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11:11 Talk Radio offers rich, intimate and in-depth conversations




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The Power of Words: Dr. Christina Donnell

A series of mystifying moments occasioned by words that lit up before her eyes had longtime psychologist and teacher Christina Donnell profoundly engaged. As her sensory impressions of this “living language” deepened within her, she noticed her thoughts giving way to direct perception and her inner sensations yielding to a feeling of universal perception, transporting her to a level of awareness far beyond normal. No longer was there a self separate from other; infinity and eternity had become physical realities; and more.


Powering Change: Tabitha Scott

Change management is a myth. What worked for leaders in the past cannot successfully guide us into the future, and adaptability at today’s accelerated pace of change cannot be achieved with traditional business methods. Just “going faster” is no longer enough. What if you had the secret to unleashing greater potential, productivity, and profits that flow with change instead of chasing it? Blending lessons from physics, bioscience, and nature with intriguing organizational research, engaging business case studies, and current statistics... this is Powering Change.


Fractured Grace: Dr. Julie Krull

An impassioned spiritual perspective on global healing and the evolution of consciousness. Dr. Julie Krull demonstrates how an illusion of separation is the root cause of wide-spread pain, suffering, and even necessary whole-systems breakdown in every aspect of life. Fractured Grace breaks through that illusion and inspires a return to wholeness. Krull challenges the understanding of popular, fragmented models of healing and crisis response, and moves you into a grounded place of hope and clarity, helping you create the conditions for individual and collective healing to occur. She weaves personal stories, current events, and prophetic vision to lay the foundation for deep and regenerative systemic transformation and change.


Essential Astonishments: Gina Mazza

“Astonishment is the quintessence of life fully expressed. Yet it is something we cannot will ourselves to feel. This is where poetry—the epitome of word play—steps in, suspends us above the daily drift of ordinariness and alights that spark of awe. It beseeches us to question everything. Every verse, versus, vice versa insists that we stop and revere the nuances of this human experience—to see beauty and grace in the pain and chaos. Poetry encourages us to be wilder in the midst of bewilderment. For this reason, it is an essential tool for experiencing the ephemeral nature of life and the One who created it all.” —Gina Mazza


Journey Through the Planets: Marlene Seven Bremner

A Hermetic journey through each of the seven traditional planets--Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon--exploring their mythological, philosophical, alchemical, Qabalistic, magical, astrological, and energetic natures and offering meditative discourses that reach past the rational mind to speak directly to the intuitive soul. She relates the seven planets to the esoteric anatomy of the human body, specifically the seven chakras, and shows how the planets can offer understanding and experience of archetypal energies and patterns in the body, in one’s life, and in the creative process. Marlene Seven Bremner guides us through The Hermetic Marriage of Art and Alchemy: Imagination, Creativity, and the Great Work.


Awakening Into Awareness: Dr. Steven Farmer

Sharing insights and revelations in spirituality, shamanic healing, trauma recovery, and psychotherapy. And acknowledging that all elements and beings on this Earth are interrelated. Living the conscious psycho-spiritual life awakens awareness. Clarify your life goals and intentions Deepen your relationship with Spirit Develop your understanding of your true purpose Overcome obstacles that stand between you and your goals Liberate yourself from limiting beliefs


Embracing Humanity

The world is calling for greater humanity, and a new kind of human. One who fully lives into aliveness. One who is ready to embrace all of their boringness. One who stands in their knowingness. You are the journey. Embrace the multidimensional. Embody presence. Experience everything. Express fully.


Infinite Grace and Expansion

What does your heart want? Where does your spirit wish to roam? What are you here to express? Where do you belong? SIMRAN guides you into the foundation of visioning and creation for new beginnings, in a way that connects to the fulfillment of your soul. Discover the power of infinity, expansion and grace.


GodTalk: Neale Donald Walsch

Do you talk to God? Is God talking to you? To everyone? The hypothesis here is that when you express the undifferentiated essence of the universe, you project an energy that is generic. It is constant and singular, unwavering and unchanging, precisely because it is “undifferentiated.” At the highest level, this pure energy is conscious and aware of itself, because it is consciousness and awareness itself. It is that from which all differentiated consciousness and awareness springs. This primal force and prime source wants and needs nothing, for the simple and elegant reason that it is everything it could possibly want. More and more human beings are now understanding this. More and more of us are beginning to comprehend that all of us are emanations of the same single thing. We are the product of it and the possessors of it. We can also be the projectors of it. GODTALK will help you see that you really are having conversations with God all the time!


