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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




Justin Jefferson, Ja'Marr Chase, Puka Nacua, DeVonta Smith, D.J. Moore

(1:25) Vikings WR Justin Jefferson: Why is he frustrated about his contract negotiations? (10:20) Bengals WR Ja'Marr Chase: Does he care about being paid more than former LSU teammate Justin Jefferson? (19:25) Rams WR Puka Nacua: On being “chubby” and why teams missed on him in the draft. (30:20) Eagles WR DeVonta Smith: Why couldn't the Eagles stop their late season collapse? (39:25) Bears WR D.J. Moore: Why should the Bears keep Justin Fields?


Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Kirk Cousins, Michael Penix Jr, Brock Bowers

(1:45) Bills QB Josh Allen: What Hall of Fame QB does he hold a grudge against? (16:35) Buccaneers QB Baker Mayfield: Why does he feel at home in Tampa Bay? (26:50) Vikings QB Kirk Cousins & WR KJ Osborn: Do they see a future in Minnesota? (40:20) Washington QB Michael Penix Jr: Will he throw at the Scouting Combine? (52:50) Georgia TE Brock Bowers: Which team does he hope picks him in the Top 10?


Super Bowl LVIII Film Review: "I am a dancer"

(0:00) Chris recaps the Super Bowl scene, including Jason Kelce yelling at Adele, and whether the 49ers or Chiefs fans were louder. (15:25) Super Bowl LVIII WTF Happened: "The Chiefs won the blitz war" (19:25) 49ers offense vs Chiefs defense: Was Brock Purdy really "unbelievable"? (1:03:10) Chiefs offense vs 49ers defense: Patrick Mahomes was "gun shy" early in the game. (1:41:40) Give Me The Headlines: Chris sees a common thread in Super Bowl blown leads. (1:45:45) 2024 NFL MVP Odds: Where's Jared Goff? (1:49:05) Homie Playoff Predictions: Props to homie Gentian for nailing the final 4. (1:50:00) Requiem for a Team: The 49ers are the final team we lay to rest this season.


Super Bowl LVIII Recap: Mahomes finds a way, again

(0:00) Welcome to a different type of Unbuttoned (1:25) Super Bowl LVIII: The Chiefs win again, but were they the better team? (43:40) Overtime: Should Kyle Shanahan have chosen to take the ball second? (57:35) Travis Kelce: How out-of-line were his sideline tirades? (1:04:55) Andy Reid: He addresses the rumors that he could retire. (1:20:25) 49ers: "Kyle Shanahan is cursed." (1:30:50) Taylor Swift: Can she out-chug Aaron Rodgers? (1:33:50) Referees: Were they any calls (or non-calls) that affected the game? (1:38:15) Super Bowl Records: It was a special game for special teams. (1:41:45) Super Bowl 2025 odds: Should the 49ers be the favorite?


Super Bowl LVIII Picks w/ Vegas Live Audience

(00:00) Welcome to the Mandalay Bay Sportsbook! (5:05) Super Bowl LVIII preview: "The 49ers at their best are better than the Chiefs at their best" (23:05) Super Bowl MVP: Can a Chiefs player other than Patrick Mahomes win? (24:55) Audience Questions on the 2021 QB class, Lions 4th down decisions, Packers, Bears, Bill Belichick, Kirk Cousins, and more. (51:15) Super Bowl LVIII pick: "My heart says 49ers, but my head says Chiefs"


Most Important Non-QBs in Super Bowl LVIII

(00:00) Welcome to Radio Row (14:50) Most Important Non-QBs in Super Bowl LVIII: Chris gives his Top 10 (1:07:15) Receiver Props: Who will have the most receiving yards in Super Bowl LVIII? (1:10:05) Biggest Legacy Boost: Who would benefit the most from a Super Bowl win? (1:23:30) #AskMeAnything: Should the 49ers blitz Patrick Mahomes? (1:31:45) Homie Playoff Predictions: 1 homie can still have a perfect final four. (1:33:25) Requiem for a Team: We pay our respects to the 2023 Bills, Ravens, and Lions.


Lions keep Ben Johnson + Conference Championship WTF Happened

(0:00) Ahmed is still down from the Lions loss (1:45) Coaches & Coordinators: Thoughts on moves made (and not made) by the Lions, Texans, Steelers, Eagles, Titans, and Falcons. (28:40) WTF Happened: Ravens offense vs Chiefs defense (50:40) Chiefs offense vs Ravens defense (1:04:00) Lions offense vs 49ers defense (1:33:00) 49ers offense vs Lions defense (1:45:40) Super Bowl MVP odds


Conference Championships Recap: "You're looking Holalulu blue"

(0:00) NFC Championship: 49ers def. Lions (42:50) AFC Championship: Chiefs def. Ravens


NFL Conference Championship Picks: "I'll have the munchies!"

(12:17) AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: #3 Chiefs at #1 Ravens (35:55) NFC CHAMPIONSHIP: #3 Lions at #1 49ers (50:30) Best Bets


NFL Conference Championship Preview: "I entice the shirt-off guy"

(00:00) Will Chris be at the NFC Championship? (5:55) AFC Championship Preview: #3 Chiefs at #1 Ravens (36:50) NFC Championship Preview: #3 Lions at #1 49ers (1:09:05) Big Butt Awards: Ahmed's homerism knows no bounds. (1:18:30) Conference Championship Props: Who will rush for the most yds this weekend? (1:22:55) Homie Playoff Predictions: 4 homies get a shoutout for predicting the final four. (1:24:35) Requiem for a Team


NFL Divisional Recap: "Is he coming here to fight us?"

