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The Speak For Yourself podcast features the best discussions from the television show (weekdays at 3pm ET on FS1).

The Speak For Yourself podcast features the best discussions from the television show (weekdays at 3pm ET on FS1).


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The Speak For Yourself podcast features the best discussions from the television show (weekdays at 3pm ET on FS1).




Drew Brees' comments, criticism, and relationship with his teammates + Lamar Jackson's chances at winning back-to-back MVPs

00:00 Drew Brees apologizes after his comments about protesting during the national anthem. 14:12 Are you bothered by the criticism Drew Brees received? 27:02 Can Drew Brees repair his relationship with his teammates? 34:50 Do you like Lamar Jackson’s chances at winning back-to-back MVPs? 42:10 Uncle Jimmy joins


Dak's contract, Tom Brady, Lakers, Danny Pearman, Cam Newton

00:00 Is there any chance Dak will lose leverage in his contract negotiations? 10:48 Is Bruce Arians expecting too much from 42-year-old Tom Brady? 15:33 Will the Lakers still be the favorite when the NBA returns? 28:44 Clemson assistant coach Danny Pearman apologizes for using the n-word when confronting a player in 2017. 39:33 Would Cam Newton be a good backup for Kyler Murray? 43:44 Uncle Jimmy joins


Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson, Antonio Brown, Brady vs. Belichick

00:00 Do you agree with Ron Rivera that Cam Newton has “something to prove”? 14:20 Is Deshaun Watson happy in Houston? 26:32 Does AB look desperate right now? 35:50 Who has more to lose in the breakup: Brady or Belichick? 43:09 Uncle Jimmy joins


The sports world reacts to protests across the country following the death of George Floyd

Marcellus Wiley, LaVar Arrington & more discuss the protests across the country following the death of George Floyd.


Weekly Rewind 5/25 - 5/29

Revisit the BEST segments from this week's slate of shows: 00:00 Reggie Bush joins to discuss paying college athletes and giving them financial guidance. 8:10 Brad Keselowski joins the show 15:45 Brock Huard joins 23:16 Spencer Dinwiddie joins


Mahomes + Dak contract negotiations, Damian Lillard's overreaction, Richard Dent + Tom Verducci join

00:00 Should Patrick Mahomes’ contract situation impact Dak’s? 15:46 Richard Dent joins the show 29:42 Is Damian Lillard overreacting right now? 38:15 Tom Verducci joins 43:50 Uncle Jimmy joins


Tom Brady, Clyde Drexler x Michael Jordan, NBA's return, Colin Kaepernick, Jadeveon Clowney

00:00 Should Tom Brady just concentrate on football? 14:11 Does Clyde Drexler sound bitter or does he have a point about MJ? 27:42 Whitlock & Wiley discuss Colin Kaepernick’s response to George Floyd’s death. 37:50 Was it a bad look for Jadeveon Clowney to balk at the “richest offer on the table” from the Browns? 42:07 Uncle Jimmy joins


Whitlogue, Brock Huard + Spencer Dinwiddie join, LeBron's private workouts

00:00 Whitlock & Wiley discuss the sports world’s reaction to the death of George Floyd. 19:37 Brock Huard joins 27:09 Spencer Dinwiddie joins 36:05 Would you have a problem with LeBron holding private on-court workouts with teammates? 42:33 Uncle Jimmy joins


Cam Newton's free agency, NBA stars sitting out, LeBron in the NFL, Reggie Bush joins

00:00 Are you surprised Cam Newton remains unsigned? 14:25 Do you blame stars for wanting to sit out meaningless games? 26:41 Is it disrespectful to NFL players to say LeBron would have been a ‘Hall of Fame-level’ tight end? 36:53 Reggie Bush joins to discuss paying college athletes and giving them financial guidance. 45:03 Uncle Jimmy joins


Dak's contract, Manning + Brady's golf game, NFL season, Brad Keselowski joins

00:00 Which Dak contract theory do you believe? 17:13 Did you learn anything about Manning & Brady yesterday? 28:21 Brad Keselowski joins the show 36:01 Whitlock & Wiley discuss the NFL’s plan to have full stadiums when the 2020 season begins 45:04 Uncle Jimmy joins


