing the KITM Worldwide Entertainment conglomerate, adding words of guidance for aspiring lawyers, politicians, ad men and women, while dishing on DC’s movers and shakers. (We won't get into names though... except for Greg Dworkin, whose name we do like to drop at least three times a week.) Also, there’s some news! Kevin McCarthy announced a formal impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. Yep, that’s weaponization of government all right, an attack on democracy. The Freedom caucus can’t decide whether to half-heartedly deny that or throw a party on live tv. Or... psychotically rant, or cynically lie… the usual. The press is happy to fall in line. Republicans will inevitably impeach Biden no matter what the facts show, or what the press says. Interim House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s got nothing, and no longer has any bargaining chips left. Donald Trump has about used up all of his pain in the ass trolls before he’s caboose on a chain gang. The Gop behind the impeachment have had recent dinner meetings with Trump… and you know that they weren’t there for the halibut. Not only is there no evidence against Joe Biden, but there’s also of course a lot of evidence exonerating him. Therefore, the best move for Joe is to just quit... wait, that doesn't sound right. Anyhow, no one is jumping into anyone’s primary now. Ron DeSantis knows how to handle a federal misdemeanor, with a bullet right between the eyes. The resilient spirit of young Americans will pull us through. We haven’t heard from that dummy Lauren Boebert lately, but we will soon hear her explanation of why she was ejected from the Denver Buell Theatre after she was caught enthusiastically vaping during the Beetlejuice musical.


Kagro in the Morning - September 12, 2023

It’s Tuesday on KITM. More importantly, it’s finally 9/12, and we can return to our 9/12 mindset. Even better, Joan McCarter is feeling better, and can call in and give David Waldman somebody to talk to other than all of us. After long consideration… well, after not much consideration at all, Interim Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy made his move to impeach Joe Biden. Knife out, heading for Biden, Kevin might not realize that he’s being crept up on by Matt Gaetz, who will be so preoccupied that he won’t notice Marge Greene’s knife… MTG better have eyes in the back of her head. MAGA knows that all of those charges against Donald Trump are fake news. They’re just waiting for that verdict from the Supreme Court. Good thing Supreme Court judges are always honorable, impartial, ethical… alas, that is not true, not since conjugal dark money conduit Ginni Thomas helped open Leonard Leo’s and Harlan Crow’s spigots into their undisclosed hoses. Can Senate Republicans stop House extremists from helping Putin? Not if Senate Republicans can team up with enough House counterparts to secure Ukraine aid.


Kagro in the Morning - September 11, 2023

On today’s KITM, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin count down the days until “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, while counting up the dumb and dumber people they find in the world. 9/11. Time for memorials, and defacing of memorials. Donald Trump is adept at turning memories into nightmares. Donald says wind farms cause cancer. Ron Johnson will tell you they kill whales. In your universe those are lies, but in the Republican universe… they are also lies, but they’re their guy’s lies, and that’s good enough for them. They know what they want and are not picky about their rationale. Glenn Youngkin can pardon any violent criminal as long as he brings law and order to Gilberts Corner… not like those big cities, which just aren’t their big cities. And, that’s just how leopards ate the face of this conservative Idaho community. Voters in all universes are feeling better about the economy, they just don’t feel like crediting President Joe Biden. That’s okay, happier people are Biden voters. Dems have experienced great success over the last year. Of course, it is over the next year that we need to be concerned about. Biden’s age is mostly a lie people tell themselves when they don’t want to vote for him. Nonetheless, it is a lie that can do plenty of damage, unless people are reminded of what they are really voting for. Ron DeSantis’ Super PAC is hurting his campaign, but not half as much as Ron DeSantis is. Vivek Ramaswamy was attempting to reassure voters about his authenticity when the truth dropped right on his head. In DC, Interim Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy will be getting exactly what he’s been asking for this week. The U.S. Government chose a supervillain as a major supplier and is somehow surprised when the sharks with frickin’ laser beams become pointed at them.


