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Kagro in the Morning - February 3, 2023

KITM is ALL-NEW today! And, you know what that means. It means that David Waldman pre-recorded the show slightly before our normal live-recording time, and that you will have to wait until Monday to hear our definitive take on the Evil Chinese Spy Balloon, of course depending on where it ends up this weekend. Instead let’s talk about the John Durham investigation, a witch hunt that William Barr had aimed at Joe Biden to snuff out the Trump-Russia investigation. That weapon almost blew up in...


Kagro in the Morning - February 2, 2023

Okay, campers, rise and shine — and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today! You know, you can expect hazardous travel later today with that, you know, that, uh, “that blizzard thing”. That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's Groundhog Day on KITM with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin! Society does continue to evolve, however. For example, maybe we don’t call them "The French" anymore. Maybe, they are "French-ish". Some have objected to “The Woke” talk recently and would...


Kagro in the Morning - February 1, 2023

Good news! The mushroom tea I gave David Waldman seems to have done the trick, as he has recovered from Covid just in time for our KITM spring lambing and the dawn of a new month. Greg Dworkin has good news about those two monkeys you were worried about, and conjunctions continue to junction. How that could be bad news for Joe Biden. The Republican party hopes and dreams for actuarial arbitrage, or perhaps a falling anvil to help them with their Donald Trump problem. However, the base...


Kagro in the Morning - January 31, 2023

David Waldman is feeling a little less positive today. That’s good, at least when it comes to Covid. President Joe Biden isn’t so positive that COVID-19 is such a big deal anymore, at least when it comes to handing out benefits. Republican’s actuarial arbitrage comes to a close on Covid, although trading remains brisk on how former the Former Guy could get soon. Not just the GQP, but the FBI and the NYT might also be checking their calendars and their watches wondering when the pressure...


Kagro in the Morning - January 30, 2023

David Waldman is ALIVE and LIVE today, broadcasting from the isolation wing of KITM World Headquarters, back after a week out sick with the Covid! David always could have gone with something trendy but he stuck with the classics. A healthy 400 miles away, Greg Dworkin pilots a superraft of stories into dock. Norms! Not a problem for Republicans, but they can keep even popular Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul from getting the judge she wants. That infighting is nothing compared to the...


Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - January 28, 2022, airing January 27, 2023

It's been no fun being away from the microphone, but I think I'm almost back in the clear. One more day of reruns, and a "traditional" Friday show... for a Friday! Our January 28, 2022 episode follows: David Waldman delivers us to Friday! Probably because he didn’t have to drive over a bridge in Pittsburgh to get there. Who isn’t wild about Harry? The same Tennessee school board against Maus, because of “the cussing”, believe the song “I’m Just Wild About Harry” is a little “too hot” for...


Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - January 27, 2022, airing January 26, 2023

Out sick again, today! So, our January 27, 2022 episode (a Thursday, for a different kind of continuity) takes us back in time: David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver the latest, broadcast from KITM World Headquarters, a microcosm of America located in the heart of Virginia, a microcosm of America. Public schools just seem to be designed to make children less ignorant and more independent, and therefore have always inspired conservative fear and hatred. Whatever schools are for, if you are...


Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - January 25, 2022, airing January 25, 2023

Oh noes! Another sick day! So we bring out the time machine, and the Jan. 25, 2022 episode. School districts around the country continue to find themselves in disagreement with the virus about reopening policies. John Eastman discovers a new constitutional amendment for Trumpniks to love, even though TFG says he hates it. Meanwhile TCG (the current guy) in Virginia is turning out to be pretty Trumpy, even as he encourages turning in teachers. Though the same could be said for a lot of Gop...


Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - January 24, 2022, airing January 24, 2023

Had to take a "sick day" today, but we committed to not taking any medications until the KITM time machine had been safely parked. Here's how things went down a year ago, on January 24, 2022: Whew! David Waldman announces that COVID 19 finally disappeared this weekend! It kind of was like magic, wasn’t it? Oh no, sorry, typo — that’s “Aaron Rodgers” ... Aaron Rodgers who went away. The pandemic, on the other hand is a lot tougher. Bari Weiss and Bill Maher aren’t “done” yet. Even Sarah...


Kagro in the Morning - January 23, 2023

Today on KITM, David Waldman celebrates the year of the cat/rabbit, and Greg Dworkin pops in with a very abbreviated pundit roundup. We are once again under the cloud of a mass shooting. ™ This weekend, the cloud stopped over Monterey Park in California with an older Asian-American man killing people in an Asian-American neighborhood. Needless heroes, needless deaths. Always different, always the same. Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but was delayed by...