(6:50) Chiefs def. Bills (39:45) Ravens def. Texans (53:35) Lions def. Buccaneers (1:12:45) 49ers def. Packers


NFL Divisional Picks: "Playoff Mahomes is different, Dad"

(7:00) SATURDAY: #4 Texans at #1 Ravens (19:45) #7 Packers at #1 49ers (28:35) SUNDAY: #4 Buccaneers at #3 Lions (36:50) #3 Chiefs at #2 Bills (46:25) Draft: Divisional QB Confidence (51:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


NFL Divisional Round Preview + Eagles postmortem

(2:15) Eagles collapse: Who is to blame, and does Nick Sirianni take the fall? (19:15) Divisional Preview: #4 Buccaneers at #3 Lions (40:10) #7 Packers at #1 49ers (1:01:15) #3 Chiefs at #2 Bills (1:17:55) #4 Texans at #1 Ravens (1:25:25) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: A Bucs rookie make his debut, and a Lions pass rusher wins for the 3rd straight week. (1:29:30) Requiem for a Team: We lay to rest the 2023 Rams, Steelers Browns, Dolphins, Cowboys, and Eagles.


NFL Wild Card Recap: Lions roar, Packers shock Cowboys

(4:30) Packers def. Cowboys (30:40) Chiefs def. Dolphins (51:15) Lions def. Rams (1:03:15) Texans def. Browns (1:20:45) MONDAY: Final thoughts before Steelers-Bills & Eagles-Buccaneers


Super Wild Card Weekend Picks: "Is this band camp??!!?"

(5:00) SATURDAY: #5 Browns at #4 Texans (16:40) #6 Dolphins at #3 Chiefs (30:00) SUNDAY: #7 Steelers at #2 Bills (35:10) #7 Packers at #2 Cowboys (40:00) SNF: #6 Rams at #3 Lions (46:10) MNF: #5 Eagles at #4 Buccaneers (51:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


Most Important Non-QBs in Super Wild Card Weekend

(:30) College Football Champs: Ahmed is giddy over Michigan's win, and Chris wonders about Jim Harbaugh's destination. (9:10) BREAKING NEWS: Bears fire OC Luke Getsy (11:20) #5 Browns at #4 Texans (25:45) #6 Dolphins at #3 Chiefs (42:00) #7 Steelers at #2 Bills (49:40) #7 Packers at #2 Cowboys (58:55) #6 Rams at #3 Lions (1:09:00) #5 Eagles at #4 Buccaneers (1:15:00) Conference Champion odds (1:18:10) Ahmed's Big Butt Trivia (1:23:45) Homie Playoff Predictions (1:26:30) Requiem for a Team


NFL Week 18 Recap: Bills & Texans are division champs

(3:20) Titans def. Jaguars (11:55) Texans def. Colts (19:20) Cowboys def. Commanders (24:05) Lions def. Vikings (29:55) Rams def. 49ers (35:50) Giants def. Eagles (43:10) SNF: Bills def. Dolphins (49:15) Steelers def. Ravens (52:15) Buccaneers def. Panthers (55:55) Packers def. Bears (1:04:00) Seahawks def. Cardinals (1:08:35) Saints def. Falcons (1:12:15) Jets def. Patriots (1:15:00) Chiefs def. Chargers (1:18:05) Bengals def. Browns (1:21:00) Raiders def. Broncos


NFL Week 18 Picks: "They know phonebox and flipping the bird!"

(1:25) SATURDAY: Steelers at Ravens (4:15) Texans at Colts (7:20) SUNDAY EARLY: Buccaneers at Panthers (9:35) Browns at Bengals (12:55) Vikings at Lions (17:50) Jets at Patriots (19:30) Falcons at Saints (21:45) Jaguars at Titans (24:50) SUNDAY LATE: Seahawks at Cardinals (28:00) Bears at Packers (31:50) Chiefs at Chargers (33:40) Broncos at Raiders (35:50) Eagles at Giants (37:55) Rams at 49ers (40:20) Cowboys at Commanders (45:30) SNF: Bills at Dolphins (50:35) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


Most Important People in Week 18 + Big Butt Trivia

(12:20) Bills at Dolphins: Is Miami's defense still a strength? (32:25) Texans at Colts: Indy's middle linebackers "have their hands full." (37:20) Rookie of the Year odds: Are Puka Nacua and Will Anderson making a late charge? (43:05) Jaguars at Titans: "Can I see Tennessee pulling off an upset? Yeah." (47:25) Steelers at Ravens: What is Mason Rudolph doing right? (55:45) Bears at Packers: "Chicago is one of the better teams in football right now." (1:05:35) Buccaneers at Panthers: Rachaad White needs to take pressure off of Baker Mayfield. (1:08:45) Cowboys at Commanders: "This is on Dan Quinn. Don't go for the death blow early. Kill them slowly." (1:12:05) Eagles at Giants: "Philly just needs to win and play well." (1:16:20) Big Butt Awards: Jeopardy Edition (1:26:20) Homie Playoff Predictions: How many of you could still nail all 8 division winners? (1:27:55) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed eulogizes the 2023 Raiders, Broncos, Bears, Giants, Chargers, and Bengals.


NFL Week 17 Recap: Happy New Year!

(4:50) Ravens def. Dolphins (14:30) Bills def. Patriots (19:30) Chiefs def. Bengals (25:45) Cowboys def. Lions (31:25) Cardinals def. Eagles (38:00) 49ers def. Commanders (43:05) Texans def. Titans (45:55) Colts def. Raiders (50:05) Jaguars def. Panthers (54:25) Saints def. Buccaneers (58:45) Bears def. Falcons (1:02:20) SNF: Packers def. Vikings (1:07:45) Rams def. Giants (1:12:50) Steelers def. Seahawks (1:16:50) Broncos def. Chargers (1:20:30) TNF: Browns def. Jets