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The nationally syndicated progressive talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman


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The nationally syndicated progressive talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman




9/29/20: Democracy on the Brink as Debates Start

--On the Show: --Edward Watts, Chair of the History Department at the University of California-San Diego and author of the book Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny, joins David to discuss how empires fall and much more. Get the book: --Bernie Sanders' plan to defend democracy in the context of the upcoming election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden --Jill Biden shuts down CNN host Jake Tapper's attempts to compare and contrast Joe Biden's gaffes to Donald...


9/28/20: Trump's Taxes, October Surprise Comes in September

--On the Show: --In a major bombshell story from the New York Times, Donald Trump's tax documents have been obtained, showing that he paid no federal tax for 10 of the last 15 years, paid only $750 in tax in some years, and has a total of $410 million in debt to unknown debtors --Donald Trump takes steps to send the United States back to the dark ages with the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg --Joe Biden astutely refuses to play Donald...


9/25/20: White Voters Bailing as Trump Tropes Continue

--On the Show: --Donald Trump is losing support from white voters, the lone remaining demographic group that made up an important part of his support in 2016 --Donald Trump reportedly said that Jews are "only in it for themselves" after an event with American Jewish leaders --Caller discusses pushing Joe Biden to the left --Caller talks about their experience working as a 2020 Census worker --Caller asks if Democrats should stoop down to Donald Trump's level --Caller asks if Democrats...


9/24/20: Breonna Taylor Protests Explode as Trump Won't Commit

--On the Show: --Will Sommer, tech reporter for The Daily Beast and author of the Right Richter newsletter, joins David to discuss QAnon congressional candidates, the future of QAnon, and much more --Protests explode after charges are announced in the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville, Kentucky, with no officers being charged in the actual killing of Taylor --Donald Trump's plan to bypass election results if he loses has leaked, and it's as authoritarian as you would imagine --Notable...


9/23/20: Vaccine Slowed Down as Election Looms

--On the Show: --Jesse Lee Peterson, Host of The Jesse Lee Peterson Show and The Fallen State, joins David to discuss American politics, Donald Trump, and more, in the way only Jesse Lee can --Democrats may well be powerless to stop Donald Trump's replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court --Donald Trump plans to nominate a true Handmaid's Tale dystopian nightmare to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bather Ginsburg, potentially a 7th Circuit Court Judge named Amy Coney...


9/22/20: Do People Still Care About Policy?

--On the Show: --Thomas Frank, author of "The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism" "Listen, Liberal," and "What's the Matter with Kansas" joins David to discuss populism and the fight over the future of the Democratic Party. Get his latest book: --Despite Joe Biden having one of the most progressive economic platforms in the modern political era, neither the right nor much of the left wants to seriously examine his proposals --Fox News host Chris Wallace...


9/21/20: Campaign Gets Even Uglier in Final Stretch

--On the Show: --We mourn the passing of legal legend Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a cultural icon, who died at the age of 87, leaving a vacancy on the US Supreme Court --Donald Trump and most Republicans are determined to ruin the country for decades by trying to fill the seat left vacant by the tragic death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg --Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, legalize medical cannabis federally, and expunge all prior...


9/18/20: Don't Let Culture War Distract from Coronavirus - CLASSIC EPISODE from 7/14/20

VACATION DAY / CLASSIC EPISODE FROM JULY 14, 2020 --On the Show: --Dan Harris, author of "Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics" and "10% Happier, and ABC News anchor who embraced mindfulness after having a panic attack on live television, joins David to discuss his work, books, and journey. Get his latest book: --Republicans and Trumpists are deliberately pushing "culture war" issues to distract from their abject failures on actual policy, coronavirus, and the economy,...


9/17/20: New Coronavirus Record, Trump Golfs - CLASSIC EPISODE from 7/13/20

VACATION DAY / CLASSIC EPISODE FROM JULY 13, 2020 --On the Show: --Trumpists are pushing the idea that patriotism means blind loyalty to Donald Trump, rather than prioritizing what's best for your country --Florida sets a single day coronavirus case record of more than 15,000 as the US sets a record of more than 70,000 new cases in one day --Donald Trump commutes the sentence of his associate Roger Stone, whose crime was lying specifically to protect Donald Trump --Donald Trump and the...


9/16/20: Battle Over Schools Explodes in Ignorance - CLASSIC EPISODE from 7/10/20

VACATION DAY / CLASSIC EPISODE FROM JULY 10, 2020 --On the Show: --Donald Trump and Mike Pence make the case for reopening schools in the fall despite the United States continuing to hit record high coronavirus case numbers --Caller talks about Trump's plan to reopen schools in the fall --Caller asks if Massachusetts will enact ranked choice voting --Caller wonders if school funding should be connected to property taxes --Caller asks why right-wingers don't care about the US's...


