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Keep up to date on all the daily madness that is the Buzz Adams Morning Show -- now in easily digestible podcast form!




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May 26, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

It's Mon... It's Tuesday and we're back with a live show the day after Memorial Day BTW it's not cool to say "Happy Memorial Day" as Buzz learned. We have a favorite in the Chex Mix battle. Buzz tries to explain what "out to pasture means". An Elvis bedazzled jockstrap is going for sale. What's happening on TV tonight. Checking in on some neckline calls and Buzz's and Joanna's mom drop in on the show. And that catches you up on the Buzz Adams Morning Show.


May 22, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

It's Memorial Day weekend and someone here is trying to travel but can't because he needs a note from the boss. It's also Morrissey's birthday. Joanna just found out what "Don't stand so close to me" by the Police is all about. Buzz was an adult when "Muppet Babies" came out so he can't relate to the younger members of the show. Some science relaed news. Buzz is struggling today. "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead" remake coming out. Interview with Stephanie Valle of KVIA on the new...


May 21, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

We're one day closer to Memorial Day weekend and staycations are all the rage this year. We've got your 3 Random Facts today. If a movie was rebooted with the perspective of a different character, what movie would you want to see? We get a call from our good friend Karen. A True crime Report and an interview with the Mayor of El Paso. Buzz tries to convince us he's not lonely.


May 20, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

New weird bar rules will be in place when they open back up. "Topless" weekend happened in Galveston and it was crazy. "Masked Singer" finale is tonight and Lisa and Joanna have their predictions. Should the President be taking Hydroxychloroquine? New "Tiger King" updates. "HoW sTuPiD cAn PeOpLe Be?" Let us answer that. New drinking games and crazy exercise equipment that actually exists. Buzz and Brandon update us on "90 Day Fiance." Which basketball decade was better: 80s or 90s?


May 19, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

So, Ryan Seacrest didn't have a stroke. Also, Michael Jordan's pizza was totally poisoned! Will you go back to buffets? Another Chuck E. Cheese scandal! An "Am I The A-Hole" scenario. Interview with Jesse James Dupree! What's the last normal photo you took? Buzz's "90 Day Fiance" update. Buzz and his love of old TV because it reminds him of the olden days. Kappy drops in for sports.


May 18, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

We're apparently still in phase one of Texas reopening! Virtual graduation ceremony this past weekend. A holy water gun is going viral. Buzz's weekend at the golf course and his yearly bat party will be cancelled this year. Baseball will come back with new rules. Most common nightmares we have. Fred Willard passed away. more nightmares and Kappy's drive-by birthday party was a success!


May 15, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Happy National Pizza Party day! We have some big questions to ask about pizza like, pineapple on pizza, yes or no? Chicago style or New York style pizza? A special True Crime Report with a Florida Woman game. A unique "am I the A-hole?" situation. Gyms are reopening. Concerning Email Buzz got 3 Random Facts and Kappy and his son, Joel, drop in to tell us about Kappy's birthday plans!


May 14, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Did y'all see that brawl at the Red Lobster on Mother's day? The porn industry says they can help other industries. Trump baseballs are booming right now. Vans contest with two Deming finalists. Our friend Comedian Elliott Threatt calls in. Cletus is back at it again. Buzz doesn't know what "Guess Who" is, Buzz shares some cocktail recipes. Vivica A. Fox has changed! She also wants to be in the third "Kill Bill". Interview with El Paso Mayor Dee Margo. Buzz & Kappy's 30 year friendship.


May 13, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

We FINALLY find out our results of our antibodies test! Jeff Goldblum was trending on Twitter, but he's not dead! We interview Sarah Sullivan, a nurse from El Paso who went to help in NYC hospitals. Kappy drops in. It's Cocktail day and Buzz makes a confession.


May 12, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Brandon catches Buzz up on their favorite show "90 Day Fiance." Double rainbow guy died. 3 Random Facts. Protesters worked out to try and get their gyms opened. Strip clubs are now allowed to file for emergency loans. We took our antibody test and Buzz has the results. Interview with Jim Ward. Masks and COVID-19 testing. Kappy drops in and talks Mike Tyson's workout routine video.


