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This is only our opinion… it is neither right nor wrong.


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This is only our opinion… it is neither right nor wrong.




Craig Gass Is Back and He is BEGGING You to Please Come to His Comedy Shows in NYC

Episode 553. Craig Gass is back reminding everyone of his upcoming shows in NYC just before and just after the final two KISS shows at Madison Square Garden. You can get info on these shows at Besides more of his great impressions of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Craig shares stories about Adam Sandler […]


Dave Ellefson “Peter Criss is Unequaled, He Set the Bar All Drum Solos are Measured Against

Episode 552. Dave Ellefson, former bass player of Megadeth, joins us this week to take about his love for KISS and growing up a KISS in Minnesota. From humble farm roots in rural Minnesota, David Ellefson has come a long way, literally and figuratively, to conquering stages around the World as bassist of thrash metal […]


Producer Tom Werman on Working with Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and More!

Episode 551. Fascinating interview this week with legendary producer Tom Werman. Tom starts by taking us back to working with Wicked Lester and then the performance when KISS auditioned for Epic Records and what his bosses response was. We then move on to many of the bands he produced, hearing some amazing stories! As an […]


For the 1st Time in Over 20 Years, Listen to the 1999 Bruce Fairbairn Interview

Episode 550. In February 1999 while running Michael Brandvold interviewed producer Bruce Fairbairn about his work on KISS Psycho Circus. The entire interview was at one time available on KISSONLINE, but has long since been deleted. Michael wasn’t sure he still had the original interview. How appropriate that shortly after the 25th anniversary of […]


Craig Gass and His Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Impressions

Episode 549. It is always a blast when comedian Craig Gass joins us, we are treated to a free Craig Gass performance. Craig talks about his upcoming very special KISS themed comedy shows. You can get info on these shows at Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at […]


Roger Earl Legendary FOGHAT Drummer Joins to Talk the New Album Sonic Mojo and More!

Episode 548. What a honor to have legendary drummer Roger Earl, from Foghat, join us this week. Mark is in full fan boy mode by the way. Roger talks about the new Foghat album Sonic Mojo that releases November 10th, he talks drumming and drummers, he talks about some of the classic Foghat albums and […]


We Open Up Another Box of Michael’s KISS Stuff That Has Been In Storage for Decades

Episode 547. There has been so much love for the episodes where we open up Michael’s boxes of collectibles that we continue. This week Michael randomly picks another box from the garage and opens it up and goes through everything that is inside… sort of a KISS grab bag. What do we find! Forget the […]


Discovering a Long Forgotten Piece of KISS Artwork from 1978

Episode 546. Tommy Sommers shares an amazing story of how he just by chance discovered some KISS artwork he drew in 1978 at a local collectibles store. He shares that he drew this art to promote a KISS “concert” he and some friends were putting on in their neighborhood. The memories, the experiences, the happiness […]


A Storage Tub Filled with KISS Audio Tapes, What Do We Find Inside?

Episode 545. Another fun episode… this week Michael opens up a storage tub that is filled with cassette from over years. What is inside? We find out… bootleg shows, demos, advance tapes, interviews… so much stuff! Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Since launching in 2012 Three Sides […]


KISS Have Released a Number of Albums in September and We Share our Memories of Buying Those Albums

Episode 544. Why is September such a popular month for releasing albums? We share our various memories of buying new KISS albums in September, including Lick It Up which is celebrating its 40th anniversary and the KISS Solo albums which are celebrating 45 years. Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold […]


Part 2, We Go Back Inside the KISS Footlocker for the Entire Show!

Episode 543. This week is part two of Michael’s KISS footlocker. We spend the entire episode looking at the many KISS items found in the footlocker, sharing stories of the items. We start off with Chris Lendt’s letter that was a reply to Michael’s inquiry about a job with KISS. We also find the original […]


Micheal’s KISS Foot Locker Hasn’t Been Opened in Nearly 15 Years, What is Inside?

Episode 542. This week Michael opens his KISS foot locker for the first time in nearly 15 years. What is inside? Anything exciting or is just filled with KISS Krap? Is this another Capone’s vault? Watch and find out! We only get through maybe half of the contents. Hint… we find some pretty interesting things! […]


MASS KISSTERIA a Book that Looks into KISS During the Crazy Years of Change, 1980 and 1981

Episode 541. Julian Gill from is back and talking about his latest book MASS KISSTERIA WORLD TOUR 1980-1981. These couple years were filled with so much change and turmoil for KISS. Peter Criss is no longer in the band, the music has become very pop influenced, support in America was almost non-existent. How did […]


The Demons of Rock – Over 1700 KISS Magazine Covers

Episode 540. Alain Bellicha and Per Strid, authors of The Demons of Rock Volume 4 join to discuss the work behind their new book which catalog 1700 KISS covers from 46 countries around the world. What countries are in volume 4, what defines a KISS cover, how they tracked down all these covers and how […]


Lisa Is Back and Joins Us in a Bikini, Poolside in Las Vegas

Episode 539. No Mark this week, but Lisa is back! And, she is poolside in Las Vegas for this entire episode. Not really sure what we talked about this week! Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Since launching in 2012 Three Sides of the Coin has been viewed […]


What Did DJ Doug Podell Say to Ace Frehley During a Psycho Circus Interview?

Episode 538. Legendary DJ Doug Podell joins us this week. Doug shares some great KISS stories including, seeing the band for the first time in 1974 having never heard of them before the show. He also has such an incredible story of being flown to LA to record the Psycho Circus radio premiere with the […]


Does Mark Cicchini Have Issues Because He Is Such a Big KISS Collector

Episode 537. A thread in the KISSFAQ message board was asking if big KISS collectors have mental issues, they discuss Mark Cicchini and debate if he has issues. We discuss KISS collecting and collecting in general. Is there anything wrong with collecting? Are the people pointing fingers at and questioning fans who collect the ones […]


What If Gene Simmons Quits KISS in the 80s. What Does Paul Stanley Do?

Episode 536. What if Gene Simmons movie career exploded. What if he quit KISS to pursue movies full time. What would Paul Stanley do? Would he continue under the name KISS? Would he continue as a solo artist? What sort of musicians would he work with? Would he continue with Bruce Kulick? Forget the haters, […]


What Would KISS Be Like if New York Dolls and Alice Cooper Didn’t Exist?

Episode 535. A lot of What If this week… what is Jimmy Page joined KISS? Would he wear Ace Frehley’s makeup? What if New York Dolls didn’t exist? What if Alice Cooper didn’t exist… what would KISS be like without their influence? This leads us into a lot of music discussion by bands such as… […]


Wesley Eure, Will on LAND OF THE LOST Takes Us Back to Saturday Mornings

Episode 534. We are like kids on a Saturday morning with a bowl of cereal as we talk with Wesley Eure who played Will on the original LAND OF THE LOST! Visit Forget the haters, we won! Press requests please contact Michael Brandvold at Since launching in 2012 Three Sides of the Coin […]