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Interactive, daily program featuring Native and Indigenous voices, insights, and stories from across the U.S. and around the world.




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Tuesday, February 7, 2023 – Native tax tips

It’s the time of year to start calculating your taxable income and looking over any receipts you have collected in a shoebox. The IRS deadline isn’t until April, but the earlier you start the better prepared you are. Today on Native America Calling, we’ve got expert tax advice with Luella Brien (Apsáalooke), volunteer tax preparer since 2016 through the Chief Dull Knife Extension Office’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program; Phyllis George (Nez Perce), VITA tax preparer; and Sunny...


Monday, February 6, 2023 – Ensuring a long life for sturgeon

Sturgeon survive from the time dinosaurs roamed the earth, but some species are having a tough time weathering human-made encroachment. While some lake sturgeon live to be 100 years old, the species is on track to be designated endangered next year, threatening traditional Native fishing methods. Today on Native America Calling, as the brief sturgeon spearfishing seasons are getting underway, we look at the ecological status of sturgeons, the traditional harvest methods, and tribal efforts...


Friday, February 3, 2023 – Polar bears at risk, and posing a risk

The fatal polar bear attack in western Alaska in January is an anomaly. There hasn’t been one in the state for more than 30 years. Alaska Natives have always coexisted with the large predator, but polar bears are in a fight for survival as climate change robs them of the sea ice that serves as their primary hunting habitat. Today on Native America Calling, we explore what living in the proximity of polar bears is like and what the trends are for their immediate future with whaling captain...


Thursday, February 2, 2023 – Indigenous representation at Sundance

Organizers say this year’s Sundance Film Festival line-up is among the strongest in terms of number and scope of Indigenous films. They include a powerful documentary and a dramatic take on the MMIP issue, a review of a tribal media’s fight for editorial control, and a collection of shorts about Native history. Today on Native America Calling, we sample some of the eleven films by Indigenous producers presented to audiences at the seminal Park City, UT event with Razelle Benally (Diné and...


Wednesday, February 1, 2023 – Gratitude for gratuity

For Native people in the service industry, tips are a sizable part of their income. But there’s a lot of gray area and confusion when it comes to how much—and who—to tip. Food servers is an easy one. But what about tattoo artists? FedEx drivers? Roofing contractors? Today on Native America Calling, we get the latest recommendations on gratuity and explore the stereotype that Native customers are bad tippers with Kimberly Tilsen-Brave Heart (Oglala Lakota), owner and executive chef of Chef...


Tuesday, January 31, 2023 – Is there room for trust land in Alaska?

A city lot in Juneau recently became the first land ever put into trust for the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. It’s only the second tribal land put into trust in the country’s largest state. The trouble is, the state believes the trust designation by the U.S. Department of Interior undermines the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, that specifically prohibits the federal government from considering land-into-trust applications in Alaska. Today on Native America Calling, we...


Monday, January 30, 2023 – Lift yourself up

By now you might be wondering if you can follow through on your New Year’s resolution to get in shape and go to the gym more. Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts are tempted to skip a workout to accommodate busy schedules and those days they just aren’t up for lifting. Today on Native America Calling, we get some tips from Native exercise experts about making the most of your regimen and for keeping the motivation going with Orien Fiander (enrolled member of the Grand Ronde Tribe),...


Friday, January 27, 2023 – The Menu: James Beard nominations, eggs, and a new café

Indigenous chefs Nephi Craig (White Mountain Apache), Justin Pioche (Diné), Jaren Bates (Navajo), and Sherry Pocknett (Wampanoag) are semi-finalists for the James Beard Foundation award for best regional chef. ɁálɁal Café opened up at the urban housing complex recently opened by the Chief Seattle Club and it’s turning out a fresh line of healthy Indigenous menu items. And, as the much of the country grapples with an egg supply problem, some Native egg farmers are sitting pretty. Friday on...


Thursday, January 26, 2023 – Evolving choices for Native family planning

The post Roe vs. Wade landscape changes some reproductive health choices, but informed planning about starting and building families remains the best chance for health outcomes for everyone concerned. The federal government recently distributed $350 million to states to help address health disparities for mothers and babies who are most at risk. Today on Native America Calling, we get updates from Captain Stacey Dawson, Senior Women's Health Nurse Consultant for IHS Division of Nursing...


Wednesday, January 25, 2023 – The problem with lithium

Increasing demand for electric vehicles and other electric storage devices makes lithium an important and valuable commodity. The metal is used in batteries. Today on Native America Calling, we learn about plans to expand the only lithium mine in the United States to meet the demand and why it's considered an environmental and cultural affront to tribes in Nevada with Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Chairman Arlan Melendez; Ft. McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone tribal member Arlo Crutcher; and Gary...


