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Encore: How the World Speaks To Us: SIMRAN

You are here to reunite mind, body, and spirit by creating, experienc- ing, and expressing. This will always engage a beginning, middle, and end. It will often encompass a challenge that unfolds a deeper lesson. Your jour- ney to planet Earth was intended for experiential engagement. This would require both, the process of involution and that of evolution. There are parts on the inside and outside of every human being that are at war with the Self. It is the journey of victim, villain, and hero . . . the unknown, the question, the answer . . . living, being, and knowing. The greatest gift of the soul is to release fully, so that it can be all that experience offers in knowing its true expansiveness. The journey involves predetermined obstacles within the self and in the outside world. It is through being at war, in love, and of peace, the soul journey unfolds. The experience and integration of love, poured on every circumstance, brings the peace being sought. Love would have you discover that everything is loving and good, even those things that seem ugly, wrong, or bad. Love would show you the steps along the path. Love would never leave you or stop being your guide. But it requires you to be present and loving to the Self, so that you see, and can be seen, through the eyes of Love rather than distorted perceptions. This is the place that holds all illusion, reality, and truth.


UNDAUNTED: Carolyn Baker

We know that countless humans are reeling with climate anxiety and experiencing fear, anger, grief, despair, dread, and understandably attempting to cope with the reality of potential human extinction with massive amounts of denial. This conversation offers an alternative to being consumed with either denial or despair. At its core is the existential issue of climate catastrophe and how to live into it with compassionate, clear-eyed, vibrant, awakened intention. To be 'undaunted' is the realization that we all will will face moments of despair going forward, but knowledge and discovery of skills and practices for living in the face of humanity’s most unprecedented ordeals. Carolyn Baker brings forth a conversation as a wise elder and scared steward of not only our world, but also our humanity.



Let's dive into a the inspiring story from the pursuit of wealth and traditional ideas of success toward a more fulfilling life of caring and service to others and to humanity. This is also the story of the potential each of us has for profound change and the power we all hold to open ourselves ever deeper to the Oneness of all things and to evolve consciously toward the highest versions of ourselves. Through this discussion, we will explore some with ideas, tools, a roadmap to greater awareness, and hope for the future as you become a more conscious leader in your family, workplace, and community while helping to create a better world. My guest, Steve Farrell co-founded and led two high-growth technology companies based in Silicon Valley that were featured in the INC500 and spanned the United States and Europe... and then embarked upon A New Universal Dream.


KALI-KI REIKI: Rajashree Maa

Kali-Ki Reiki symbols are seen as unique, three-dimensional, active, intelligent forms of light that tap into certain universal energy frequencies that are particularly attuned to the evolving conscious awareness as well as the personal and societal dilemmas of our current times. Kali-Ki Reiki healing is understood as a means of bringing the entire human system into balance and alignment with our universal Self and the world around us, creating a wholeness of being that may have been previously cut off by stress, trauma, and cultural conditioning. Joni Dittrich, Ph.D. (Rajashree Maa), experienced a series of mystical encounters with the Divine Mother appearing as the goddess Kali Maa. We will discuss the healing symbols that She revealed, and share how these symbols can be used both for mind-body healing and spiritual awakening, or what Rajashree Maa calls wisening.



Mary Magdalene’s confessions reveal a sensual world of love and betrayal, magic and mystery, hidden within the Gospels --------------------- Beginning with Miriam’s childhood as a member of a wealthy Jewish family living outside of Bethany, we see her struggles as a young woman with spiritual curiosity and intellectual aspirations that drive her to combat the violence of Empire and the sexism of her own culture. Propelled by mystic visions, Miriam is finally drawn into the wilds of Galilee, where her destiny collides with a mischievous rabbi who will change her and the world forever. Trapped in a mythic story unfolding in events around them, the lovers strive not to repeat a tragedy older than the pyramids. --- In The Madonna Secret, Sophie Strand resurrects a richly textured world where complex characters reveal the lived reality of scripture and open familiar sayings to radical new meanings and possibilities.


RADICAL REGENERATION: Andrew Harvey & Carolyn Baker

Is there a way to uncover and sustain joy in ourselves and use joy as fuel for continuing Sacred Activism in challenging, chaotic, and even dangerous times? Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker share potential antidotes, drawn from mystical traditions and Sacred Activism, to help us find inspiration and take action in the face of the daunting challenges to our world. In examining the dangers of a growing constellation of intractable crises--authoritarianism both in America and abroad, climate change, economic inequality, social upheaval, and spiritual malaise… we will engage a conversation exploring antidotes to these crises. Sacred Activism is a specifically, creative, wise, and sacredly inspired action. This episode will also examine how the power of joy help to enact personal and planetary transformation. This is Radical Regeneration!