Fall in Love With Life Again: Peter Matthies

Plan BE is an eye-opening manifesto, providing a new paradigm that moves beyond the doing-addicted approach to success and instead allowing us to expand into who we’re here to be; a pathway for professionals to fall in love with life again, and for organizations to access unprecedented possibilities. Millions of people are yearning for a more fulfilling and wholesome way to work and live. Traditional business approaches are reaching a limit, leaving professionals drained and organizations needing to transform how they operate. A profoundly insightful and practical guide, Plan BE provides liberation from our high-pressure reality and charts the course to a more meaningful, collective existence. For professionals at all levels who are seeking holistic success and deeper purpose.


Homeopathy for Existential Stress: Jerry Kantor

Homeopathy engages and invokes the subconscious mind. A fully taken case of existential torment featuring constant worry, anxiety, depression, loss of motivation, exhaustion, and diminished social interaction includes physical symptoms that when interpreted, are clues to subconscious thinking. By signifying an existential ailment’s cause, physical symptoms dictate the course of treatment. Astute psychologists and therapists on occasion also take note of physical symptoms. But other than referring the client to a physician, little use of these is made. For most physicians and therapists acknowledging the subconscious and its pathology is one thing, the purging of inner demons another matter. Yet homeopathic experience with existentially rooted ailments reveals that the subconscious mind and inherited mindsets are amenable to change. --------------------------------------------------- Presenting diagnostic insight, specific homeopathic remedies, and successful case study examples about the profound connections between emotions and their physical manifestations in illness, Jerry M. Kantor correlates the five classical miasms and their core existential quandaries with the Five Elements and Phase Theory of Chinese Medicine. He likens inborn foundational emotions to tools, each one designed to solve an stress-related problem. Self-sabotaging imbalances—energetic and physical—can occur when an emotional tool is excessively used, such as when a once-familiar stress is no longer present, or underused, as when a stressful input is inadequately managed. ------------------ He explains how identifying a default emotional response—such as anxiety or anger—along with its accompanying physical symptoms can determine the core existential stress or heredity pattern underlying a chronic condition. For each of the five classical miasms and their associated physical and emotional conditions, the author presents homeopathic remedies that mollify the impact of specific existential quandaries and explains their indications through detailed examples from his practice.


The Body & Embodiment: Cheryl Pallant, PhD

The body is a process that is part of nature, not separate from it, and that by embarking on the transformative inner journey, we can bring healing to the world around us. --------------- The inner world of self and body is inextricably linked to the outer world of biosphere and biome. As experienced somatic and energy medicine practitioner Cheryl Pallant reveals in vivid depth, by expanding our sensory perceptions and becoming intimately in touch with the rhythms of the body, we can contribute not only to our own healing and transformation but also that of the planet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pallant explains how ecosomatics—embodiment work for personal and planetary health—can help us shift our consciousness through expanded listening with all our senses and embracing the interconnections between our inner and outer worlds. Blending research with personal experience in somatic and contemplative practices, the author explores how a broadened appreciation of conscious and unconscious bodily events and perceptions leads to vitally needed, improved stewardship with ourselves and the planet. She shows how the current health, social, and environmental crises are a chance for an evolution in consciousness, pushing us to heal the divisions within personal identity, between self and others, and with the environment.


The Secret of Resilience: Dr. Stephanie Mines

When neuroscientist Stephanie Mines started practicing the hands-on healing Art of Compassion, she began to unravel the mystery of trauma and the secret to resilience. As a survivor of early childhood abuse, police brutality as a social justice activist, and a series of dysfunctional and abusive relationships, Mines was profoundly curious about how the human nervous system finds resilience despite the cumulative burden of chronic stress and traumatic life events. While earning her doctorate in neuropsychology, she met Mary Iino Burmeister, master of the Art of Compassion, or Jin Shin Jyutsu. Art of Compassion consists of non-invasive touch, using the fingertips, on sites of the body that are similar to acupuncture points. After the Art of Compassion helped Mines resolve her own trauma and awaken her innate resilience, she began to incorporate it into her clinical research. She discovered that the map of the body she learned from Burmeister sites correlated with the Chinese Extraordinary Meridians or Rivers of Splendor, which develop prenatally. She then began investigating our earliest neurodevelopmental processes and was able to correlate the Extraordinary Meridians with specific embryological events. She found that subtle touch on these sites in combination with trauma resolution amplifies neuroresilience, enhances creativity, restores motivation, and heals the fragmentation and disconnection associated with trauma and shock.



