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In this podcast series, Rupert Spira explores the non-dual understanding, expressed in different ways. Please subscribe if you would like to be notified whenever new episodes are available. If you would like to find out more about events, publications, and Rupert's archive of recordings, please visit Music written and played by Shena Power and recorded by Simon Power.


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In this podcast series, Rupert Spira explores the non-dual understanding, expressed in different ways. Please subscribe if you would like to be notified whenever new episodes are available. If you would like to find out more about events, publications, and Rupert's archive of recordings, please visit Music written and played by Shena Power and recorded by Simon Power.




Episode 65: Cory Allen

The latest ‘Rupert Spira Podcast’ episode is with Cory Allen from the ‘And Then It Hit Me’ podcast. The discussion covers topics such as why Rupert prefers the term ‘happiness’ over ‘enlightenment’, how someone who is interested in these matters can begin the process of self-realisation and how personality and identity fit within the non-dual framework. Rupert and Cory also discuss how friendship with those who share the non-dual understanding is a safeguard against falling into detachment and de-personalisation, and how this understanding gives us the best possible chance of leading a full, active, harmonious and enjoyable life.


Episode 64: Rupert Recites from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus

In celebration of National Poetry Day in the UK, we invite you to enjoy Rupert’s recital of Austrian poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke. The spontaneous and joyful delivery comes in response to a request to comment on the topic of food. The poem is from Rilke’s collection ‘Sonnets to Orpheus’.


Episode 63: Donald Hoffman (2nd conversation)

In the latest Rupert Spira Podcast, hosted by Science and Nonduality and moderated by Michael Reiley, Rupert is joined for a second time by Donald Hoffman. Their dialogue offers profound insights into the nature of consciousness and its relationship to reality. Together they propose that the materialist paradigm or the belief that consciousness emerges from the physical world is a flawed model and that consciousness is the fundamental field of reality. Exploring the potential of mathematics, art, and self-inquiry they discuss how we can transcend the limitations of spacetime and touch upon the transcendent aspects of human existence and they address the importance of integrating personal growth with the recognition of one's true nature. Ultimately, they envision a future where science and spirituality converge, leading to transformative breakthroughs in our understanding of consciousness.


Episode 62: Dropping In (Omega Institute)

The latest Rupert Spira Podcast episode is an in-depth exploration of the essential self. Rupert and host of the Omega Institute’s Dropping In podcast, Cali Alpert, discuss the importance of the non-dual understanding in easing global suffering, why happiness eludes us and why self-knowledge is essential. They also talk about why it is called the direct path, Cali asks Rupert about his spiritual journey, and they discuss how self-enquiry eventually gives way to self-abidance — allowing our innate peace and happiness to shine.


Episode 61: Hale Dwoskin (2nd Conversation)

In this Rupert Spira Podcast episode Rupert talks to Hale Dwoskin, author of ‘The Sedona Method’, about exploring, understanding and reslising the essential self. They start off by discussing the inward-facing path and how the recognition of our essential self as awareness is only a partial liberation from the tyranny of our thoughts and feelings. In order to completely free ourselves from the belief and feeling of separation and the suffering that attends it we also need to recognise the nature of that awareness.


Episode 60: Dr. Tony Nader

In the latest Rupert Spira podcast episode on Advaita Vedanta Rupert talks with author, neuroscientist and head of the international Transcendental Meditation organisation in over 100 countries, Dr Tony Nader. The conversation delves deep into the Vedantic perspective on topics such as the nature of ultimate reality, Consciousness, Self and the significance of this understanding in making life better for everyone. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds Rupert and Dr Nader offer listeners different perspectives on the meaning of various aspects of this non-dual tradition as well as explanations of a number of Sanskrit terms.


Episode 59: Karl Morris (2nd conversation)

In this episode Rupert and sports coach, Karl Morris, meet for a second conversation on sport and non-duality. They go deeper into topics such as how the non-dual understanding can help enhance performance and enjoyment of sports, what it means to be in the zone and how we can go there more often. They also explore how connecting with Self can help address fear, how removing the focus from outcomes can help us transcend limitations and achieve greater success in sports and how our opponents are really our best allies in the quest for perfection.


Episode 58: Donald Hoffman

In this Rupert Spira Podcast episode, moderated by Simon Mundie, Rupert talks with cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman about the hard problem of consciousness, using maths to describe reality and whether or not the concept of space-time is doomed. Other topics include questions such as ‘Are we closer yet to a theory of everything?’, ‘Why does the one localise?’, ‘Is science finally catching up with what the great spiritual traditions have been telling us for centuries?’ and ‘Does the perennial philosophy need an upgrade?’


Episode 57: Lucas Perry

In this Rupert Spira Podcast episode, Rupert talks with Lucas Perry from The Mu Podcast about topics such as the true nature of reality, stages of awakening and the differences between the progressive path and the direct path. They also discuss the moral implications of the non-dual understanding, whether science could use non-dual principles as guidance for creations such as AI and what would be required for world peace.


Episode 56: Laura Coe

In this Rupert Spira Podcast episode, Rupert talks with Laura Coe from The Art of Authenticity on finding peace on the inside and love on the outside. In a delightful conversation they delve into topics such as ‘What is love?’, ‘What is the difference between pleasure and happiness?’ and ‘Is romantic love different from universal love?’. They also discuss what it means to live an authentic life and explore ways we can find genuine satisfaction in our careers.


