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Take a listen to the #1 oldest continuous self-development podcast: Flowdreaming—now in its 17th year! Enjoy Summer McStravick's eclectic take on life, Flow, manifesting, the Universe, co-creation, surrender & trust, self-love, inner power, happiness, and more. Every episode is a jewel brimming with new ideas that push you to look at yourself and your life differently through the lens of Flow. Visit her at www.flowdreaming.com.


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Take a listen to the #1 oldest continuous self-development podcast: Flowdreaming—now in its 17th year! Enjoy Summer McStravick's eclectic take on life, Flow, manifesting, the Universe, co-creation, surrender & trust, self-love, inner power, happiness, and more. Every episode is a jewel brimming with new ideas that push you to look at yourself and your life differently through the lens of Flow. Visit her at www.flowdreaming.com.






683: Oh Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Hey, it’s Summer. I’m here with a quick check-in with where this podcast is heading and how it’s changing! Find out what I’ve been up to and if there’s a reboot coming!


681: The Field with Guest Lynn McTaggert

It’s a time warp! Enjoy this interview with author Lynn McTaggert as she and Summer discuss the quantum field, intention, and manifesting the way people used to talk about it 15 years ago. Originally broadcast in episode 125 of Flowdreaming. Enjoy! Visit Flowdreaming.com to learn more.


680: Ridiculously Easy Mode

Easy mode is when what you’re doing feels effortless, time flies, and your results are usually pretty spectacular. So, why don’t we spend more time in Easy Mode? We don’t trust it, that’s why. We prefer Hard Mode —that’s where all the big results are supposed to be, or so we’re told. We blow up this misconception today and pivot back into our easy flow, where the things that make up happy also make us rich and content. Come join me! Be sure to visit Flowdreaming.com to learn more about any...


679: Reinventing and Rethinking Work

What will your new work or career give you? How will your life change? We rethink what we want from our work and career, and infuse our desires with positive vibes. Visit Flowdreaming.com to learn more and for any of the career and work meditations mentioned in this episode.


678: The Magical Garden of Overflowing Delights - How to See Magic Everywhere

Four paths. Four Flowdreams. Four ways to dip into even more magic in your life. Playful energy buzzes with life and potency, and many of us are sorely lacking these right now. So we’ll explore the Everblooming Garden of Delights, Flowing with the Light, Lift the Horn of Plenty, and the Walkway of Abundance — all from my newest playlist, My Cup Floweth Over— in today’s episode. Get it here:


677: It’s Time to Move On! Stop Feeling Guilty for What You Haven’t Achieved

“Should have’s” and “would have’s” can ruin your life, but we’re each dragging a sack of them around. Let’s lighten our load and find some freedom today. You’ll feel refreshed, energized, and “perfect as you already are” by the end! Then visit for more.


676: Dump Your Fear of Success

Ever wonder why you want to be crazy successful, but you always stop just short of it? What’s that baggage? What’s that block? Well I may know it…it’s called fear. We’ll look at the fears we have surrounding success, and how to break them apart in Flow. Join me for a huge uplift in your thinking. Then visit for more.


675: Daydream Believer

Daydreamers. Space-cases…you know who you are. But is your tendency to drift off to other worlds necessarily a bad thing? What if it makes you extra special instead? Daydreaming is your friend and ally…do MORE of it, not less. Providing it’s the right kind, of course. And what is the right kind? Listen and find out! Then visit for more.


674: How to Stop Overthinking

Ok, you “Over-Thinkers.” You “Gotta Make the Right Choicers.” You “If I Just Think Longer I’ll Figure it Outers.” I know you. And I know how it drives you crazy that you can’t make a decision, you’re life is on hold, you’re afraid to fail or be wrong…and you’re just kinda…stuck. Let’s tear down that wall of mental spinning and get you flowing, trusting and confident. Join me at for more.