9/15/20: SCOTUS Goes Religious, Virus Deaths Spike - CLASSIC EPISODE from 7/9/20

VACATION DAY / CLASSIC EPISODE FROM JULY 9, 2020 --On the Show: --The Supreme Court okays religious birth control exemptions in a 7-2 decision --Americans are now the disease-carrying foreigners in the context of coronavirus --Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit, including about Trump vs Biden, polling, voting, and much more --Donald Trump's polling collapse should scare the anti-Trump crowd as much as it should scare Donald Trump himself --The Supreme Court rules 7-2 that...


9/14/20: Mexico Shuts Down Border as Virus Rages & Trump Babbles - CLASSIC EPISODE from 7/6/20

VACATION DAY / CLASSIC EPISODE FROM JULY 6, 2020 --On the Show: --The Mexican state of Sonora closes its border to the US in Arizona, determining it is too dangerous to allow Americans, possibly carrying coronavirus, to enter their country --Florida breaks the coronavirus one week case record as Phoenix admits it opened to early --A visibly sweating and confused-looking Donald Trump glitches badly and struggles to remain coherent during his ill-advised July 3 rally at Mt...


9/11/20: If No One Cares About Lies, Do They Matter?

--On the Show: --David discusses more revelations from Bob Woodward's new book "Rage" and how the real Trump scandal is that his coronavirus lies won't even matter --Donald Trump reportedly bragged about the US's secret nuclear weapons system and said America was close to war in North Korea back in 2017 --Caller talks about deconverting Trump supporters and conspiracy theories --Caller asks if the country would listen to Joe Biden's national mask mandate --Caller jokes about Trump's...


9/10/20: Woodward's Trump Audio Leaks Go Viral

--On the Show: --Audio leaks connected to Bob Woodward's new book, Rage, expose that Donald Trump knew coronavirus was serious as early as February despite continuing to downplay it publicly for months --Bob Woodward's new book, Rage, reveals that Donald Trump's former Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, told Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, that "collective action" may be needed to remove Donald Trump --Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about...


9/9/20: Republican Coup-Concerns As Coronarallies Continue

--On the Show: --Scott Barry Kaufman, humanistic psychologist, host of The Psychology Podcast, and columnist for Scientific American, joins David to discuss human potential, well-being, creativity, ethics, and more --Some Republicans are increasingly worried that Donald Trump is planning a coup if he were to lose the upcoming Presidential election --Random Europeans and others around the world received Trump coronavirus stimulus checks that they did not qualify for --This week's edition...


9/8/20: Campaign Cash Becomes a Problem As Tweetstorms Continue

--On the Show: --David Dayen, Executive Editor at the American Prospect and author of the new book "Monopolized: Life in the Age of Corporate Power," joins David to discuss the monopolistic control in various industries, including banking, airlines, mobile phones, pharmacies, and much more. Get the book: --A new political center is emerging in the United States which wants stricter gun laws, believes tax rates are just right, wants marijuana legalized, and isn't...


9/7/20: Trump "Losers" Scandal Could Hurt Him Hugely

--On the Show: --Donald Trump's latest self-inflicted scandal involves a four-times-corroborated story that Trump referred to US military members who died in combat as "losers" and "suckers," and the Trump administration continues to deny the claims despite corroborated by The Atlantic, The Associated Press, Fox News, and most recently, CNN --VP nominee Kamala Harris gives an interview to CNN during which she perfectly handles the absurdity of the Trump administration --Joe Biden...


9/4/20: What To Do About Friends Voting for Trump

--On the Show: --John Pierce, one of the lawyers representing Kyle Rittenhouse, the alleged Kenosha shooter, makes his client out to be some kind of hero during an appearance on Fox News --MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid is being slammed for her comment that radical Trumpists are "like the Muslims" --Caller talks about the coronavirus's impact on small businesses --Caller debates the Trump/Russia issue with David --Caller asks if they should convince their friends to vote for Joe...


9/3/20: Voter Purges As Vaccine Prediction Comes True

--On the Show: --Georgia wrongfully removed 200,000 voters from voter rolls previously, and this could be a powerful signal about what to expect in November --A new Fox News poll has Donald Trump losing badly in multiple battleground states, as well as huge leads for Democratic challengers Mark Kelly and Cal Cunningham in Senate races in Arizona and North Carolina, respectively --Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about the number of Trumpists in the US...


9/2/20: Incumbents Win As Election Integrity in Question

--On the Show: --Incumbents have a big night in Massachusetts primaries, as Ed Markey, Richard Neal, and Stephen Lynch all win their primaries against challengers Joe Kennedy III, Alex Morse, and Robbie Goldstein, respectively --Analytics firms predict a Trump advantage on election day followed by a Biden advantage as mail-in votes are counted, raising the question of whether voting in person, if safe, is the ideal way to vote this November --Joe Biden denounces all violence, exactly as...