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From the Elser Hotel in Downtown Miami, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for original content from Lebatard and Stu Gotz, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the Big Suey, and a few more surprises along the way.


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From the Elser Hotel in Downtown Miami, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for original content from Lebatard and Stu Gotz, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the Big Suey, and a few more surprises along the way.




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Postgame Show: YO YO

University of Miami Hurricanes star baseball player Yohandy "YoYo" Morales joins the show, and Mike and Tony go full '305 Bro' with him before the Canes host a College Baseball Regional this weekend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: Can We Talk About Succession?

Anthony Duclair of the Florida Panthers joins the show ahead of the Stanley Cup to discuss his physical and emotional journey to this moment, the best moments of the season and postseason, and to critique Jessica's French. Then, Dan (with minimal spoilers) wants to know the spoiler rules of what he is and isn't allowed to discuss regarding the Succession finale. And in our final segment, Dan and the crew (with maximum spoilers) discuss the Succession finale. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: Dan Le Batard's Heat Cult Theory

Brockmire is BACK and he's here to chat with us about Dan mourning the death of his own self-respect, the similarities between the Miami Heat and cults, Nikola Jokic's arms, and baseball being at its best when it's at its most stupid. Then, Miami Heat breakout star Caleb Martin joins the show! He shares the moments where he had the most doubt in himself or his team, Udonis Haslem's reaction after Game 6, why "the culture is a vibe," his favorite moment of the postseason so far, and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: The Gluten Free Ass Whoopin’ Sandwich

Nuggets fans are already talking trash, and we're here for it. Also, given the blackout at the studio yesterday, we weren't THAT bad, right? Then, Mike is having a hard time wrapping his head around what the NBA has become as it seems like the Superteam may not have the same impact anymore. Plus, Stugotz shares his Weekend Observations, some great baseball stats from another time, and Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are having children. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Local Hour: A Cock In The Hen House

Dan announces today will be a 'different and less energetic' Local Hour. Is that an insult to today's Shipping Container of Billy, Jessica, and Tony? The crew dives into Stugotz's head to analyze a conversation he brought up around Erik Spoelstra during yesterday's show, and Dan thinks the casual Heat fan asking him questions on the street has never seen Nikola Jokic play. Then, Jessica's strange dream she had about Jokic, Stan Van Gundy and Tyler Herro's fashion beef, and Chris Cote's Day Off. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Postgame Show: David And Adnan’s Trip To Champs-Élysées

David Samson and Adnan Virk may seemingly hate each other, but we've found the one thing they can agree upon. Then, they dive into the initial reviews of Martin Scorsese's 'Killers of the Flower Moon,' the difference between the Oscars and the Palme d’Or, their Top 5 Palme d’Or Winners, and Adnan doesn't know how to wait for sounders. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: One-Man Person

The crew is all back together for the final hour of the show! Since Greg Cote is without a Back in my Day once again, Brad Williams steps up with his own on barbecues. Then, Reggie Miller's Eastern Conference Finals MVP vote controversy, Ryan Cortes infiltrating The Hub, and Jaylen Brown's postgame comments. Plus, Billy fills Dan and the rest of the Shipping Container in on Stugotz's lies from The Big Suey and shares his concerns for Greg Cote's health. Also, Scottie Pippen thinks Michael Jordan was bad at basketball, baseball hijinks, and is Peter Dinklage too sophisticated of a person for the 'Fast & Furious' franchise? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: The Team Dan Takeover

Team Dan is here and begins the hour with an apology and admitting to having sent a spy to Team Stu. They take a look back at the dramatic Game 6 between Boston and Miami and Celtics fans making excuses for their Game 7 loss. Then, Mike analyzes his own perfectionism, Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley love the "maximum challenge," and a group discussion on how much of the credit for the Heat's win can actually go to Jayson Tatum's ankle. Plus, Tony says he'd be a good on-court pairing with Max Strus and our joy in Bill Simmons' misery. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: Divide And Conquer

Dan, Stu, and the Shipping Container explain the plan for the rest of the show after power went out at the studio...No. For real. It's not a bit. Dan plays a quick game of "Pick Your Favorite Stat" before handing the keys to Stugotz and his team of Billy, Brad Williams, Roy, JuJu, and Jeremy. Then, Stu's crew tries to guess what Le Batard's group will do for Hour 1 and questions whether they should do something different or do the same show but better. They discuss if there might be a spy in the group and Erik Spoelstra's beard before Stugotz questions if Spo could leave Miami. Plus, we dissect what might be one of the biggest Stugotz lies has ever told. Is the Stugotz strong in Jeremy?! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Local Hour: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