Episode 55: Deepak Chopra (3rd conversation)

In this Rupert Spira Podcast episode with Deepak Chopra, happiness is the main subject of discussion. What can we do to attain it and alleviate our suffering? How can we transform painful emotions so that we too can experience Ananda — the joy of existence we all long for? Also in this episode, Rupert gives us three steps to deal with painful emotions. And Deepak explains how Rupert’s teaching is a modern, practical and experiential interpretation of Yoga, Tantra, Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism.


Episode 54: Cathy Heller

In this episode, Rupert talks with Cathy Heller about topics such as Rupert’s own search for clarity, the longing to return to being, the basis for authentic relationships, how to meditate, finding lasting happiness and how the idea of manifesting abundance fits into the framework of the non-dual understanding.


Episode 53: Corey Hunter

In this latest Rupert Spira Podcast episode, Rupert talks with the musician Corey Hunter, with whom he released the song 'Love Eternal' earlier this year. Along with discussing the inspiration for the song, this delightful conversation which is filmed at one of Rupert's retreats, goes straight to the heart of the big topics: the reason behind all suffering, the illusion of death and time; the ultimate nature of reality; the true meaning of love; oneness; and the application of the non-dual understanding in the world.


Episode 52: Oxford Psychedelics Society

In this latest Rupert Spira Podcast episode, Rupert has a delightfully philosophical conversation with the Oxford Psychedelic Society that delves into many facets of the concept of oneness as the nature of reality, illustrating how we experience it in our daily lives. With the understanding that we are all one — the essence of the non-dual understanding which forms the basis of all major spiritual and religious traditions — how do we reconcile the fact that we share the same being with the apparent separateness of everybody and everything? And in a world where we do realise the truth of oneness — or infinite consciousness — what are the implications that has for the way that we structure society? Covering ethics, metaphysics, infinity and the finite mind, good and evil, suffering, love, self-enquiry, the illusion of ego, panpsychism, consciousness, the universe and the Buddhist notion of emptiness, this in-depth and wonderfully illuminating discussion leads us to the inevitable conclusion that is summed up beautifully by the Indian sage Ramana Maharshi: “Your own Self-Realisation is the greatest service you can render the world.”


Episode 51: SHINE (Metropolitan Police, 2nd conversation)

Rupert was invited to join the SHINE team and Metropolitan Police staff for a second webinar during which he guides the group through an experiential exploration of the questions – ‘What is aware of my experience?’, and ‘What, or who, am I essentially?’ This is followed by a Q&A with the officers, whose daily work often takes them into contact with highly charged, stressful, and demanding situations. SHINE is the service within the London Metropolitan Police set up to foster and maintain the wellbeing of officers. Rupert first spoke to MET Police staff during a webinar arranged through SHINE, in September 2020, at the height of the pandemic which inspired the first podcast with members of the group last year, which can be found here.


Episode 50: Zoe Blaskey

In this episode, Rupert talks with Zoe Blaskey from Motherkind about how to navigate the massive challenges of motherhood and life with more acceptance, ease, joy and purpose.


Episode 49: Oxford Psychedelics Society Panel

In this latest episode, Rupert takes part in a riveting debate on consciousness with Bernardo Kastrup (scientist) and Christof Koch (neuroscientist), hosted by the Oxford Psychedelic Society. With such a vast scientific and non-dual knowledge between them, this fascinating conversation delves into many aspects of consciousness and the nature of reality, including: awareness and the human mind; phenomenal consciousness; reductionism; idealism; Integrated Information Theory (IIT); meta and artificial consciousness; and psychedelics.


Episode 48: Kimberley Snyder

In this latest episode, Rupert talks with Kimberley Snyder from The Feel Good Podcast about awakening to the innate peace of your true self. This delightful conversation touches on many common topics discussed in spiritual circles today, such as: the ego; forgiveness; how to deal with big emotions; desire; suffering; facing the emptiness inside; the art of letting go, and enlightenment.


Episode 47: The Weekend University

In this latest Rupert Spira Podcast episode, Rupert presents a fascinating lecture on 'Non-duality and the Nature of Consciousness' for The Weekend University as part of their 'A Day On Consciousness' event in January, 2022. During the talk, Rupert delves into all facets of consciousness and the nature of reality, giving the listener a truly felt sense of their experience being different from that taught to us in conventional, materialist thinking. His presentation clearly dispels any myths about the existence of matter, and makes a concise and compelling case for consciousness being the ultimate reality of the universe – the non-dual philosophy that underlies all the great religious and spiritual traditions. "The most profound problems that humanity faces – the despair felt by many people, the conflict experienced between individuals, communities and nations, and the exploitation and degradation of the earth – all stem ultimately from our mistaken notion of the nature of reality."


Episode 46: Watkins Magazine Interview

In this latest Rupert Spira Podcast episode, Rupert joins David Chuter from Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine for an eye-opening conversation about finding inner peace and lasting happiness, to mark the publication of Rupert's new book You Are the Happiness You Seek. Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine is a quarterly esoteric magazine published by Watkins Books in London. Like the famous bookshop (established over 100 years ago), the magazine covers a wide range of subjects from contemporary spirituality and self development to mysticism and Eastern philosophy.