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Let QR Calgary take you home after your work day. Listen to The Drive with Ted Henley daily from 3:00-6:00 p.m.


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Let QR Calgary take you home after your work day. Listen to The Drive with Ted Henley daily from 3:00-6:00 p.m.




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Kevin McDonald - The Kids in the Hall

This week on the Drive, we talked with Kids in the Hall cast member and writer of the rock-opera Superstar Kevin McDonald!


Teenagers making a difference - The Drive with Ted Henley

Justin (Grade 8) and Aaron (Grade 10) are 2 teenagers who are trying to inspire mid-high school students to take scientifically sound actions toward addressing climate change. We talked with Justin and Aaron about the Microbial Fuel Cell Challenge an interesting, new technique for producing reliable, clean electricity.


Talking Women in Politics on this International Women's Day, Financial Literacy and educating children on money spending, and the World's Most Comprehensive Study on COVID-19 and Mental Health - The Drive with Ted Henley

On this March 8th edition of The Drive Podcast: Starting off the show we are talking women in politics this International Women's Day. We talk with University of Calgary professor and political scientist Melanee Thomas about the explicit gender stereotyping in Canadian Politics. Up next, we're talking financial literacy with financial educator, Christa Mathews on the best way to talk to our kids about money. Lastly, we talk with Dr. Danielle Rice, a psychologist and assistant professor at...


A Puppet Festival here in Calgary - The Drive with Ted Henley

Artists and those with love for art can welcome the Festival of Animated Objects back to Calgary. We talk the festival and more with Xstine Cook, the cofounder and artistic director of the festival.


True Calgarian: 15-year-old Canada Games Athlete - The Drive with Ted Henley

This week's True Calgarian for March 8th: On this week's segment of True Calgarian, we talk to a young woman with a dream to make the Olympic team in 2026. Here to talk about her lifestyle as a young halfpipe rider is 15-year-old Calgarian, Felicity Geremia.


International Womens Day! The Canadian Women's Foundation and a new M&M's partnership - The Drive with Ted Henley

M&M's has released limited-edition 'flipped' packs, featuring its three female spokescandies, with a pledge of $1 CAD per purchase of these packs to support the Canadian Women's Foundation's Economic Development Program. We talk all about that with Suzanne Duncan, vice president of philanthropy at the Canadian Women's Foundation.


Mental health programs in the workplace - The Drive with Ted Henley

We talk with Peninsula Canada's Kiljon Shukullari, an HR advisory manager and professional about the importance of mental health supports in the workplace.


The Layers of poverty in our community, Mentoring is an important resource for women in tech, How music can have an impact on Geo-political Issues - The Drive with Ted Henley

On this March 7th edition of The Drive Podcast: Starting off the show, Calgarians are invested in the wellbeing of their neighbours amid the affordability crisis. We talk that with Lee Stevens, lead author of the study Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) released on the state of wellbeing in Calgary – Beneath the Surface, the layers of poverty in Calgary. Then, we talk with a member of ASET and civil engineering technologist Jennifer Stewart on mentoring for women in tech. And lastly, we...


In lieu of International Womens Day we talked about Mentoring for Women in Tech - The Drive with Ted Henley

International Womens Day is tomorrow and leading up to that, we talked with Jennifer Stewart, a member of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) who participates in ASET’s mentoring program. She advocates mentoring for woman in the engineering technology profession.


Mental health support in Alberta and in the workplace, Fraud Prevention Month and the top riskiest scams in Canada

On this March 6th edition of The Drive Podcast: Talking today, Premier Danielle Smith and a trio of UCP MLAs made the announcement of new inpatient sites, more spaces in day programs and a rollout of "mental health classrooms" across the province are all part of a $92 million plan to improve treatment for kids in Alberta. So, to continue that conversation we talked about mental health supports with Kiljon Shukullari, HR Advisory Manager at Peninsula Canada. Afterwards, it's Fraud Prevention...


An iconic Canadian band is making its way to Calgary! - The Drive with Ted Henley

Neil Osbourne is the lead singer and front-man for the iconic Canadian band 54-40. He joins Ted Henley on The Drive to discuss his career, his music, and his tour, which brings him to Calgary and Edmonton the first weekend of March!


