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Be Unstoppable: The Essential Laws of Fearless Living

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Resolve any problem for good, outsmart fear, find your purpose, love your life.


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Resolve any problem for good, outsmart fear, find your purpose, love your life.




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Live in a World Without Enemies

Anytime you blame someone else for how you feel, you avoid seeing your pain is self-inflicted by a level of consciousness that lives to have enemies.


Your Spiritual Life is Nothing Personal

There is a higher relationship that has nothing to do with anything personal at all. It is the realization of the existence of strength, of majestic beauty, of power... and that realization is inseparable from the consciousness in which it appears. And that consciousness isn't personal. It belongs to what is Divine in a human being and it is a gift of the Divine.


Facing the Fear of Your Own Mortality

Question: "Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm doing better now but how can I let go of the fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop?" Listen to Guy's answer as he explains why waiting in the middle of any fearful reaction is the only place to catch a glimpse of a higher message.


How to Transform Failure into a New Kind of Success

Guy Finley explains that success in your spiritual life follows the understanding that "in my weakness is thy strength made perfect."


Turning Straw into Spiritual Gold

The whole idea of turning straw into gold is connected to using any unwanted moment to gain a whole new level of understanding and to connect to a higher level of consciousness that is not afraid of the moment.


Learning to "Act-Knowledge" the Truth

It is one thing to acknowledge and agree with the truth that sets us free, and it's another thing to act on that knowledge. To act on the knowledge that you have means to not avoid what you know to be true in the moment when life stirs something in you. Learn to investigate and open yourself up to all that life wants to present to you, regardless of its character.


Don't Let the Fear of Fear Run Your Life

When we try to avoid or manipulate a moment in order to just get through it, we will meet that same moment again because we are the same. We cannot separate the moment we don't want from the level of consciousness that fears it. Seeing this is the same as realizing that the fear, though we may feel its presence, is not the power that it claims to be.


Let Go of Self-Importance and Find Real Meaning in Your Life

Catch every thought that wants to make you the star of the moment. See that talking to yourself about "What does this mean and how am I going to get through it" is actually self-importance having its way with you. Reach for another relationship with life in which you don't have to think incessantly and painfully about how each and every moment affects you and your imaginary reputation.


Learning to Ride the Waves of Consciousness

Everything we need to know about "what to do" is always right here with us. But the mind that is always trying to escape the moment that is being revealed believes that it must think of something to do in order to get through the moment. There is no problem in the present moment. There is only a mind that creates a problem because it doesn't understand the moment...


Here's Where Real Change Takes Place

We say that we want things to change, but we usually seek a change that we can recognize. If what we want is a change that we can recognize, then we must have an image of what change actually is. And if we are imagining what change is, then it is no change at all, but is instead part of a consciousness that is trying to escape itself through yet another plan.


How "Missing the Mark" Can Change Your Life

There are two kinds of people: those who "miss the mark" and don't care, and those who realize that they have missed the mark and begin to care. How many people are willing to go through this life consciously recognizing where they have missed the mark? Agreeing to become conscious of where you have missed the mark is the only way to stop reliving old patterns...


Life is a School for Your Higher Education

We are always in school. Our lives are intended to be dedicated to self-study, which would mean that we are always present to ourselves. Being a student in the true school of life means that our studies are instantly applicable to our lives.


Have Your Own Life

This is your life, and either you want to live in fear or you don't. The only way you can find out that it is possible to live without fear is to see that you currently fall into the hands of a consciousness that is creating the world you don't want. The light that reveals this fact doesn't fear anything because it transforms everything that is brought into it.


Stop Being Tricked by These Two Words!

Have you ever experienced a barrage of pressing thoughts telling you what you need to do in order to make a problem go away? All of those frantic thoughts are essentially saying "Follow me" as they present their advice. The Divine never pressures a person into following anything. Instead, the Divine is always gently whispering, "I am here."


How to Have a "New Year" Every Moment of Your Life

There is really no such thing as a "new year." What does exist is the rare human being who has entered into a relationship with Truth. That man or woman is renewed moment to moment to moment. If we are not renewed, then by default we are reliving the past, which makes it impossible for us to experience anything new.


The Timeless Work of Being Human

Every creature in nature has work that nature has given them to do. They must do this work in order to survive. They have no choice, and their work doesn't end until their bodies pass. There is no stress or fear in what they are given to do. We as human beings also have work that we have been asked to do in this world, both practical and for the sake of spirit.


You Can't Truly Forgive Others Until You Understand This

Real forgiveness takes place when we understand that the only reason that our friends and family were the way they were is because of the unconscious pain they were in. When we finally understand our own pain, then there is compassion.


Why is There So Much Sickness in the World?

When we look out at the world and don't like what we see, is it really the world we see that is making us sick? Or is the sickness we see in the world the result of the same old reactions that a hundred million human beings have had a hundred million times? The sickness is in this consciousness that has made the world into what it is.


Here's Where to Find Real Answers to Your Problems

The same nagging, "What should I do?" questions have been asked on this planet for thousands and thousands of years, and yet no answer has been able to reconcile the pained part of us that keeps asking. To understand that is the beginning of a new relationship with the part of us that is asking the question. What if we began to suspect that the painful questions...


Within You is the Seed of the Divine

The winter solstice represents the time of the year that the light comes into the darkness. It is an outer representation of an inner exchange that is always taking place within us, so that we can be brought into a greater life and fulfill the promise we all have to be a better human being. It is only as we are delivered into this other order of light and understanding that we...