Kagro in the Morning - September 8, 2023

Lots going on today, as always. Some of which we talked about, and some of which we assigned as homework. Navarro’s guilty. And not just of pacing around nervously. Fani Willis had a thing or two to say to Jim Jordan. And the Fulton County Special Grand Jury’s report was released today, too. In more in-depth news, here’s the take we were looking for on “Coach” Kennedy’s case. The more you look at it, the more it looks like other fake cases, like 303 Creative. That reminds me, Every Republican Accusation is a Confession.™ This time, the proof is… another “famous” conservative “Christian” family brought low by charges of child abuse. “Free speech absolutist” Elon Musk finds yet another limit to his tolerance: Ukraine. Proud Boys imprisoned for Jan. 6 think Trump will pardon them. That much we all understand. Why they think he’ll do it for free is the mystery. Maybe it’s because Trump is finally helping Rudy Colludy pay his legal bills… by asking other people to pay his legal bills.


Kagro in the Morning - September 7, 2023

David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin for only the second time this week. Not that Greg isn’t always welcome, it’s just that we are running short of days this week... Yes, President Joe Biden is old. He’s not as old as Mitch McConnell, that’s for sure. In fact, Joe Biden is every bit as young as Mick Jagger! And yet, no one can stop handwringing about Joe’s age… Doesn’t that make you feel so ANGRY? Well, repurpose that anger into moving democratic and Democratic ideals forward and changing what can be changed. At least Biden can’t be impeached over “age” lies. The coach who wanted to promote Christian theocracy in high school football was fired. The Christian theocratic Supreme Court wouldn’t allow it. The coach could quit though, once he proved his point after one game. Florida home-schoolers school each other on how to game the state for Disney tickets, PS5s, and big-screen TVs. TFFG is legal trouble. He lost, he’s losing, and he’s set to be the losing-est loser who ever lose-ed. Evidence keeps building, co-defendants keep flipping, judges are already tiring of him. All of his followers and associates are being herded into court like cattle through a stockade. Peter Navarro and John Eastman qualify for the express lane. Brad Raffensperger though is but a simple “Secretary of the State of Georgia”, he can’t take Donald Trump off the ballot as if he was some sort of rule-breaker! The war between the states rages on. At least the war between state Gops and the rule of law. And in Texas, Greg Abbott isn’t allowed to send migrants through buoys, nets and buzz saw blades anymore.


Kagro in the Morning - September 6, 2023

It’s the Wednesday KITM Special! Compared to Tuesday, we have somewhat less Joan, but a lot more Greg Dworkin, and about equal measures of David Waldman, all topped with a healthy dollop of news! Enrique Tarrio isn’t such a proud boy anymore and will be sent up the river for a long, long time. Not hardly long enough, nonetheless his verdict is a pretty effective example for those not wanting to follow him. Kingpin of the operation, Donald J. Trump, remains at large, however Special counsel Jack Smith continues to throw ever larger dragnets, hoping to reel him in shortly. Then there’s the 14th amendment, sitting right there for 155 years, waiting to be implemented for just this situation. The Civil War continues to rage on, with Republicans defying the law to cut down democracy in several states. In Alabama, a federal court stepped in to block a congressional redistricting map that defied Supreme Court orders. And in Wisconsin, the Gop is attempting to impeach their new Supreme Court justice before she can even hear a case. The economy isn’t working Republican’s way either, which is to say it is working. There’s nothing left for them to do but to try Benghazing Hunter. If that doesn't work, MAGA might need to postpone their overthrow of the government for another day. 50 thousand fake federal workers will just need to stand down and stand by. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal hopes to interest the Right with a rational, intelligent alternative… That’s their problem right there.


Kagro in the Morning - September 5, 2023

David Waldman is back with an all-new, live (for those who partake) KITM. Joan McCarter is back with all the latest from DC, though she’s still recovering from a rough strain of Covid. Who knows how many of us are catching the stuff again. Get well, and good luck. There’s a lot of opportunities for bipartisanship in Washington, but many more for doing nothing. Republicans are busy dreaming of dismantling the US government to replace it with Trump’s vision, which will mean a lot less work for everybody all around, and more beer and lightbulbs for those left standing. Christian militia minutemen are trained and ready to help in cleanup. Marge Greene and Elon Musk already have input to share. Greene is ready to shut it all down right now unless Joe Biden is impeached for attacking her because she said she would shut it all down right now unless Joe Biden is impeached. If Laura Loomer actually believes she can out-nuts MTG to win Donald Trump’s rose, she’s got to be crazy nuts. All the astroturf in the world won’t help Ken Paxton, six feet above his head.


Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - September 2, 2022, airing September 4, 2023

Taking the day off is the only sensible approach to Labor Day. Not that we've always done it. But we're doing it now, so that's what matters. It also gives us a chance to reflect on the fact that we're marking a full year since Biden's "Battle for the Soul of the Nation" speech. And while it's gratifying to see a few people FO what happens when they FA, we're a long way from done. And I don't feel like I've just lived through a year of battle for the soul of the nation. Do you? That either means we haven't done nearly enough yet, or... it means we've done plenty, even if there's more to do, and this might be easier than we think. Here's how it felt a year ago, at the outset: David Waldman annotates our reading assignments for the weekend: President Joe Biden appeared before our entire nation last night to address the Soul of our Nation. Well, most of our nation. If all you have are rabbit ears on your TV you might have missed out. Joe believes in the goodness of Americans, including most Republicans. Biden did single out that deplorable sub-group of “MAGA Republicans”, pro-insurrection, anti-democratic, anti-American and a danger to everyone. Republicans respond angrily. MAGA Republicans respond angrily-er. Give the corporate media a minute to figure out what the real offenses might be. Much of this started with Newt Gingrich. Michigan reveals anti-democracy in action when the largest number of signatures submitted for a ballot initiative in state history were rejected by the two Republicans on the election board. The DOJ filed a detailed property inventory on the items seized at Mar-a-lago. Donald Trump never trusted anyone else with classified documents and had to take care of unloading them all himself. He was almost finished when the present President of the United States decided he had executive privilege over his remaining stock.


Kagro in the Morning - September 1, 2023

Fridays often cast a wide net for KITM content. And this one’s no exception. First, we return to and finish up the story of Russia’s disinformation “active measures” in Africa, where people are increasingly turning off old school Western media and turning to online sources. The other Judge Starr isn’t exactly slamming on the brakes with his order for “religious-liberty training” for Southwest Airlines’ lawyers. Clarence Thomas claims he was clearing things up with a revised financial disclosure. But, ah… no. In fact, it only raises more questions, including why he’s such a vicious Gimmetarian.™ The #GunFAIL story that getting all the eyes: a Tennessee woman, claiming she was conducing “firearms safety training” — for a 4-year-old — shot her point blank in the chest and killed her. Why any of the things that happened happened is anybody’s guess. Life is complicated. Now, so is death.


Kagro in the Morning - August 31, 2023

What? Is it already National Eat Outside-Diatomaceous Earth Day? Time for another KITM, featuring David Waldman and Greg Dworkin! The Gop is primed for another charismatic phony. So, will it be Vivek Ramaswamy? Billy McFarland? Viktor Orbán? Andrew Tate? No, that guy is way too much the real deal. For $8,000 Tate helped lonely boys find dates, subjugate them to their will through physical and mental assault, then pimp them out for cash, you know, guy stuff. Hey, but Donald Trump’s still out there, working hard to hold the title. His election lies might have broken some in the Republican party, but TFFG continues to maintain history’s most powerful innocence... as do a lot of people it seems. John Eastman reasons that he’s so guilty, he must be innocent while Peter Navarro pins the blame on that sign behind him. Could it be… Fani Willis who is actually Satan? (BTW, Greg and Brad are on Threads.) Every Republican accusation is a confession. (Even Patrick is on Threads. Alas, Kagro X… is not.) Why not the 14th Amendment? Some states are looking into it, and some Republicans are getting nervous. Around January 6th justice, some insurrectionists are facing the music, while others face their victims. Pro-Putin rapper Timati (not to be confused with pro-Trump rapper Hi-Rez) “picked up” a few hundred Starbucks and Domino’s in Russia, demonstrating the benefits of working within the system… Russian disinformation is booming along the Sahel in Africa, traditionally the area for, well, for just that.


Kagro in the Morning - August 30, 2023

David Waldman invites Maestro Greg Dworkin to The KITM Stage this morning for another virtuoso performance, Mr. Waldman in support, ostensibly “cooperative overlap”, actually in contrapuntal reinforcement, adding transcendent dissonant texture. TFFG is losing bigly in the courts no matter what he tries to pull. Donald Trump is so sick of losing, he might just stop showing up in court. Republicans hope to put a stop to courts, judges and laws before things really get tough and they need to take out Black people, women, etc. Rich Christian homeschoolers want public schools to be like their home schools for everyone, for parental rights, natch, and are paying to make it happen. Florida wants their schools to teach the “other” side of slavery. More people going to school just means more people will get shot. (Follow George on Threads!) Dog owners are turning down rabies shots so that their dogs don’t catch autism. And you wonder why the election is so close. (Follow Liam on Threads!) At least election denialism lost again, this time in a red-trending Iowa county. Justice continues to march on. (Follow Kyle on Threads!) John Eastman’s “I’m too busy being a criminal somewhere else” defense was taken down in his disbarment proceedings. Hurricane Idalia is hitting Georgia, so maybe it’s not a hurricane anymore? Trump wouldn’t have let this happen. (Follow Steve on Threads!)


