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Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis swap notes on sports, art, and life with a slew of special guests.

Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis swap notes on sports, art, and life with a slew of special guests.


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Jesse Williams and Stefan Marolachakis swap notes on sports, art, and life with a slew of special guests.






Empire State of the Union

Stefan is back to talk about free agency, and not just any old free agency! We're talking Knicks free agency and Nets free agency. KD. Kyrie. It's a battle o' the boroughs—and the winner may not be as clear as you think. Or is it?! Only two ways to find out: buy a time machine, or download this fresh-out-of-the-oven episode of your favorite podcast's favorite podcast: Open Run.


Warriors Fans Have Feelings, Too

It's a bona fide homecoming as old-school Open Runner Ben Cruz rejoins the pod to talk about his beloved Warriors, their heated series against the Rockets, and the offseason that lies ahead. Will the Dubs win it all one more time? What will the team look like next season? Does Stefan finally...empathize with the Warriors? • Ben Cruz on Twitter • Listen to It Doesn't Matter What Your Podcast Is Called As always, follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.


Dagger Dame & the Future King of New York

Our host has a lot on his mind this week: Dagger Dame and the shot heard 'round the world, the mysterious inner workings of Russell Westbrook, the Rockets-Warriors matchup, NBA Finals predictions, and a whole mess of Knicks hypothesizing to Du-rant & rave about. It's officially time for another installment of Deep Thoughts with Stefan, a.k.a. "Stefan My Mind."


The NBA Fan's Guide to the Sweet 16 with J. Kyle Mann

J. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop is back! And he's here to school Stefan and all the other college hoops ignoramuses on what to watch in this year's Sweet 16. The players to look out for, the most competitive games, the nicknames we need to work on—it's all here in Open Run's Guide to the Sweet 16. • Follow Kyle Mann on Twitter • Watch Kyle's Ja Morant video on The Dime Drop • ...and watch his Rookie Midterm video on DeAndre Ayton for The Ringer As always, follow Open Run on Twitter and...


Playing Possum with Krishna Andavolu

Vice News Tonight correspondent, Weediquette host, and fellow Knicks fan Krishna Andavolu joins Stefan to talk about the evolving definition of NBA success, the legacy of Kevin Durant's strange "The Servant" nickname, avant-garde rebuild theories, and doin' it for the Gram. • Krishna Andavolu on Twitter and Instagram • Watch Krishna's show Weediquette As always, follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.


A Different Kind of Grouchy with Andrew Kuo

It’s all Knicks all the time as Stefan is joined by Andrew Kuo of our other favorite hoops pod, Cookies! Stefan and Kuo put on their GM hats and architect the Knicks rebuild of their dreams. Want a side of Mitchell Robinson with your Mitchell Robinson? You’ve come to the right place. • Andrew Kuo on Twitter and Instagram • Cookies on Twitter and Instagram As always, follow Open Run on Twitter and Instagram.


Does This Player Spark Joy? with Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs

Dave Hartley of The War on Drugs and Nightlands is back to talk about the state of The Process, the battle at the top of the East, and how good it hurts to get emotionally attached to a team. Other topics include: Is the Greek Freak the best player in the NBA? Will Mitchell Robinson be the new logo? What do Marie Kondo and Sam Hinkie have in common? And of course, don't miss an instant classic edition of the fan favorite segment, "Should I Buy This?" • Dave Hartley on Twitter • Stefan on...


Leaning Into Yes with J. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop

Friend o' the show J. Kyle Mann is back and he's here to help Stefan tackle all the big questions! What is the proper way to pronounce Luka Dončić? Will he and Porzingis thrive in Dallas? Is LeBron James psychic? Is KD coming to the Knicks? Should Stefan by the KD 11s? Is Zion Williamson as good as everyone seems to think he is? And once more, with KD coming to the Knicks?? • Kyle Mann on Twitter • The Dime Drop on YouTube • Kyle's Luka Dončić Rookie Midterm video for The...


Valentine's Day for KD & the Knicks

Our special Valentine's Day edition of Open Run is all about NBA relationships. Jesse calls Stefan from the Grey's Anatomy set to dole out some tough love about KD and the Knicks, Stefan makes his case, and then they both ponder what the future holds for LeBron and the Lakers. Come for the hoops talk, stay for the surprise Debbie Allen cameo.


A Tale of Two Cities with Thomas Beller and Nathaniel Rich

Aaaaaand we're back! Stefan heads down to New Orleans to talk about a pair of franchises in flux with two of his favorite writers and basketball minds: Nathaniel Rich (New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, New York Review of Books) and Thomas Beller (novelist, essayist, hoops columnist for The New Yorker). Treat your ears to a three-man weave that covers the aftermath of the Kristaps Porzingis trade, the future of the Knicks, the fate of Anthony Davis, and the state of modern NBA...


