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Utrice Leid discusses stories and ideas that affect us all.






Leid Stories – Obama And Ali – 04/28/14

Obama Mines Russia-Ukraine, Asia-Pacific for Global Power, Midterm Votes Muhammad Ali Takes A Stand; Refuses to Be Drafted In the […] The post Leid Stories – Obama And Ali – 04/28/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – Robbed on the Job – 04/16/14

Wage Theft: Workers Robbed On the Job--By Their Employers! On The Money: Small PAC Takes On Big Campaign-Finance Issue. Bill O’Reilly’s Undiluted, Unrepentant Racism The post Leid Stories – Robbed on the Job – 04/16/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 04/11/14

Another Week of Madness? Another Reason to Free Your Mind! Has the craziness of politics gotten to you this week? Not a minute to lose, start your mind-readjustment program now to save your weekend! It’s Free-Your-Mind Friday on Leid Stories—apro bonoservice to those wanting to talk things through to quickly regain their political bearings. Our […] The post Leid Stories – 04/11/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – Smash the Duopoly!: The Case for New Political Parties – 04/

Smash the Duopoly!: The Case for New Political Parties Buying a car? Hundreds of models to choose from. Looking for a new suit? You can spend a month just looking at thousands of styles. Want to cast a smart vote? Well, now you’re in trouble. There’s Party A or Party B. Pull that lever and […] The post Leid Stories – Smash the Duopoly!: The Case for New Political Parties – 04/09/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – You Are A Woman. What Does That Mean? – 03/24/14

Lost in the noise and dissonance of gender politics in the United States is a simple, yet extremely complicated, question: What does it mean to be a woman? Not surprisingly, this question raises other questions that also are simple, yet extremely complicated: Who decides? Based on what? Leid Stories discusses gender politics essentially […]


Leid Stories – Decompress From the Week’s Woes, It’s “Free Your Mind Friday

Are you sullen and on edge because your brilliant analysis of current events or masterful deconstruction of a complex issue hasn’t been heard, let alone appreciated? Is that what’s bothering you, friend? Well, suffer in silence no more! It’s Free Your Mind Friday on Leid Stories, and we’re all here, waiting for you! We’re a […]The post Leid Stories – Decompress From the Week’s Woes, It’s “Free Your Mind Friday!” – 03/14/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – The IRP6 & the FBI, Chapter 7 – 03/12/14

Appeal Lawyers Cite Major Violations by Judge, Prosecutor; 200 Pages of Trial Transcript Mysteriously Disappear Convicted and sent to prison on federal conspiracy and fraud charges in a trial rife with highly irregular actions by the prosecutor and judge, the six executives of Investigative Resource Planning Solutions Inc. (the IRP 6) pinned their hopes of […]The post Leid Stories – The IRP6 & the FBI, Chapter 7 – 03/12/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – Deference/Difference – 03/10/14

The U.S. Constitution: Too Much Deference to It, Not Enough Difference With It The framers of the U.S. Constitution never meant it to be the unassailable, fix-resistant final word on “the law of the land,” but the basis for vigorous debate, and even open challenges, in pursuit of a more just and democratic society, says […]The post Leid Stories – Deference/Difference – 03/10/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories Proudly Presents “Free Your Mind Friday” – 03/07/14

Well, here we are, by popular demand, at the premiere of “Free Your Mind Friday!” It’s a re-branded, re-scheduled “Open Forum,” but with the same purpose and intent—to be the gathering place for the vigorous exchange of information, opinions and ideas.” Leid Stories’ listeners had everything to do with it. Fridays (as opposed to Tuesdays) […]The post Leid Stories Proudly Presents “Free Your Mind Friday” – 03/07/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 03/05/14

Why the Ukraine-Crimea Crisis Should Make Us Change Our Politics If nothing else, the Ukraine-Crimea crisis should cause us to re-examine our basic political philosophy and orientation. Why? Because it clearly hasn’t happened at the leadership level; across the board, they’ve run out of good, innovative ideas and new ways of doing things. Leid Stories […]The post Leid Stories – 03/05/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 03/04/14