623: Radiant Butterfly (When Your Manifesting Is on Fire!) - BONUS ENCORE

Drop into the “flow zone” and recall what it feels like when everything you want to happen...happens. Remember those smooth effortless points in your life? Today, we bring that energy back into your Flow. Become a radiant butterfly, where your ability to create, generate, attract and align are all coming together into one brilliant rainbow of heightened ability and Flow. A powerful show! Continue to grow with the Emotional Ecstasy Playlist at .


673: How to Get Through a Breakup

Your anti-Valentine’s Day show! Seriously though, how do you get that hurt to recede? How do stop thinking about it? How do you know if you or they made the right decision? We cover break-ups, losses, and even those I-don’t-know-where-we-stand-and-it’s-killing-me situations, all by using flow, mindset and good vibes from the Universe. Join me at for some excellent Flowdreams to cure your relationship hangover, such as the “Release and Love Again” Playlist.


672: 3 Tools for Growing Your Inner Power

You know that feeling: confident, high, ready to tackle anything? Why is that feeling so rare? Let’s look at what inner power is, how it leaks away, and how to recapture it so you can go forward with surety and success. This “mini training” helps you find your inner power and support it so it sticks around. Visit Flowdreaming.com for more.


671: How to Turn Your Emotions from Your Enemy to Your Friend

Emotions! Friend or foe? Let’s see what you think of your own emotional self—do you trust it? Do you love it? Or do you keep in virtual lockdown? See re-igniting the love of your own emotional self is key to creating the happiness you’re after. Visit Flowdreaming.com for more.


670: How to Regrow Your Broken Trust

Oh boy, this is a biggie! Summer teaches her students constantly about the need for seeing and healing areas of broken trust in your life. You’ll get a glimpse at the Big Three: Trust of Self, Trust of Others, and Trust of the Universe. Another eye-opening episode! Visit for more.


669: Not Your Garden Variety Psychic

How do you weave powerful intuitive skills with both Flow and manifesting? Is there a name for that practice? Summer shares how she perceives the shifting mix of abilities in not only herself—but in all of us. Take an intimate peek at how Summer’s empathic intuition works as she describes her journey in detail. For more, visit flowdreaming.com.


668: The Gorgeous Satisfying Way to Open A Year

The most important episode of the year! Why? Because you’ll set the tone for the whole year ahead. Come summon the energy, mindset, focus and flow to get your year started the right way. We look at simple methods to gain clarity and send positive vibes into our year ahead. Now is the time: feel ahead and make it happen!


539: Signs of a Super Manifestor

Summer polled her staff and worked up an interesting list of characteristics they all see in people who just seem to create ( attract, manifest) anything they want, whenever they want it. Find out what these traits are, and how many you share. Learn more with the Rich, Secure & Debt Free Playlist at Flowdreaming.com.


667: Chance vs. Intention vs. Destiny

Let’s get philosophical: what’s the difference between believing in chance, intention or destiny? Do they all play well together? Or is one a sucker punch? And, which one offers you the most inner power? We rearrange our thinking to embrace more power, less powerlessness, and get really clear on just what abilities we hold in our hands...and what ones we don’t. Visit Flowdreaming.com for more.


666: How to Make Beautiful Boundaries

Boundaries are what create the structure that your life flourishes within. Not having them, or having them constantly run though, is like having a garden overrun with rabbits. We identify and strengthen your boundaries and help you draw up healthy guidelines for yourself and those you love to live by. Boundaries are good things! Lets make more of them. Referred to in the episode: the Strong Healthy Boundaries Flowdreaming at Flowdreaming.com.


665: Enter Your Wild, Juicy, Creative Flow

Your beautiful creative mind is the driving force behind how you construct a life. Creative thinkers are those who think outside the box, who try to see things in new and novel ways, and who bring diversity to their lives. In this episode, we fire up your creative potential and infuse your life with a dash of wonder. Feel zesty, alive, and curious! For more, visit Flowdreaming.com and search for CREATIVE to see all the Flowdreams available.