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Let QR Calgary take you home after your work day. Listen to The Drive with Ted Henley daily from 3:00-6:00 p.m.




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Former NAIT Student rebuilds iconic 1980s Synthesizer - The Drive with Ted Henley

The Prophet 5 is an iconic synthesizer... being heard on tracks all throughout the 1980s like Michael Jackson's Thriller or The Eurythmic's Sweet Dreams. They can cost a small fortune, as they're no longer made... but that didn't stop former NAIT student Daniel Sayfullin from building one on his own. We find out how and why he made this on The Drive!


The Importance of Knowing CPR to Protect Against Drowning - The Drive with Ted Henley

Summer may be winding down... but the threat of drowning still remains. Abby Fitzsimmons joined Ted Henley last year to share her harrowing story, and to remind us all the importance of knowing CPR - because it really and truly could save a life.


UK tourists recount their experience when the Banff Gondola had a power outage! - The Drive with Ted Henley

Sean Nicholson is a tourist from the UK, travelling here in Canada with his wife Karen and two teen daughters Milly and Daisy... and they were impacted by the power outage that shut down the Banff Gondola! Sean joined Ted to talk about the experience he and his family went through.


Is the Stampede doing enough to protect kids? - The Drive with Ted Henley

Following a lawsuit put against the Calgary Stampede, we ask - is the Stampede doing enough to protect children? Shelden Kennedy of the Protect Group joins us to discuss.


Everything to Know about Canada's New First Home Savings Account - The Drive with Ted Henely

Canada launched a new First Home Saving's Account in an effort to get younger people saving and into the housing market... Doug Stuart, an Assistant Teaching Professor at the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria joins us to tell us everything we need to know about the First Home Saving's Account!


Albertan celebrates first Canada Day... as a Canadian Citizen! - The Drive with Ted Henley

Mila Wagner is a new Canadian... who joined Ted Henley on The Drive on July 4th, 2023 to share with us all her feelings about celebrating her FIRST Canada Day as a Canadian Citizen!


Calgary company builds machines that can sort trading cards automatically! - The Drive with Ted Henley

If you have ever collected a trading card... whether it's sports cards like hockey or baseball, Pokemon cards, Magic cards, you know what a pain organizing and sorting them can be! That's where Calgary-based company TCG Machines and Graeme Gordon comes in! This local company has built their own machines that do the sorting for you!


Bruce McCullough - The Kids in the Hall

Bruce McCullough from The Kids in the Hall


Wildlife Photographer Jason Leo Bantle talks his Earth Day print - The Drive with Ted Henley

Jason Leo Bantle is a Canadian Wildlife Photographer who has captured some INCREDIBLE sights in our country. He joins Ted Henley on The Drive to talk his latest shot from up north, and how you can help out with Earth Day!


Kevin McDonald - The Kids in the Hall

This week on the Drive, we talked with Kids in the Hall cast member and writer of the rock-opera Superstar Kevin McDonald!


Teenagers making a difference - The Drive with Ted Henley

Justin (Grade 8) and Aaron (Grade 10) are 2 teenagers who are trying to inspire mid-high school students to take scientifically sound actions toward addressing climate change. We talked with Justin and Aaron about the Microbial Fuel Cell Challenge an interesting, new technique for producing reliable, clean electricity.


Talking Women in Politics on this International Women's Day, Financial Literacy and educating children on money spending, and the World's Most Comprehensive Study on COVID-19 and Mental Health - The Drive with Ted Henley

On this March 8th edition of The Drive Podcast: Starting off the show we are talking women in politics this International Women's Day. We talk with University of Calgary professor and political scientist Melanee Thomas about the explicit gender stereotyping in Canadian Politics. Up next, we're talking financial literacy with financial educator, Christa Mathews on the best way to talk to our kids about money. Lastly, we talk with Dr. Danielle Rice, a psychologist and assistant professor at McMaster University. Dr. Rice was a part of a new study looking at how we are doing mentally, coming out of COVID.


A Puppet Festival here in Calgary - The Drive with Ted Henley

Artists and those with love for art can welcome the Festival of Animated Objects back to Calgary. We talk the festival and more with Xstine Cook, the cofounder and artistic director of the festival.


True Calgarian: 15-year-old Canada Games Athlete - The Drive with Ted Henley

This week's True Calgarian for March 8th: On this week's segment of True Calgarian, we talk to a young woman with a dream to make the Olympic team in 2026. Here to talk about her lifestyle as a young halfpipe rider is 15-year-old Calgarian, Felicity Geremia.


International Womens Day! The Canadian Women's Foundation and a new M&M's partnership - The Drive with Ted Henley

M&M's has released limited-edition 'flipped' packs, featuring its three female spokescandies, with a pledge of $1 CAD per purchase of these packs to support the Canadian Women's Foundation's Economic Development Program. We talk all about that with Suzanne Duncan, vice president of philanthropy at the Canadian Women's Foundation.


Mental health programs in the workplace - The Drive with Ted Henley

We talk with Peninsula Canada's Kiljon Shukullari, an HR advisory manager and professional about the importance of mental health supports in the workplace.


The Layers of poverty in our community, Mentoring is an important resource for women in tech, How music can have an impact on Geo-political Issues - The Drive with Ted Henley

On this March 7th edition of The Drive Podcast: Starting off the show, Calgarians are invested in the wellbeing of their neighbours amid the affordability crisis. We talk that with Lee Stevens, lead author of the study Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) released on the state of wellbeing in Calgary – Beneath the Surface, the layers of poverty in Calgary. Then, we talk with a member of ASET and civil engineering technologist Jennifer Stewart on mentoring for women in tech. And lastly, we explore the “Live Aid-style” benefit concert for Ukraine that could see the likes of U2, The Rolling Stones, Pink and more at Wembley Stadium on June 24. All that with Sirius XM host Eric Alper.


In lieu of International Womens Day we talked about Mentoring for Women in Tech - The Drive with Ted Henley

International Womens Day is tomorrow and leading up to that, we talked with Jennifer Stewart, a member of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) who participates in ASET’s mentoring program. She advocates mentoring for woman in the engineering technology profession.


Mental health support in Alberta and in the workplace, Fraud Prevention Month and the top riskiest scams in Canada

On this March 6th edition of The Drive Podcast: Talking today, Premier Danielle Smith and a trio of UCP MLAs made the announcement of new inpatient sites, more spaces in day programs and a rollout of "mental health classrooms" across the province are all part of a $92 million plan to improve treatment for kids in Alberta. So, to continue that conversation we talked about mental health supports with Kiljon Shukullari, HR Advisory Manager at Peninsula Canada. Afterwards, it's Fraud Prevention Month in Alberta and the Better Business Bureau published its Scam Tracker Risk Report which details the top 10 riskiest scams in Canada in 2022. To talk about the scams were most at risk for is Mary O’Sullivan-Andersen, the President and CEO of BBB Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay.


An iconic Canadian band is making its way to Calgary! - The Drive with Ted Henley

Neil Osbourne is the lead singer and front-man for the iconic Canadian band 54-40. He joins Ted Henley on The Drive to discuss his career, his music, and his tour, which brings him to Calgary and Edmonton the first weekend of March!