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Ex Revenge and Stuff Debate At 8

Signing up your exes email to receive spam is genius revenge and fully supported by AJ & McCall. However, it is not cruel and yet people are saying it's the worse than another revenge that has gone viral. While dealing with ex issues, how do you divide up the stuff. AJ has witnessed the fight over stuff and there doesn't seem to be set rules...until now for the Debate At 8!


Ah Summer Season Florida Or Not

Story #1 - Drug dealer threw a garbage can full of weed off a building Story #2 - Drunk guy stole a floating tiki hut and was captured by the Coast Guard Story #3 - Lady attacked a McDonald's employee because they won't mix slushie flavors


Personal Bests...or Worsts AJ & McCall Show

AJ set a new personal best yesterday and he is living about it. Ex stalking has apparently gone to a new level. AJ is finally putting McCall's mullet love to the test for Would You Rather Wednesday. AJ's Alexa may now be possessed. Behind on the holiday gifts AJ Googled gift ideas for Father's Day and it got weird. Bad news, there's still internet scams. Good news, they are getting lazier for the Debate At 8. Finally, there's a surplus of something great.


Money and Gifts Debate At 8

How is AJ behind several gifts this holiday season? Wanting to knock it out of the park for Father's Day he stumbled across the most Googled gifts state by state and it gets weird in a hurry. McCall seemingly had a decent chance for a side hustle only to be a scam. Meanwhile, AJ got the laziest scam ever for the Debate At 8!


You Can't Do It That Way Florida Or Not

Story #1 - Guy was arrested for a DWI and pooped in the back of the police cruiser Story #2 - Lady got locked out of her house and got stuck trying to get through her chimney Story #3 - Girl was arrested after attacking her girlfriend who was talking about her ex in her sleep


One Adult and One Non-Adult AJ & McCall Show

How did McCall find the exact perfect time to visit Herm's? Good thing AJ doesn't own land yet because he doesn't seem to get it. First, Americans couldn't spell and now they can't geography. Is it really a shock who has all the things in their house they aren't supposed past the age of 30 between AJ & McCall? Both do agree on a clause needed for apartments RIGHT NOW! Who are the type of people that actually give good relationship advice?


Not a Great Home and Leave Debate At 8

Can you figure which of AJ & McCall has too many things still in their home that you're not supposed to after the age of 30? Very rarely does it seem AJ & McCall agree during a Debate At 8, but they are totally onboard with apartment adding a certain escape clause.


How? Eh...And Take It! Theft Florida Or Not

Story #1 - A city accidentally sold their water tower Story #2 - Guy went Mission Impossible to steal Dippin' Dots Story #3 - Guy stole an ambulance to drive himself to the hospital


Quick, Bad Conditions AJ & McCall Show

People aren't the only ones that get hangry?! Can you imagine AJ doing some snake wrangling? What's the coolest summer jobs anyone has had? Some states really need Google because spelling is hard, especially Colorado, but McCall's theory for what Utah needs help spelling is hilarious. It is the fastest Make Up or Break Up decisions ever for the Debate At 8. AJ bets McCall isn't done reorganizing her kitchen no matter what she says.


Make Up or Break Up Deal Breakers Debate At 8

It is a record setting Make Up or Break Up as McCall can't say break up fast enough. AJ can only play devil's advocate for one of our listeners needing relationship advice as the deal breakers are fairly clear cut in this Debate At 8. Communicate and close your mouth is all we can say fellas.


Just Pay Attention! Florida Or Not

Story #1 - Guy was arrested after misusing 911 to complain about his roommate Story #2 - Lady tried to hire a hit man and asked for a payment plan, but it was a cop undercover Story #3 - Police are looking for two people who stole a DVD player from a drugstore


Does Any of This Make Sense? AJ & McCall Show

How is a fake state the hangriest? More importantly, AJ & McCall figure out why the driving is so poor in the area. How much clothing do you really need to wear to be allowed in a gas station? Friday's Confessionals have a theme, dumbest things asked at work. We used to be great at something, what was it? Smelling and tasting aren't worth bragging about, but it is now post COVID. McCall needs a new favorite smell, what's yours for the Debate At 8. Who are graduations more for, parents or...


Used to be Great Debate At 8

Sometimes you reflect and look back fondly on things that used to be. AJ & McCall both wonder how they used to get through days without naps. What is something you swear you are or were great at? Smelling and tasting would hardly seem like something to brag about, but post COVID it is. McCall needs a new favorite smell because nothing smells the same. What's yours for the Debate At 8?


Be a Better Liar Florida Or Not

Story #1 - Man was set on fire while asleep by his wife because they talked about getting divorced Story #2 - Guy with a gunshot wound claims it's just a bee sting Story #3 - Pantsless woman walks into a gas station and tells one cop another one said it was okay


Pretty Sure This is Fake...AJ & McCall Show

AJ & McCall would like to introduce the stars of 'Bugs We Do Not Care About!' There's no way McCall has NEVER been plus to punching someone after being hangry. Everyone's favorite game, Drunk Adult or Kid, features AJ losing a tooth. The AJ & McCall Show are weird kids and always want to be a voice for the weird kids. AJ wants to flex on a childhood gem he rediscovered as well for the Debate At 8. Does a hot dog ATM really exist?


Proud to Be a Weird Kid Debate At 8

Own it weird kids. The AJ & McCall Show were never the cool kids and don't think of themselves now. A lame nickname, biffed up special outfits, being music nerds, AJ & McCall always promise to use any platform they have to be their for Weird Kid Summer. AJ wants to linger in childhood a little longer to share a gem of a movie he rediscovered. What would your life be like if you were in the last movie you watched for the Debate At 8/


Hangry Much? Florida Or Not

Story #1 - Drunk driver tried to order McDonald's from a cop that walked up to her car Story #2 - Hungry lady went to Wal-Mart and stole EVERYTHING Story #3 - Guy threatened everyone because it was too early to get a Happy Meal


We Don't Understand Anymore AJ & McCall Show

Welp, it's decided. AJ & McCall are going to make art because apparently it doesn't take much to make thousands of dollars. Would you rather have strict or nosy parents? AJ understands how gardens are supposed to work, but does anyone actually get anything out of them? It's time to make things illegal. Does a hair on your food actually bother you for the Debate At 8? What would you pick on the bingo card of amazing choices?


Now Illegal and Meh Hair Debate At 8

The time has come to make some law changes because there are things that are legal that have no business being so. AJ & McCall are done with internet ads, but how was it not known you could own a tank? After finding a hair on his burrito last night AJ said it didn't bother him and removed it and kept eating. Is it really that big a deal for the Debate At 8?


Just Read! Florida Or Not

Story #1 - Two sisters were mad about the price of their mani/pedi and shot the owner Story # 2- A cicada caused a car crash Story #3 - Couple was arrested for using a playground as a tunnel of love