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Get unstuck. Find your inner power. Feel revitalized and excited for life. See what you're truly capable of creating or becoming. And, learn to manifest and co-create using the power of Flow and the Universe! Mix up a pinch of woo and a ton of practical advice. Come join me for a heap of super good vibes, deep honest teachings, and an open-minded, growth-seeking friend to hang out with (me)! Discover manifesting, abundance thinking, deep healing, inner power, mindset, coaching, business advice, and of course the magic elixir of Flowdreaming — we cover it all! All for the purpose of helping grow into your inner power, magic, and success each and every week.


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Get unstuck. Find your inner power. Feel revitalized and excited for life. See what you're truly capable of creating or becoming. And, learn to manifest and co-create using the power of Flow and the Universe! Mix up a pinch of woo and a ton of practical advice. Come join me for a heap of super good vibes, deep honest teachings, and an open-minded, growth-seeking friend to hang out with (me)! Discover manifesting, abundance thinking, deep healing, inner power, mindset, coaching, business advice, and of course the magic elixir of Flowdreaming — we cover it all! All for the purpose of helping grow into your inner power, magic, and success each and every week.






718: Why Narcissists Love Empaths

Why are narcissists and empaths drawn together like moths to a flame? You love them or hate them, but either way you’re embroiled with them. We look at the unique characteristics of both and how their needs weirdly “complement” each other—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be skedaddling as fast as you can away from this kind of relationship! Discover if you or someone you love is in a narcissistic situation, and then how to gracefully extract yourself from it—both energetically and emotionally. Buckle up…it’s a fun show! Visit for more.


717: Rich with the Jewels of Gratitude

Gratitude. Why is it such a potent feeling, and powerful force? Because it lifts you. It raises your energy and inner setpoint. Let me scoop you into the gorgeous feeling space of gratitude right now. I can’t promise it’ll fix everything, but it sure can pump up your manifesting and help you release a little bit of junky stuff in the process. Visit Flowdreaming.com for more.


BONUS: The Simulated Nature of Reality with Brandon Beachum

What is the nature of our reality? Are we living in holographic universe, or simulation, even like a video game of some type? I know the perfect person to ask this question, it’s my friend Brandon Beachum. Today we play with the idea that Earth is a training ground for the next level, and one of the things we learn here is how trust leads to abundance. Surrender, release control, and see how abundance makes its way to you. It’s a fascinating glimpse into Brandom Beachum’s universe, and he shares wisdom from his book, The Golden Key, found at . (Enter the word Flowdreaming to get it for free.)


716: The Minimum Viable Product

I’m as guilty as anyone with a tendency to overcomplicate. Something that could be simple becomes something too big, too messy, and taking too long. That business you’re starting? Have you been grinding away on it, overdoing everything but selling nothing? Yep….overcomplicated. Same for that website you made, or even that solution to a thorny problem you’ve been mulling over for weeks or months. Today, we strip down whatever you’re making or solving and discover “the minimum viable product” in it so you feel what it’s like to launch or make something with ease, simplicity, low cost, and speed. Whether it’s a business, relationships….anything!


715: How to Protect Yourself from Someone Else’s Negative Mindset

We all know those people whose energy feels like quicksand, sinking us down and leaving us with their same worried or angry mindset. Emotions are contagious, and energy rubs off easily. But, you can leave your encounter with your negative boss, parent, friend, co-worker (or anyone!) feeling shiny as a new penny. Let’s learn how. Visit www.flowdreaming.com for more.


714: Dead Folk, Haunted Houses, Ghosts and Being a Medium with Venus Andrecht

I grew up in an unusual family. There was our haunted house, our tendency to see dead people and pets, and of course, our very odd ancestors. Today, Venus Andrecht, my mom, joins us for a special spooky interview where we share all kinds of strange details about our family history, talking to spirits, and all kinds of odd hilarity. (P.S. Look up The Dear Venus Show to hear my mom's podcast, and visit Flowdreaming.com to hear more from me!)


BONUS: Healing in Layers with JJ Flizanes

Deep inner healing is something we all want to experience, but can feel so hard to attain. But JJ Flizanes has studied the art and has a wealth of ideas for you. (Which doesn't include talk therapy, by the way!) Yes, she says, you CAN experience complete healing and break those bonds of your past. You’ll learn a simple technique to help you discover exactly what’s been getting in your way, as well as feel excited to get going on your inner healing journey again. Visit JJ at https://jjflizanes.com/.


713: How to Stop a Cascade of Broken Messed Up Things

We’ve all had times when everything seems to break: our tech, our houses, our relationships, etc. We feel up to our eyeballs in paperwork, bureaucracy, errors of all kinds, and generally stupid stuff. How do we get out of this flow? Learn my technique for seeing, stopping, and pivoting this kind of unwanted barrage back into ease and simplicity with everything working again just as it should. Let’s right this ship! Visit Flowdreaming.com for me, and check out the course “Everything Is Easy” for inspiration.


BONUS: Two Psychics Walk into a Bar…(An Intimate Discussion of What Working Psychics Experience) with Victoria Shaw

If you want to hear two professional intutives riff together about their talents, you’re going to love this episode. It might even explain why you feel some of the ways you do—help you understand how your intuitive nduges come through in your life, and maybe why sometimes you resist them, or struggle to interpret them, as well as what it takes to successfully allow your own empathic intuitive sense to keep growing and deeping in you. Let’s peelback the curtains on what intutives really experience, and how they experience it.


