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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




Tom Brady retires + Sean Payton to the Broncos

(3:45) Tom Brady retires: How shocked were you by this news? (18:30) 49ers QB: With Brock Purdy's injury and Brady out of the picture, what's next for San Francisco? (22:00) Broncos hire Sean Payton: Can he fix Russell Wilson? (33:50) Texans hire DeMeco Ryans: Can he get Houston back on track? (38:25) #AskMeAnything: We answer your questions on Frank Reich, Bills weapons, and Aaron Rodgers to the Jets. (54:15) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: It's a sweep for one of the Super Bowl...


Conference Championship Recap: Eagles & Chiefs headed to Super Bowl LVII

(5:40) Bengals-Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes is still the king, and KC got awful chippy after hearing the Bengals talk trash all week. (20:15) Inside the Cincy struggles and controversial late-game penalties. (43:00) 49ers-Eagles: Lots of "What Ifs" after Brock Purdy's injury leaves the Niners without a QB (1:08:25) Requiem For a Team: We say goodbye to the 2022 49ers & Bengals. (1:11:10) Super Bowl LVII odds: BetMGM Sportsbook has the Eagles as the early favorites over the Chiefs


Conference Championship Picks: "We were the epitome of moderation!"

(9:55) 49ers at Eagles (31:45) Bengals at Chiefs (53:20) Best Bet


Conference Championship Preview: "My butt is on the fence"

(5:00) Bengals at Chiefs: How much will Patrick Mahomes mobility matter? Are the Bengals being overhyped? (45:40) Big Butt Awards: Two Defensive Player of the Year finalists were amazing in the Divisional Round. (51:45) 49ers at Eagles: Who has the advantage in the trenches? (1:16:45) Highest Scoring Team Odds: Who will put up the biggest number this Sunday? (1:21:15) Homie Playoff Predictions: Many of you went down with the Bills, plus one homie was higher on the Jags than all of us.


Divisional Round Recap: "Where can I get that coat?"

(5:50) Bengals def. Bills: Josh Allen's shoulder could only carry Buffalo so far. And Joe Burrow is "the best zone QB in football." (28:10) Chiefs def. Jaguars: Patrick Mahomes' injury showed us "the team is real." And Ahmed has a prediction about the 2023 Jaguars. (46:40) 49ers def. Cowboys: Kyle Shanahan "waited out" the Cowboys. And Chris once again finds himself defending Dak Prescott. (1:05:15) Eagles def. Giants: Philadelphia outclassed New York, and Brian Daboll knew it. Should the...


Divisional Picks: "That's your bedroom!"

(3:30) Jaguars at Chiefs (20:20) Giants at Eagles (32:00) Bengals at Bills (37:00) Cowboys at 49ers (42:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


Divisional Round Preview: "I won't get run over by a ref again"

(3:30) Cowboys def. Buccaneers: Tom Brady looks done in Tampa, and the Cowboys look like a contender again. (13:00) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed leads our goodbye to the 2022 Bucs (14:30) Cowboys at 49ers: Which roster is more talented? And Simms clarifies his Brock Purdy/Mac Jones comparison. (30:50) Giants at Eagles: Which side of the ball does Philly have the bigger advantage with? (50:15) Big Butt Awards: This week's trophy goes to players from the Giants & Dolphins. (55:10) Jaguars at...


Wild Card Recap: Giant upset + Jags come back

(3:00) Giants def. Vikings: "Did Minnesota not think Daniel Jones can scramble?" And Simms doesn't like the Kirk Cousins pile on. (25:10) Jaguars def. Chargers: Trevor Lawrence dodges the Simms Curse. And does Brandon Staley deserve to be fired? (46:50) Bills def. Dolphins: "Nobody is scared of the Buffalo receivers." (58:50) Bengals def. Ravens: All of a sudden, Cincinnati has major concerns. And the Lamar Jackson-Baltimore marriage feels like it might be coming to an end. (1:12:40)...


Wild Card Picks: "You like-a da Kirk-a Cousins?!?"

(7:20) Seahawks at 49ers (19:45) Chargers at Jaguars (28:35) Dolphins at Bills (32:30) Giants at Vikings (44:25) Ravens at Bengals (50:00) Cowboys at Buccaneers (58:55) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


Wild Card Preview: "They deserve one of those Unbuttoned T-shirts"

(4:20) Seahawks at 49ers: Geno Smith & the Seattle offense has to change this time. (25:20) Big Butt Awards: The Seahawks & Colts get an elephant trophy in the final week of the regular season. (29:05) Giants at Vikings: Were both teams too pass-happy last time around? (39:00) Cowboys at Buccaneers: What has changed since Tampa's Week 1 win? (54:00) Chargers at Jaguars: "In totality, LA is probably better. But it's a matchup league." (1:01:15) Dolphins at Bills: Tua Tagovailoa is out....


NFL Week 18 Recap: Lions send Pack home + Damar Hamlin love

(:40) Lions def. Packers: Aaron Rodgers falls short, and Ahmed could talk about it forever. (15:20) Seahawks def. Rams: The Geno Smith comeback arc is complete. (21:15) Bills def. Patriots: Damar Hamlin and the Buffalo players have us all emotional. (29:45) Bengals def. Ravens: Joe Burrow is smoking, and will we see Lamar Jackson this Sunday? (37:30) Dolphins def. Jets: Miami makes the playoffs, but needs Tua Tagovailoa or Teddy Bridgewater back. (45:05) Chiefs def. Raiders: Patrick...


NFL Week 18 Picks: "You'd be Scrooge McDuck right now!"

