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Kagro in the Morning - February 22, 2024



Kagro in the Morning - February 21, 2024

Hope you like the nitty-gritty. Today on KITM, David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin and Armando to really dig into it: Boom goes Burisma! Joe’s brother James Biden arrived in Washington today to laugh in Gop faces as their most corroborating star witness Alexander Yakov Smirnov was indicted by the DOJ and described by the FBI as a serial liar, and has been revealed to have had extensive contact with Russian, Russian, Russian agents. Republicans assure us that outside of all the evidence that they have no evidence, they have only begun to reveal the vast stores of evidence that they don’t have… Hey did you see those foot-long strips of cocaine under that table saw? Hur dur hur… How did Merrick Garland ever mistake a Trump hitman for a career prosecutor? Expert at law, Donald Trump, continues to hone his expertise, and there might be no end to how much he can learn. It’s not just Trump… and Comer, and Jordan colluding with Russia, plans are afoot to transform the United States so that even Tucker Carlson won’t see the difference.


Kagro in the Morning - February 20, 2024

David Waldman marks the 20th day since, well, since February started, on today’s special KITM. Here we are, counting down the days until another government shutdown. Would Republicans know one was coming if we didn’t keep track? Would anyone notice if they just shut down the Republican half? The Republican National Committee is following in the clown shoes of the Michigan Republican Party, except even Trumpier. In fact, the goal is to make it 100% Trump. We are all victims of Trump’s fraud. It’s kind of nice to see that finally includes Donald Trump. Trump’s grift, on the other hand opens the door for all sorts of new grift. Elena Cardone has all sorts of privilege, which gives her all sorts of entitlement to MAGA rubes cash. Maybe Ukraine should start a GoFundMe. Of course, there is no bigger victim than Donald Trump. Not Ukraine, not Aleksei Navalny. Maybe Clarence Thomas, but don’t worry about Clarence, his new friend John Oliver has his back. Tennessee Representative Tim Burchett took a break from impeaching Hunter Biden to putting a target on a Kansas City Chiefs fan’s back.


Kagro in the Morning - February 19, 2024

There goes the neighborhood! Explosions get ever closer to KITM World Headquarters, yet David Waldman is undeterred, debuting Kagro’s Poetry Korner on KITM. Today’s KPK recounts Solomon Grundy and Baseball's Sad Lexicon, the latter in wistful homage to Wisconsin Democratic Govenor Tony Evers’ decision to sign new legislative maps, ending years of Gop gerrymandering, assisted by the Gop legislature who wanted to avoid Democratic gerrymandering... which is certainly one way to achieve fair elections. Greg Dworkin rows his Raft o’ Stories™ ashore, hallelujah, with the serenity to accept the things that cannot change, the courage to change the things that can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Meanwhile, Republicans have ruptured into five factions, which still isn't enough to hold them all. Michigan leads the way in Gop cautionary tales (that they’ll ignore) and Dem success stories (that they’ll ignore). Michigan just became the first state in 6 decades to scrap an infamous anti-union law, while Christian racist rapper Josh Shriver loses a little but not a lot sticking to his “great replacement” stance. TFFG, Worst President in American History, Sneaker Con, and soon to be the World's First Negative Billionaire, Donald Trump may see his reputation eventually deteriorate to the point that he isn’t elected president again. (Don’t count on it.) Oh yes, it’s also Presidents Day, which commemorates George Washington declaring half-off on his truth-telling.


Kagro in the Morning - February 16, 2024

For the price of a cup of coffee… or just send him coffee, and David Waldman will deliver an endless (2 hours) supply of entertainment and information. In Putin’s Russia, you don’t assassinate president, president assassinate you! Unfortunately for Alexei Navalny, he never qualified for the 5th floor window express favored by many high-ranking Russian officials and oligarchs. Alexi’s passing steals Tucker Carlson’s opportunity to interview Navalny to make certain that he got both sides of the Russia story. FBI informant Alexander Yakov Smirnov has been charged with yacking falsely and falsifying records in order to frame Hunter Biden and his dad. The DOJ has announced that the Biden bribe allegations were false... and just as the Fox-Comer impeachment investigations were getting hot! This involvement might go further up the right-wing media/government chain than just Smirnov, too. To even mention it by name might give it more power than it deserves, at least until the people responsible for 2000 Mules are sentenced, then I might mention it once more. Matt Gaetz is normally opposed to diversity, equity and inclusion, except when it comes to the young ladies he hires for sex parties, when all is cool, and chill, and there’s plenty of candy to go around.


