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Relevant, evidence based, and practical information for medical students, residents, and practicing healthcare providers regarding all things women’s healthcare! This podcast is intended to be clinically relevant, engaging, and FUN, because medical education should NOT be boring! Welcome...to Clinical Pearls.

Relevant, evidence based, and practical information for medical students, residents, and practicing healthcare providers regarding all things women’s healthcare! This podcast is intended to be clinically relevant, engaging, and FUN, because medical education should NOT be boring! Welcome...to Clinical Pearls.


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Relevant, evidence based, and practical information for medical students, residents, and practicing healthcare providers regarding all things women’s healthcare! This podcast is intended to be clinically relevant, engaging, and FUN, because medical education should NOT be boring! Welcome...to Clinical Pearls.




Anticoag Bridge Therapy in the GYN Patient

Anticoagulation sure has come along way from warfarin. Although largely replaced by direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs), warfarin is still in use- mainly for patients with mechanical heart valves. For those on anticoagulation chronically, who require gynecological surgery, how/when is bridge therapy performed? In this episode, we will cover the ins and outs of anticoagulation bridge therapy. We will also review why bridge therapy is 100% not needed for a patient on DOACs.

HMB Control in the Anticoagulated Woman

Up to 70% of women who are anticoagulated will experience episodes of heavy menstrual bleeding. Traditionally, progestin only hormonal agents have been used in these cases. Can combination birth control pills be used in the anticoagulated patient? Is there data regarding their safety? In this episode, we will walk down the data timeline starting in 2009 and ending in 2021 regarding the use of combination birth control for menstrual/ovulation suppression in women who are anticoagulated. (For...


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A great podcast topic recommendation/suggestion: anticoagulation bridge therapy, and patients undergoing gynecological surgery. More to come…

Best BP Med for PP HTN? Labetalol or Nifedipine?

In January 2022, the American Heart Association conducted a study and concluded that labetalol may be the best antihypertensive medication antepartum. However, the ACOG has not endorsed one antihypertensive medication over the other. But what about Postpartum? Is labetalol the best to prevent postpartum hypertensive readmissions? In this episode we will review a new publication being released October 2022 from Obstetrics and Gynecology (Green Journal). Which medication is best to prevent...

For Dr. Rob S: MPA or Aygestin for AUB-O

This message is for Dr. Rob in Northern California preparing for his OBGYN oral boards. Rob, thank you for your voice memo on the app! Great question and absolutely fantastic clinical insights. With that kind of clinical inquiry and drive, I am sure you will ACE your upcoming OB/GYN oral boards. Dr. Rob’s question is which progesterone would be best for treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding: a progestational agent or one that is more androgenic. Listen and find out.

New GBS Vaccine? YES

Current ACOG/SMFM/CDC guidelines for the prevention of Group B Strep neonatal infection are aimed at prevention of early onset GBS neonatal disease. But late onset infections still occur worldwide and are devastating for the newborn. This is why there is a new Group B Strep (GBS6) vaccine in the pipeline! On September 22, 2022 the FDA granted this vaccine “Breakthrough Therapy designation”. In this session, we will review what that designation means, why this vaccine is needed, and where we...

Acetaminophen + Pregnancy= Autism?

Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) is the most common medication used in pregnancy. For several years now, observational studies have raised concern for use of this common OTC medication in pregnancy and autism spectrum disorder/attention deficit disorder in children. Does acetaminophen cause these neurodevelopmental disorders? In this session we will highlight 3 recent publications that have gained national and international attention. We will also summarize the statements from the FDA, ACOG,...

cBHT/Testosterone For Women

There is a current trend advocating for women to do complete “hormone panels” for wellness. There is also persistent confusion surrounding the use of “bioidentical hormones” stemming mainly from the vast options of OTC and compounded “natural” hormone supplements. For women, compounded bioidentical hormones (cBHT) mainly takes the form of testosterone supplements/pellets. With decades of use of these products, what is the current state of opinion on them? In this episode we will review...

The #1 Killer in Pregnancy

Maternal mortality in the United States is among the highest of all industrialized nations. Shockingly, the top cause of obstetric death no longer belongs to pregnancy related factors; homicide is the most common cause of pregnancy associated death. And suicide is not far behind. In this episode we will review a new publication from the ACOG reviewing staggering statistics on pregnancy associated deaths. We will distinguish between “pregnancy related deaths” and “pregnancy associated...

