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David Shoemaker hosts 'The Masked Man Show' on the Ringer Podcast Network every week breaking down the everything in the world of professional wrestling.

David Shoemaker hosts 'The Masked Man Show' on the Ringer Podcast Network every week breaking down the everything in the world of professional wrestling.


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The Ringer


David Shoemaker hosts 'The Masked Man Show' on the Ringer Podcast Network every week breaking down the everything in the world of professional wrestling.




Empty-Arena ‘WrestleMania 36’ Preview With Dan St. Germain | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker is joined by comedian Dan St. Germain to discuss the handling of this unique, two-night ‘WrestleMania’ (01:00), “WrestleMania Moments” (05:30), the Boneyard Match (08:30), and the Firefly Fun House match (11:30), before going through the entire card and giving out their winners (18:45).


An Audience-Free Masked Mailbag | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and Jim Cunningham go through your questions in this new era of pro-wrestling, discussing matches without audience members (02:00), whether any wrestlers can benefit from this new situation (14:15), what innovations WWE and AEW could come up with (22:30), how this will affect ‘WrestleMania 36’ (29:45), the Undertaker’s appearance on ‘Raw’ (31:30), which five wrestlers they’d like to see make up the crowd (36:00), and much, much, more.


Masked Mailbag: AEW ‘Revolution’ and WWE | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and "Heel Producer Jim" team up to answer your questions about AEW ‘Revolution’ and Cody’s tattoo (02:15), the match between Orange Cassidy and PAC (06:45), Jon Moxley’s future (10:30), and the identity of the Dark Order’s “Exalted One” (23:15). They then switch their focus to the WWE to cover Ricochet's and The Fiend’s recent losses (28:15), the upcoming Goldberg–Roman Reigns match at ‘WrestleMania’ (30:30), John Cena on ‘SmackDown’ (38:15), and much, much more.


Cena’s Return, ‘NXT TakeOver,’ and Omega’s Time in AEW | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker welcomes back “Pitch Mr. Perfect” Skylar Astin to break down what to expect from John Cena (03:00), the fallout from ‘NXT TakeOver: Portland’ (17:00), how Goldberg could affect the WrestleMania main event (23:00), what Kenny Omega and AEW need to do (34:00), and Skylar’s backstage segment with Lana and Bobby Lashley on ‘Raw’ (44:00), before answering some mailbag questions with "Heel Producer" Jim (46:30).


Wrestling Pods, AEW Issues, and ‘NXT TakeOver: Portland’ Preview With Andrew Goldstein | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker teams up with former podcast exec Andrew Goldstein to discuss developing podcasts with the New Day and Corey Graves (02:00), biggest takeaways from AEW (15:15), the XFL’s effect on the WWE (30:45), the latest from 'Raw' and 'Smackdown' (40:00), and the returns of Edge and MVP (54:15). They wrap up the show by looking ahead to Sunday’s ‘NXT TakeOver: Portland’ card (01:01:15).


No Love for the Fiend, Andrade's Suspension, and the Killer Kross and Timothy Thatcher Signings With Dan Soder | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker is joined by special guest Dan Soder to talk about the WWE signings of Killer Kross and Timothy Thatcher, Andrade's suspension and how the rules could improve in the future, a WWE–He-Man crossover, and much more.


‘Rumble’ Reaction Masked Mailbag | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and “Heel Producer” Jim Cunningham answer your Twitter questions about the ‘Royal Rumble’ (02:00), including Keith Lee going toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar (11:30), Edge’s return and huge pop (17:45), the MVP of the women’s 'Rumble' match (29:00), the future of the Fiend (43:30), Jericho’s upcoming AEW opponents (01:08:00), and more!


‘Royal Rumble’ Preview and 2019 Awards With Brian Campbell | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and THE Brian Campbell discuss Sgt. Slaughter’s stolen valor (03:15), the passing of Rocky Johnson (07:15), John Moxley’s and Keith Lee’s big wins (34:30), and preview this Sunday’s ‘Royal Rumble’ card (42:00). Then, “Heel Producer” Jim Cunningham joins the show to help give out the 2019 Masked Man Show Awards (01:10:15), including Most Improved (01:11:45), Best Couple (01:15:15), Most Likely to Jump Ship (01:18:45), Match of the Year (01:29:15), Wrestler of the Year...


The Masked Mailbag | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and “Heel Producer Jim” team up to answer your questions on the Kairi Sane incident (02:30), Triple H’s Hall of Fame future (05:00), wrestler of the decade (25:15), 2020 predictions (36:15), wrestling-related Christmas gifts (01:06:15), The New Blood's absurd Wikipedia page (01:09:45), and much, much, more.


‘TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs’ Preview With Blake Kobashigawa | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and Blake Kobashigawa sit down to discuss Chris Jericho’s performance at his age (02:00), a classic, old-school, heel turn reveal (08:00), and Luke Harper being released by the WWE (30:30), before previewing this Sunday’s ‘TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs’ event (44:15).


Heel Rollins, Sheamus Back, and the Butcher and the Blade Debut, With Dan St. Germain | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and Dan St. Germain talk about all the results of 'Raw,' 'SmackDown,' NXT, and AEW Dynamite in an absolutely packed episode. They discuss how Daniel Bryan responded to Universal Champion Bray Wyatt, the Candice LeRae victory via disqualification, and even an adorable little tale of a Stone Cold doll and a little boy.


The Masked Mailbag: ‘Survivor Series’ Edition | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and “Heel Producer Jim” team up to answer your questions on what NXT’s success over the weekend means to the brand split and Wednesday nights competing with AEW (02:30), the rise of Keith Lee (05:00), the “Randy Orton Eye Test” (17:30), the red arena lighting during the Fiend’s matches (31:30), the Undertaker on ‘Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions’ (43:15), and much, much, more.


‘Survivor Series’ Preview and the Return of CM Punk With Dan St. Germain and Open Mike Eagle | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker talks to comedian Dan St. Germain of the ‘Total F’n Marks’ podcast about the ‘Survivor Series’ and ‘NXT TakeOver: War Games’ (03:45), plus the reemergence of CM Punk (41:30). Then Open Mike Eagle joins the show to discuss how AEW has filled the void that was left when he stopped watching WWE (52:15), stepping into a wrestling ring in his documentary ‘Clap Back: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrestling’ (01:05:30), and more.


WWE and Saudi Arabia, the NXT Invasion, and AEW 'Full Gear' Preview With Kenny Herzog | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker teams up with Kenny Herzog to preview AEW’s ‘Full Gear’ (08:45) and discuss the NXT invasion (24:30), the WWE in Saudi Arabia, (33:15) and more.


Previewing 'Crown Jewel,' Checking in With 'Smackdown,' and How You Make a Star in WWE With Kazeem Famuyide | The Masked Man Show

Writer Kazeem Famuyide joins the show to talk about the state of 'Smackdown' (8:29), the weird road leading us to 'Crown Jewel' (23:44), and how we make new stars in professional wrestling (32:57). Host: David Shoemaker Guest: Kazeem Famuyide


The WWE Draft, Seth in the Funhouse, and the Inner Circle with Mike Lawrence | The Masked Man Show

Comedian Mike Lawrence returns to discuss the fantastic and frustrating moments of ‘AEW: Dynamite’ (09:00), Seth Rollins burning down the Firefly Funhouse (30:15), the WWE draft results (43:45), and news and rumors around the wrestling world (01:06:00).


The End of ‘Hell in a Cell,’ the Debut of 'SmackDown,' AEW’s Strong Start, and the WWE Draft | The Masked Man Show

Comedian Dan Soder returns to discuss a wild week in wrestling including the premiere of ‘SmackDown' on Fox (01:30), impressions from ‘Hell in a Cell’ (16:15), what ‘Raw’ was missing from the start (26:30), the old school likability of ‘NWA Power’ (31:45), another solid episode of ‘AEW: Dynamite’ (40:00), and the upcoming WWE draft (57:30).


A Guide to Pro Wrestling for the Lapsed Fan With Bryan Curtis | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker teams up with Bryan Curtis, his tag-team partner from 'The Press Box' podcast, to discuss the current landscape of pro wrestling (02:00) and the ‘AEW: Dynamite’ premiere on TNT (06:15). Then they look ahead to the debut episode of 'SmackDown' on Fox (25:45) and more.


Brock on Fox and ‘Clash of Champions’ Fallout | The Masked Man Show

David Shoemaker and Dan St. Germain reunite to discuss the Brock Lesnar–Kofi Kingston match announced for the debut 'Smackdown' episode on Fox (03:00), the Fiend crashing ‘Clash of Champions’ (15:00), the Revival taking the titles off of the New Day (31:30), Rusev’s return (39:15), and more.


'Clash of Champions' Preview, Plus the New Era of NXT, AEW, and WWE | The Masked Man Show

CBS Sports' Brian Campbell joins the show to assess the landscape of professional wrestling as the new Fox show ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ gets ready to launch (1:54). Then, David and Brian run through the upcoming slate of matches in the ‘Clash of Champions’ and share their picks for who will win and emerge in prime time (31:25). Host: David Shoemaker Guest: Brian Campbell