Kagro in the Morning - February 15, 2024

It’s Thursday and David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are here asking questions that you didn’t know you had, with answers that you didn’t know you needed. But now you do! We remain under a cloud of mass shootings. The Kansas City Super Bowl Parade shooting took place on the 6th anniversary of the Parkland shooting. And it took place on the 16th anniversary of the Northern Illinois University shooting. And 2 days ago, was the anniversary of the Michigan State shooting. And next Monday will be 12 years since Alabama-Huntsville and 2 years since Portland and 17 since Bethel Alaska and… pretty cloudy. It’s all a nightmare, but at least we have Gop failure to cheer us. MAGA is a schadenfreude conveyor belt overflowing with potentially endless delights whipped up by Chef de Àne Donald Trump and his bumbling assistant Mike Johnson. It’s not all Republicans stepping on rakes and falling into their own Burmese Tiger traps, though. A lot of this is happening because Democrats are beating them. It’s time for President Joe Biden to reveal that there’s a sun behind the clouds. Apparently, Republicans cribbed their ideas from Eastern Europe. In the meantime, Donald Trump heads from all of his civil courts to the first of his criminal courts this March 25. Pete Hoekstra takes over the Authentic No. 1 Michigan Republican Party, just down the street from Kristina Karamo’s A-1 Original Michigan Republican Party. Republicans probably expect that Russian space nukes might overshadow all of their bad news… and they could be correct. The Mayorkas impeachment has done all of the damage that they could expect to get out of it. Let’s pop a couple for William “Bill” Post, inventor of the Pop Tart and quite possibly a Keebler Elf...


Kagro in the Morning - February 14, 2024

It’s Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day! If you thought those holidays would keep David Waldman and Greg Dworkin from the KITM microphone you’d be mistaken. Anyhow, Soros has body doubles stored for just such an emergency. Well, wasn’t that special? Tom Suozzi flips George Santos' district back to blue. The polls were wrong again, but in the right direction, therefore pollsters may be lauded for their wisdom, and so may Democrats, which is even better. The only things certain for Donald Trump are death and prison. Generations have passed watching Trump’s lawyers struggle to hold it to that order while the clock keeps on ticking. While Jack Smith, like most of us, is in more of a hurry, Aileen Cannon doesn’t mind how long anyone waits, or how many die waiting for justice to arrive. Peter Navarro is heading to prison. And if you find out when, let us know. Kenneth Chesebro’s brilliant ideas will be the reason a lot of people will be looking at jail time. The details in the Robert Menendez case become more outrageous every day, raising the question of had Bob been slightly less outrageous, would he have been caught, and how many others get away by being just “slightly” outrageous? Meanwhile, the Senate stands by Ukraine, except for neutered lapdog Lindsey Graham, still yipping away on the Senate floor, and now House Pomeranian Mike Johnson, who has the nasty habit of impeaching on his floor.


Kagro in the Morning - February 13, 2024

David Waldman presents a special Mardi Gras KITM! Find the fève, win a prize! Jesus Christ! Super Bowl! Hobby Lobby’s MAGA million mind control! Robert Hur went Comey on Joe Biden last week and the staff over at the NYT haven’t stopped drooling since. Hur is now a MAGA hero, and MAGA is Hur’s cash cow. Facts, conjecture, lies, they’re all cash in Bob’s pocket and blood in the water for “journalists”. Donald Trump is so happy that last week went so well, he’ll hardly notice the $83.3 million bill in his mail this week. Had Mike Pence only played along, Trump lawyers could have made January 6 last for weeks. Dems want to win today’s special elections to keep the Joe-mentum into November. Joan McCarter’s here to talk Gop Congressional disfunction. Sad! But also, not Dem’s fault. The Senate is also in the clear after passing an Israel, Ukraine aid package. It’s now Mike Johnson’s to lose, and lose he shall.


