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From the Elser Hotel in Downtown Miami, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for original content from Lebatard and Stu Gotz, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the Big Suey, and a few more surprises along the way.


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From the Elser Hotel in Downtown Miami, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for original content from Lebatard and Stu Gotz, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the Big Suey, and a few more surprises along the way.




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Postgame Show: Night Train Veeck

Dan introduces us to the Veeck family before Tony wows us with his Top 5 European Observations. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: The Dishwasher

Lucy did her best to gather content at the Iowa game despite some equipment issues. Then, who's the next coach who's going to snap on the media? Plus, Billy takes us down a rabbit hole as he addresses the issue he's been having with his dishwasher. And finally, Adam McKay is here to share the Horrifying Climate Fact of the Day, but don't worry, it involves football! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, and the 2004 Orange Bowl MVP

Dan has a long-standing rule against criticizing college athletes by name, but how are we supposed to handle criticism as they become older and more professional? Then, the entire crew has thoughts on Taylor Swift attending the Kansas City Chiefs game for Travis Kelce, their awkward exit, and whether or not this is true love. Plus, it's time for Stugotz's Weekend Observations! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: The Secret Wing Slumber Party

Mike loves to hate on Deion Sanders, and he gets to do so after his team was the only one in the Shipping Container to win this weekend. We hear from loud coaches Dan Lanning of Oregon and Ryan Day of Ohio State. Then, HOW 'BOUT THOSE MARLINS? Plus, we dive into Dan's wife's reaction to the quad box, the origin of "put some mustard on it," and Raheem Mostert's TD celebration. Also, Damien Woody is here to share the BTS of the sleepover at Mike Greenberg's house the night of the Aaron Rodgers injury, praise the Dolphins' offense, and lament the continued demise of the Jets. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Local Hour: Miami Has the Dolphins, the Greatest Football Team!

The Miami Dolphins are dominant. The Miami Dolphins are fast. The Miami Dolphins dropped a 70 Burger. The Miami Dolphins have the most exciting thing in sports. Dan, Stu, and the crew share their thoughts on the Miami Dolphins. Plus, Mike the Hater, Stugotz the Jets fan, and Dan's stats. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


GBF Monday Hangover: 70 Burger!

The Dolphins put up a 70 Burger and Zach Wilson sacked himself. Lucy recaps the college weekend and shows us cool things in her apartment. We play a new game of Lucy or Goosey, Stugotz and Mike Fuentes have Top 5 lists, Billy has his Winners and Losers from Week 3 and his Billy's Bets Big Board Brought to you By MNF picks! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Postgame Show: MJ Acosta-Ruiz + Bucket of Death

MJ Acosta-Ruiz joins the show to discuss covering the NFL in a unique way, Mike McDaniel and Tua's credit tree, Kyle Shanahan's genius, and more. Then, it's time for the crew to go to the Bucket of Death! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


#BecauseMiami: Shakedown Town

We've had the arrest of Miami commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla last week. Unfortunately for us (and maybe fortunate for you), Billy Corben was on a Disney vacation, so there was no episode last week. But much like the U, Billy is back, and he gets his say on the matter. Guests on the show today include former Miami police chief Art Acevedo, who talks about his dealings with the corrupt politics in this town. We also have lobbyist Manny Prieguez, who gives us a blow by blow on how he was shaken down by Commissioner Diaz de la Portilla prior to his arrest. Plus, we have Iris Mogul, a student who founded The Banned Books Club in Coral Gables. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


GBF- Andrew Luck is Back! Mostert, Ekeler, Mike Wright, Nitro, Simms + Golic

Stugotz, Mikey A. and Billy react to a stinker of a TNF game. Andrew Luck returns in costume! (11:58) Raheem Mostert tell us Vic Fangio may or may not be picking on him and the guys try to get to the bottom of the Mike McDaniel vaping situation. (27:47) Chris Simms and Mike Golic join the show together to get us ready for this weekend's biggest games. (49:57) Stu Ya Gotz. (54:56) Austin Ekeler updates the guys on his injury and Billy tries to get him to turn on his backup Josh Kelley. (1:11:49) Mike Wright of The Fantasy Footballers give us some fantasy tips and is confronted by Nitro from American Gladiators. Mike Wright shows us his receipts and Nitro surprises everyone with how good he actually is at fantasy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Skipper & Samson: Everybody is loving Prime Time! Who wins when the TV networks fight?