NBA Rising Stars with J. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop

J. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop checks in to talk about the NBA's youth movement and his new video series about it for The Ringer called The Leap. Stefan & Kyle revisit their Summer League predictions to see what they got right—and so Stefan can mention Mitchell Robinson as many times as possible. Then, they tackle the big questions. Can the young core of the Celtics match the might of the Warriors? Are the Sixers real contenders in the East? Should you leave your phone at home when you...


Jay Williams on Life After Near-Death and What He Learned Coaching High School Hoops

Basketball player, ESPN analyst, and bestselling author Jay Williams joins our man Stefan Marolachakis to talk about his recent experience coaching high school basketball and his quest to become the Oprah of the sports world. Other topics covered: the Celtics's chances of winning it all next season, the future of the Porzingod, what he learned from Coach K, and the art of living a full life.


Rod Strickland on Boogie's Decision, the Kyrie Comparisons, and the Incoming Rookie Class

Rod Strickland a.k.a. the Point God joined us to weigh in on the incoming rookie class, the comparisons to Kyrie, and Boogie's decision to join the Warriors. He also talks about Charles Oakley's unique ability to foul you and talk trash at the very same time, as well as just how dirty a player John Stockton was/wasn't. Oh, and you'll want to stick around for the Arvydas Sabonis portion of the conversation. Bonus: This episode features friend o' the show Kyle Mann of the Dime Drop! Enjoy.


NBA Summer League Wrap-Up a.k.a. Open Run Takes Vegas! feat. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop and Nat Livingston Johnson

Our man Stefan headed out to Las Vegas with longtime friend o' the show Nat Livingston Johnson for their first—but certainly not last—visit to NBA Summer League, where they did their due diligence on the incoming rookie class. Kyle Mann of The Dime Drop joins the show to talk about the standout rookies, so-so basketball, and fantastic hobnobbing on offer at Summer League. Viva Las Vegas.


The Open Run x Dime Drop NBA Draft Preview Extravaganza!

Open Run's favorite NBA Draft Nostradamus, Kyle Mann of the Dime Drop, joins us for the one-stop NBA Draft pop-up shop of your dreams. That's right: it's the official Open Run x Dime Drop 2018 NBA Draft Preview! Heart-stopping predictions and life-changing new nicknames abound. The draft won't know what hit it. Follow Kyle Mann on Twitter: @jkylemann ...and Instagram: @jkylemann Follow The Dime Drop on Twitter: @dimedrophoops ...and Instagram: @thedimedrop Subscribe to the Dime...


Diss Tracks, Free Agents, and Flat-Earth Drama!

There's a whole lot of drama this week as Jesse and Stefan wrap up the NBA Finals, crown a Championship Parade King, and look ahead to what is going to be a wild summer of free agency. We're talking LeBron, Kawhi, Paul George—oh, and don't miss their dramatic reading of Kyrie's latest flat-earth musings. You're gonna like the way you look, we guarantee it!


Midnight in the Garden of Game 5

It's Midnight in the Garden of Game 5! So Jesse and Stefan met up on an NYC rooftop to talk about the Celtics' strong Game 5 victory and the impressive Game 4 performance by the Rockets. Can the Rockets withstand another old-school Warriors haymaker? Can the young Celtics really oust LeBron James? Does making it to the Finals another time without winning the chip actually hurt LeBron's legacy? So many questions, not enough rooftops. It's time for...Midnight in the Garden of Game 5 a.k.a....


The Podcast Gotham Deserves

Jesse and Stefan meet at an undisclosed NYC location to have a much-needed playoffs catchup. We're talking about: LeBron's scary new level; the dismissal of Coach of the Year Dwane Casey; the Rockets' chances against the Olympic team—er, the Warriors; the seeming inevitability of Cavs-Warriors IV; and Becky Hammon, and the path to the NBA's first female head coach.


It's NBA Playoffs Party Time

Who knew Round 1 would be this fun?? Jesse and Stefan share their thoughts on the high-flying Pelicans, the surprising Jazz, and the arrival of The Process: Playoffs Edition. The new guard has arrived!


Abe Streep on "What the Arlee Warriors Were Playing For"

Journalist Abe Streep joins the show to talk about his experience reporting a New York Times Magazine cover story about the Arlee Warriors of Montana's Flathead Indian Reservation. This high school basketball team started the season looking to repeat as state champs, then found themselves starting a "warrior movement" to help prevent suicide. • "What the Arlee Warriors Were Playing For" by Abe Streep for The New York Times Magazine • Arlee Warriors State Dedication video • Follow...