Kagro in the Morning - February 12, 2024

It was a big weekend! There was a big football game (and a cultural history of the league), which Joe Biden somehow won, plus just a hint at the collapse of the post-war global order! And I mean, like, the whole thing. That was a lot for Greg Dworkin to round up, but it wasn’t all about the weekend. There’s a very special special election coming too, for the seat briefly occupied by George Santos. Or whatever his name was. There was, of course, more fallout over the Hur report. Or whatever you’d call that thing. Speaking of Hur, people are grumbling again about how, somehow, only Republicans are allowed to be special counsels. Bending over backwards to be “fair” just doesn’t seem… fair anymore. I mean, what’s an insurrectionist gotta do to get arrested in this town? TFG’s fascist xenophobia continues unabated, further driving his party’s meltdown. Did you know the Gop hasn’t been in this much disarray since the 80s? Things are so crazy, the Congress might even pass a bill!


Kagro in the Morning - February 9, 2024

David Waldman fortifies us for our weekend with an extra dose of vitamin KITM: Yesterday was a good day for Donald Trump, and if it was a good day for anyone else, that would be purely unintentional. TV cameras on SCOTUS would’ve revealed the Justices rolling up their Candy Crush scores as lawyers for whomever said whatever. After consideration and debate they will, of course, rule for state’s rights, or not, whatever. Last year Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ruled against distribution of the abortion pill based on debunked and retracted science. When it comes to the Supremes it should then be an excellent opportunity for the Justices to beat their Roblox records. Joe Biden was cleared on charges related to his handling of classified documents, breaking the heart of special counsel Robert Hur, who managed to stick a thumb or two into Joe’s eyes on his way out the door to place a couple of downpayments on a few big things. The White House press corps swooped in to get a piece of the President, underestimating Biden, as usual. Brownshirts wearing red berets assaulted people on live TV, Fox approved. Gops will do anything that TFFG says because they fear retribution, not understanding that Donald inflicts pain because it’s fun. MAGA gets it. The caravan convoy (Convoy = White, heading south. Caravan = Brown, heading north) at the border are heavily armed and drugged and are down for just that kind of fun. A Florida man found out that his father was vaccinated and he bludgeoned him to death. Last week, a guy found out that his father was a federal employee and decapitated him. Pretty soon that particular demographic will be microtargeted with their own political ads, featuring voiceovers supplied by the voice of the parent they most recently killed. Robocalls with artificially created fake Joe Bidens will be looked back on with nostalgia in the distant future... maybe 6 months from now.


Kagro in the Morning - February 8, 2024

It’s all falling apart for Republicans. They might even be in disarray! But since their voters don’t appear to want anything done, we’re not sure yet whether they’ll get away with it. They may fare worse among Republican Senators than they do with the voters. Those guys just seem to want chaos, and always have, just like Greg Dworkin says. To no one’s surprise, the bluff was called and the “border bill” tanked. There’s just not much about the immigration situation that stands up to scrutiny, even among the true believers. And the situation is much the same with their other stunt, the “impeachment” of Alejandro Mayorkas. Not that that’s likely to stop them. Remember that Nevada primary? Well, it may never have been much of a contest, but it was no sleeper of an event! Meanwhile, the SCOTUS took up the 14th Amendment disqualification issue today, right smack in the middle of the show. Though they very courteously waited until the last segment to get to the good stuff. Once they did get rolling, though, we were introduced to TFG’s most odious lawyer yet. Elsewhere in the country, it seems New Hampshire’s primary notched the first AI-faked robocalls of the season. New Yorkers found out you can beat up a guy in the middle of 42nd Street and not even get a ticket. And everybody else found out that where Chaya Raichik goes, bomb threats follow.