AKASHA: Lisa Barnett

Akasha is the recording of all that exists. And now it is yours to embrace. Move outside of time and space and enter the quantum field of the Akasha, where all that has happened, is happening, and will happen is energetically encoded in its domain. Join Akashic Records teacher Lisa Barnett as she shares who the Akashic Record Keepers are, and how they can assist you on your soul’s journey. Understand why you write soul contracts to include karmic and service contracts; support contracts; and family contracts involving ones with natural born and adopted children. You are a complex and ancient being looking to evolve. Embrace your personal Akashic wisdom and clear your old stories of separation, victimhood, and unworthiness. Learn five simple steps to access your Akashic Records and experience being guided, guarded, and protected with the Rainbow Shield and the Column of Light meditations. Use these tools and knowledge to clear trauma, release karma, and reclaim your gifts and the truth of who you are as a Divine and infinite soul. AKASHA will help you navigate your potential and immense personal library of knowledge! AKASHA: Spiritual Experiences of Accessing the Infinite Intelligence of Our Souls is part of Common Sentience, an uncommon and best- selling book series that brings the mystical into the mainstream by sharing spiritual wisdom and true stories of mystical experiences. Sacred Stories Publishing



Understand and embrace the multidimensional pieces of ourselves. Embody and express presence. Recognize subtle attributes of life that hold the illusion of separation. Yield to experiencing every feeling and emotion. Key takeaways: The work of evolving can keep us from just being. We cannot receive divine grace before we will give ourselves human grace. True light is resting in the darkness. The world is full of distractions from just being. Kim Andryc, Lora Solomon, and Simran Singh discuss the new trilogy of LIVING, BEING KNOWING (Available now at iamsimran.com or anywhere books are sold. ) You have been lying to yourself, you have been avoiding yourself, you've been distracting yourself, and that is why you are having the experience that you're living. — Simran Singh


Summer Encore Series :The Path to Wealth

Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as timelesss and true. A clear path to wealth and abundance in just 30 minutes a day! In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to get clear about your personal and professional goals- and to commit to a plan that will get you there. In The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, multimillionaire entrepreneur and angel investor May McCarthy shares her own daily practice to help you do just that.


Summer Encore Series: How Do You Pray?

Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as timelesss and true. Born from a vision in which she was told to ask the world, “How Do You Pray?”, Celeste Yacoboni reached out to leading spiritual, shamanic, scientific teachers, guides, and activists and asked for their response. The result is a deeply moving book that speaks to the reader’s heart and asks “What is your soul’s expression? Bow in gratitude? Merge with nature? Cry out for guidance?”


Summer Encore Series: 8 Laws of Change

Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as timelesss and true. Discover the 8 Laws of Change that have been found consistently through many social movements and lives of change agents such as King, Gandhi and Mother Theresa. Everything starts with one person holding an intention and making decisions expressing that intention. As their beingness changes even the most unlikely people can become enormously powerful. This process constitutes one of the least understood social forces in our world.


Summer Encore Series: Yoga of Relationships

Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as timelesss and true. Relationships are the cause of our deepest pain and most ecstatic joy. Throughout life, they are at the root of our successes, failures and sorrows. What power we hand over to those who matter to us! Parents, teachers, friends, lovers and children seem to be at the core of why we feel so unfulfilled or dissatisfied. Often we don’t realize that career also forms one of our most significant partnerships, along with health issues and what stares back at us from the table: food, alcohol and drugs. How many of us can say we are succeeding in all or any of these areas of our lives? Doubtless, we remain troubled about why mother didn’t show us enough affection, teachers never acknowledged our efforts, lovers abandon us or children don’t behave as we expected. The puzzlement goes on and on, leading to stress and further distancing us from those we love, our career path and our personal state of well being.


Summer Encore Series: Love Cycles

Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as timelesss and true. Love Cycles will help you to understand where you are in the circle of a relationship and provide strategies and clarity on how stay happy and committed, even in difficult times. Our road map will take you from The Merge, through Doubt and Denial, Disillusionment, and Decision to the joy of Wholehearted Love. Love Cycles unlocks the secrets of attraction, showing why we don't always choose the person who is best for us, why even the most solid-seeming couples don't always make it, and how unlikely-seeming couples sometimes are truly meant for each other.


Summer Encore Series: Sacred Ego

Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as timelesss and true. The feminine is key to our personal and collective healing. The ego is sacred. It is essentially a positive force. However, it has been conditioned by trial force. Circle work is a new paradigm in conscious healing, especially for women for the empowerment of a new world. Jalaja Bonheim is this weeks guest on 11:11 TalkRadio.


Summer Encore Series: Path of Shakti

Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as times and true. The sages of Tantra have known for centuries that when you follow the path of Shakti—the sacred feminine principle personified by the goddesses of yoga— these gifts can manifest spontaneously. Yet most of us, women as well as men, have yet to experience the full potential of our inner feminine energies.


