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Kagro in the Morning - March 24, 2023

David Waldman’s got Friday on his mind, and one or two other things, which he addressed on today’s KITM. Ok, well, he hasn’t been arrested yet. Just because Donald Trump lied about being arrested doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling that the walls are closing in though. Donald is now putting the call out for anyone who will rid him of these troublesome prosecutors, anyone who might share his enthusiasms. Trump will next head to Waco, Texas to preach to his most faithful. “Pro-Trump” and “White...


Kagro in the Morning - March 23, 2023

Has he been arrested yet? David Waldman and Greg Dworkin give us something to think about while we wait… Although a lot of what they’re thinking about is what we are thinking… Has he been arrested yet? While Alvin Bragg ghosts tailgating protesters, now would be a great time for someone other than the Manhattan DA to indict Donald Trump. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is ordering Trump lawyer M. Evan Corcoran to turn over documents which on their own could send Trump to prison. Bragg’s...


Kagro in the Morning - March 22, 2023

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone honoring the holy month of Ramadan, a time of fasting, introspection and prayer. Which always means there’s something good to eat eventually! Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us another in a series of KITM Donald Trump Pre-Indictment Specials. This will be an ongoing series because just about everyone other than us is making money off it. (Also, because Trump does many indictable things.) Donald’s always happy to fleece the rubes. He also believes...


Kagro in the Morning - March 21, 2023

David Waldman wishes KITM listeners residing on Eastern Orthodox Earth a cheer-filled Equinox. But can it really be that great if we can’t celebrate Arrestmas today? Today, tens of ones of protesters are feeling kind of silly, accurately, here and there across the US. Again, Antifa sends its regrets for not being able to attend. Republicans shout “Calm down everyone!” in an effort to make it seem like someone is excited. They demand investigations in an effort to make it seem that someone...


Kagro in the Morning - March 20, 2023

Whether you sleep on a Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Italian Leather Upholstered Storage Bed, or a Hästens Drēmər 170th Birthday Dedication, the “choice of kings” and China’s own Vanilla Ice, Guo Wengui, you know it’s now time to get out of bed (Unless you’re Rupert Murdoch, nudge, wink.) and get back to your Monday routine. Time to catch up on the latest news with KITM’s David Waldman and Greg Dworkin. (Sports on the 10s!) Merry Arrestmas Eve! Or maybe not. Donald Trump foments. It’s the...


Kagro in the Morning - March 17, 2023

Happy Yom Saint Patrick Ha’Kodesh! It’s Friday! That’s the day no one cuts in on David Waldman while he’s exercising his prerogatives, which are already sick swole, bro. Today’s prerogative workout focuses upon strengthening our focus upon the upcoming trial of former Fugees front man Prakazrel Michel. Michel is accused of funneling millions in foreign money from Malaysian mountebank Jho Low (still on the lam) into Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and conspiring with Low, Trump officials...


Kagro in the Morning - March 16, 2023

Well, it looks like IT brought out the BFH, and I am able to post KITM summaries again! Woodward and Bernstein are no David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, though all four have made it their business to track not very bright guys when things get out of hand. Let’s all follow the money: Silicon Valley Bank played fast and loose with investor money, but faster and looser than these banks are able to get away with. Other fast and loose banks hope to fill the vacuum. If we do not bail out...


Kagro in the Morning - March 15, 2023

March 15 is a date that should be familiar to all of our historically cultured KITM fans. It is, of course, the day turkey vultures return to grace our skies over NE Ohio, and more importantly, it often marks the day Greg Dworkin reappears to grace our Skype, regaling David Waldman with his distinctive call, and raft of stories. After a few days of panic, and a good talking to by Mitt Romney, bankers are breathing easier again. The Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange...


Kagro in the Morning - March 14, 2023

Hello? Is this thing working? Daily Kos has been off and on today, but it takes more than that to silence David Waldman and Joan McCarter. (It works pretty good on me, though.) Former U.S. Rep. Pat Schroeder, trailblazing feminist, has died at 82. The Silicon Valley Bank didn't make it half as long. Lawsuits are already being filed, as there is a lot of blame to go around... Wait, no, there isn't. It's Donald Trump's fault. And George Santos, probably. But also there are plenty of...


Kagro in the Morning - March 13, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin’s KITM Annual Review of the Pageantry and Spectacle of the Oscars has been preempted due to a lack of interest, theirs. 2022 was a year of resurgence, as Ke Huy Quan, Brendan Fraser, and Cocaine Bear all overcame great personal setbacks in their careers, but unfortunately, we won’t be addressing that. Stormy Daniels’ rebound, now that we know something about. Silicon Valley Bank also isn’t set for a comeback, but US regulators are allowing for full refunds....