Kagro in the Morning - February 7, 2024

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin haul in Wednesday’s raft o’stories almost overladen with wacky. First, the thing driving Republicans crazy this morning and for the foreseeable future, besides Taylor Swift, is that gnawing realization that they might not be the smartest people... or even the “smart” people in the room. On Donald Trump’s orders, Gops shot themselves in the foot on immigration, making their one strength their biggest weakness. Their Mayorkas impeachment vote was hilarious. MAGA Mike and Marge want a do-over where they can count out loud and not get messed up in the big numbers. It turns out that TFFG is not above the law, but as with Covid, still more immune than one would hope. At least, he continues to be great at holding off the inevitable. Whatever’s decided, Matt Gaetz and Elise Stefanik have decided it wasn’t. Trump’s lawyer also hopes to put in a good word for machine guns. In Donald’s New York civil-fraud trial, Alan Weisselberg is once a liar, probably always a liar. Meanwhile, in the Nevada primary (and caucus) Republicans prefer Trump, or they prefer nothing at all. Nikkki Haley came in third. Donald is still sure it’s all rigged. Florida Rep Jason Shoaf wants to see Florida men hunt and kill more bears, especially if they are crack smoking black (urban) bears, which are apparently smarter and higher than the average country bear.


Kagro in the Morning - February 6, 2024

It’s Tuesday, so it’s David Waldman and Joan McCarter put a good half hour into figuring out Republican strategy this year, which is about double what the Gops have done, and they regret even doing that much. Their problem is that they got what they demanded, so now they have no choice but to reject it. Mitch McConnell killed the bipartisan border bill 3 hours after supporting it. Mike Johnson backstabbed the Senate so he could kill it. Dick Durbin cannot do wrong, so Dems cannot do right. Now that the hard stuff is out of the way, Republican lawmakers can return to their first priority, impeaching someone. House Democrats aren’t about to let it become too easy however. Probably a few Republicans won’t either. Impeachment onanist Marge Greene hangs around in the Men’s room trying to hone her Vice-Presidential skills. Guess what? U.S. Court of Appeals has finally rejected TFFG’s claim of presidential immunity. Hopefully this will speed up the judicial process, but don’t get your hopes up. What’s wrong with a little judicial process anyway? Historians just wish we’d learn to quit repeating history. Ronny Jackson wants to stop aid to the West Bank and Gaza because he’s afraid to travel. Ronny and Ted Cruz need to learn to Skype more. 10 Oregon Gop state senators took 6 weeks off, and now they can’t run for reelection.


Kagro in the Morning - February 5, 2024

Yes, for maybe a decade now we at KITM have been kind of obsessed. Our entire focus is, it would seem, one name, over and over. You’d think that name was the only one we know... but not today. Last night, Tracy Chapman made the ‘80’s great again. And Céline Dion. And, OK, we should mention Taylor Swift once more. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin try to make it feel like a normal Monday. Oh, and another guy we talk about, Donald Trump, is ahead in the polls… But what does that really mean anyway? Quality polls have Donald in the lead by only a little bit… Then there’s Joe Biden’s blowout win! …against Dean Phillips and… Marianne Williamson. Sure, turnout was a bit low, but that’s not the point! The point is, a lot of women hate Trump. And union members. Trump’s going to be convicted, and doesn’t that matter? And, the Mooch says he’ll be low on money! And twenty-five historians agree that if Salmon P. Chase were still Chief Justice, things would be a lot different for TFFG, you bet! Even E. J. Dionne, Jr. believes Trump should be off the ballot… not ahead in the polls… As we whistle through this graveyard, let the Keith Number, or even the Armando Number help cheer our tune. J.D. Vance hustled the Overton window down the field quite a way before being tackled by George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. Democrats are having trouble even taking George Santos’ seat, because of Great Neck, New York’s fear of Mexican caravans. That is why House Gops would never accept a border deal, no matter how good it was, how much they got out of it, or who wrote it. At least a couple of Republicans have been inconvenienced lately. Nancy Mace is an awful representative, but a terrible manager. Ted Cruz needs a security detail to keep the hoi polloi away from him when he vacations in Cancun.


