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Deep dives into the crucial issues and emergencies facing America with the people trying to solve them.

Deep dives into the crucial issues and emergencies facing America with the people trying to solve them.


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Deep dives into the crucial issues and emergencies facing America with the people trying to solve them.






The Great War and Democracy's Forgotten Crisis

American Midnight: The Great War, a Violent Peace, and Democracy's Forgotten Crisis is the title of a new book by legendary historian, Adam Hochschild. It covers 1917 to 1921. Years which saw America enter World War I, suppress dissent of any kind, ignore white riots killing black people, encourage rampant anti-Semitism, and the crippling assault on a political party that had garnered 6% of the vote in the previous national election. All overseen by President Woodrow Wilson. He was certainly...


Break from Politics: Our Fascination with the Titanic.

Taking a break from politics today, Bill goes under the sea to talk with author Daniel Stone about one of the most searched term in Google pretty much every day, “the Titanic.” Stone provides new insights into the fascination and, really, obsession with the Titanic. There are nearly 3 million shipwrecks in the sea, but there's none with more interest than the Titanic. Plus the latest information on what sunk the ship in the first place. Bill loved the book, Sinkable: Obsession, the Deep Sea,...


The Heresy of White Christian Nationalism with Rev. Jim Wallis

The Reverend Jim Wallis is long-time strong advocate for peace and justice. He is also an American theologian, writer, teacher and political activist. He is best known as the founder and editor of Sojourners magazine and as the founder of the Washington, D.C.-based Christian community of the same name. Now Wallis is the Director of the Center on Faith and Justice and inaugural chair in Faith and Justice at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. And as such he is very...


"Rather Remarkable." The Reporters' Roundtable November 18

Pelosi Steps Down. Can McCarthy Step Up? Georgia Runoff. Trump Announces to Weak Response. Senate Set to Back Same Sex Marriage. Twitter Meltdown. With Ginger Gibson, Senior Washington editor at NBC News Digital, Sudeep Reddy, Senior managing editor at Politico and Philip Bump, National columnist at the Washington Post and author of the How to Read This Chart Newsletter. Today Bill highlights the great work of his wife Carol and her wonderful scarves. Carol is a talented weaver working with...


"Shock" Midterms and What's Next with Paul Begala

Paul Begala is one of the most respected Democratic Strategists and Election Analysts in the country. Begala was a chief strategist for the 1992 Clinton–Gore campaign. As counselor to the President in the Clinton White House, he coordinated policy, politics, and communications. He is now a commentator CNN and author of You're Fired: The Perfect Guide to Beating Donald Trump. He and Bill are longtime friends and colleagues so there breakdown of the Midterms and what lies a ahead should be...


"It All Boils Down to Trump." The Reporters' Roundtable Nov 11

What happened to the Red Wave? What saved the Democrats? What sank the Republicans? (Spoiler alert: Trump) Who will win Senate Races in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia? How bad is it going to get for Kevin McCarthy if Republicans flip the House? With Jessica Taylor, Senate & Governors Editor, Cook Political Report, David Jackson, National Political Correspondent for USA TODAY and Alex Seitz-Wald, Senior Digital Politics Reporter for NBC News. Today’s Bill Press Pod is supported by the Laborers'...


Bill's 5 Take-aways from the Election Results (so far).

It was not the night the GOP expected. It was not the night the pollsters and media expected. It was the night Bill expected. In this special episode of the Pod, Bill breaks down the key races and gives his five take-aways from the 2022 Midterms. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


Election Day Message from Bill Press

No in depth interview this week. Just a quick reminder to vote, how to call for help (866-OurVote) and a few words about Elon Musk and his Twitter debacle. But TOMORROW, Bill will break down the results of the midterms. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


"Just Astonishing." The Reporters' Roundtable Nov 4

Paul Pelosi Attacked. Right-wing Lies About It. Which Midterm Issues Count. Key Senate Races Close. With Chris Cadelago, White House correspondent for Politico, Matt Gertz, Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America and Abby Livingston, writer for the Almanac of American Politics. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by the American Federation of Teachers. More information at See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at...


One Cop's Battle for America's Soul with Michael Fanone.

Before January 6th 2021, Metropolitan Police officer Michael Fanone was a self-described redneck who had voted for Donald Trump. On January 6th, he was dragged down the Capitol steps, beaten with a Blue Lives Matter flag, tased and tear-gassed. Rioters had threatened to shoot him, but he pleaded for his life telling them he had children. That day changed his life forever. Now retired from the DC Police, , Fanone has written Hold the Line: The Insurrection and One Cop's Battle for America's...


