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It delivers all of the latest scientific news, emerging technologies, inventions and cutting edge products.

It delivers all of the latest scientific news, emerging technologies, inventions and cutting edge products.


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It delivers all of the latest scientific news, emerging technologies, inventions and cutting edge products.







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Science-Palooza | FULL SHOW | #328

This weeks show is a veritable grab bag of topics! First is a groundbreaking new treatment for preciously untreatable tremors. Then on to the Rosetta probe, which is crashing into a comet shaped like a rubber duck!! And finally, we have the latest in maintenance-free air purification technology! | Download Full Episode #328


Essential Tremor | SEGMENT 2 | #328

10-million people in the U.S. are afflicted with Essential Tremor. A cutting-edge procedure has received FDA approval and is bringing hope to those affected by the common movement disorder. Alexandra Lebenthal comments on how the procedure has positively impacted her quality of life.


Death on a Comet | SEGMENT 3 | #328

The Rosetta Probe is going to run out of juice soon, but instead of letting it fade away, it's going to be crashed into a comet! Aren't scientists the best? On behalf of the Science Channel (@sciencechannel), Dan Riskin (@riskindan) tells us more.


Hot Potato | SEGMENT 4 | #328

What shape is a comet? Would you have guessed "rubber duck? Dr. Dan Riskin (@riskindan), Host of Science Channel's (@sciencechannel) "Death on a Comet", joins us to discuss all the new data they've been discovering from the Rosetta Probe.


2016 Space Odyssey | SEGMENT 5 | #328

What does a comet shaped like a rubber duck smell like? The Science Channel (@sciencechannel) has the answer! Dr. Dan Riskin (@riskindan), Host of "Death on a Comet", joins us to discuss the new Science Channel special.


Airfree | SEGMENT 6 | #328

Do you have dust or mold allergies? Alan is joined by Jose Duarte, Airfree (@airfree) Development Director, to discuss their amazing new air purifier, the Onix 3000, that is maintenance-free... And did we mention it looks like Darth Vader. Bonus!


Enduring Energy of the Trekkie | FULL SHOW | #327

A prime example of the extraordinary impact that popular culture has on our society is the show Star Trek. Bridging gaps, punching through barriers, and inspiring new technologies - this show did everything, and more. We'll speak with the Executive Producer of "Building Star Trek," a 2 hour special examining what the sci-fi sensation continues to do to our lives. We will also find out how to escape Wi-Fi black holes, and what biofuel can do for our energy future. | Download Full Episode #327


Trekking Out | SEGMENT 1 | #327

Alan is a Trekkie. Who would have thought? Then again, Star Trek has had an amazing run. Lasting through the decades, spawning revivals, and even impacting science and technology research, the show continues to have a far reaching influence on our society. Elliott Halpern, Executive Producer of "Building Star Trek," (@SmithsonianChan) shares in Alan's excitement.


Holding Onto the Past | SEGMENT 3 | #327

If the creators of Star Trek had known what a sensation the show would become, they probably would have kept a closer eye on the props. Unfortunately, most were thrown out or lost, and what survived wasn't always in the best condition. The Star Trek exhibit at the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington contains dozens of fantastic pieces from the original show - including the model Enterprise.


The Wi-Fi Black Hole | SEGMENT 4 | #327

Some people, the unlucky ones, live in a Wi-Fi vortex where no streaming, downloading, browsing or buying is possible without a direct connection. Until recently, Alan was one of those people. Find out how he escaped the wireless black hole using the ATHENA-EX, a powerful range extender designed for multi-device households.


Biofuel | SEGMENT 5 | #327

Energy resources and the oil industry are controversial topics, but in order to find a solution they need to be discussed. Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO of Aemetis (@Aemetis), is in the business of biofuel, one potential solution to future oil crises.


Future of Cars, AI, and DNA | FULL SHOW | #326

Innovation is often born out of competition. Today, we find out about XPRIZE, progress in the field of AI, 'biological barcoding,' and the revolution of 3D printing in the auto world. | Download Full Episode #326



How do big innovations happen? Competitions like XPRIZE (@xprize) help make progress possible by providing incentives to help creators want to create. Amir Banifatemi, Prize Leader for IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, joins to tell us more about the origins of XPRIZE.


Future of AI | SEGMENT 2 | #326

What makes XPRIZE (@xprize) so important, especially to the field of AI? Amir Banifatemi explains how this challenge has helped AI progress and bring together multidisciplinary teams from around the world.


A Biological Code | SEGMENT 3 | #326

The world needs a better way to track products and identify the ones that are genuine. This is the mission of MeiLin Wan, Applied DNA Sciences (@APDN) Executive Director of Textile Sales. MeiLin is here to shed some light on a new product that uses plant DNA to create a 'biological barcode' to track all kinds of goods.


The Future of the Car | SEGMENT 4 | #326

Local Motors (@localmotors) have been advancing the technology of building cars by leaps and bounds, but they have encountered the usual hurdle automotive companies come up against: the Federal Government. CEO Jay Rogers (@JohnBRogers) fills us in on their difficulties and progress.


Neighborhood Electric Vehicle | SEGMENT 5 | #326

With a belief in sustainability and local ingenuity, Jay Rogers (@JohnBRogers) and Local Motors (@localmotors) have made it their mission to enhance the life of local communities everywhere. We also learn about the NEV, or Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, which he plans to introduce to meet the needs of congested city transit.


Car Recycling | SEGMENT 6 | #326

What if you could trade your car in for the newest updated version every 18 months? Jay Rogers (@JohnBRogers) lets us know about his plan for the future: Trade in your 3D printed car, have it ground down and turned into materials for your new car!


TED Talks and The Flu | FULL SHOW | #325

TED Talks is finally making its debut on American television, and Juliet Blake gives us a heads up on what to expect. Also, get some rest, help raise awareness for bleeding disorders, and stay safe this flu season with expert advice. | Download Full Episode #325


TED Talks on TV | SEGMENT 1 | #325

TED Talks (@TEDTalks) have been viewed 4.5 billion times in total, and are viewed over a million times a day! TED Talks (@TEDTalks) Producer, Juliet Blake, gives us the details of their new show on PBS; finally TED is on TV in America!