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From a farm in Central Queensland to downtown Bangkok, to Canberra University and a career as an accountant and economist; to being one of Australia’s most successful property investors, and leading real estate strategist and educator specialising in tax, asset protection and international investment, it’s no wonder Dymphna Boholt is known by many professional and personal contacts as Dymphna the Dynamo!


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From a farm in Central Queensland to downtown Bangkok, to Canberra University and a career as an accountant and economist; to being one of Australia’s most successful property investors, and leading real estate strategist and educator specialising in tax, asset protection and international investment, it’s no wonder Dymphna Boholt is known by many professional and personal contacts as Dymphna the Dynamo!




From -$200k to +$250k equity in under 12 months.

At the young age of 20 Kelly and Liam rushed into the property market guns blazing, investing only with a dream and whatever she knew at the time. Soon after, the town they bought in was hit with the mining crash, and their propeties lost $100k in value each. Still working their 9 to 5’s, […]


Struggling mum pivots into $1.4 MILLION career change.

Juliette had just hit a fork in the road of life, newly married, newly pregnant, and newly saddled with a BIG mortage for a TINY townhouse, she realised it simply wasn’t going to work. On a friends reccomendation, she checked out one of I Love Real Estate’s free events, and immiediately knew this was the […]


Broke immigrant couple now does 5-6 PROFITABLE deals every year.

Maria and Bill were quick on the uptake when they first came to Australia, they could tell from day 1 the money making potential of property. Now, as a property development power couple, they net up to 5-6 deals every year, making them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. We’ve got Maria and […]


Mum goes from mortgage-slave to full time home investor

Today Michael chats with Vanessa, ex-full time mortgage slave, who once worked endless hours to just maintain the dream of ever paying it off, to now full time property investor. We learn just how Vanessa transformed her financial position and create a brand new, fulfilling, exciting, and profitable lifestyle for herself and her family. Book […]


Crazy random encounter leads to $265,000 in gross profits.

Ever wonder if you’re passing a millionaire in the street, someone worth talking to? What if you took that chance and actually asked? Well that’s exactly what happened to Allie. Her story is how a chance encounter with a secret millionaire celebrity lead to her to make $265,000 in gross profits from a single property. […]


Generating $82k Paydays as a broke jobber.

When James’ business and career suddently went under, he found himself saddled with $300,000 worth of personal debt, and no income or hope of ever paying it off. Even though he turned to property to make it back up, with such a dire starting point, he wondered if there was any way out of the […]


$100k setback? Here’s how to make it back many times over.

Richard had a few property ventures before joining I Love Real Estate. Some good, others not so much. But it all paled in comparison to the massive setback he had in the middle of his property journey, a venture that just went horribly wrong. But using what he learnt at ILRE he was able to […]


How a single rooming house is generating $46,000 cashflow.

Sharon is relatively new to the I Love Real Estate world, having only joined in 2019. Despite that, she’s one of the fastest growing success stories I’ve ever seen from one of my students. She was able to put together a rooming house that’s now generating just under $50k, and she did it all in […]


How to create $250k per annum and escape the work rut.

Before joining I Love Real Estate Sergio saw the rut that was forming at his feet. Working to day to day, he had no goal and while he was still making a living, he wasn’t building wealth. Looking to escape the black hole sucking him in, be began noticing the common “propositions” for wealth building… […]


How a corporate slave ESCAPED the 9-5 rat race.

The fact of the matter is, for 99% of the people, jobs suck. Especially the ones that suck up those precious daylight hours inside stuffy cubicles and tight business suits. While some tolerate this lifestyle, Henry could do it no longer. Seeking an escape from the wage-slave rat race, he looked to real estate investing […]


Reluctant immigrant replaces entire income in just 3 years.

Richard didn’t come to Australia for fame and fortune, he only travelled to follow his (then) girlfriend… When the relationship didn’t pan out, he had grown attached to his new home in Australia, and looked into making his stay permanent. Realising that would be an expensive endevour, he researched several investment strategies before landing on […]


The value of 20 years of real estate secrets? Enough to retire… 5 times over.

John became a student at I Love Real Estate 20 years ago. Of course, he was only a student for a few of those years, and is now happily retired on the Gold Coast. We’ve tracked down John for an exclusive interview on how he spent the last 20 years as a property investor, the […]


Newbie Investor Creates $819,000 Gross Rental Empire.

When you hear insane property success stories, you eventually find out that one detail that makes it less… Impressive. Like how they had a huge inheritance to get started, or built their portfolio over several decades. This is not one of those stories. We’re chatting with Michael, one of my students and the owner of […]


Buying an Aussie property for under.. $300,000?!

What would you consider a good price for a decent peice of Australian property these days? $600k? $800k? Hell for something decent a lot of people would say a cool million is fair play. How about $300k? Seems crazy right. But one of my students did it, and I’m interviewing her today to find out […]


$57,000 profit… Without actually buying the property yourself.

Venessa was a struggling property investor just a few years ago. Coming out of a divorce she simply had not structured her portfolio to survive the break-up… With her finances on the line she decides to join I Love Real Estate, and uses a new strategy that involved not buying the property herself. A few […]


Young Aussie investor nets $150k PROFIT per deal (Secrets revealed).

Luke was a career residentual valuer, so after 8 years and 14,000 valuations he had a pretty good idea of what property was really worth. One day he realises just how he could stop working with property and have property could work for him. After seeing an I Love Real Estate ad on Facebook and […]


How rooming houses create a $775,000 income.

When Saemus worked in the corporate world, the one asset class that kept catching his eye was PROPERTY. When Seamus looked a way to completely replace his income, it was the obvious answer. More specifically, Seamus was attracted to rooming houses because it was a win-win-win. Affordable housing win for the tenant, great asset for […]


How to find your personal property GOLD MINE.

Suzi had always been a self-described “property junkie”. Today she lives up to the title, and she’s one of the most knowledgeable students I have today. Today, she gives us her tell-all tales on making your own property gold mine. You wouldn’t believe the amount of value she generating by just knowing right person to […]


Property guru reveals the secret to making $100,000 passive income EVERY YEAR.

Mark Baker might be a familiar name to some of you… It’s not surprising, he’s one of the most successful investors I’ve ever worked with. Ex business owner turned property investor, Mark cracked the code on passive income, and now EASILY clears $100,000 every year in passive income alone. Today Mark finally spills his guts […]


The $400k property that “Keeps giving”.

Matthew had received only one piece of advice from his grandfather when it comes to real estate. “Real estate is important, real estate will you get somewhere.” When Matthew found himself lost in life, he decided to chase his grandfathers admittedly vague words. Stumbling across an ad from I Love Real Estate he saw a […]