Kagro in the Morning - January 20, 2023

Sorry, David Waldman has no George Santos news for you today! I, however, cannot resist. No George Santos-ish news is always good news, at least for Republicans. Steve KG Bannon claims George is bulletproof now, but that’s still up for debate. Florida Republican Greg Steube loves Russia, but still ended up on the wrong side of a 25-foot ladder. Good news for John McCain, bad news for your cousin the numismatist, it looks as if there won't be a $1000000000000 coin available to paste into...


Kagro in the Morning - January 19, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin serve up a veritable smörgåsbord of newsy delights today. Belly-up to some KITM: George Santos Devolver Zebrowski is at it again. Meet Kitara Ravache, Brazilian drag queen, the very avocation by which Nazi/MAGA/right-thinking Americans lately find themselves aroused into fury. George might lie and embezzle occasionally, but he’d never admit to that. Ron DeSantis and Christopher Rufo are happy to attack any institution. Win or lose, at least they are out there...


Kagro in the Morning - January 18, 2023

It's Wednesday on KITM, so of course David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are here to haul in their rafts of stories. Anything less would be as unthinkable as a data breach at Norton LifeLock, but less possible. Breaking news: George Santos is worse than we thought, and we were thinking pretty bad... Killing a homeless disabled veteran's dog for money bad. Santos Devolder Zabrovsky denies it, which cinches that. George is now a made man in the MAGA Republican House however, and thus untouchable...


Kagro in the Morning - January 17, 2023

David Waldman and Joan McCarter present the Pre-Apocalypse Tuesday KITM Special: House Republicans seem ready to unleash economic Armageddon, but don’t worry, they have a plan. The plan is to sacrifice some now, and the rest later until it’s all gone. President Joe Biden will need to think big, really big, to stop them. Not Matt Taibbi, nor Jim Jordan have yet revealed the depth of big tech’s failure to reign in, or report dangerous extremists. Maybe Elon’s planning on saying...


Kagro in the Morning - January 16, 2023

On today's KITM David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome those of you celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and if you don't, this is kind of a weird place for you to end up. Today is a day for service and inspiration, or for those attempting to reduce the impact of a martyr by pretending he's their hero. Ron DeSantis is taking the liberal out of liberal arts with shock troops led by Christopher Rufo. Finland has grade school classes in how to identify false information. New Jersey will be...


Kagro in the Morning - January 13, 2023

Of all the luck, now David Waldman can't locate his 2023 NAFTA calendar for our latest holiday news. While we're determining whose fault that is, check out these links: Sport legend, and Matt Gaetz’ adopted son George Santos stays in the headlines by maintaining an air of mystery around himself. The Jan. 6 panel released evidence of the enablers, line-straddlers and quiet resisters in the GQP who contributed to the insurrection. Don’t forget their spouses. Neo-fascist “active clubs” avoid...


Kagro in the Morning - January 12, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us the Thursday KITM, or as we like to call it, Today’s Show™: Celebrated Congressman/Senator/Justice George Santos is thinking about retiring soon to spend more time with his family, professional sports career, and business ventures. It’s just that so many rely upon him, 142, maybe 142,000 people, that it’s a tough decision. Republicans used to care about the secure handling of classified information… Oops! They care again! Now it has become such a...


Kagro in the Morning - January 11, 2023

All flights in the US have been grounded. They have resumed. What happened? Greg Dworkin and David Waldman reminisce about old friends and good times back in the day at Daily Kos. House power sub Kevin McCarthy is busy “leading” House Republicans, but where are they going? First, they have to vanquish taxes, of course, but after that and the elimination of wokeness, CRT, and all of Donald’s enemies, there really isn’t that much remaining on their agenda other than taking each other out. At...


Kagro in the Morning - January 10, 2023

It's a happy two for Tuesday again on KITM as David Waldman welcomes back Joan McCarter! A moment of silence for Diamond and Silk’s “Diamond”, now being held to a higher standard. Both-sides journalism was thrown a lifeline yesterday with classified documents showing up at an office President Joe Biden previously used. Rudy Colludey Giuliani has been subpoenaed by special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into Donald Trump’s Save America PAC fraud. C-Span aims to be non-partisanly...


Kagro in the Morning - January 9, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin steer Monday’s raft of stories into the storm. The coming chaos is inevitable as it is predictable. All Kevin McCarthy wanted was the title, and that’s all that the Freedom Caucus is giving him. In return, the Freedom Caucus gets all of the freedom, which leaves all of the responsibility up for grabs. Rules are the last thing they want to talk about, but unfortunately for them is the next thing they have to do. No one in the driver’s seat actually means...