Detroit Seeks Court OK on Bank Payoffs; Coalition Readies for Showdown; Obama, Congress Mull $1 Billion in Aid to Ukrainian Fascists State-appointed city manager Kevyn Orr late yesterday filed a motion with the federal judge overseeing Detroit’s $18-billion bankruptcy seeking approval of an $85-million settlement Orr said he had worked out with two creditor-banks […]The post Leid Stories – 03/04/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 03/03/14

Venezuela, Ukraine Crises Reheat Battle for Hemispheric Hegemony The dynamics of the crises in Venezuela and Ukraine—and, now, Crimea—are changing almost by the minute, pointing up complex issues that go far deeper than Secretary of State John Kerry’s supersimplistic, and predictably standard, explanation that they are about “freedom and democracy.” Dr. Gerald Horne, who has […]The post Leid Stories – 03/03/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 02/28/14

The Ukraine and Venezuela Crises, and U.S. Support for ‘Democracy’ Obama’s Shameless Objectification of Black and Latino Youth Turmoil in Ukrain and Venezuela has dominated news headlines in recent weeks, apace with an escalation in the violent opposition to the now-ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and to President Nicolás Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela […]The post Leid Stories – 02/28/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 02/27/14

Obamacare Could Cost Low-Income and Poorer Americans Their Homes Nullification: The Power of Jurors to Balance the Scales of Justice Jurorsalso are judges of the facts in a case and should exercise their power in the interest of justice, says our guest, Kirsten Tynan, executive director of the Fully Informed Jury Association. The organization has […]The post Leid Stories – 02/27/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 02/26/14

The 6 & the FBI, Chapter 5: Bogus Trial, Bogus Verdicts Listeners Ask Questions About This Unusual Case Leid Stories concludes last week’s (Feb. 19) discussion of the trial of six executives (the IRP6) of an African American-owned software company who on June 9, 2009 saw their Colorado City offices raided by 21 armed FBI […]The post Leid Stories – 02/26/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 02/25/14

Say It Like You Mean It! It’s Open Forum on Leid Stories! There’s no point to having a strong opinion about something and keeping it all to yourself. Let’s hear it! Step up and grab some air space on “Open Forum,” where great minds gather to trade information, opinions and ideas. Dare to share your […]The post Leid Stories – 02/25/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 02/24/14

City Jobs, Pensions Take Huge Hit in Detroit’s ‘Adjustment’ Plan; Obama’s Class Act: $140-Million High-Tech Project for Detroit Suburb A draconian cost-cutting plan submitted Friday (Feb. 21) by emergency manager Kevyn Orr for approval by the federal judge overseeing Detroit’s disputed $18-billion bankruptcy setoff a series […]The post Leid Stories – 02/24/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 02/20/14

False Profits: Snowden’s NSA Loot Launches Multimillion-Dollar Business Detroit Update: Major Concerns As City Submits 10-Year Restructuring Plan Let’s see here. A self-righteous Edward Snowden steals an alleged 1.7 million classified files from the NSA and flees the country with them. Soon, a few stories based on the files began to appear—most of them in […]The post Leid Stories – 02/20/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 02/19/14

The IRP6 & the FBI, Chapter 4: Trial & Tribulation Leid Stories continues its report on the case of six executives of a small Colorado City-based software company, Investigative Resource Planning Solutions (IRP Solutions), who inexplicably found themselves and their company targeted by federal authorities just when they were about to land multimillion-dollar contracts with […]The post Leid Stories – 02/19/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.


Leid Stories – 02/18/14

No Safe Ground In ‘Stand-Your-Ground’ — In Florida & 24 Other States Florida was the first state to enact a “Stand Your Ground” law (2005), but 24 other states now enforce statutes similar to Florida Statute 776.013 (3). “Attorney at War” Alton H. Maddox Jr., following yesterday’s discussion of the Michael Dunn case—in which Dunn […]The post Leid Stories – 02/18/14 appeared first on PRN.fm.