It's the most important day for content in the history of South Florida sports after a MASSIVE Game 7 victory for the Miami Heat in Boston, so, of course, the power goes out in our studio in the middle of the Local Hour. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: Buried Treasure

Billy's starting to get worried about Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes, so it's time to take a look at the schedule with Dan and break down their wins and losses. Then, we continue our discussion of Heat-Celtics headed toward Game 6 but still find time for a referee burner account, Charlotte Wilder's attempt to pull a Parakeet Cortes, and Tony's take on buried treasure. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Local Hour: Fear's Not Here, Man

Dan is excited because fear has finally arrived in the Heat-Celtics series after Boston's dominant Game 5 win, but the Shipping Container is not concerned. It's time to talk Haywood Highsmith, Joe Mazzulla's aggressive timeouts, the Zeller Minutes, Gabe Vincent, and recklessly speculate about Jimmy Butler. Sports! Plus, Tony believes HE could be better for the Miami Heat than one of their current role players, and Amin demands the ball to deliver an "I told you so" for analysis we never actually let him say on yesterday's show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Meadowlarkers 80: What Is Failure?

It's time to talk failure with Howard Bryant, Kate Fagan, and Amin Elhassan. After Giannis Antetokounmpo's comments after being eliminated from the postseason, 'failure' has been at the tip of everyone's tongue. The crew examines coaching and the need to be liked, the disrespect of the coaching profession, and how much time coaches deserve. What gets coaches fired? Change for the sake of change? Plus, how much of being a failure as a coach or athlete is about "where you end the movie?" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


#BecauseMiami: Failure to Launch

On the day that Florida governor Ron DeSantis declared that he was running for president in an embarrassing fashion on Twitter Spaces, a large protest gathered outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. Billy Corben brings on Tomas Kennedy, our Because Miami correspondent, to talk about what brought the Left and Right together at this protest. Plus, we're joined by Jenna Barbee, a Florida teacher who had a parent report her for showing the Disney movie "Strange World" to her students. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


GBF- Dianna Russini + Simms' Revenge

Dianna Russini joins us to tell us what it was like having Aaron Rodgers pretend not to know her and to gloat about how much better her life has been without us in it. Chris Simms responds to accusations that he intentionally put Tua lower on his Top 40 QB list just to upset Billy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


South Beach Sessions - Mina Kimes

Protect Mina Kimes at all costs. Dan and Mina don't hold back about the crazy, anxiety-filled playground that was "Highly Questionable", the ways they've learned to turn criticism into confidence over the years, and fighting off embarrassment, disappointment, and the downright stupid frustrations that still eat at them today. No one would dare sh*t on Mina or Dan after this... alright, maybe Dan. Watch Mina co-host "NFL Live" weekdays on ESPN and listen and subscribe to "The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny". Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Postgame Show: Life Starts After Sports

Ricky Williams joins us for a conversation on LeBron James' potential retirement and Ja Morant's troubles from the perspective of someone who's been where each of them stand in their careers and lives. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: The Greatest Hockey Town Ever

The University of Miami's own Bruce Brown, noted Florida Panthers fan and best friend of Mike Ryan, joins the show to discuss the Denver Nuggets run to the NBA Finals. Bruce chats about why people find his team boring, who *really* wanted him out of Brooklyn and why he doesn't believe it was the Front Office, being teammates with James Harden, and poking the bear. Then, it's BRANDON F****** MONTOUR, BABY!!!!!!!!! Eastern Conference Champion Brandon Montour blesses the show with his presence and shares what today feels like. And then...the show completely falls off a cliff. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: The Greatest Year In South Florida Sports History

Francis Ngannou is here to discuss his path through fighting, his new contract, Dana White's most recent comments about him, and more. Then, things around the show are getting progressively more insane... Amin and Mike get back into it because Tony texted Amin support on Carmelo Anthony, Roy's vibe is getting ridiculous, and the Heat are an underdog again. Mike issues a warning to the audience about a potential Heat victory, and Amin is finally convinced to join the Ice Cats bandwagon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: Listen Pal

We drag Witty for becoming 'The Apple Villain' and losing all joy around the Florida Panthers before Ron Magill joins the show to discuss his international incident and teach Witty how to issue a proper apology. Then, Amin infuriated the very nice Will Manso with his takes on Erik Spoelstra yesterday, so Will infiltrates the zoom to discuss while the Shipping Container becomes increasingly unhinged about the Panthers. Plus, a truly heated sports debate breaks out between Mike Ryan and Amin over the greatness of Carmelo Anthony. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit