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Deep dives into the crucial issues and emergencies facing America with the people trying to solve them.






"The Guy Who Got the Midterms Right."

OK, this is a little self-referential, but here is last week’s guest, writing about this week’s guest: CNN and The Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein, writing in The Atlantic about Simon Rosenberg. “After working for three decades as an operative in the upper reaches of the Democratic Party, Simon Rosenberg in 2022 became an overnight sensation. Rosenberg was the most visible public skeptic of the GOP-surge scenario. After the election, Vox called Rosenberg ‘the guy who got the midterms right.’” Bill...


"There Are No Guarantees." The Reporters' Roundtable March 24

Trumps' Legal Peril. Gloves Off on 2024 Race. DeSantis Stumbles. TikTok's Troubles. Unity on China Threat. With Jeff Dufour, Editor in chief of the National Journal, Sarah Wire, National Security/Justice Dept. and Washington Accountability Reporter for The Los Angeles Times, Leah Askarinam, Senior Editor at Grid News and Lauren Burke, writer for Black Press USA and The Guardian. Today’s Bill Press Pod is supported by The Laborers' International Union of North America. Already at work...


Will the Union Survive? With CNN's Ron Brownstein

Ron Brownstein is one of the sharpest analysts of American politics. He is a Senior CNN Political Analyst and a Senior Editor for The Atlantic. He's been reporting and writing about the radical rollback of rights in Red states and he has a new analysis based on years of data research that explains why are politics is so evenly divided. And perhaps irreconcilable. Ron's CNN work can be found here. His work for The Atlantic here. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by the United Food and...


"How many shoes are there?" The Reporters' Roundtable March 17

Trump Legal Watch. Pence Blames Trump for J6. DeSantis Ukraine Controversy. Trump Hits DeSantis on Ethics. Fragile Banking System? Is “Woke” Working? War Powers Challenged. Chicago Mayor’s Race. With Lynn Sweet, Columnist and Washington Bureau Chief at the Chicago Sun-Times, Gabe Debenedetti, National Correspondent for New York Magazine and Jason Dick, Editor in Chief CQ Roll Call, Political Theater podcast host. Today’s Bill Press Pod is supported by The Laborers' International Union of...


The Democrats Fight Back. With Rep. Eric Swalwell

Now that the Republicans are in charge of the House of Representatives, they get to decide what to investigate. Actually, it seems the only thing they are doing is investigating. But they've run into a problem. Democrats on the committees. Delegate Stacy Plasket, Ranking Member on the “Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government,” chaired by the MAGA star Jim Jordan. Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee. And today’s guest, Rep. Eric...


"Most Surprising and Dangerous." The Reporters' Roundtable March 10

Trump NY Indictment Imminent. Tucker J6 Whitewash. Biden’s Budget. 2024 GOP Race. DeSantis the Real Deal? And an inside look at Sabrina’s trip with Biden to Ukraine. With the aforementioned Sabrina Siddiqui, White House Reporter for the Wall Street Journal, David Jackson, National Political Correspondent for USA TODAY and S.V. Dáte, White House Correspondent at HuffPost. Today’s Bill Press Pod is supported by the SMART Union, working to rebuild America's infrastructure. More information at...


Dinner With The President: a History of Breaking Bread at the White House.

What a president eats can tell you a lot about the man. What he serves to people at the White House is also revealing. All that is the subject of a new book by Alex Prud’homme, Dinner With The President: Food, Politics, and a History of Breaking Bread at the White House. You can buy it here. Prud’homme is the author, with his great aunt Julia Child of My Life in France, a New York Times bestseller and the inspiration for half of the movie Julie and Julia. He's also written several important...


"More damaging news." The Reporters' Roundtable March 3

2024 GOP Race Begins. Fox News Unmasked. Tucker’s Spin on J6 Tapes. Dr. Biden in Africa. China in the Crosshairs. With Ginger Gibson, Senior Washington Editor for NBC News Digital, Allan Smith, Political Reporter for NBC News, Emily Goodin, Political Reporter for and Matt Gertz, Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by the Laborers International Union of North America, at work rebuilding America's infrastructure. More information at...


The War in Ukraine with National Security Analyst Joe Cirincione

Joe Cirincione is a national security and foreign policy expert He previously served for over 12 years as the President of the Ploughshares Fund, a foundation focused on nuclear nonproliferation and conflict resolution. He was an outside advisor to the State Department during the Obama Administration. He is a member of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations. He is the Bill Press Pod foreign policy expert. Today Bill once again highlights the work of Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen....


"Dramatic sign of strength." The Reporters' Roundtable February 24

Biden in Kyiv. Ohio Toxic Train Wreck. Tim Scott Running. Trump Support Fading? J6 Tapes to Tucker. MTG’s Power. Carter in Hospice. With Philip Bump, National Columnist for the Washington Post, author of How to Read this Chart Newsletter and the book: The Aftermath, The Last Days of the Baby Boom and the Future of Power in America, Kirk Bado, Editor of the National Journal Hotline and host of the National Journal Radio podcast and Abby Livingston, writer of The Almanac of American...