More than one third of adults suffer from insomnia or some other kind of sleep disorder. Left unaddressed, lack of sleep can lead to debilitated health, lowered resilience, and decreased performance in all aspects of life. Restoring hope to the sleepless, psychotherapist Philip Carr-Gomm reveals how we each have the ability to unlock better sleep naturally. Combining his knowledge of sleep science and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with techniques drawn from spiritual traditions and insights from the emerging field of psychedelic therapy, Carr-Gomm presents a fast and easy-to-follow six-step program to help you sleep better. Helping you get a better night’s sleep, this concise and simple guide shows you how to benefit from everything the night offers to body and soul.



Has life handed you something challenging? Are you looking for a solution to regain your health or heal your injured body? Maybe you have loved ones who need help and you lack the ability to help them. Are you suffering from a broken heart? Do you want a deeper or more con-nected and loving relationship? Maybe you’re unable to find success with your work. Is something undefined keeping you from reaching for your dream? Maybe you are still searching for your life’s purpose. Often, it’s those perceived challenges and difficulties and the desire to do better or have more that can cause you to search for answers in unfamiliar places. This conversation is an introduction to a simple and practical method for finding solutions to create balance and function for your body and your life. Don’t let the problems of life hold you back or keep you stuck when you could have better health, greater success, and more happiness.


ANCESTRAL WISDOM: Euphrasia (Éfu) Nyaki

Born and raised on Mount Kilimanjaro’s slopes in Tanzania, East Africa, Efu explains how she came to develop her profoundly successful system for helping people heal trauma by integrating ancestral tribal wisdom with a fusion of two Western healing systems: Somatic Experiencing and Systemic Family Constellations Therapy. She shares how her journey to become a healer was initiated by her Grandfather, who told her the legend of the sacred healing snail of the Nyaki clan. She explains how she discovered Somatic Experiencing and Systemic Family Constellations Therapy, and how combining these therapies created a powerful system for releasing cellular memories and healing the intergenerational and collective traumas hidden beneath the surface of suffering.



Just as we might prepare a nest for one about to give birth, so can we lovingly prepare a nest for one who is dying. Seeking to demystify the dying process, Sue Frederick explains what the body physically undergoes during the end of life and shares techniques to physically care for the dying, including methods to assist bedridden individuals. Providing support for caregivers and loved ones as well, Anne-Marie explores self-care methods for moving with grief, ideas for “things to do” when there is nothing to do, and mindfulness practices for contemplating your own mortality. She also offers visualizations and techniques for talking with children about death and dying.



Every day we have an inner battle going on between two parts of ourselves: our ego and our soul. When we view the world through our ego lens, life can seem tragic, random, meaningless, and painful. When viewed from our soul’s perspective, we find divine order and soul agreements in every event of our lives. Each of us has the power to uplift and inspire, to feel love and compassion, no matter how tragic our experiences may be. By viewing the world through your divine lens, you can reawaken to the wisdom and potential of your soul, see the opportunities behind suffering, and help in the collective evolution of soul consciousness.



There are moments when the human journey can feel like an uphill climb with both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. Hidden in plain sight are a unique and unconventional set of blessings available to all of us to help navigate this thing we call life. In this first of three books in the SELF Realization series by award-winning author SIMRAN, learn how the blessings of Life, Challenge, Conflict, Chaos, Obstacles, Darkness, and Death serve as secret passageways to personal empowerment, spiritual growth, and your highest potential. Examine the ways that engaging intimately with these seven blessed encounters invites mastery and awakens inherent gifts, while creating the states of fulfillment, empowerment, and connection we all long for. Discover that you are part of a magnificent process of accounting that brings about balance while leading you directly into your destiny.



Would you like to connect with the boundless care and “deep pockets” of your Soul to transform financial struggles and eliminate self-doubt? The 12 Archangels want you to know that life keeps improving when you make room for the vast flow of creative genius and abundance coming from the Universe through the divine feminine. The 12 Archangels share lessons on the relationship between money and divine law, how to cultivate your garden of intuition and creativity, and how to resolve financial debt with understanding and love. They offer nighttime practices that support your transformation into a vessel to receive the full blessings of Source. They also offer advanced practices on harnessing your innate power to transform suffering.