May 11, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

It's the day after Mother's Day and we're finalizing our Mount Rushmore of fictional moms! Anyone know why we're suddenly getting people from Vietnam on our Facebook chat? Shanghai Disney is opening and Joanna still hasn't gotten her money back! What businesses are absolutely crushing it during this pandemic? Celebrity deaths over the weekend. We took the antibody test and are awaiting our results!


May 8, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Don't forget Mother's Day on Sunday! Once again, we have El Paso Mayor Dee Margo on the show after pictures of him not wearing a mask and not social distancing have surfaced. Also, we learn that the mayor doesn't silence his tones! Call our neckline with suggestions for the Mount Rushmore of fictional mothers! We're all taking the antibodies test today- stay tuned for the results! What are some things that you've noticed lately that you would like to stay after the pandemic? Booze delivery?...


May 7, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Lisa's back! Find out why she now lives in the studio with Brandon. The Irish are helping the Navajo. Mother's day in the time of corona. Conspiracy theories and doing your own research. Top ten shows everyone is streaming. A listener sent us Starbucks and we were shocked he knew our orders! Buzz is still salty that Lisa moved to a different studio. No new "Black Mirror". A call from our favorite: Karen! Task force will not disband. We don't really hold strong opinions about children on...


May 6, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Happy Revenge of the Sixth! Lisa is out and Joanna is doing double duty (ha! duty!) with news and entertainment news. We got a visit from our good friend Nostradumbass today and a fresh True Crime Report complete with a "Florida Man game." Governor Abbott has announced the next phase in reopening Texas. A listener sends Buzz some "questions" we should be asking ourselves during this pandemic. Buzz & Brandon share some creepy snake stories. We play "10 to win" with listeners and an "Am I the...


May 5, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Tequila sales are way up. Buzz has noticed some weird return policies now that places are reopening. We're getting a sequel to "Demolition Man" but will we get an answer to how to use the three seashells? Buzz has so much TV to watch. Nicolas Cage is officially Joe Exotic. Let's recap our Mount Rushmore of "Star Wars" characters and what is Joanna's Mount Rushmore of hot men of "Star Wars." Live callers, Entertainment news and Kappy drops in.


May 4, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

May the fourth be with you! Happy "Star Wars" Day! Find out what our Monday morning Mount Rushmore is. We get lots of callers on their thoughts of "Star Wars" characters. Buzz reads some Facebook chat comments. Unemployment rates are up, and just how much are the COVID-19 numbers exaggerated? Murder Hornets are a thing now. Kappy joins us and Buzz has some dad jokes!


May 1, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Welcome to May! Who do you think most American's trust with COVID-19 information? What dates in May are ruined because of the 'rona? Disney still has Joanna's money but they're already planning an opening. You get to decide what our Monday Morning Mount Rushmore will be. We have masks we're giving away and Buzz barely learned how to put one on. Today's "Am I the A-hole?" is a doozy. Joanna doesn't care for Disney's "Hercules". Buzz knows a lot about old timey Hollywood actors and about the...


April 30, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

It's the final day of April! Jeff Bezos is building a gigantic clock in a mountain in West Texas, that's not weird at all. Alcohol to-go may stay forever! Game time: who has higher bids in the "All in Challenge"? Did the CIA write the Scorpions hit "Wind of Change"? "Waco" is the new mini-series Buzz is into. What tech skills are you learning during quarantine? Good news. The "Parks & Rec" reunion show is tonight and we're all excited! Which would you choose: "Parks & Rec" or "The Office"?...


April 29, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Lisa is out today, but she's not sick, we promise! Buzz has a True Crime Report. Biden has a new endorsement. Did he or did he not call it a hoax? Brandon's time working with DJ Khaled. How long can you take lockdown before you crack? Should Brandon and Joanna get an above ground pool? How well do 2 party systems work? What tech skills have learned during quarantine? Family Feud Game: Actors known for playing the same type of role. Joanna learns the sad story of Keiko the Killer Whale. Kappy...


April 28, 2020 -- BAMS Podcast

Texas is reopening, in phases. An update on the "Varsity Blues" Scandal. A protest leader got the 'rona. TV tonight, Trump's sarcastic comment survey. New "Star Wars" coming to Disney Plus, Buzz's original thoughts on "The Mandalorian." Where will people go when it's all open? Karen calls in again. Answering comments on our Facebook chat. A Vaccine trial is underway. Brandon's thoughts on Nostradamus posts. Kaplowitz joins in and informs us that John Goodman was in "Revenge of the Nerds."