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This is only our opinion… it is neither right nor wrong.


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This is only our opinion… it is neither right nor wrong.




Why Isn’t KISS Recertifying Their Catalog with the RIAA?

Episode 530. Martin Popoff returns to discuss RIAA awards and certification. We ask the question, why hasn’t KISS recertified their catalog… clearly it would seem a number of their albums have sold more than what the RIAA claims. Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Since launching in 2012 […]


Bob Halligan Jr. On Writing READ MY BODY with Paul Stanley. Did He Also Mention Tone Loc?

Episode 529. Bob Halligan Jr. joins us this week to discuss his songwriting with KISS… from Hot In The Shade, Read My Body and Rise To It. Bob mentions how at one point KISS were thinking about having Tone Loc rap on Read My Body. Bob talks about how Michael Bolton gave Paul Stanley a […]


Should The 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Include Rock N Roll All Nite by KISS

Episode 528. Author Greg Prato returns as we discuss his new ebook The 100 Greatest Song of Heavy Metal. First thing we dive into is where did KISS land with their two songs that made the list and should Rock N Roll All Nite be on the list? We debate what is heavy metal. Then […]


Stevie Dacanay from Buckcherry Talks Life on the Road and Guitar Gear

Episode 527. On this week’s episode we are joined by incredible guitarist Stevie Dacaney from Buckcherry. We discuss life on the road, songwriting and guitar gear in rock’n’roll! Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Since launching in 2012 Three Sides of the Coin has been viewed or listened […]


Fans Have Had Enough with Drama and Controversy It’s About the Music

Episode 526. Enough! Paul Stanley vs Ace Frehley. Motley Crue vs Mick Mars. Controversial comments by Paul Stanley. We have all seen it with so many bands. Drama! It is getting old and tired and we don’t care about it. We got into rock n roll and KISS because of the music, not because of […]


What Is It Like Doing Individual Meet & Greets with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley & Tommy Thayer

Episode 525. Larry Basham returns to share his stories about doing Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer individual stage played instrument meet and greets at one show. What a dream! What a experience! How do these meet and greets work, what happens during them and a couple tips to help you if you decide […]


Snake from Skid Row Shares His Love of KISS and Paul Stanley’s Word of the Day

Episode 524. Dave “Snake” Sabo from Skid Row joins this week. We start off by talking about Snake’s love for KISS and their influence on him as a musician. Snake reveals something we had never heard before, on the Farewell Tour before each show Skid Row would give Paul Stanley a word of the day […]


Kip Winger Talks KISS, Classical Music, Backing Tracks and Band Drama

Episode 523. Kip Winger joins us this week. Kip talks about touring with KISS on the Hot In The Shade tour. He talks about how he made the move to classical music and his career in classical music. We talk about the drama going in with other bands, such as Motley Crue. He shares his […]


Review of the New Live KISS Album with Eric Carr and Mark St. John

Episode 522. In this episode Tommy and Mark sit down and review the new KISS Off The Soundboard Poughkeepsie live album from the Animalize tour, featuring Eric Carr and Mark St. John. What an incredible piece of history! They also talk about the Ace Frehley vs. Paul Stanley drama. Forget the haters, we won! Press […]


Songwriter Holly Knight Talks About Writing and Playing with KISS

Episode 521. We are joined by 2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Holly Knight. Holly joins to talk about recording all the keyboards on KISS Unmasked, working with Paul Stanley on the Hot In The Shade single Hide Your Heart and the tracks Raise Your Glasses and I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock […]


Timothy Bogart and Joyce Biawitz Share Stories About KISS and Spinning Gold

Episode 520. As we sat down to interview Timothy Bogart, son of Neil Bogart and write and director of the movie Spinning Gold, Tim asked if we would want to have Joyce Biawitz, his step-mother and Neil Bogart’s second wife, join the interview. Now if you know your Kisstory you will also know that Joyce […]


Paul Stanley Contacts Us, Bob Kulick Did Not Play on KISS Alive!

Episode 519. This week we hear from Paul Stanley who tells us Bob Kulick did not play on KISS Alive! If you missed what this is about go back and listen to episode 518. Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Since launching in 2012 Three Sides of the […]


Ep 518 : Engineer Confirms, Bob Kulick Played on KISS Alive!

Episode 518. Frankie D’Augusta joins us this week. Frankie as an engineer worked on the debut KISS album, Dressed To Kill and KISS Alive! In conversation Frankie reveals that Bob Kulick did record on KISS Alive!, adding overdubs or drop ins. WHAT!!! Frankie also shares stories about John Lennon, Peter Frampton, Keith Richards and Mick […]


Ep 517 : Did KISS Really Just Announce Their Final Shows Ever? What Do We Think?

Episode 517. On the Howard Stern Show KISS announced the final two shows of The End of the Road Tour on 12/1 and 12/2. “The absolute final shows of our final tour, THE END OF THE ROAD TOUR, will kick off this October and culminate in a massive show in the city where it all […]


Ep 516 : While Michael is Puking in Disneyland the Show Goes on and Answers Your KISS Questions

Episode 516. This week you ask the questions about KISS… such as KISSology 4, the remaster series from 1996, bootlegs, record store day and a lot more! Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Since launching in 2012 Three Sides of the Coin has been viewed or listened to […]


Ep 515 : Over 10 of The Biggest Fails in KISSstory

Episode 515. This week we discuss what we think are some of the biggest fails during KISS’ career. Creating new makeup for Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent. KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. The Crazy Nights tour. Trying to get new guitarists that shred. Music From The Elder. Carnival of Souls. The Spider stage. […]


Ep 514 : What Are Differences Between Interviewing Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley?

Episode 514. Andrew Daly joins us to discuss his two new interviews with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for issue 36 of Rock Candy Magazine. How did the interviews come together, how did he prepare for them, what is the difference between interviewing Gene and Paul. We talk about the journalists vs churnalists. We end […]


Michael Frondelli Takes Us Into Electric Lady Studios, Working with Eddie Kramer and KISS

Episode 513. Today’s guest is Michael Frondelli… he goes back as far as the first Neil Bogart KISS press showcase introductions at the NFE Theater, the old Fillmore East, with Bill Aucoin and Sean Delaney. Then working later at Electric Lady with Eddie Kramer. Michael shares many early stories related to KISS, as well as stories about many […]


Ep 512 : Vinnie Vincent Is Trying to Sell Memorabilia for CRAZY Prices!

Episode 512. Vinnie Vincent recently held a private event for a small number of fans and as part of the event he was selling some of his personal collectibles… for incredibly HIGH prices. Prices that are just CRAZY! We discuss just some of the prices, like a guitar pick from the Rio Creatures of the […]


Ep 511 : Stories Working for Aucoin Mgmt and the KISS Army from 1979 – 1982

Episode 511. Mark Brotter’s history includes working at Aucoin Management for 3 yrs, Boutwell/Kiss Army Warehouse for their last year. He was at Aucoin from ‘79 thru ‘82 post Dynasty, Unmasked, The Elder! At the time they they were holding auditions for drummers/Eric stepping in. He was also in charge of auditions there for Billy […]