"A bit overheated." The Reporter's Roundtable Oct 28

Elon Musk Rules Twitter. Oz/Fetterman Debate Fallout. More Herschel Walker Women. Early Voting High. Progressives’ Ukraine Fail. Obama and Trump on the Trail. Trump vs. DeSantis. Hot Midterm Issues. With Alan Smith, Political Reporter for NBC News, Jason Dick, Editor-in-chief at CQ Roll Call and Leah Askarinam, Senior Editor at Grid News. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. More information at See Privacy Policy at...


The Big Truth vs. The Big Lie with Major Garrett

The Big Truth: Upholding Democracy in the Age of “The Big Lie,”is the new book by Major Garret, chief Washington correspondent for CBS News. His co-author is David Becker, the Executive Director and Founder of the nonpartisan, non-profit Center for Election Innovation & Research, working with election officials of both parties, all around the country, to ensure accessible, secure elections for all eligible voters. Their new book outlines the threat to American democracy by election deniers....


"A Heavy Dose of Humility is Needed." The Reporters' Roundtable October 21

Truss Falls in UK. Trump’s Legal Peril Increases. Trump’s Power Fading? Election Deniers on the Ballot. Midterm’s Hot Issues. Where are Biden and the Obamas on the Trail? With Jeff Dufour, Editor-in-chief of the National Journal, Melanie Mason, National Political Correspondent at The Los Angeles Times and Emily Goodin, U.S. Political Reporter for The Daily Mail. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by The American Federation of Teachers. More information at See Privacy Policy at...


"Confidence Man" by Trump Biographer Maggie Haberman

Confidence Man. The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America by the foremost interpreter of Donald Trump, the New York Times' Maggie Haberman. Haberman, a Pulitzer Prize winner, takes a different approach to the “Trump Book.” She goes all the way back to his days in New York to understand the man who became president. Who, she says, is not much different than the man who raged through New York in the ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s. If you want to understand Donald Trump, you have to...


"He Did Get a Lot Done." The Reporters' Roundtable October 14

January 6th Committee Subpoena’s Trump. The Secret Service Knew. Mar-a-Lago Mole. Paul Ryan Dismisses Trump. Biden’s Age, Love. Fetterman’s Fitness. Herschel Walker Talking Pregnant Cows. With Philip Bump, National Columnist for The Washington Post, David Jackson, National Political Correspondent for USA Today and Sudeep Reddy, Senior Managing Editor for Politico. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by The American Federation of Teachers. More information at See Privacy Policy at...


A Travelogue from the Republican Road to Hell

Tim Miller is an outspoken Never-Trumper. He writes like he talks and his recent book, Why We Did It: A Travelogue from the Republican Road to Hell is by turns engaging, enraging and, sometimes, just sad, as he explores the human wreckage caused by Donald Trump. Miller is an MSNBC analyst, writer-at-large for The Bulwark, and host of “Not My Party” on Snapchat. Tim was Communications Director for Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign and spokesman for the Republican National Committee during...


"October Surprises." The Reporters' Roundtable October 7

Herschel Walker Fumble. Christian Walker on Offense. Biden on Marijuana. Biden and DeSantis Make Nice. Trump’s Power over the GOP. Putin Wing of the GOP? Hunter Biden Charges? With Maya King, Politics Reporter for the New York Times covering the South, Alex Seitz-Wald Senior Digital Politics Reporter for NBC News and Igor Bobic, Senior Politics Reporter at HuffPost. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by The International Brotherhood of Teamsters. More information at See...


"A Presidency Totally Out of Control."

Peter Baker, The New York Times Chief White House Correspondent and Susan Glasser, a Staff Writer for The New Yorker have created a masterpiece of journalism in their new book, The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021. It paints a presidency that was totally out of control, far worse than any we've ever experienced. You can buy the book here. I highly recommend it. As we get closer to the midterms, Bill highlights the work of ActBlue, a clearinghouse of donations to Democratic...


"Put Politics Aside. For Now." The Reporters' Roundtable September 30

The Devastation and Politics of Hurricane Ian. January 6th: Ginni Thomas and Roger Stone. The GOP “Plan.” Biden vs. Midterms. No Government Shutdown. With John Bennett, Editor-at-Large and Columnist, CQ Roll Call and reporter, writer of the CQ Afternoon Briefing newsletter and Linda Feldmann, Washington bureau chief, White House/politics correspondent at Christian Science Monitor. Host of the Monitor Breakfast and Hunter Walker, author of The Uprising Newsletter and co-author with Denver...


The GOP's Long-time Descent into Crazy. With David Corn of Mother Jones.

It did not start with Donald Trump. In Mother Jones’ Washington Bureau Chief David Corn's new book, he details the long history of Republican Party condoning and encouraging crazy conspiracies to gain and hold on to power. It’s called American Psychosis, a Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy. It’s a great read and can be bought at your local bookstore or online here. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. More...