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DJ Daddy English of Benevolent International Sound and the owner of Preppie Records presents authentic reggae music from the past, present, and future via The Reggae In The City Podcast. Enjoy exclusive interviews and a positive vibe.


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DJ Daddy English of Benevolent International Sound and the owner of Preppie Records presents authentic reggae music from the past, present, and future via The Reggae In The City Podcast. Enjoy exclusive interviews and a positive vibe.




Ep 148... Rototom 2023

We went to the Rototom Sunsplash festival in Spain and asked the Artists, Musicians, and Entertainers the hardest question in the world, hear their answers on this episode. All This and More. Enjoy. @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 147... Micah Shemaiah

Daddy English caught up with Micah Shemaiah while the 'Jamaica Jamaica' singer was on tour in the UK. The Roots Rock Reggae artist talks about his latest album, his comic book, and drops gems packed with positive insight and inspiration. Enjoy. @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 146... My Sweet Lord

Exco Levi's 'Feels Like Home' is only right as we give tribute to Jamaica on the 61st Independence day. Damian Marley's 'My Sweet Lord' features and a new inductee into the Rototom Corner. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 145... Top Rank Queens

Daddy English features some favourites from yesteryear with songs from Gappy Ranks, Collie buddz, I-Octane, and more. New selections from Samory-I and Inezi, not forgetting Top Rank Queens taken from Hempress Sativa's new album Charka. All this and more. Who is in the Rototom Corner this week? Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 144... Own A Plan

This time around Daddy English features new music from Jazzwad and Macka B, Jah Shaka Trod On as well as Empress Imani's Sugar Water. Little Lion Sound's production featuring Randy Valentine's 'Own A Plan' seals the vibe. Who's featured on the Rototom Sunsplash Corner? Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 143... Blvk H3ro

Get to know the next super hero, the one that is moving Reggae and Dancehall music forward and will change the world. His name is Blvk H3ro, he took time out to share his mission and story with Daddy English. Enjoy. @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 142... Star Of The East

This time around Daddy English features the new collaboration with Delly Ranx, Brian & Tony Gold, and Sizzla called 'Spread Love.' Samory I's brand new 'Crown' and Yeza's 'Star of The East' with Rory Stonelove. All this and a lot more Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 141... Treesonable

This time around we dedicated a segment of the episode to 4/20 and featured music from Ziggy Riccado, Yaadcore's new EP called 'Treesonable,' and others. Listen out for Randy Valentine's and Little Lions Sound's 'Own A Plan' and new music from Rebel Isaak. All this and more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 140... Queen Omega

Queen Omega is our special guest this week. The 'Lioness' singer speaks with Daddy English about her new album 'Freedom Legacy.' All this and more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 139... Long Way Home

Featuring brand new music from Aza Lineage and a song called 'Plant up the Herbs,' Taleba Wax's 'Stand Up In Love' by Bloodline Muzikbrings a nice energy to the episode as does 'The Heart of Gold' Riddim by SamiRanks Music. Listen out for the latest single from Inezi called 'Long Way Home.' All this and more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 138... Lioness

Giving special mention and celebrating Women in honour of IWD. Playing selections from Reemah, Rafeelya, Aza Lineage and more. Queen Omega’s anthem song ‘Lioness’ leads the way and Stingray Record’s Arena Riddim supports the message. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 137... Desperate Lover

Featuring Protoje's 'Legend Legend' and King I's 'Once' Selections from XTM Nations 'Special Request' Riddim and Global Beat Studios 'Ina Dis Yah' Riddim. Daddy English also plays songs from the 'We Remember Bob Andy' Album featuring 'Desperate Lover' sang by Tarrus Riley. All this and more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 136... Warriors

Featuring Kabaka Pyramid's 'Mystic Man' and Inezi's 'Jungle.' Selections from Pure Music's 'Relationship' Riddim and Buzzwaks 'Red Label' Riddim. Daddy English plays Reemah's latest 'Warriors' as well as his favourites from Hector Roots Lewis's latest EP. All this and more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 135... Jungle

Featuring Yeza's new single, 'Tek Chat' and selections from The Green Lion Crew's Riddim Full of Culture Album. Listen out for Inezi's brand new single called Jungle and Mitch Di Singa's 'Hoisted.' All this and more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 134.... Protoje

Protoje is our special guest, speaking with Daddy English about his Grammy nominated album 'Third Times The Charm.' Hear his thoughts on Meditation, Repatriation, The Grammy's and more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 133... Angel

Featuring new music from Samory I's latest 'Blood In The Streets,' Medisun's 'Greener Grass,' and Kenya Eugene's 'Higher.' listen out for Sault's 'Angel,' it is a game changer. All this and more. Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 132... Delly Ranx Returns

Reggae and Dancehall icon Delly Ranx takes time out for a chat with Daddy English about his latest album 'Silent Giant.' The 'Mama Love' artist talks about the connection with Stingray Records and gives his opinion on the ban of certain songs from the Jamaican airwaves. All this and more @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 131... Tanya Stephens

Reggae and Dancehall Legend Tanya Stephens takes time out for a chat with Daddy English about her latest album 'Some Kinda Madness.' The 'Not Today' singer gives her opinion on modern day relationship and explains why dismantling the establishment is necessary. @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk


Ep 130... Rising Sun

An episode packed with big selections from Kabaka Pyramid’s latest album, Aysha Loren, Aza Lineage as well as music from Delly Ranx, David Slur x Joe Mersa Marley and much more. Listen out for Hezron's rendition of ‘Rising Sun.’ Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk #Gorilla #AimToTheHead


Ep 129... Rototom 2022 Pt. 2

We went to Rototom Sunsplash and this is part 2. This episode features interviews with Chris Dymond, Freddie Krueger, Koers and patrons of the festival. Listen to Pt 1 if you missed it! Enjoy @ReggaeInTheCityPodcast @DaddyEnglishBI Facebook @ReggaeInTheCityUk #Gorilla #AimToTheHead