Meadowlark Media CEO John Skipper and Nothing Personal's David Samson are back with another episode with Pablo Torre Finds Out host... Pablo Torre to host! It’s all about Prime Time! Deion Sanders is everywhere. Colorado is the center of the sports world. Fox wants him. ESPN wants him. (10:18) We had a massive carriage dispute in the TV world. Let’s talk about what happened between Charter and Disney. Millions of people were without Disney networks. How was this handled? What happens next? (18:41) ABC is getting the NFL. It already had the NFL, but now it gets a game every Monday night of the season. That’s right, simulcast on ESPN and on ABC because of the Hollywood strike. (27:27) Warner Bros. Discovery says it's gotten significant financial blows because of the Hollywood strike. Would this impact the TNT rights for the NBA? (35:06) What is the Bleacher Report Sports add-on? Just more sports going behind another paywall! (43:02) The NFL has a new committee formed from a committee! What’s this new one do? Look for money! (45:40) It’s time for some quick hitters! What’s on our mind? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


PTFO: Share & Tell (Screaming Sh!t-Monster Edition) with Mina Kimes, Dan, and Pablo

Deshaun Watson is playing terribly. Does that make it easier to talk about his sexual-misconduct scandal again? Russell Brand is mid-scandal right now. Will his following follow him everywhere? And in happier news: Yes, even if you don't have a kid, you can still be friends with people who do. Further reading: Deshaun Watson Not Acting or Playing Like a Franchise Quarterback (Michael Rosenberg) The Uncomfortable Reality of Tyreek Hill's Success (Mina Kimes) Can Parents and Childless People Be Friends? (Allison P. Davis) Russell Brand Accused of Rape, Sexual Assaults and Abuse (Rosamund Urwin, Charlotte Wace, Paul Morgan-Bentley) Russell Brand: In Plain Sight (Dispatches) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


South Beach Sessions - Kevin Hart

You think you know Kevin Hart, but you don't know him like this... It takes a lot to go from a household name to a name that sells out stadiums around the world, especially when the journey began as "a complete accident". Kevin reveals to Dan how he overcame crushing setbacks to reach unimaginable success, why the fear of failing never gets in his way, and how his unending ambition has led to ultimate learning lessons... especially when it comes to a footrace in the street with NFL running back Stevan Ridley. Use promo code "HART" when you sign-up for DraftKings. Bet $5 and get $200 instantly in bonus bets. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Postgame Show: I'm Batman

Mike, Roy, Chris, Tony, and Jeremy provide an update on the Cesta Cyclones while spending the entire segment doing their best limited fake batman. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: Lenny Kimes, the Backup QB

Mina Kimes is here for Hour 2 to talk all things NFL including Mike McDaniel as the top young coach in the league, Justin Fields, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and more. She also does her best limited fake dolphins, and it's a sound to behold. Plus, Winning Time, Jay Mohr, and limited fake Batman. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: Wild Thing

Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder of Oddball are BOTH in-studio, so it's time to talk basketball. The crew discusses DeMar DeRozan's recent comments on 3-point shooting and the Damian Lillard trade stand-off. Plus, Marcellus Wiley has comments on Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, the Kelce brothers and their Taylor Swift-linked fame continues to rise, and Chris Cote "shreds some 'tar" and shares his mac & cheese problem. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: Bo Plane-ini

Chris Cote missed a chance to go to the Inter Miami game last night, but he had a great excuse. Dan has two big topics to get to and wants Charlotte to decide which to discuss...and that leads us to cargo planes. Then, Dan gets to Ryan Cortes' "Good NFL Shit" and there's a lot going on for Justin Fields. Plus, Charlotte shows off her football helmet bonafides. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Local Hour: The Cloak of Sadness

There is a TON going on locally, and Dan and the Shipping Container are here to discuss the Marlins attendance, Inter Miami, Canes basketball, and more. Then, Stugotz spent his entire career trying to be Mad Dog Russo, but it seems like Mad Dog Russo is becoming Stugotz. Plus, ESPN says it's committed to "quality journalism" and Stephen A. takes out Shohei Ohtani. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Postgame Show: Unnamed College Football Segment

Jessica Smetana and Lucy Rohden refuse to brand their college football segment! After a brief look back at last week's action, Jay Norvell's questionable late game conservatism and Lucy's trip to The Swamp, they preview an exciting upcoming college football slate featuring Ohio State traveling to South Bend for a Notre Dame matchup loaded with playoff implications. Then the Top 5 Coaches That Needed A Win. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: Against the Spread + Josh Bell

Dan wants Greg Cote's four year old granddaughter to make picks and go head to head with Colin Cowherd before they launch into Against the Spread. Then Miami Marlins first basemen Josh Bell joins the show to review his bell sound effect options on a scale of 1 to 10 bells. Finally, Jess, Billy, and Stu go to the Bucket of Death before Dan praises Mike Tomlin. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: Et Tua, Puka Nacua?

We start the hour going around the NFL discussing Puka Nacua's rise in Los Angeles, if Tua is the best quarterback in the AFC East, and how their coaches come from the same tree. Then Oddball's Charlotte Wilder joins the show, Jessica shares her top 5 ways to spot a deep fake, and Billy unveils the Useless Sound Montage for Week 2. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit