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News, politics and commentary from Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman






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Kagro in the Morning - December 8, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present KITM, now, at least today, 100% New York Times free. WNBA star Brittney Griner has been freed from Russia in a 1-for-1 prisoner swap. Brittney is safe, on a plane, and on her way home. Biden isn’t Trump, therefore Brittney Griner isn’t Otto Warmbier. People pore over the numbers while the GQP counts their regrets following Raphael Warnock’s Senate win. One reason for Warnock’s win might have been the perceived lower quality of his opponent… Also,...


Kagro in the Morning - December 7, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us another Happy Wednesday KITM FunTime! Well, isn’t that nice? Raphael Warnock won election 5 times in a row, which in Georgia qualifies him for a 6-year term in the Senate. That means Herschel Walker and Donald Trump lose, a relief to everyone, probably especially Republicans. Perhaps not all Republicans. Kevin McCarthy kind of needed that win. Andy Biggs and others are running against McCarthy, not to win the speakership, but to see Kevin lose. For...


Kagro in the Morning - December 6, 2022

It’s your lucky day! It’s Tuesday! It’s also David Waldman and Joan McCarter day! Also, the Georgia Senate runoff runs out today, and that might mean we won't have Herschel Walker to kick around anymore. Of course, Republicans do have a soft place in their heart for candidates with soft heads, so there’s always a Walker or Madison Cawthorn comeback possible. If Raphael Warnock is successful, 51 votes will be nice. Members of the future 118th Congress are putting their wish lists together....


Kagro in the Morning - December 5, 2022

Following unsuccessful efforts to terminate the calendar, David Waldman admitted that today indeed is “Monday”, and took the rap for his household’s corn dog shortage. You can set your clock, and your calendar with Greg Dworkin’s raft o’ stories, though! Donald Trump’s two step plan to MAGAGA: First, terminate the Constitution. Second… well, that wouldn’t really matter then, would it? Republicans would have to go somewhere, after all. In Moore v. Harper the Supreme Court will decide if...


Kagro in the Morning - December 2, 2022

David Waldman catches us up on the latest Donald J. Trump courtroom drama, and there’s a lot of it as Donald is an inveterate, ubiquitous and incompetent criminal. Where else can you catch such nuanced analysis backed by an uncanny vocal portrayal of Trump in a Trump mask robbing a bank? The 11 Circuit rules that no special master is needed for Trump’s stolen document case, and generally there isn’t much need for Judge Aileen Cannon, period. Donald isn’t special enough to change the...


Kagro in the Morning - December 1, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin ring in the new month on today’s Holiday KITM. In Georgia, Raphael Warnock is way ahead of Herschel Walker in early voters polled. Republicans holding off until they see some good Walker news might need to wait a while longer. In fact, the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia waited an hour to vote and just couldn’t bring himself to do it. Even Herschel has found it tough showing up, preferring to stay at home. The Supreme Court paved the way for the Dem-led House...


Kagro in the Morning - November 30, 2022

Twitter has lost 50 of its top 100 advertisers since Elon Musk took over. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are still working out the kinks in their Mastodon experience, which doesn’t need either advertising or fascist trolls to keep running. What keeps Mastodon working? Techno-magic, I figure. Equally hard to fathom is how Sam Bankman-Fried screwed thousands of people out of millions of dollars. That is, until you factor greed and stupidity into your calculations, then it becomes a little...


Kagro in the Morning - November 29, 2022



Kagro in the Morning - November 28, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin resolutely lead us ever forward, as KITM tracks the unrelenting migration of social media, just as our ancient hunter forbearers pursued vast herds of mastodons across the great plains. How about those midterms, huh? The media and pollsters are still trying to figure out what they did right, which wasn’t a ton. The Democratic party shouldn’t pat themselves on the back too hard either. Voters figured out on their own what they needed to do and did it, mostly...


Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - November 27, 2020, airing November 25, 2022

For National Leftovers Day, we present this vintage post-T-Day episode, from November 27, 2020. We had planned to bring you last year's post-Thanksgiving show, but that one was taken down by YouTube, because we read a story that quoted and debunked COVID loons, and, well, YouTube. (The episode was later restored on appeal of an appeal, but the odds were pretty good that they'd take it down all over again.) So, instead, we have one from the year before! David Waldman and Armando delivered...


Kagro in the Morning - November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a good day to give thanks for Justice Putnam, who keeps the gears turning at Netroots Radio! He gives us the flexibility to throw together a last-minute show, and maybe even knock off early for the holiday. Which we didn’t! One you get rolling on a show like this, you need every minute you can get! First up, Pro-Fish Mary Peltola is coming back to Washington. Which means Sarah Palin isn’t! On the darker side, wingnut idiots are saying terrible things about the...