(5:15) Saturday: Chiefs at Raiders (10:25) Titans at Jaguars (15:40) Sunday: Patriots at Bills (18:30) Jets at Dolphins (21:30) Browns at Steelers (24:50) Ravens at Bengals (28:45) Vikings at Bears (30:35) Buccaneers at Falcons (31:55) Panthers at Saints (32:20) Texans at Colts (33:40) Chargers at Broncos (35:35) Giants at Eagles (37:45) Cowboys at Commanders (39:40) Cardinals at 49ers (41:05) Rams at Seahawks (45:00) SNF: Lions at Packers (50:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison...


Damar Hamlin thoughts + Week 18 Preview

(2:00) Damar Hamlin: A horrible moment rocked us all, but is also showing how football brings us together. (12:00) Bills-Bengals: "I don't want to see them replay this game." (15:00) Lions at Packers: What's changed for Aaron Rodgers since his Week 9 Detroit meltdown? (26:50) Titans at Jaguars: Will Trevor Lawrence or Derrick Henry be more unstoppable? (36:30) Jets at Dolphins: Mike McDaniel might have to play ugly to win this one. (43:15) Patriots at Bills: "Against Josh Allen, New...


Week 17 Recap: Packers are alive, Steelers never die, and the G-Men are in

(05:50) Vikings-Packers: Holy crap, Green Bay controls its own destiny, even though you can’t technically control your own destiny (12:25) Bears-Lions: Like we always thought, Detroit is in the playoff mix on the final week of the season (18:00) Browns-Commanders: The loss that should relegate Carson Wentz to a backup QB. And the first of 5 requiems, as the Commanders are laid to rest (25:10) Jets-Seahawks: Geno Smith gets his revenge, while Simms pinpoints the moment where the season...


NFL Week 17 Picks

(3:10) Cowboys at Titans (6:20) Dolphins at Patriots (9:25) Saints at Eagles (13:25) Colts at Giants (17:15) Browns at Commanders (21:20) Bears at Lions (23:50) Panthers at Bucs (27:05) Broncos at Chiefs (30:05) Jaguars at Texans (33:55) Cardinals at Falcons (35:10) 49ers at Raiders (37:40) Jets at Seahawks (41:45) Vikings at Packers (46:35) Rams at Chargers (49:05) Steelers at Ravens (51:20) Bills at Bengals (54:40) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


Wk 16 Film Review & Wk 17 Preview: Josh Allen vs Joe Burrow

(3:45) Dolphins at Patriots: Can Mac Jones handle the Dolphins blitz? Can Teddy Bridgewater get it done? (28:00) Panthers at Buccaneers: Can Tampa shut down the hot Carolina run game? (41:40) Jets at Seahawks: Mike White is back, and Geno Smith is out for revenge. (48:35) Offensive Rookie of the Year: In a wide-open race, should Garrett Wilson be the favorite? (52:50) Vikings at Packers: Aaron Rodgers doesn’t pump fake anymore. And can Green Bay stop Justin Jefferson? (1:03:00) Big Butt...


NFL Week 16 Recap + Broncos fire Nathaniel Hackett

(5:25) Cowboys def. Eagles: Can Philadelphia win the Super Bowl with Gardner Minshew? (15:30) Vikings def. Giants: Can Minnesota keep winning 1-score games? (23:30) 49ers def. Commanders: “Kyle Shanahan is my Coach of the Year right now.” (33:50) Chiefs def. Seahawks: Did Geno Smith have a bad game or is the KC defense rounding into form? (39:15) Packers def. Dolphins: “Like Santa, Tuanon disappears after Christmas.” (46:25) Bills def. Bears: Josh Allen finally gets help from the run...


NFL Week 16 Picks: "Merry Christmas! $#!tter was full!"

(3:10) TNF: Jaguars at Jets (6:10) Bills at Bears (9:35) Falcons at Ravens (13:00) Bengals at Patriots (16:30) Seahawks at Chiefs (19:30) Giants at Vikings (23:35) Lions at Panthers (26:25) Saints at Browns (30:40) Texans at Titans (35:30) Commanders at 49ers (39:00) Eagles at Cowboys (42:25) Raiders at Steelers (46:35) Christmas 1pm: Packers at Dolphins (49:45) Christmas 4pm: Broncos at Rams (50:20) SNF: Bucs at Cardinals (51:10) MNF: Chargers at Colts (53:40) Best Bets &...


Red Flags for Contenders + RIP Franco Harris

(3:45) Franco Harris: "He couldn't have been a nicer human being." (7:45) Super Bowl odds: "The Bills are the favorite? I almost fell off my chair." (10:20) Bills: Who is their best defensive player? (18:40) Dolphins: How did they defend Josh Allen? (29:50) Chiefs: How did they almost lose to the Texans? (40:50) Bengals: "They could be the best team in the AFC top to bottom." (48:45) Ravens: Is it just a matter of Lamar Jackson getting healthy? (54:15) Eagles: Do they even have a...


NFL Week 15 Recap: "What are they doing??!!"

(4:30) Raiders def. Patriots: Jakobi Meyers makes all-time mistake, and we still aren't sure Keelan Cole was in. (15:15) Jaguars def. Cowboys: Trevor Lawrence is finally controlling his fastball. (22:30) Chargers def Titans: Should Mike Vrabel have gone for two? (28:15) Giants def. Commanders: Terry McLaurin's ref story doesn't add up. (44:45) Lions def. Jets: Detroit calls the perfect "oh sh!t" play. (52:30) Bengals def. Buccaneers: Tom Brady is battered by a "fairly tough...