Tuesday, January 24, 2023 – The mass incarceration of Native Americans

The research on the overrepresentation of Native Americans behind bars is long and vast. But a new report shows numbers that exceed what we’ve seen in the past: Native people are incarcerated at a rate 38% higher than the national average and are held in proportions higher than any other ethnic group in at least 19 states. Today on Native America Calling, we'll look at how, according to the report, tribes and tribal courts are part of the problem and could be part of the solution with...


Monday, January 23, 2023 — Indigenous interactions with artificial intelligence

You already interact with artificial intelligence when you ask Siri for directions or create an algorithmic path by thumbing through TikTok videos. But AI is fast becoming a place for individual—and corporate—creativity and technology. That brings up a lot of questions about copyright protections for Native creatives and worries about appropriation. Today on Native America Calling, we look at how it all works with Michael Running Wolf (Lakota and Cheyenne), a Ph.D student studying computer...


Friday, January 20, 2023 – Cultural connection: alligators

Alligators are known as large and fearsome reptiles. But they are also traditional touchstones and an important source of food for Southern and Southeastern tribes. Overhunting and human encroachment nearly drove the animal to extinction, but protections and habitat improvement helped them make a dramatic recovery. Today on Native America Calling, we'll hear about ongoing tribal efforts to manage populations of the animal that continues to have an important and enduring connection with...


Thursday, January 19, 2023 – Do stereotypes influence policy?

Montana—home to 12 federally recognized tribes—is the latest battleground over damaging rhetoric by public officials. One legislator floated a resolution calling on Congress to abolish reservations. The text was reportedly drafted by a businessman heading up what he calls “The States Rights Coalition”. Another official publicly questioned why Native Americans should be allowed to vote. He told a reporter that view is “the consensus opinion among conservatives” in the state. Today on Native...


Wednesday, January 18, 2023 – Lumbee Tribe vs. the KKK

The Battle of Hayes Pond in 1958 wasn’t much of a battle. But it was a major victory in the effort to stop the momentum of the Ku Klux Klan in the South. Today on Native America Calling, on the 65th anniversary of the night members of the Lumbee tribe showed up in force to stop a KKK rally in Robeson County, we’ll revisit the event and how it continues to be a source of strength and pride for a tribe as it struggles for federal recognition with Dr. Lawrence Locklear (Lumbee), director of the...


Tuesday, January 17, 2023 – Native in the Spotlight: Jana Schmieding

Today on Native America Calling, Jana Schmieding (Mniconjou and Sicangu Lakota) joins us for an hour-long conversation about her life and career as part of our feature Native in the Spotlight. Got a question you're dying to ask her? Or maybe you just want to tell her how awesome she is. You can reach her on 1-800-99-NATIVE.


Monday, January 16, 2023 – Teaching about other cultures

Native educators have a keen eye for guiding how schools teach students about Native history and culture. Does that experience also help when teaching Native students about other races and cultures? We’re well aware that colonial educational influences steered generations of students wrong when it comes to understanding Native people. Today on Native America Calling, we'll find out what Native educators do to avoid the same mistakes with Jerad Koepp (Wukchumni), Native student program...


Friday, January 13, 2023 – Native fictional future perspectives

The creators of the new Avatar sequel continue what they see as a science fiction account of colonialism and Indigenous resistance. It’s getting plenty of pushback from Native audiences for some significant missteps. The good news is there are plenty of films, comics, and artwork from Native creators that have a more informed take. Today on Native America Calling, we’ll hear from artist Virgil Ortiz (Cochiti Pueblo); Sadekaronhes Esquivel (Tyendinaga Mohawk), art lead and character designer...


Thursday, January 12, 2023 – P-22: How tribes want to honor the famous mountain lion

In a city known for celebrities, a mountain lion’s improbable, decade-long occupation of Los Angeles' Griffith Park earned him a status any movie star would envy. P-22 was euthanized after wildlife officials determined his injuries and illnesses made it impossible for him to continue living in the wild without significant suffering. Now, area tribes say they want a say in what happens to the famous lion’s remains. Today on Native America Calling, we’ll look back on the life of P-22 and get...


Wednesday, January 11, 2023 – When language translations go wrong

The federal government issued translations on official documents to help Alaska Natives following destructive storms there. The trouble is, the text is indecipherable for those it was intended to help. An investigative report found the Iñupiaq and Yup’ik translations from FEMA are essentially unreadable for those familiar with the languages. One appears to be at least partly taken from a World War Two-era publication in the Soviet Union. Today on Native America Calling, we’ll check in with...