The Future of Energy and Climate with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

Remember when Rick Perry wanted to abolish the Energy Department? And then became the Energy Secretary under Donald Trump? He said after he got there that there was a lot the Energy Department did that he didn't know about. Here's what the Energy Department does: It manages the United States' nuclear infrastructure, administers the country's energy policy and funds scientific research in the field. And it's become even more important today with the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure...


"It's Gotten Out of Hand." The Reporters' Roundtable February 17

Nikki Haley In. Biden Health/2024. Fetterman/Depression. Feinstein to Retire. Biden vs Scott. McConnell vs Scott. GOP Ukraine Divide. Balloonacy. With Maya King, Politics reporter for The New York Times covering the South, Sudeep Reddy, Senior Managing Editor at Politico and Igor Bobic, Senior politics reporter at HuffPost. Today Bill once again highlights the work of Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen. They are currently in Turkey and Ukraine as well as other spots around the world feeding...


"A Golden Age of Shamelessness" with Susan Glasser

Susan Glasser is the ultimate Washington insider. She has had reporting and/or editing positions at Roll Call, The Washington Post, Politico and Foreign Policy magazine. She is the co-author of three books with her husband Peter Baker, Chief White House Correspondent for the New York Times. The best-selling books focused on Vladimir Putin, James Baker and Donald Trump. She was a long time contributor to CNN. Now she writes the highly regarded weekly “Letter From Joe Biden’s Washington” and...


"We Got 'Scranton Joe.'" The Reporters' Roundtable February 10

Raucous State of the Union. Debt Limit Showdown. Sanders' Dark Speech. GOP “Investigations.” Santos On the Way Out? Nikki Haley Jumping In. Santos vs Trump Gets Heated. Rep. Mace and Sen. Warnock Take Their Shots. With Scott Wong, Senior Congressional Reporter for NBC News and John Bennett, Editor-at-Large & Analysis Columnist, CQ Roll Call and writer of the CQ Afternoon Briefing. Today Bill once again highlights the work of Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen. They are currently in Turkey...


37 years Covering Congress Applied to the 118th.

Carl Hulse is the Dean of congressional reporters. He's the Chief Washington Correspondent for the New York Times and has been covering Congress for over 35 years. This is a Congress like no other and he and Bill try to figure out what the 118th Congress is going to do. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by The American Federation of Government Employees. More information at See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at...


"Here We Go Again." The Reporters' Roundtable February 3

Debt Ceiling Standoff. Plea for Civility. Rep. Omar Removed. This Week in George Santos. DNC Meets. Trump vs. Desantis. Wild Jobs Growth. Biden SOTU Preview. With Leah Askarinam, Senior editor at Grid News, Alex Seitz-Wald, Senior Digital Politics Reporter for NBC News and Linda Feldmann, Washington bureau chief, White House/politics correspondent at Christian Science Monitor. Host of the Monitor Breakfast. Today's Bill Press Pod is supported by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters....


The Last Days of the Baby Boom with Philip Bump

The title of Washington Post National Columnist Philip Bump’s new book says it all: The Aftermath: The Last Days of the Baby Boom and the Future of Power in America. The Baby Boomers, America's largest and most powerful generation, hold so much economic and political power, that even after they're gone, the effects of their domination of American culture and society will be felt for years to come. Bump shares his insights on Boomers and Millennials and how they are today fighting over...


"Not even close to the same." The Reporters’ Roundtable January 27

Pence has Docs Too. Debt Ceiling Threats. GOP House Agenda Very Unpopular. GOP 2024 Campaign. Santos. Artificial Intelligence. Republican National Committee Fight. With Philip Bump, Washington Post: National columnist. Newsletter: "How To Read This Chart." Book: "The Aftermath," Ginger Gibson, Senior Washington editor at NBC News Digital and Jason Dick, Editor in Chief CQ Roll Call. Political Theater podcast host. Today’s Bill Press Pod is supported by the Iron Workers Union. More...


The Debt Ceiling: "a useful hostage if you are a cynical demagogue."

It's that time. When a Republican Congress and a Democratic president face off over an archaic procedure known as the debt ceiling. You've probably heard about it, so we decided to do a deep dive to understand what's going on in the next few weeks and months as the radical Republicans in the House hold the world's economy hostage to their demands for cutting Medicare Social Security and defense. To dig into this topic we turn to one of the sharpest voices on the intersection of economics and...


"About to get really messy here." The Reporters' Roundtable January 20

Debt Default Looming. Santos Still Lying. Biden Documents Political Scandal. Deniers on Key Committees. Swalwell Schiff off Committees. Ambitious California Democratic Politicians. Arizona Senate Race. Maryland Governor Wes Moore Rising. With Eliza Collins, Politics Reporter covering Arizona and the West for The Wall Street Journal, Melanie Mason, National Political Correspondent for The Los Angeles Times and Jeff Dufour, Editor in chief at National Journal. Today's Bill Press Pod is...