Kagro in the Morning - March 10, 2023

No half measures, just poetry in today’s KITM! Actually, David Waldman presented many half measures today, at least double the amount one would ever require to generate superlative 4 .5-hour segments of KITM. Just outside of the towering KITM World Headquarters, downy soft Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin attempted to duck a trans student’s questioning. Unfortunately for Glenn, those pesky media he hates were paying attention. Ace KITM correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reports from her...


Kagro in the Morning - March 9, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are the perfecta to bet on for today’s Thursday KITM! Mitch McConnell, 81, fell at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Washington, D.C. has a concussion, and is still at the hospital. Tucker Carlson and Kevin McCarthy’s plan to rewrite history has hit a snag, in that there are still people around who recall what happened on that day. Perhaps if Tucker and Kevin continue to repeat their thoughts on January 6, they will self-immolate Fox and the Gop before the...


Kagro in the Morning - March 8, 2023

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! It means David Waldman is here. He usually shows up on Wednesdays. Wednesday, and that catchy vibraphone melody, means that Greg Dworkin is also heading our way! 90% of Americans polled want to tell the truth about the history of slavery, violence, and discrimination against racial minorities. (100% of them believe they know what that is.) The war in Ukraine is still going strong, but the same may not be said about the Wagner mercenary...


Kagro in the Morning - March 7, 2023

David Waldman presents a special Goes-It-Alone KITM today. George Santos lies. Not like Donald Trump lies, but enough to run into legal trouble. What George needs is that kind of lawyer with a “killer instinct” Trump goes for, but where is Santo’s Roy Cohn? Well, it turns out that he’s repping George in Brazil. Jonymar Vasconcelos, “former” contract killer and neophyte legal counsel is on the case in Brazil, where Santos, who speaks fluent Portuguese, doesn’t speak Portuguese. Rupert...


Kagro in the Morning - March 6, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin fill each other in on the latest news, and if you listen closely, you might learn something yourself. Ukraine stands unyielding in Bakhmut as Russian troops close in. Is this Ukraine’s Bunker Hill? Bunker Hill wasn’t even our “Bunker Hill”. CPAC is finally over for the… how often is it? It feels like there’s a flareup every few months. “Vengeance is mine” sayeth Donald Trump, which is exactly what his followers have always been praying for. That speech got...


Kagro in the Morning - March 3, 2023

It’s Friday! The day of the week David Waldman commands the entire show with the freedom to address any topic as he sees fit! Also, KITM correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor, now available on Spoutible, reports on the latest attempts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and Republican’s latest attempt to kill it. George Santos lies. George diverted voter registration money to a Gop-allied gay rights site. (And probably back to his pocket.) White nationalist Groyper Nick Fuentes is a neo-Nazi,...


Kagro in the Morning - March 2, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver us to the weekend. (Plus, Friday, the other weekend.) If Mike LIndell is brave enough to take on Fox, Democrats believe they might be also, now that everyone understands how little “news” there is over there. Fox responds that they’re not the liars, you are, and anyhow, their viewers have been asking for it, and deserve everything that’s coming to them. All their lying may not get Fox and Rupert Murdoch in as much trouble as those times when they told...


Kagro in the Morning - March 1, 2023

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin connect every single one of the dots today. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, about to sign an anti-drag bill, was chased by reporters holding pictures of Bill in drag. Lee again explained, as he had each time he wore a dress in school, that he was only observing lighthearted school traditions. Speaking of George Santos, serial embellisher Andy Ogles doesn’t have a degree in economics, or international relations, or psychology, and might not be able to spell those...


Kagro in the Morning - February 28, 2023

David Waldman presents another Tuesday KITM for our consideration. In Ukraine today, the “Hero of the Russian Federation”, Nikolai Kolpakov, might be even more so, after confronting the business end of a couple of Ukranian drones. In Ukraine in 1772, Russia already had active measures deployed, and the US was already providing military support. Rupert Murdoch is throwing Fox News under the bus, or as “some” say “under the table”, in a futile attempt to suppress the Dominion wildfire before...


Kagro in the Morning - February 27, 2023

David Waldman swears that he saw thousands of snow geese this weekend, and as proof shares a live feed of an apparently empty lake. Who knows what you might see if you look at something hard enough. How did you find us? If you listen to the podcast, but think of it as a “blog”, and remember our past defunct affiliations, just type in the URL and you’re almost good to go... a few dozen characters, half a dozen slashes and EZPZ, you’re with David and Greg Dworkin and KITM today, the best-kept...