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Deep dives into the crucial issues and emergencies facing America with the people trying to solve them.

Deep dives into the crucial issues and emergencies facing America with the people trying to solve them.


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Deep dives into the crucial issues and emergencies facing America with the people trying to solve them.






The Debt Ceiling: "a useful hostage if you are a cynical demagogue."

It's that time. When a Republican Congress and a Democratic president face off over an archaic procedure known as the debt ceiling. You've probably heard about it, so we decided to do a deep dive to understand what's going on in the next few weeks and months as the radical Republicans in the House hold the world's economy hostage to their demands for cutting Medicare Social Security and defense. To dig into this topic we turn to one of the sharpest voices on the intersection of economics and...


"About to get really messy here." The Reporters' Roundtable January 20

Debt Default Looming. Santos Still Lying. Biden Documents Political Scandal. Deniers on Key Committees. Swalwell Schiff off Committees. Ambitious California Democratic Politicians. Arizona Senate Race. Maryland Governor Wes Moore Rising. With Eliza Collins, Politics Reporter covering Arizona and the West for The Wall Street Journal, Melanie Mason, National Political Correspondent for The Los Angeles Times and Jeff Dufour, Editor in chief at National Journal. Today's Bill Press Pod is...


"Fear of the Base."

The Republican House majority, controlled by the crazies empowered by Speaker McCarthy, seem intent on driving America and the world over a financial cliff over the debt limit. But Real Clear Politics Associate Editor and Columnist A.B. Stoddard, argues they're also driving themselves over a cliff as well. She joins Bill today to dissect the “agenda” for House Republicans, and how that agenda helps the crazies raise money, get hits on Fox News, but turns off moderate Republican voters and...


"There is a lot more nuance." The Reporters' Roundtable Jan 13

Biden’s Document Mess. Special Counsel to Investigate. Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Longevity. George Santos’ Legal Peril. With Sabrina Siddiqui, White House Reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Allan Smith, Political Reporter for NBC News and Jessica Taylor from The Cook Political Report. Today’s Bill Press Pod is supported by The International Brotherhood of Teamsters. More information at See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at...


Politico's Politics Bureau Chief Jon Martin on the GOP and Biden

The Politics Bureau Chief at Politico, Jonathan Martin is one of the very best political reporters in America. His book, with Alexander Burns is This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden and the Battle for American Democracy told the story of two men with radically different visions for America. Biden defeated Trump but not Trumpism. Jon and Bill explore the current state of the GOP, Trump’s power and plans. Biden’s 2024 plans and all the younger Democrats who are strongly supporting Biden’s 2024...


"Humiliating Kevin McCarthy." The Reporters" Roundtable Jan 6

The Humiliation of Kevin McCarthy. Trump Power Fail. Real World Consequences. Biden Showcases Bi-partisan Government Action. Remembering January 6th Matters. With Sudeep Reddy, Senior Managing Editor at Politico, David Jackson, National Political Correspondent for USA TODAY and Lauren Victoria Burke, writer for The Guardian and Black Press USA. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by The Iron Workers Union, working on the new bridge connecting Kentucky and Ohio, and so much many other...


Inside the Jan 6th Investigation

Hunter Walker is an investigative reporter for Talking Points Memo. He covered the Trump White House for Yahoo news. He was at the Capitol, under attack, on January 6th 2021. And he coauthored a book with former GOP Congressman and January 6th Committee staffer, Denver Riggleman, The Breach: The Untold Story of the Investigation into January 6th. He’s a regular on the Bill Press Pod Reporters’ Roundtable and today he and Bill hit these topics: Those Meadows texts. What the J6 Committee did...


The Two Best Books on Trump by Susan Glasser & Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman.

We may wish we were done with Donald Trump. But we are not. He’s running for president and could realistically win the GOP nomination. So today we look at the two best books on Trump. One on his administration and one focused on the man. Confidence Man. The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America by the foremost interpreter of Donald Trump, the New York Times' Maggie Haberman. Haberman, a Pulitzer Prize winner, takes a different approach to the “Trump Book.” She goes all the way...


The Legacy of Nancy Pelosi with Biographer Susan Page

The most successful Speaker of the House since Sam Rayburn? The most successful Speaker of all time? Just some of the questions Bill asks USA TODAY Washington Bureau Chief and Pelosi biographer, Susan Page. Here is a link to the picture Susan and Bill talked about. More links: Susan’s book: Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power. Molly Ball's Pelosi and John Lawrence's Arc of Power: Inside Nancy Pelosi's Speakership, 2005–2010. Our two earlier interviews with Susan Page and...


Psychotic. Destructionist. Today's GOP. With David Corn and Dana Milbank

A Holiday Week special on the Pod today. No Reporters’ Roundtable but we reprise our talk to two great reporters on the long-term demise of the GOP as a functioning party. With David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief at Mother Jones and author of American Psychosis. A Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy and Dana Milbank, Columnist at The Washington Post and author of The Destructionists. The Twenty-Five Year Crack-up of the Republican Party And a holiday week shout...


How to Spend 1.2 Trillion Dollars.

How do you distribute $1.2 trillion to states, governors and mayors around the country. That's the job of former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. He's the Special Assistant to President Joe Biden charged with overseeing the spending of all that money from the bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act. He is uniquely positioned to do so having been the mayor of New Orleans during reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina. Although close to $180 billion are already committed, he still has a...


"Absolute Sea Change." The Reporters' Roundtable December 15

Same Sex Signed. Sandy Hook Remembered. McCarthy Still Short. Pelosi Honored. SCOTUS Ethics. Trump Troubles. FTX Fail. With Jeff Dufour, Editor-in-Chief at National Journal, Niall Stanage, White House Columnist for The Hill and Political analysis for News Nation AM and Leah Askarinam, Senior editor at Grid News. Today’s Bill Press Pod is supported by The Ironworkers Union. Builders of America’s most iconic structures. More information at See Privacy Policy at...


War. Peace. Soccer. With Foreign Affairs expert Joe Cirincione.

Joe Cirincione is a national security and foreign policy expert He previously served for over 12 years as the President of the Ploughshares Fund, a foundation focused on nuclear nonproliferation and conflict resolution. He was an outside advisor to the State Department during the Obama Administration. Today Bill once again featured the work of the World Central Kitchen run by Chef Jose Andres. They have served millions of meals in disaster areas and war zones, including over a million meals...


"Uh oh, Not So Fast," The Reporters’ Roundtable December 12

Sinema Bolts. J6 Criminal Referrals. Britney Griner Freed. Same Sex Marriage Passes. Warnock Wins. Trump Losing Fox? McCarthy Struggling. With Linda Feldmann, Washington bureau chief, White House/politics correspondent at Christian Science Monitor, Jason Dick, Editor in Chief CQ Roll Call, Political Theater podcast host and Scott Wong, Senior Congressional Reporter at NBC News. Today Bill highlights the great work of his wife Carol and her wonderful scarves. Carol is a talented weaver...


"Worse Than the Tea Party Era." With Congressional expert, Norn Ornstein.

No one knows Congress like Norm Ornstein. He's been studying and writing about Congress for over 40 years. He is currently an emeritus scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a mostly conservative think tank. He wrote (along with Thomas E. Mann) It's Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism. When it came out in paperback, they changed the title to It's Even Worse Than It Was. Now he says, jokingly, if they did another...


"A Really Big Deal." The Reporters' Roundtable December 2

Walker vs. Warnock. McCarthy Struggling. New Democratic Leadership. Rail Strike Averted. Same-Sex Win. Trump Weakened. Kanye Loves Nazis. New Primary Schedule? With Igor Bobic, Senior Politics Reporter at HuffPost, Maya King, Politics Reporter based in Atlanta at The New York Times and Eliza Collins, Politics Reporter on the Hill for The Wall Street Journal. Today Bill highlights the great work of his wife Carol and her wonderful scarves. Carol is a talented weaver working with chenille and...


The Great War and Democracy's Forgotten Crisis

American Midnight: The Great War, a Violent Peace, and Democracy's Forgotten Crisis is the title of a new book by legendary historian, Adam Hochschild. It covers 1917 to 1921. Years which saw America enter World War I, suppress dissent of any kind, ignore white riots killing black people, encourage rampant anti-Semitism, and the crippling assault on a political party that had garnered 6% of the vote in the previous national election. All overseen by President Woodrow Wilson. He was certainly...


Break from Politics: Our Fascination with the Titanic.

Taking a break from politics today, Bill goes under the sea to talk with author Daniel Stone about one of the most searched term in Google pretty much every day, “the Titanic.” Stone provides new insights into the fascination and, really, obsession with the Titanic. There are nearly 3 million shipwrecks in the sea, but there's none with more interest than the Titanic. Plus the latest information on what sunk the ship in the first place. Bill loved the book, Sinkable: Obsession, the Deep Sea,...


The Heresy of White Christian Nationalism with Rev. Jim Wallis

The Reverend Jim Wallis is long-time strong advocate for peace and justice. He is also an American theologian, writer, teacher and political activist. He is best known as the founder and editor of Sojourners magazine and as the founder of the Washington, D.C.-based Christian community of the same name. Now Wallis is the Director of the Center on Faith and Justice and inaugural chair in Faith and Justice at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. And as such he is very...


"Rather Remarkable." The Reporters' Roundtable November 18

Pelosi Steps Down. Can McCarthy Step Up? Georgia Runoff. Trump Announces to Weak Response. Senate Set to Back Same Sex Marriage. Twitter Meltdown. With Ginger Gibson, Senior Washington editor at NBC News Digital, Sudeep Reddy, Senior managing editor at Politico and Philip Bump, National columnist at the Washington Post and author of the How to Read This Chart Newsletter. Today Bill highlights the great work of his wife Carol and her wonderful scarves. Carol is a talented weaver working with...