Kagro in the Morning - August 29, 2023

David Waldman is here for the Tuesday KITM, but unfortunately for us, Joan McCarter is under the weather, leaving it to David to ring the Tuesday Government Shutdown bell. Joe the Plumber is out also, but more permanently. “Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher”, as it probably reads on his headstone, opposed full insurance reform, but apparently not asking for crowdfunded healthcare. TFFG’s election subversion trial will begin March 4. He’ll be arraigned September 6. Demand grows to remove Trump from state ballots. Donald’s squealing like a 215lb piggie. What more could you wish for? Hillsdale College is the Republican go-to spot to pick up the latest in White Christian Nationalist grooming kits… that is “Parental Rights” kits for degrading K-12 public education. Lawyer Michael Farris came up with the idea of destroying public schools while home-schooling his kids. Hurricane Idalia hasn’t made landfall yet, so anti-FEMA loons and grifters are on the Soros-funded Lahaina death ray theories.


Kagro in the Morning - August 28, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin back on Monday’s KITM, ready to lead us into another week of adventure and merriment. You know where I don’t want to go anymore? That crap social media site, what’s it called… you know what I’m talking about. That place is useless, you know. Here, let me show you: The Republican debate shook up the primary race for distant second place. Here’s the latest polling… (And, here’s that same post on A GOOD SITE, Threads. Which has a desktop version now, FYI) None of the Republican candidates want to beat TFFG anyhow, they’ll tell you that. They’re all just as bad as Trump. They just want to prove that to the American people. Ron DeSantis convinces more people each day. For instance, this lady is a convert. (Oh, and here is that post in Threads.) If you don’t know who Florida state Rep Angie Nixon is, you do now. (And by now you know that post is on Threads, too.) Here’s another side eye for Desantis. (And here is that same post… wait, it’s not there. I’ll be damned.) Why are people still on “that” site? Because that’s where the fighting is, and people like fighting. Journalists will always point their cameras at the fight in front of them, even as the takeover happens right behind them. Meanwhile, somehow, justice marches on. Donald Trump and his co-villains are back in court to fight for different venues and times… and losing. The Hatch Act bars Mark Meadows’ removal bid. What do you, our listeners, suggest that we talk about? Well David did just that in the last half of the show. Hillsdale College in Michigan offers Christian theocracy in a box, for K-12 back-to-school grooming needs. FEMA conspiracy misinformation goes wherever FEMA is most desperately needed, this time to Maui, next... Florida? And, it’s no secret that some of the Secret Service are bromatically attached to Oath Keepers.


Kagro in the Morning - August 25, 2023

Happy birthday to us! It’s David Waldman’s birthday today! …And Armando Llorens!’ …And mine tomorrow! It was Darwin Darko’s, aka Darwin HiM’s last week! Why are so many Virgos involved in the production of KITM? (Of course, we Virgos do not believe in that horoscope stuff.) Plus! Greg Dworkin pops out of the cake in the finale! No one could give us a bigger birthday present than Donald P01135809 Trump, who surrendered for his Georgia mugshot at a championship-ready lying weight of 215 pounds, even putting on an extra inch of height for the big event. If he keeps making that face, it will freeze that way. Meanwhile, co-villain Jeffery Clark went for his “yup that’s me, you probably wonder how I got here.” face. Armando and David discussed how things are going, and could go for TFFG, but they aren’t completely into the theory that Donald slipped Mar-a-Lago to Junior while no one was looking. Ken Paxton, hated by most, guilty of everything, still has a lot of Gen-Z astroturf on his side. “Constitutional sheriffs” see themselves as judge, jury, and evangelist for their counties, but can they tell “sovereign citizens” what to do? Nope, no one can tell them anything. Sara Palin calls for an uprising; expect a lot of surveyor marks.