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Author interviews that challenge us to live our best life. Family, work, balance, and more.


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Author interviews that challenge us to live our best life. Family, work, balance, and more.






Into the Light with Kenneth Arner

Retired, Worked at the Children’s Hospital. Training to be a massage therapist. I went to Phoenix College. Did some editorial pieces cartoons. Omega paper. I am a pianist and I do Yoga. I create music and make videos. Sunny slope high school grade school Washington grade school.


Silence of The Lad, Why Men Stop Talking with Anthony Page

Tony is a native Washingtonian who enjoys meeting new people and traveling the country. He is the proud father of two adult daughters: and a doting Gee Paw of twin grandchildren. Tony has a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Leadership, and an Associate Degree in Christian Education. He serves as Lead Pastor at Face2Face Worship Center in Clinton, Maryland, and is a Certified Relationship Counselor, HTA. Tony has served in various capacities of ministry for over 30 years. His passion is helping...


Seven Cuts of Wood with Barry Sankey

Born on the outside of Chicago and grew up in the suburb of Maywood IL. Im 65 and just getting started, I now live in Fort Worth TX


Walking God's Tightrope with Victoria Lloyd

I was born in White Oak, North Carolina. Graduated from Bladen Central High School, Became an ordained Evangelist at an early age also in North Carolina. Later graduated from Philadelphia Training Center as a nurse where I received six awards for academic achievements.


Blossom and Dragon with A.G. Sinko

I write a little of everything – plays, teleplays, young adult fiction – with BLOSSOM AND THE DRAGON being my last piece. I grew up in a multilingual, mutli-ethnic household – mom is of Irish descent, dad is Hungarian. I love working with people through my writing and teaching to find their passions.


Honoring Our Creator with Link Thompson

An air force fighter pilot and later an international airline pilot Who has covered most of our mother earth and who became familiar with the majority of all Mankind and major manmade earth religions; yet we all bleed red, have interchangeable Parts and largely seek our common creator.


Consider Job with Dennis Lines

Born in 1947 to a wartime nurse and school canteen cook and a tool setter in the south of Birmingham UK. Joined a fundamentalist Christian denomination called the Christadelphians in 1963. o Left education at the age of 15 o Tool maker in mechanical engineering, and worked in presstool industries till 1977 o Went to Teacher Training College at 30 and became a religious education, PE and science teacher from 1977 to 2011. Midway through teaching, I obtained a degree in counselling and...


Mystery of the Keys of the Kingdom with Deborah Bouchard

Deborah Bouchard, author of “Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven’, has written her second book, “Mystery of the Keys of the Kingdom”, which she has taught in several countries. A speaker, teacher and evangelist, Deborah has had a passion to teach God’s childre and seekers alike the goodnes AND the judgment of God. She has been a missionary to the world for over twenty years.


The Messenger with Janice Reneau Clendennen

Janice Reneau Clendennen has been expressing herself through writing since childhood. She developed an interest in Israel as a teenager. The Messenger is her first book.


The Boy Killian with John Quarmby

The author is a lecturer on podiatric surgery in a college in Belfast, Ireland. He wrote the book, The Boy Killian, for people who were victims of sexual abuse and serve as their therapy in order to encourage them to seek help.


Bitter, Broken, Blessed with Nora Alexander

Nora Alexander was reared in a non-Christian home. God raised her up to become a teacher, a pastor’s wife , and a mother of four.

Dreams and Cries Are Save and Silent with Maria Veneros

I came from a big family I’m the oldest of 14 kids, worked since was 13 years old, mother of 3 children, grandmother of 2, I’m an emigrant do housekeeper for a living, I fight for my goals and that dreams can came True, a Nature lover, a person who believe in the love of God and the goodness of life.


Friendship the Journey with Janice Euell

Mother of two, grandmother of three.; founder of Community Outreach center and two very successful teen clubs for youth empower and behavioral Modification; received awards and recognitions from congressional representatives and Other politicians; host of well-received podcast- something to think about


Four Legged Heroes: The Mama Magina Books with Mary Virginia Pitman

Awakening creative activities and adventures in a child’s mind to evoke good character traits in children’s personal value code of ethics for life.


The Curse with Xena Clarke

Give me one word and I’ll give you a story. Ask me to describe myself and I’ll forget every interesting thing about me.


Over power with Beverly Nickles

Beverly Nickles is a native of Ohio who has lived in Moscow, Russia, most of the time since February 14, 1992. She holds a journalism degree from Ohio State University and previously worked in public relations. Currently, she blogs on a website devoted to teachings by and about Jesus Christ. “Over power” is inspirational fiction and her first book. She holds a master of divinity degree from Columbia Biblical Seminary.


Why Creation Makes More Sense Than Evolution with Maurice Smith

An Ordained Minister with over 30 years of teaching children, youth, and men’s ministries. 5 years retired from US Postal Service. Author of four books and dedicated to Evangelism.


An Issue of Blood with Rose Fancy

I am an accountant. After experiencing this great pain I did a certificate in nutrition coach and been a Christian all my life. I attend the Episcopal church. I am originally from Kingston Jamaica. You can find her online:


Spiritual-Busyness from Surviving to Thriving with Alex Graham

I was born in a town in Western Victoria called Warrnambool, but grew up on a dairy farm. The most significant thing for me about the beautiful coastal town of my birth, was a businessman by the name of Fletcher Jones. He went from selling clothes out of a bullock dray to employing 3600 people in Warrnambool. At one stage he gave his employees 51 percent of his business. His employees loved him for his kindness, generosity and business acumen. His cooperative venture became the equity...


The Gift of God’s Word with Pamella Christensen

As Pam grew up and studied both the Old and New Testaments, she fell in love with God’s Word. God inspired her to lead Bible studies for 49 years, as well as to write studies of her own, based on His Word. Pam’s prayer is that as you read the Bible studies and devotions that are included in this book, you will also grow closer to the Lord and the gift of His Word!