Kagro in the Morning - February 2, 2024

Okay, campers, rise and shine — and don't forget your booties 'cause it's coooooold out there today! Wait, it’s not so bad this year… Maybe that’s a symbol we’re turning a corner, a new Spring of understanding, empathy, a blossoming of… Or, global warming. Either way, you know David Waldman and KITM will always return. When the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago, staff tried the “That locked door behind the dresser? Oh, that’s nothing.” gambit, and it worked. That was some Obi Wan move by Trump valet Walt Nauta, who, like his boss, usually works his magic via blackmail. (And by “magic”, I mean “sexual assault”.) For Donald Trump, the only true friend is a well-blackmailed friend. Bribery only works in the short term. Christopher Steele found plenty of evidence of both, and Trump’s lawsuit against him has been thrown out. MAGA followers flourish like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit… It is amazing to witness their first glimpse of sunlight. Anti-LGBT in the streets, enthusiast in the sheets Bridget Ziegler did sometimes object to her husband Christian’s values. Arizona Gops are tired of endless vote recounts and are proposing that they just win from now on. Meanwhile in federal governing, Republicans find that the best way to get anything done is to have Democrats do it. A U.S. tech mogul used nonprofits to sow Chinese propaganda, when there were probably cheaper methods available.


Kagro in the Morning - February 1, 2024

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin start the month off right, or more or less “left”, which is a pretty good place to start. Our top news story for today: Taylor Swift, or as I call her, “Tay-Tay”, because of her Japan-Nevada Superbowl body double... It is tough coming up with better/worse conspiracies than the ones MAGA have. Those folks would be pretty hilarious if some of them weren’t killing people. Not only with beheadings either, but drownings have been becoming popular recently. As long as he can cash a check, Greg Abbott will be a genocider. All Abbott needs to remember is the difference between a “caravan” and a “convoy”, and “military-aged” and “tomato picking-aged” men. An Indiana state representative didn’t know the difference between opening up his coat and opening up his pants when consoling high school students, not that there would be much difference as far as he was concerned. Dotard Donald Trump isn’t aware that he lost $83.3 million recently, but frankly, with MAGA he will never need to be. Jefferson Davis was allowed to eventually retire to his New Orleans Mar-a-Lago, but then again Jeff still had friends. Nikkki Haley used to be Donald’s friend… then again maybe she still is, it’s hard to tell. Some people will say anything. For instance: “President Biden will win re-election by a thin margin with an average voter turnout” (Someone was PAID to say that.) 51% say a Trump conviction would affect their vote, how many of them would then say “the court was rigged”? Perhaps 100% of those who want to say that. (100% of all polls should have the Keith Number attached) That said, if you like good Biden news, they have good Biden news. The real important numbers always follow a dollar sign though, and those numbers look bad for TFFG.


Kagro in the Morning - January 31, 2024

It’s Wednesday! Not a post-primary Wednesday, but aren’t they all post-primary Wednesdays from now on? Not if Greg Dworkin has anything to say about it, and he has a lot to say about it to David Waldman on today’s KITM. First — MAGA goes full incel by Taylor Swift-boating the Superbowl, the Music Industry, Americana, love and all that is good in the world. Many great men, tears in their eyes, reassured Donald that he’s at least twice as F’-able as Taylor. But I digress. Back to very stable genius Donald Trump and the Republican primary. The primary seems to be wrapped up, but should TFFG get wrapped up in either court cases or a straitjacket, old pal Nikkki Haley will be right there waiting in the wings to take over. Trump’s Supreme Court is working overtime to figure a way out for their guy and themselves on the 14th Amendment issue. It would seem cut and dry, but Trump’s newest Lawyers (Bye, Alina!) have plenty of hijinks yet to pull. Meanwhile, Trump’s House tries and tries and tries to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, or somebody, anybody really. It’s either that or a civil war, maybe both. You think Gops are bad, you should see their constituents. Hopefully you’ll see them before they see you. Germany is catching on, finally, to the threat everyone warned them about, yet for some reason they could Nazi coming. Then again, over here Nancy Pelosi links pro-Palestine protesters to China and Russia and people goof on her, instead of considering that she might just have information that they don't.