HSV Discordancy in Pregnancy

Neonatal herpes infection can be devastating to the newborn. For patients with a history of known genital herpes, daily suppression beginning at 36 weeks until delivery has been the standard for over 2 decades. For the HSV2 negative pregnant patient with a HSV2 positive partner, is PREP an option? In this session, we were review management of the HSV2 discordant couple during pregnancy.

The Purple Vagina: Is GV Safe?

Gentian Violet has been used for over a century for a variety of conditions including vaginal candidiasis. Does it work? More importantly… is it safe? In this session we will review the medical history, current use of, and safety profile of Gentian Violet. We will discuss ACOG’s stance on ordering vaginal medications WITHOUT an examination and we will also cover the most recent antifungal medication which has been FDA approved, Brexafemme.

Does Progesterone Prevent Miscarriage?

Progesterone has long been hoped to be a remedy for 1st trimester pregnancy loss. Does progesterone help reduce miscarriage risk? The data is ever evolving. In this session we will review 2 landmark studies that helped answer this question (PROMISE, PRISM). We will also cover a 2020 Cochran systematic review that helped change the 2021 NICE practice guidelines on the subject. Lastly, we will also cover the latest data on this from May 2022 (ACOG ACM).

FAIL! Disappointing New Data on Vaginal Progesterone

Oh, the twisted love story of progesterone and pre-term birth! Ever since the Meis trial in 2003, we have been fascinated with the use of progesterone as a possible cure-all of all things preterm birth. But the data keeps piling in, with results just contrary to that. In this episode we will review the publication history of progesterone and it’s fight against PTB. We will also highlight a new publication from the AJOG coming out September 1, 2022 analyzing vaginal progesterone’s...

White Classification: Still Relevant?

In 1949, Priscilla White published her landmark study on diabetes in pregnancy, launching the “White Classification”. This has been a staple of pre-pregnancy diabetes nomenclature since that time. However, despite its historical role in obstetrics, is this scale still relevant? In this episode we will review the history, definitions of, and proposed alternative nomenclature to the traditional White Classification.

Epilepsy and Women’s Care

Epilepsy/seizure disorders disproportionately affects women of reproductive age over men. The influence of sex hormones on seizure prevalence is well documented. As women’s healthcare providers, it’s vital for us to understand the influence of seizure disorders on women’s overall care. In this session, we will review important aspects regarding contraception and review the data on pregnancy outcomes in women with epilepsy.

OB Listeriosis

There are so many things to go over with our pregnant patients especially at their initial intake visit. However, one thing that should not be left off that discussion list includes food items to avoid! Listeriosis during pregnancy can be devastating for the fetus. Are you familiar with the work up and CDC recommended treatment for this condition? In this episode we will present an easy to remember protocol for managing patients with a possible exposure to listeria monocytogenes.


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New Med for ENDO! (With Guest Co-Host)

Endometriosis is a devastating condition. Once thought to have its impact only during reproductive age, endometriosis has been linked to an increased risk of stroke later in life. Any new medication which shows safety and efficacy in menstrual pain reduction is welcome in this space. In this session we will review a new FDA approval of an existing medication in the battle against endometriosis. (Special guest co-host, Kacie Mitchell, 3rd medical student)

Mag Neuroprotection at 22 Weeks?

Yesterday, 08/01/2022, we released a podcast on “The 22 Week Birth”. As a follow-up to this, and in response to 5 separate questions (all related to the use of magnesium sulfate for fetal neuroprotection) from podcast members, we decided to get this episode out! While we all understand the upper limit for magnesium sulfate for CNS protection to be 32 weeks and 0 days, is magnesium sulfate a consideration at 22 weeks? We will lay out the timeline of data from 2017 to current day in this...

The 22 Week Birth

Over the last several years, the “limit of viability” for neonates has decreased dramatically. The new “lower limit” of neonatal viability can now be considered to be as early as 22 gestational weeks. But there’s a lot more to that statement! In this session, we will review the latest data on neonatal survival in the Periviable interval. We will highlight and summarize a new publication from the Lancet published on July 25, 2022. Should we be performing “universal resuscitation” at 22 weeks?...