Kagro in the Morning - November 23, 2022

David Waldman leads us off today under an other another cloud of a mass shooting. This time, six were killed in a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart. Probably a disgruntled employee did the shooting, but we all know who’s pulling the trigger. Lauren Boebert and others pray over the bodies they target, then target the rescuers. As threats to LGBTQ communities intensify, they in turn react to the reactionaries. Want to watch Twitter crash and burn, but from a safe distance? Alternatives are out...


Kagro in the Morning - November 22, 2022

David Waldman and special Tuesday guest star Greg Dworkin run the gamut from Elon Musk to Richard Fierro on today’s KITM. Poor little rich boy Elon Musk only wanted to buy love and respect, but fate can be so cruel sometimes to self-centered megalomaniacs… Here are 3 other investments the billionaire likes! Elon continues to have a kind of a “Love/Fire” relationship with his employees. One day you can tell your kids of the time that catturd2 place helped fight the COVID 19...


Kagro in the Morning - November 21, 2022

David Waldman leads us into the KITM Eastern Orthodox Canadian Thanksgiving Week solo, as Greg Dworkin had his Raft o’ Stories™ blown off course and is busy with a soccer ball and the Professor to chart a course over to Wednesday: Again, we start the week under the cloud of another mass shooting. It’s also a hate crime, and of course, a terrorist attack. Even when mass killers use a knife, they go with military-grade weaponry. Donald Trump was all Fake News when he predicted that Elon Musk...


Kagro in the Morning - November 18, 2022

David Waldman refers to himself in the third person at the beginning of today’s KITM show summary! No particular reason for it, though. Twitter continues to implode, but not this way. New Members-elect are in DC for orientation. Gen-Z (and Gen-Z leaning) Members finally learn the answer to question, “Why do I need to learn to write in cursive?” We’ve managed to avoid discussing the FTX collapse because there may be no point in understanding it, anyway. But today we learn it may be worse...


Kagro in the Morning - November 17, 2022

David Waldman takes a break from his crazy day to chat with Greg Dworkin and us for a couple of hours. Today, all eyes were on Nancy Pelosi, and what she would decide to do in the face of a Republican majority in Congress. Pelosi decided to step down as leader, but to stay in Congress. Republicans who hate functioning government, were happy to see a person who made it function so well leave. Marjorie Taylor Greene is now the face of Congressional governing standards. During the lame duck...


Kagro in the Morning - November 16, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin embrace hijinks, eschew shenanigans, as per usual on this Wednesday’s KITM: MAGAGA! Perhaps you heard, the Former Guy says he intends not to be former. Mostly, he intends not to be convicted. Either way, not many are convinced... Maybe, Madison Cawthorn. This time, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Believe it or not, someone on Team Trump remembered to file the paperwork. That other Donald Trump in high heels, Kari Lake, might as well run as Trump’s running mate, as she...


Kagro in the Morning - November 15, 2022

David Waldman brings us the Tuesday after the Tuesday that brought us the Pink Piddle, and the good news hasn’t yet stopped. Joan McCarter is in to describe Democrats’ plotting their lame-duck priorities, starting with taking sharp objects away from House GOP. Too bad, they had been sharpening many of them to stick into Kevin McCarthy. It’s really the Freedom Caucus that Kevin, and the rest of us, need to worry about. To reassure MTG et al. on his leadership abilities, Kevin tried yelling...


Kagro in the Morning - November 14, 2022

David Waldman is binging miniseries until he can figure out what's wrong with everything. One thing’s for certain, “easy money” is the only way to make a lot of money. Elon Musk is trying out the concept of “working to make money”, and at about $8 an hour, he doesn't like it. Greg Dworkin binges polling data and has been watching the votes and the wins pile up. But first, we again start the week beneath the cloud of another mass shooting, at the University of Virginia. The suspect was...


Kagro in the Morning - November 11, 2022

David Waldman brings all the Friday vibes to a very Friday Friday. Republicans don’t seem to love Donald Trump like they used to, which is okay by Donald as he has always despised each of them. No respect, even after all of the felonies he committed for them too! You’d never expect Trump to use racial slurs on Glen Youngkin, but Donald Trump always exceeds expectations. Donald is having a bad week, but Elon’s is worse. Sam Bankman-Fried made a billion on crypto, lost a billion, and...