An Alberta man is cycling to New Mexico! - The Drive with Ted Henley

Jonathan Hogg is a regular, every day Albertan doing something extraordinary. He, for charity, will be getting on his bike and going from Banff to New Mexico! We learn about why he's doing this on The Drive.


City of Calgary launches new program for energy efficiency for homeowners, things you can do to improve your home's energy efficiency, and a man trying to walk EVERY street in Calgary! - The Drive Podcast, February 1st, 2023

On this February 1st edition of The Drive Podcast: Yesterday the City of Calgary announced the launch of their Clean Energy Improvement Program for homeowners. A program that aims in assisting homeowners in helping make their homes more energy efficient and green. We speak with Carlee Beaver, the CEIP Program Manager for the City of Calgary. Afterwards, Jason Griffin, a lead home inspector with Twenty20 Master Home Inspectors joins to give our listeners advice on how to make their homes more...


True Calgarian - Long-time Stampede Volunteer Brian Johnston

This week's True Calgarian is long-time Calgary Stampede volunteer Brian Johnston. We learn about his incredible story on The Drive with Ted Henley


How City Council reacts to communities wanting to implement "restrictive covenants" on their communities - The Drive with Ted Henley

Ward 11 City Councillor Kourtney Penner joins Ted Henley on The Drive to discuss the news of 3 Southwest Calgary communities wanting to impose "restrictive covenants" onto their communities.


Do Premier Danielle Smiths comments really matter that much, AI music might be coming to your radio sooner than you think, and some safety reminders for Winter driving - The Drive Podcast, October 18th, 2022

On this October 18th edition of The Drive Podcast, Over the weekend, Premier Danielle Smith was making headlines for comments she made before becoming Premier regarding the un-vaxxed and the war in Ukraine. While a lot of hubub was made about the comments, do they really matter that much. Ted chats with University of Toronto professor David Soberman to discuss. Afterwards, could AI music be coming to our radios sooner than we think? Alan Cross, host of The Ongoing History of New Music, joins...


Taking an in-depth look into the economics of Alberta, and how plants can be used to help clean water - The Drive Podcast, October 17th, 2022

On this October 18th edition of The Drive Podcast: Ted takes an in-depth look into the state of Alberta's economics, starting with Scott Crockatt to discuss the roadblocks that our province's economy is facing. Afterwards, Rob Roach joins Ted to discuss the 5 biggest problems facing the economy. Finally, Olds College Hydrologist Daniel Karran discusses the way that plants can be used to clean our drinking water.


Checking in on the travel industry as more Canadians want to get away, how inflation impacts food prices, and is $10 a day day-care actually working? - The Drive Podcast, September 21st

On this Sept 21st edition of The Drive Podcast: Lots of Canadians are eager to travel this winter... but how is the travel industry doing? We check in with the Travel Lady Lesley Keyter about how the industry is doing. Afterwards Ted speaks with Janet Music from the Agri-Food Labs out of Dalhousie University about the impact that inflation has had on Food Prices. Finally, Ted chats with Global Calgary reporter Tomasia DaSilva about how things are working with $10 a day day-care.


The worst mistakes bosses can make that lead to employees quitting, upcoming Terry Fox Run events in Alberta, and why trees on farmland is such a good idea - The Drive Podcast, September 16th

On this September 16th edition of The Drive podcast: Dr. Jayne Gardner is a performance coach and business strategist. She joins Ted as part of our Back-To-Work series to highlight the most common mistakes bosses make that lead to employees leaving. Afterwards Ted chats with Fred Fox, brother of Terry Fox, about the upcoming Terry Fox Runs in Alberta. Finally, Dr. Cole Gross of Yale University tells us why farmers may want to keep trees around on their properties.


Learning everything there is to know about Chocolate, an update on Calgary's construction industry, and how can employees and employers manage the upcoming winter season - The Drive Podcast, September 14th

On this September 14th edition of The Drive Podcast, September 13th was international Chocolate Day. Ted chats with Dr. Alejandro Marangoni of the University of Guelph about everything there is to know about chocolate. Afterwards Ted speaks with Bill Black of the Calgary Construction Association about how the industry is faring. Finally, as Part 2 of our Back-To-Work series, Ted speaks with Peninsula HR Advisory expert Andrew Caldwell on how employers and employees can navigate the upcoming...