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A deeper level of golf: conversations and stories about golf course design, professional golf, and more from the team behind


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A deeper level of golf: conversations and stories about golf course design, professional golf, and more from the team behind




Golf Photographer David Cannon on His Career, Seve, and the Euro Tour's Glory Days

Decorated Getty Images photographer David Cannon joins Garrett to talk about his career, which has spanned more than 40 years and nearly 200 men's and women's golf majors. David tells Garrett about his early years as a competitive golfer—when he played with Sandy Lyle, Nick Faldo, and Seve Ballesteros, among other European legends—before getting into his experiences, techniques, and philosophies as a photographer of golf tournaments. He talks about capturing a couple of particularly famous images of Seve (one at the 1984 Open and the other at the 1993 European Masters), learning how to get in the right positions at a golf tournament, documenting raucous post-Ryder Cup parties, making the transition from film to digital, and much more.


The Good and the Bad of This Year's West Coast Swing

After starting with what they're IN and OUT on this week, Andy and Joseph bring on Shane Bacon (@shanebacon) to discuss the state of the West Coast Swing. They touch on what was good and bad about each of this year's West Coast events, why many of them fell flat, and how to incentivize players to create a more compelling product. They also ask whether there are any PGA Tour courses that truly test the pros outside of Riviera, and whether the schedule can be restructured to give the West Coast tournaments a better chance of avoiding poor weather and turf conditions. They then name some players they think have a good chance at The Masters before Andy and Joseph wrap up with recommendations.


Jay Blasi on Riviera, Golden Gate Park, and Hot Topics in Golf Architecture

Jay Blasi, the golf architect behind the exciting redesign of Golden Gate Park Golf Course in San Francisco, joins Garrett for a wide-ranging chat. First, they discuss the subtle virtues of this week's PGA Tour venue, Riviera Country Club. Then they dig into the Golden Gate Park story: the origins of this municipal short course, the issues it had until recently, and Jay's role in reviving and improving it. Jay and Garrett close out the episode by talking about a few hot topics in golf architecture, including rollback and AI.


A Chat with the PGA Tour's Setup Czar

After starting the episode with what they're IN and OUT on this week, Andy and Joseph bring on Gary Young, the Senior Vice President of Rules & Competitions at the PGA Tour. They discuss how Gary became a PGA Tour rules official, what a "PGA Tour setup" entails, how he balances difficulty and fairness in presenting a golf course, his favorite venues to work with, his dream tour course, and the general evolution of championship setups in the modern game. They also touch on the hot-button issues of TIO (temporary immovable obstruction) relief, preferred lies, and pace of play. Andy and Joseph then wrap up the episode with recommendations.


Reactions to LIV Mayakoba and the State of Men's Pro Golf

Andy and Joseph kick off the pod with what they are IN on and OUT on for this week. Then Kyle Porter (@KylePorterCBS) of CBS Sports and Normal Sport joins to discuss the state of professional golf on the heels of LIV Golf's increased public attention during LIV Mayakoba. The three discuss where LIV is succeeding, where it falls short, and how the league's potential growth impacts the professional golf landscape. To conclude the episode, Andy and Joseph each offer a recommendation.


Anthony Kim's Past Exploits and Possible Future in Golf

Andy and Joseph start off with what they are IN on and OUT on for this week. Shane Bacon then joins the two to reminisce on Anthony Kim's career in golf, from his teenage years to his pro career to his subsequent injury struggles and exit from the game. The trio then discuss what Kim's best options are for a return to professional golf and the practicality of it all. To round off the episode, Andy, Joseph, and Shane each give a recommendation. Frequently cited in this episode: Tom Callahan's 2009 profile of Anthony Kim for Golf Digest


Is It Possible Nowadays to Renovate a Golf Course on a Tight Budget?

With construction costs rising, the pricatag for renovating a golf course has gotten disturbingly big in the past couple of years. For low-budget public facilities, the dream of a transformative renovation has begun to seem out of reach. But in certain situations, good work can still be done on the cheap. Our guest today, Clay Payne, is the head superintendent at Buffalo Dunes, a municipal course in Garden City, Kansas, which is in the midst of a six-year renovation project. Clay talks with Garrett about how he and his crew have made a relatively small amount of money go a long way. They also discuss Clay's childhood on the sand-green courses of southwestern Kansas, his early-career jobs at Dismal River and Ballyneal, and how he has gotten the local community involved in his efforts at Buffalo Dunes. This episode of our Superintendent Series is brought to you by the Toro Company.


How to Construct a World Tour

This episode tackles one of the hottest topics in golf today: if, after an infusion of funding from private equity and Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, the PGA Tour were to create a global schedule of elite events, what should this "world tour" look like? Andy, Joseph, and Garrett each give their proposals. First, though, they participate in a new opening segment, "In and Out," in which they discuss, among other things, Justin Thomas's reemergence, Scottie Scheffler's putting, and the proper pronunciation of "amateur."


NFL-Golf Comps with Kevin Clark and Hawaiian Swing Review with Sean Martin

ESPN's Kevin Clark (@bykevinclark) joins Andy and Joseph for some comparisons between NFL franchises and pro golfers. Each gives three comps, along with rationales. Sean Martin (@PGATOURSmartin)—Lead, Editorial at the PGA Tour—then joins (57:25) to recap all that happened in Hawaii to start the 2024 season. Sean, Andy, and Joseph review the winners of the Sentry and the Sony Open and identify some standard players. The second half of the conversation delves into the recent fad of broomstick putters and why more young players have started using them.


The Business Side of the PGA Tour Has Gotten Weird

A lot has been going on with the business side of the PGA Tour recently, all of it pretty weird. The Tour is trying to form a for-profit entity, supposedly called "PGA Tour Enterprises," with the backing of various investors, including commissioner Jay Monahan's frenemies at the Saudi Arabian PIF, which funds LIV Golf; purse sizes are spiraling out of control, and title sponsors are being asked to bear some of the burden; and in general the proudly non-profit Tour is moving awkwardly toward a for-profit model. To get some clarity on these matters, Garrett sits down with Josh Carpenter (@JoshACarpenter) of Sports Business Journal. Garrett and Josh discuss the PGA Tour's recent adventures in business, including its battle/partnership (?) with LIV and the PIF, the effect of Jon Rahm's departure, Rory McIlroy's world tour dreams, and the Tour's increasingly precarious relationship with its own tournaments and title sponsors.


Michael Clayton Talks Royal Melbourne (Great Courses 4)

To wrap up the initial run of our Great Courses series, Garrett brings on the doyen of Australian golf Michael Clayton (@mikeclaytongolf) to discuss the brilliant courses at Royal Melbourne. Garrett and Mike discuss Mike's personal history with Royal Melbourne, the architectural history of Alister MacKenzie's West Course and Alex Russell's East Course, the impact of these designs on the Australian game, and the finest rounds of golf Mike has seen played over Royal Melbourne's famed Composite Course. We loved making the first four episodes of the Great Courses series, and we hope you enjoyed listening to them. Let us know if you'd like more (and if you have suggestions for topics)!


2023 Memories and 2024 Predictions with Shane Bacon

Our first episode of the year brings Andy and Shane Bacon (@shanebacon) together to reminisce on 2023 and offer predictions for 2024. They look back on Wyndham Clark and Lilia Vu's breakout seasons, Viktor Hovland's evolution, and the feel-good story of the year in Hayden Springer's Q-School success. Looking ahead, Andy shares who he thinks will fall out of the OWGR top 10, and Shane offers makes a bold prediction about how will play in the Presidents Cup. Enjoy a lengthy discussion about New Year's Resolutions and the benefits of stretching at the top, and stay to the end to hear what Andy and Shane think about the still-vacant analyst seat at NBC.


Top 10 Golfers in the World Going into 2024 and a Chat with the Grass Whisperer

Andy kicks off our final episode of 2023 with a monologue on the top 10 players in professional golf going into 2024. He is then joined by Steve McDonald of Turfgrass Disease Solutions to discuss Steve's unique career in turf. They talk about what it's like to work with 150-250 courses per year, distinguishing between important and trivial agronomic concerns, how expectations have changed with advances in greenkeeping equipment, and where Steve sees turfgrass maintenance going in the future.


The First Modern Golf Course? (Great Courses 3)

Built (truly "built," not just "laid out") by Willie Park, Jr., in 1900 and 1901, the Old Course at Sunningdale Golf Club was, to that point, the most expensive construction project in golf history. It was also more functional, systematically designed, and artful than golfers of the 1890s would have imagined an inland course could be. It marked a major advance in golf architecture and the beginning of the period we now call "the Golden Age." This third installment of our Great Courses series starts with an extended introduction from Garrett on the state of golf course design in the late 1800s and the turning point that Sunningdale represented. To further explore the course's design and influence, Garrett brings on Adam Lawrence (16:26), the editor of Golf Course Architecture magazine and the author of an upcoming biography of Harry Colt. Garrett and Adam discuss Sunngindale's origins, Colt's important role in refining its design, and much more.


National Golf Links of America: C.B. Macdonald's Big Swing (Great Courses 2)

In the second installment of our Great Courses series, we dive deep into the story of National Golf Links of America, C.B. Macdonald's masterpiece on Long Island. Garrett speaks with Chris Millard, the co-author of a 2016 history of NGLA, about Macdonald's background and personality, how he developed his idiosyncratic design philosophy in the first decade of the 20th century, his hugely important partnership with Seth Raynor, and the monumental effort he put into funding, building, grassing, and promoting National Golf Links.


How the Old Course Became the Old Course (Great Courses 1)

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll release the first few installments of what we're calling our "Great Courses" series. These episodes will tell the stories of some of the best and most influential golf courses in history. And where else could we start but with the Old Course at St. Andrews? Our guest is Scott Macpherson, a golf architect and historian, who recently published a revised edition of his fascinating, extraordinarily well-researched book St. Andrews: The Evolution of the Old Course. Scott joins Garrett to dispel some myths about the Old Course's history (no, it wasn't created solely by wind and sheep) and discuss how the links took on their modern form through a combination of natural and human influences. You can order your own copy of Scott's book on his website: St. Andrews: The Evolution of the Old Course.


The Best New Courses We Saw in 2023

It has been the busiest, most exciting year in golf course development since Fried Egg Golf has existed, so Andy and Garrett sat down to talk about the best of what they saw in 2023. They discuss courses in three categories: 1) best new builds; 2) most exciting course renovations; and 3) most memorable older courses they played for the first time this year. Andy and Garrett wrap up with some chat about the golf course projects they're looking forward to seeing in 2024.


With Rahm Gone to LIV, What's Next for the PGA Tour?

Last week, Jon Rahm announced that he had signed a massive contract with LIV Golf. This is by far the most consequential signing yet for the Saudi-backed breakaway league. Andy is joined by Shane Bacon (@shanebacon) and Joseph LaMagna (@JosephLaMagna) to discuss what Rahm's departure means for the PGA Tour, how it affects the Tour's framework agreement with LIV, what the Tour needs to do to succeed going forward, and whether LIV will become significantly more interesting to watch. Andy, Shane, and Joseph wrap things up with a little rollback talk.


The USGA's Mike Whan and Thomas Pagel on Universal Rollback

The USGA and R&A announced today (Wednesday, December 6) that they plan to adjust their testing standards for golf balls, resulting in a small rollback across the game. To discuss this decision, Mike Whan and Thomas Pagel—the USGA's CEO and Chief Governance Officer, respectively—join Garrett to talk about the governing bodies' switch from bifurcation to universal rollback, why they expect the impact on average players to be minor, the feedback they've received from equipment manufacturers and professional tours, and what they hope the overall effect of the rule change on the game will be.


Rollback Is (Reportedly) Coming—Let's Discuss

Don't call it an "emergency pod": Andy and Garrett throw out their plans for the week and sit down to discuss the late-breaking news that the USGA and R&A will soon announce a future universal rollback of the golf ball . Andy and Garrett talk about the events that have led to this juncture and address a number of common concerns, misapprehensions, and points of debate around the issue.