712: Good Night Moon: Everything You Ever Wanted Your Parent to Say to You…Is Now Said to You

In one of my most powerful recordings ever, I share with you the things I said to my own kids as they were falling asleep at bedtime, because one day I thought, I wonder why we don’t keep saying these kinds of things to each other? So here you have it: Be gently rocked with soothing, positive affirmations that feel like a bedtime story. Reminiscent of things a mother would say to her child, you'll hear the words you've always wanted to hear: You are loveable, adorable, protected, and wonderful. You are deserving, intelligent, loving, and wanted. I hope you love this short Flowdream meditation that boosts your subconscious at bedtime with all good feelings and gently soothes you by reminding you of your internal, true worth. Sleep tight, my friend.


711: Lovebombs — An Update

Nothing but good stuff fills your ears in this show. You are amazing, cute, lucky, talented, smart, handsome, healthy, fit, loving, creative, committed, and all-around wonderful. Soak in the compliments. Soak up the feeling of owning all your most beautiful points. (This is an updated rebroadcast of Episode 594.) And if this feels amazing to you, get the Flowdream at Flowdreaming.com to play anytime!


BONUS: How to Use Flowdreaming to Completely Remodel Your Life

Jessica Ballenger is one of my oldest friends. She’s also been Flowdreaming for at least fifteen years. I was curious what the long-term effects have been for her, and how our practices are the same or different. Enjoy this conversation where you’ll discover how being in Flow truly reshapes lives, including three ways to use Flowdreaming daily for the most potent effects. Visit for more.


710: Everyday Is My Birthday

You know that special feeling of your birthday? It’s your day, all about you, and everyone celebrates that you are in existence. What if you carried that feeling every day, not just one day a year? What if everyday life showered you with gifts and blessings? What if every day you felt the gratitude that you felt on your birthday? This week is my birthday, and with those thoughts in mind, I wanted to give YOU a present. Today I’m playing a Flowdream for you called Everyday Is My Birthday, and it’s one of the most popular recordings I’ve ever done. (To get your own downloadable version, visit and search for Everyday Is My Birthday.


709: Overachievers! What to Do When You Feel Burned Out at the Top

You’ve had some success. Maybe a lot of Success. But boy are you tired. Burned out, hating your work. Or, maybe you’ve been grinding for so long, but still feel you’ve only “almost made it.” You’re discouraged or in an emotional dead zone. Wouldn’t you like to know a new way of achieving things that doesn’t take such a huge toll on you? Listen up as I walk you through a very different and doable path toward being a highly successful achiever….without burning yourself to a crisp on the way there. For more, visit www.Flowdreaming.com


708: Manifesting Away from "Survival Mode" (Throwback!)

Back in 2007, one of my episodes was called, “Manifesting Away from Survival Mode. Episode 91 to be precise. And I thought it was time, 16 years later, to tackle this idea again. We’re looking at the baseline that many of us settle into without even realizing it. We’re looking at what we’ve normalized that maybe it’s time to give up. And finally, we reach into what life beyond survival mode entails. You’re going to pick up some surprising and useful “ah ha’s” in this episode that will have you pivoting and scaling up and away from survival mode faster than you even know. Visit for more.


707: Here Are A Few Amazing Things About Yourself You May Have Forgotten (Or Never Been Told)

If you’ve felt plunged in lack-thinking or worry lately, then today’s episode will be a gorgeous counterpoint that will help you u-turn back into joy, hope, expectation, and feeling like a kid on your birthday morning. I’m here to remind you about a few amazing things about yourself that so often get buried in the pile of life. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed at yourself. Visit for more.


BONUS: Joy Is Not a State of Mind—It’s a State of Being with Lisa McCourt

Two things come to mind when we think about the word “joy” One, Christmas carols or menorahs, and two, a nice feeling that also usually feels fleeting and usually unattainable—like a bird that will fly from us all too quickly. So what if I said, you can capture joy? That you can woo it, and sustain it? What if joy was incredibly attainable, at least once you’re on the right road to it? Stay with me, and we’ll take a look at that road this episode with my guest Lisa McCourt.


BONUS EPISODE: Your Dreams Are Telling You Something with Anne Vivian

Picture a tree. The roots are your foundation, the trunk is your strength and present moment, and the branches are your connection to your greater self—your spirit. How do these all communicate? We’re going to find out today through an integrative approach that my guest, Anne Vivien, specializes in sharing through her specialties…the language of dreams. If you want to know what your dreams mean, or how to become more integrative in your manifesting, then relax, listen, and let your dreams take hold….Visit for more.


706: 3 Ways to Ruthlessly Protect Your Energy From Information Overload

Ever felt overwhelmed? Of course you have. But overwhelmed by what? You might think it’s by having too many people, situations, or stress in your life. But here’s something you may not have thought of: There’s simply too much information. Information that steals your energy and attention. Today we’re looking at all the ways life around you is secretly and silently drawing your emotional and energetic power, and how to ruthlessly protect yourself from information overload, using some practical steps and energetic practices. One thing is for sure, I want you to finish this episode feeling clean, clear, empowered, and able to cut all the excess information that you simply don’t need out of your life. Visit for more.


705: Not Every Hobby Needs to Be a Hustle

Maybe it’s happened to you: That thing you love? Your hobby, your passion? Maybe it was writing, or coaching. You tried to make money off it. You tried to transition it into a side-gig, or your main gig. And then it got hard. And then you felt behind, like you weren’t doing good enough. And then one day, you realized you no longer loved that thing you loved. You killed it. You killed your passion. Let’s talk about how sometimes, the things we love should just stay things we love. No hustle, no hacks. Instead, we’ll honor those things we love by giving them space and taking all the pressure away. Let’s learn how. Visit for more.