Life’s Operating Manual: With the Truth and Fear Dialogues

Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as times and true. Modern society is replete with electronics—iPads, computers, cell phones, cars, and so on—and all of these come with one important accessory: a manual that teaches you how to use and care for your device. In Life’s Operating Manual, Tom Shadyac answers a simple yet provocative question: is it possible that life comes with a similar set of guidelines?


The Good Mood Show: Matt O'Neill

The full spectrum of your humanity is beautiful. You get the highs, and the lows. Life is not meant to feel comfortable all of the time. In this episode, Simran and Matt discuss how to show up fully to each present moment. Be sure to listen to the exercise at the end of this episode. Matt implemented Simran’s five-minute ritual into his day and it made an immediate impact. Matt O'Neill is the CEO of Matt O'Neill Real Estate located in Charleston, SC. After years of operating his successful real estate company, he knew he was destined for more and wanted to make an impact on the world. That's when The Good Mood Show with Matt O'Neill podcast was founded. ( thegoodmoodshow.com ) Here are some power takeaways from the conversation: - Humanity is experiencing all of life’s emotions - Looking at every experience as your personal amusement park - Finding clarity to know when you’re meant to sit or act - How we’re trapped by the illusion of money - The three-breath exercise that can change your life. The Magic of Experiencing Humanity Humanity is the full experience, expression, and embodiment of everything that we are. Simran likens humanity to every color in the crayon box, from anger, depression, jealousy, sadness, and loss – to happiness, bliss, peace, understanding, forgiveness, and unconditional love. However, most people only want the lighter spectrum in the crayon box and not the darker part. The Mastery of Your Environment The journey of the soul is not about being comfortable, but about mastering your environment. In order to do that, you have to clarify what is worth your time, what fulfills you, and what brings you joy and peace. Trust and Surrender We have to get away from this condition or idea that life has to look a certain way. Because it's very hard to live in a space of complete trust and surrender, and at the same time, trying to take control. Once we learn to surrender, we start to open to a greater power within ourselves.


Life Mastery Signs: Todd Cudaback and Jackie Bailey

“Synchronicity is what occurs when we are lined up exactly in the right moment at the right time; meaning we are in such a vertical alignment with source spirit and our presence, that everything happens to match up and work out.” Simran explains when we have those moments of synchronicity, it’s because we have gotten to a place where we are lined up with where we’re supposed to be. When we drop into the past or the future then all of a sudden we move out of synchronicity. Signs have a lot to do with it. They all lead us through these synchronistic moments. In essence it resides within all of us. It’s a matter of us tapping into that. Author of Six Keys to Life Mastery, Todd Alan Cudaback considers himself to be a modern day wizard inspired by metaphysics. Todd’s motto is “People of the Earth, can you hear me?” Now, since the creation of Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan in 2012, a few hundred-thousand people are listening. Todd understands his purpose in life is to serve his fellow mankind.


SIGNS: Dr. Julie Krull, All Things Connected

Signs. What are they? How do they show up? And what do they teach us about humanity’s future and potential? Award-winning author, Simran, is gifted at reading signs and symbols, revealing how repetitions, coincidences, and synchronicities are part of our personal conversation with the Universe. Esteemed scientist, Dr. Cassandra Vieten, has spent decades researching such phenomenon. Together, in this riveting episode of Mainstreet Mystics, a fascinating journey exploring signs and our ongoing, personal relationship with the Universe. The Mainstreet Mystics series features authors from the Common Sentience Book Series published by Sacred Stories Publishing and scientists from the work of Dr. Paul J. Mills and his recent book, Science, Being, and Becoming: The Spiritual Lives of Scientists.


Into the Depths of Knowing: Dr. Steven Farmer

A conversation with Dr. Steven Farmer on Healing For Your Soul... It is a profound honor to engage in conversation with Dr. Steven Farmer. You will discover his vast knowledge and incredibly engaging demeanor. His work stands the test of time and is vast in depth, breadth and knowledge. Enjoy Part 3 of this 3-part series. Dr. Steven Farmer is a licensed psychotherapist, soul healer, and author of several best-selling books and oracle cards, including Animal Spirit Guides, Earth Magic, Earth Magic Oracle Cards, Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, Healing Ancestral Karma and the recently released Shaman’s Path Cards. Dr. Farmer offers individual consultations and relationship counseling in person or remotely by phone or Zoom, drawing from his wealth of training and experience as a psychotherapist, shamanic healer, and trauma recovery specialist. He offers a popular individualized Spiritual Mentorship and Life Coaching program and serves on the board of the Society of Shamanic Practice. Find out more at www.drstevenfarmer.com