Weekly Rewind 5/18 - 5/22

Revisit the best interviews of the week. Whitlock & Wiley are joined by: 00:00 Ronnie Lott 13:34 Kevin Harvick 20:42 Isiah Thomas


Dak's contract, Takeo Spikes + Steve Elkington join, NFL's onside kick alternative

00:00 Do you agree Dak Prescott has more leverage for his contract than any QB in NFL history? 13:29 Takeo Spikes joins 32:15 Steve Elkington joins 39:00 Would it be a good idea to allow a 4th and 15 play as an alternative to an onside kick? 43:20 Uncle Jimmy joins


Ben Roethlisberger, Cowboys + Dak, Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan

00:00 Whitlock: The sports world has nothing to fear but fear itself. 15:33 Should the Cowboys consider moving on from Dak? 21:59 Are you buying Isiah Thomas has no problem with MJ? 35:59 Do you think more or less of Michael Jordan in the aftermath of ‘The Last Dance’ documentary? 44:33 Uncle Jimmy joins


Big Ben's barber trip + Extended interview with Isiah Thomas

00:00 Does Big Ben deserve to be criticized for going to the barber? 9:51 Isiah Thomas joins 29:35 Isiah Thomas returns to discuss the impact his Pistons had on shaping Jordan’s legacy. 40:06 Isiah Thomas returns to discuss the biggest misconceptions about him in the media. 45:09 Uncle Jimmy joins to give his final thoughts on ‘The Last Dance’ documentary.


NFL's Rooney Rule, MJ's pizza story, Ronnie Lott + Kevin Harvick join the show

00:00 Whitlock & Wiley discuss NFL owners tabling the proposed changes to the Rooney Rule. 14:55 Ronnie Lott joins the show 28:47 Who do you believe: Jordan or the employee who delivered him pizza before his infamous “flu game”? 37:04 Kevin Harvick joins the show 44:24 Uncle Jimmy joins


Ending the Jordan vs. LeBron debate, Hue Jackson joins, NFL's minority hiring proposal, Emulating MJ

00:00 Is the Jordan vs. LeBron debate over? 14:45 Hue Jackson joins to discuss the NFL’s new draft incentives for hiring minority coaches and GMs. 24:48 Whitlock & Wiley continue the discussion of the NFL minority hiring proposal. 39:13 Will young athletes try to emulate Jordan’s bully tactics? 44:52 Uncle Jimmy joins


Weekly Rewind 5/11 - 5/15

Revisit the BEST segments from this week's slate of shows. In this compilation episode, Whitlock & Wiley are joined by: Derrick Brooks Richard Seymour Author Mark Vancil Emmanuel Sanders


Baker + Dunbar, Defending Blake Snell, Sean Payton on Harrison x Tomlin, Kurt Busch joins

00:00 Whitlock and Wiley discuss the news that NYG CB DeAndre Baker and SEA CB Quinton Dunbar were issued warrants after armed robbery accusations. 13:20 Is it a mistake for MLB players to defend Blake Snell’s refusal to play for a reduced salary? 24:42 Should Sean Payton be angry that the Steelers won’t be investigated over James Harrison’s claim Mike Tomlin gave him an envelope after his $75K fine for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Mohamed Massaquoi? 30:07 Kurt Busch joins the show 36:29 Will...


Blake Snell + MLB's return, Willie McGinest + Emmanuel Sanders join the show, Michael Jordan

00:00 Do you have a problem with Blake Snell’s comments about the MLB returning with reduced play? 11:20 Willie McGinest joins to discuss the possibility of Cam Newton joining the Patriots. 28:19 Emmanuel Sanders joins the show 38:20 Do you have any problem with Michael Jordan not being close to his teammates? 43:59 Uncle Jimmy joins


NBA's return, Dak Prescott's deal, Author Mark Vancil joins to discuss MJ + 'The Last Dance', Mike Tyson

00:00 Do you think the NBA stars’ united front to resume the season reflects the desire of most NBA players? 13:37 Do you agree with Donovan McNabb that Dallas could have “major problems” if they don’t commit to Dak? 23:33 Author Mark Vancil joins the show to discuss Michael Jordan and ‘The Last Dance.’ 40:05 Would you want to watch Mike Tyson fight again? 45:15 Uncle Jimmy joins