Kagro in the Morning - January 30, 2024

I know we don’t really care about Lauren Boebert very much, but it’s funny that she moved from the 3rd district to the 4th district, and came in 5th. And this despite having some other, equally f*@k3d-up Republicans as her opponents. On the 14th Amendment front, former MT Gov. and RNC Chair Marc Racicot argues for disqualification. Meanwhile, the guy who would be disqualified is outraged that the court trying him for fraud was worried that he might still be committing fraud, and was of course correct about that. One of TFG’s favorite propaganda outfits, henceforth to be known as the “Un-American News Network,” was essentially rigging their stories about their belief that the elections were rigged. The Great Hero of the Jade Helm Resistance has imagined a new and more glorious battle for himself, which will call for Insurrection Act reform and is instigating a constitutional crisis as well. And as Joan McCarter reminds us, House Republicans intend to cap it off with a yargle bargle-level “impeachment.” It might be just a distraction from the normal work of governing that they’re used to ignoring, but this one probably won’t last long. But meanwhile, our own government doesn’t get funded, and allies feeling the heat overseas don’t get help either. Apparently, much to the delight of Hungary’s wackadoodle fascists. It’s enough to make you think all the Republicans are on (stolen) drugs. That stuff can make you bonkers!


Kagro in the Morning - January 29, 2024

Well, apparently there was no news this weekend other than Taylor Swift and the football guy. But Greg Dworkin was convinced that other things happened. Oh, here’s some news: Trump is terrible. I mean, just the worst. Only slightly worse than his supporters, of course. Speaking of those terrible people, they are — with no sense of irony — headed to the border in their own caravan of chaos. Meanwhile in Washington, Gop officialdom won’t take yes for an answer. Of course, if the courts say it, they won’t take no, either. We may be about to find out how not-rich Trump really is. (Let’s see if Wall Street types love him then.) And any time is a good time to find out how not-on-the-ballot he should be. And have you heard about this White House pharmacy thing? Well, there’s more! Or actually, less. I mean, seriously, they looted the place! And I’m starting to think maybe Elise Stefanik got into the fentanyl. Random other notes: the burghers of Germany turn out for anti-fascist rallies. knew that Republicans did not deserve a red wave, but skewed polls implying a red wave still did plenty of damage. Lastly: conservatives are perverts, and also, conservatives are perverts.


Kagro in the Morning - January 26, 2024

Today, David Waldman reveals one weird trick that will shock you, or he will read and comment on the news. Find out which on this Friday KITM! California Assembly Bill 83 is titled “Political Reform Act of 1974: contributions and expenditures by foreign-influenced business entities”, but might be better known as the “Money Out, Voters In!” bill, designed to defend democracy by closing the Citizens United loophole allowing foreign money to flood elections. Representative Jamie Raskin likes it, you should too! Mixed-up Michigan Gops don’t know where their next paycheck is coming from, but should, one way or the other, by the end of February. Ace KITM Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reports that 13 Dem-held MI districts have been ordered to be redrawn. Detroit-area voters want special elections this year for 6 Senate districts, 2 years ahead of schedule. Now the U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to delay all of this until 2026. A solution for Republican chaos everywhere has been suggested in Missouri, who are proposing to allow members to challenge each other to duels, to be held at high noon in the well of their senate, clearly without consideration for their custodial staff. Nancy Mace’s plan on January 6 was to get punched in the face. This idea might be better accepted today, as more people have gotten to know her. Peter Navarro is taking his punchable face to prison for 4 months. 3-minute man Donald Trump would have finished even faster yesterday had not so many people been watching him so closely. Trump wanted to be judged by neither judges nor juries, until he realized the alternative. If SCOTUS are worried that there will be riots if they judge against TFFG, wait until they see what happens if they don’t.