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From the Elser Hotel in Downtown Miami, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for original content from Lebatard and Stu Gotz, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the Big Suey, and a few more surprises along the way.


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From the Elser Hotel in Downtown Miami, Dan Le Batard, Stugotz and company share their unique perspectives on all-things sports, pop-culture and more. This is the place for original content from Lebatard and Stu Gotz, including the daily “Local Hour” generally focusing on the South Florida scene, the Big Suey, and a few more surprises along the way.




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Postgame Show: Sunday Night Live With Tony & JuJu | NFL Postgame Show Week 13

The BIGGEST NFL Postgame show in the world brings you everything that happened in Week 13 of the NFL. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: Mike Ryan's Hot Dad

Mike Ryan's Handsome Dad™ joins the show IN-STUDIO as the crew fawns all over him and proposes Meadowlark Media's own version of The Golden Bachelor. Then, today is one of the best Dolphins Mondays of his lifetime, so why doesn't Chris Cote feel that way? Plus, Stugotz's Weekend Observations and Dan's experience with cash at the valet. Also, is Dan going to make a mockery of the Heisman Trophy voting? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: Heinie McGee

The New England Patriots are impossibly bad, and our Miami-based crew is reveling in it. Dan is still upset about the merch store. Was that a bit? Jess is still upset about "Foot Girls." Was THAT a bit? Then, Spencer Hall is here to tell us about all the wildly hilarious parts of what happened with the CFP committee yesterday and to explain why College Football is a perfect microcosm for America. Plus, have you ever wished the NFL had their own committee? And Dan wants to turn FSU into UCF. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: The College Football Playoff

The whole crew has strong takes on the College Football Playoff Selection Committee after FSU was excluded from the Playoff after an undefeated season, Georgia was discarded, and Alabama found its way to the party. Does the regular season not matter? Are losses better than wins? Is this JUST a made-for-TV event? Should Jordan Travis have broken his leg sooner? The conversation continues as Chris Cote seems to see every side of the debate, Jessica rails against Michigan's inclusion in the Playoff after cheating, and Stugotz flip-flops in his opinion that the regular season should matter most. This entire thing is a clusterbleep. Plus, we do finally get to Tony's NFL takes that were backed up to the point of a nose bleed. Those 49ers, huh? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Local Hour: It's Time to Take Advantage of Our Audience

Dan "The Urinator" Le Batard is taking a break from his normal balanced perspective to celebrate the No. 1 seed in the AFC, the Miami Dolphins! Dan, Stugotz, and the Shipping Container discuss Tua, Tyreek Hill's dominance, the Dolphins becoming the Chiefs, and more after the Fins blowout victory. Then, Dan ruined David Samson's weekend because David ruined Dan's merch store with exorbitant prices that take advantage of the audience and profits that "trickle down" to the Shipping Container. Plus, Deion Sanders is here to celebrate PORTAL DAY! Deion discusses the College Football Playoff including Nick Saban, Washington ruining everything, his team this year, and recruiting in the transfer portal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Monday Hangover: Poor FSU and Ryan Tannehill

Billy took a vacation that nobody knew about so Chris Cote joins the show. Do the Packers have another quarterback for the next 15 years that the Jets will eventually sign to run their team? Lucy is back from the SEC Championship game and she shares her existential crisis for how heartbroken she is for FSU for being left out of the playoff, but completely understands the decision. Fuentes gives his top 5 list and Mikey A fills in on the BBBBB. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Postgame Show: Jeremy Tache vs. Mike Ryan

There is legitimate tension in the studio as our internal investigation reveals who was first on the Jaime Jaquez Jr. takes on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. HINT: It's the person writing this episode description. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: Mike's Big Man Brain

Dan, Stugotz, and the Shipping Container look back at the video introduction of Foot Girls, Jessica and Lucy's new and triumphant success for Meadowlark Media. They also discuss how many teams in the NFL can actually win the Super Bowl this year. Then, people are ECSTATIC about our move to MAX, Elon Musk is weaponizing X, and Tim Boyle stinks. Plus, Pablo Torre, Katie Nolan, and Dan discuss Saudi Arabia through a segment of Pablo Torre Finds Out. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: Foot Girls

The crew takes a trip to the Bucket of Death and need to draw for a number of Shipping Container members who are missing. Then, it's time to discuss Dak Prescott and the Cowboys winning and whether the Eagles or 49ers are the best team in the NFC. Plus, it's the OFFICIAL introduction of FOOT GIRLS as Jess, Lucy, and Charlotte (women empowerment!) take a look at the world of College Football. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Local Hour: That Doesn't Sit White With Me

Stugotz has a swagger in his waddle this morning because of his massive success with Chris Cote on Bob Does Sports. We take a look at the video of his golf game, and today might be a day you want to watch the show, too. Then, Thursday Night Football was spectacular, and DK Metcalf reminded us (in sign language) why he's capable of being such a dominant receiver. Plus, the Dan vs. Stugotz Athletic Decathlon, and Jeremy and Mike Ryan go at it over who had the right Miami Heat takes first as the show celebrates Jaime Jaquez Jr. after last night's high scoring victory over the Pacers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


South Beach Sessions - Nicky Jam

"I don't know if God brung me here to get a lot off my chest..." Nicky Jam, a beloved Latin icon recognized around the world as a Reggaeton pioneer, shares with Dan the harsh truth about the isolating nature of fame, his battle through addiction, and the chaotic struggle for authentic connections in the spotlight. In what Nicky describes as “the best interview I’ve ever done”, Dan guides him through the demons he had to confront in his family dynamics and artistry in the quest for inner peace and happiness beyond the superficial trappings of success. This is where vulnerability and authenticity collide to remind all of us that we’re not alone. The holidays can be a challenging time for all of us. If you or a loved one are struggling with loss, addiction, depression, or need help maintaining good mental health, here are some resources to help: The National Institute of Mental Health at The National Alliance on Mental Health at The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration at The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


GBF: The BCS Returns + Jevon Holland, Mostert, Ekeler & More

(0:00) The guys recap a good TNF game between the Seahawks and the Cowboys. (8:43) Jevon Holland won America 98 inch TVs after his Hail Mary return. (20:45) The final BCS rankings of the year are revealed to Golic. Who made the playoffs? (38:54) Raheem Mostert reacts to the Dolphins loss of Jaelan Philips, the best strategy for picking up his kids from school and to invite Stugotz out for some drinks. (56:55) Stu Ya Gotz. (1:00:16) Chris Simms isn't happy about his family's Thanksgiving Day game. (1:18:40) Austin Ekeler wants to play BINGO with you. (1:30:41) Gordie takes us on a tour of his mom's house as they guys make their weekly picks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Postgame Show: The Thing About Being 17

Riley Leonard has taken to The Transfer Portal Dating App, and it has all of us remembering how stupid we were at 17 and imagine having to make a massive decision on where to attend college and get paid thousands of dollars. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: Minute Kimes

Mina Kimes is here to discuss a wide array of topics around the NFL, but can she do it in turbo speed? Tune into The Minute Kimes Show to find out! She also brings up the ever-flowing debate over wedding meals vs. hor dourves. Plus, JuJu delivers an electric Thursday Thunder, Deion Sanders wins SI Sportsperson of the Year, and the crew dishes out some of their greatest fears (and joys) when they're high. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 1: You Have a Booger In Your Nose

Adnan Virk and David Samson join the show to discuss the Top 5 Ben Stiller movies as he turns 57 today. They also get into the recent Elon Musk comments telling advertisers who don't want to advertise on Twitter to "Go F*** Yourself." Then, Charlotte has been obsessed with The Golden Bachelor and has some scorching hot takes after Gerry was exposed as a fraud by an ex-girlfriend. This conversation takes a dive toward using pickup lines, confidence in farting, and old folks getting freaky. Plus, Charlotte and Jess bond over DVD extras, Weird Al takes out Spotify, and Amin and Dan believe Tropic Thunder was better than David and Adnan were willing to say. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Big Suey: Bring Back Kevin Pollak!

Shaq has gotten mad at both Dan and Amin and has "3" words to describe Heat Culture. Charlotte continues to tell INCREDIBLE jokes, and Jess and Lucy discuss the new imaging for their College Football show that's definitely not called Foot Girls™️. Plus, we're all rooting for CFP chaos, College Gameday is changing, and Disney's Bob Iger caves to the "go woke, go broke" mentality. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Local Hour: The Chicken of the Trees

After Amin Elhassan reveals he's "not a good breather," Dan wants to have a conversation with the Oddball crew and the Shipping Container about iguanas taking over South Florida. Then, Mike still hates K*** L**** of the Miami Heat, Chris wants us to appreciate their recent years of success, and Erik Spoelstra's divorce leads us to discussing the loneliness and unhappiness in coaching. Plus, Charlotte freezes, Mark Cuban getting out of NBA ownership could mean a sign of something more, and JuJu and Amin tell us about an impromptu stand-up show they witnessed last night. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Postgame Show: Spotify Wrap It Up

"Stop sharing your Spotify Wrapped." - Billy, and not JuJu. Plus, the Kelce empire continues to grow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Hour 2: YGFY...Or Else

Twista is doing something the rap game has never seen before: rapping over machine guns firing AND...ventriloquism. Then, how in the world can Arkansas need to vet Bobby Petrino when his transgressions happened under their watch? A segment featuring Petrino, Art Briles, Jon Gruden and some good, clean fun. Plus, Aaron Rodgers' practice window has opened and he seemingly has a message for Dan, Amin and Jess have a debate over the best Monopoly game, and Tony almost gets arrested while delivering his Tony's Top 5. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit



Is Julius Randle one of the best New York Knicks of the last 20 years? How much of a narcissist is Gregg Popovich for asking the San Antonio Spurs crowd to stop booing Kawhi Leonard? Then, it's time to play everyone's favorite game AGAINST THE SPREAD and listen to this week's Useless Sound Montage. Plus, we've met the Stugotz of the movie industry, and Billy has a new life hack that can hopefully make him a huge profit. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit