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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.


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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.






Boxing with Chris Mannix - EMERGENCY PODCAST: Anthony Joshua upset by Usyk

Chris sits down with DAZN broadcaster and former boxer, Sergio Mora for an emergency reaction podcast. They break down Oleksandr Usyk beating Anthony Joshua to become a two-weight world champion with a unanimous decision win. Learn more about your ad-choices at


The Favorites - Best Bets for NFL Week 3 | The Favorites Sports Betting Podcast

Two of the Action Network's finest NFL minds finalize their betting card for Sunday's NFL slate, as Chad Millman, Chief Content Officer of the Action Network, welcomes his co-host, professional bettor and best friend Simon Hunter. Together they have a lively discussion covering the Miami Dolphins, the disgusting Jacksonville Jaguars, a trap being laid in Buffalo and so much more. They also walk into a hornet's nest for their scariest weekly pick, and give their survivor pool pick of the...


Colin Cowherd Podcast - Prime Cuts: Nick Wright on Belichick's All-Time Blunder, Cowboys with Matt Mosley, and Sharp Philly/Dallas Pick

The best of this week's Colin Cowherd Podcast! First, Colin's top takes, including why things will only get worse for Big Ben this season, why boredom in Green Bay could be behind Aaron Rodgers' media rabbit ears and the biggest reason for Sam Darnold's Carolina turnaround (3:00). Then, FS1's First Things First co-host Nick Wright and Colin discuss the problem the Cowboys are facing with a declining Ezekiel Elliott, and why Belichick trading Brady is comparable to the Red Sox trading Babe...


Best of The Herd

Colin discusses Sam Darnold’s 3-0 start with the Panthers after all the struggles he had with a dysfunctional Jets team. He talks about the recent comments made by Tom Brady’s trainer and father and what this says about the relationship he had with his former head coach Bill Belichick. He also gives his Blazing 5 picks for week 3 of the NFL season. Plus, former Bears LB Lance Briggs joins the show to set some realistic expectations for QB Justin Fields in his first NFL start. Learn more...


HOUR 1 - Darnold, Mayfield, Rodgers, Brady, Belichick

Sam Darnold did more with less against the Texans than Baker Mayfield Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are protecting their legacies Aaron Rodgers is trying to control the media Guest: Peter King Learn more about your ad-choices at


HOUR 2 - Blazing 5, Dalton, Brady

Colin's new Blazing 5 picks for the weekend Andy Dalton is competing against the cool guy Brady's camp is chirping Guest: Lance Briggs Learn more about your ad-choices at


HOUR 3 - NFL, Brady-Belichick

NFL weekend preview More on Tom Brady v Bill Belichick Tomorrows headlines today Guests: Eric Mangini, Jason McIntyre Learn more about your ad-choices at


3 and Out - Darnold Dealing, Stafford vs. Brady, Fields 1st Start, Week 3 NFL Preview, 3 for the $$$ Picks, Mailbag

John reacts to Sam Darnold with a third straight strong start in the Panthers TNF W over the Texans, looks at Matt Stafford facing Tom Brady for the first time as a Ram, how the Bears should scheme for Justin Fields' first NFL start, and responds to pushback on his Carson Wentz criticism. He also previews the Week 3 games, runs his 3 for the Money picks by Action Network's Stuckey, and answers listener questions in the Middlekauff Mailbag. Make sure you follow John and The Volume on Twitter,...


Colin Cowherd Podcast - Week 3 NFL Picks and Betting Breakdown with Chad Millman

In Fake Questions, Real Answers, Colin reveals where Aaron Rodgers is really from, names the most underrated college football program, and explains why the USC job search deserves media coverage (3:00). Then, Colin makes his NFL Week 3 picks and Action Network CCO Chad Millman tells him if he's sharp or square on Bills/WFT (12:00), Chargers/Chiefs (15:00), Saints/Patriots (23:00), Bengals/Steelers (26:00), Dolphins/Raiders (29:00), Eagles/Cowboys (33:00). They also look at Bears/Browns...


Best of The Herd

Colin reflects on the 20th anniversary of Tom Brady taking over as the quarterback of the Patriots and what a player needs to become a legend in sports. He argues Urban Meyer would dominate the PAC 12 if he ever decided to leave the NFL and takeover at USC. He also defends Lamar Jackson and explains why he deserves a contract extension. Plus, Fox Sports NFL analyst Dave Wannstedt joins the show to tell Colin how the Bears should handle their quarterback situation with rookie Justin Fields...


HOUR 1 - Brady, Panthers, USC

Tom Brady would be great on any team Sam Darnold wasn't the Panthers first choice The perks of the USC head coaching job Guest: Albert Breer Learn more about your ad-choices at


HOUR 2 - Panthers-Texans, Brady

Colin previews the Panthers-Texans game tonight The reasons why everyone should be cheering for Tom Brady Guest: Greg Cosell Learn more about your ad-choices at



Colin discusses the 0-2 NFL teams that need to worry Guest: Dave Wannstedt Learn more about your ad-choices at


Colin Cowherd Podcast - Nick Wright on Zeke's Decline, Belichick's Massive Brady Whiff

FS1's First Things First co-host Nick Wright and Colin discuss how to parent children in their 20's (12:00), why Nick was actually glad his Chiefs lost to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens (17:00), and the problem the Cowboys are facing with Ezekiel Elliott (31:00). Then Nick turns the tables and brings up his own topics: if Belichick trading Brady is worse than the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth (38:00), the NFL QB who has seemingly disappeared from every sports conversation (47:00), and then......


09/22/2021 - Best of The Herd

Colin pushes back against Aaron Rodgers calling out the media for creating “false narratives” by pointing that Rodgers is the one who put himself in this situation. He has bad news for the Steelers as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is dealing with another injury and what this says about their future without him. He reacts to rookie QB Justin Fields getting announced as the starter in week 3 against the Browns. Plus, Fox Sports College Football analyst Joel Klatt joins the show to tell Colin...


09/22/2021 - HOUR 1 - Rodgers, Steelers, Simmons, Cowboys

Aaron Rodgers continues to fire back at the media The Steelers saw the issues with Big Ben for years and ignored them Ben Simmons doesn't want to be coached hard Ezekiel Elliott is no longer a star Guest: Nick Wright Learn more about your ad-choices at


09/22/2021 - HOUR 2 - Bears, NFL predictions

The Bears are ready to go with Justin Fields Colin goes over his NFL predictions Guest: Joel Klatt Learn more about your ad-choices at


09/22/2021 - HOUR 3 - For real

Colin discusses the NFL teams that are for real and the ones that are deceiving us Guest: Mark Schlereth Learn more about your ad-choices at


The Jboy Show - Can Texas A&M survive against Arkansas?

Jboy breaks down the Texas vs. Arkansas matchup (5:00), plus Jake tells you who he believes the top 10 teams in the country are (40:00) Make sure to check us out LIVE on Youtube every day at 3pm EST, plus follow us @thejboyshow on all social media platforms. Learn more about your ad-choices at


The Favorites - NFL Week 3 Gambling Preview | The Favorites Sports Betting Podcast

After another wild weekend of NFL action, Chad Millman and Simon Hunter of the Action Network return to preview all the betting opportunities of another robust NFL slate. Together they go through every game from Thursday Night Football to Monday Night Football, discussing where they are leaning before they make their picks on Thursday's Best Bets episode. We hear about Aaron Rodgers slipping up in California, a juicy spot for the Baltimore Ravens, why now is the time to back the lowly...