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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.


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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.






HOUR 2 - Herd Hierarchy, Simmons

Colin's new Herd Hierarchy More on the end of the Bills-Titans game Ben Simmons has been suspended Guests: Moose Johnston, Ric Bucher Learn more about your ad-choices at


HOUR 3 - Mayfield, Allen

What should the Browns do with Baker Mayfield? Josh Allen's backstory is fascinating Guests: Eric Wood, Jordan Palmer Learn more about your ad-choices at


3 and Out - Titans Over Bills MNF Reaction, Cowboys/Pats + Week 6 Recap, Off Goff, Post-Gruden Raiders Rally, Mailbag

John reacts to the Titans winning a nail biter over the Bills, and attempts to put Derrick Henry's dominance into words. He also recaps the incredible Cowboys walk off OT win over the Pats and recaps the top stories from Week 6. Then he looks at Lions HC Dan Campbell is already done with Jared Goff, how the Raiders were able to rally after the shocking Jon Gruden scandal and answers listener questions in the Middlekauff Mailbag. Make sure you follow John and The Volume on Twitter, Instagram...


Best of The Herd

Colin likes what he's seen from the Cowboys as they improve to 5-1 on the season but he's still concerned about this one thing as they pursue a Super Bowl. He discusses the Ravens dominating the Chargers and what the latest thing Lamar Jackson did to prove the haters wrong. He also tells you why he was right about Derek Carr and wrong about the Arizona Cardinals. Plus, Fox Sports NFL analyst and Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson joins the show to explain the most impressive thing about Dak...


HOUR 1 - Cowboys, Mayfield, Jackson

The Cowboys are winning despite mistakes made by Mike McCarthy Baker Mayfield and the Browns were embarrassed by the Cardinals Lamar Jackson keeps doing what is asked of him Guest: Jimmy Johnson Learn more about your ad-choices at


HOUR 2 - Right & wrong, Brady, Jackson

Where Colin was right and wrong over the weekend Bill Belichick's record after Tom Brady More on Lamar Jackson so far this season Guest: Calais Campbell Learn more about your ad-choices at


HOUR 3 - NFL, 3 words

Reasons why QBs can now play longer Colin describes the NFL games over the weekend in 3 words Guest: Trent Dilfer Learn more about your ad-choices at


Colin Cowherd Podcast - Nick Wright on Cowboys/Pats Craziness + NFL Week 6 Reaction, Kyrie Drama, L.A. Westbrook

Colin reacts to a wild NFL Week 6 and explains what you can no longer say about Lamar Jackson (3:00), what Urban Meyer haters probably don't want to admit (6:00), and why Baker's injury doesn't excuse his performance against the Cardinals (9:00). Then FS1's First Things First Host Nick Wright and Colin discuss the fallout from the crazy Cowboys/Patriots game (11:00), why the future looks bleak for New England (13:00), Nick's "controversial" suggestion for the Cowboys (16:00), the glaring...


The Jenkins and Jonez Podcast - The Complete NBA Season Preview You Need

John, Tyler, and Mike go through each team in the NBA to preview the 2021-2022 NBA season and give surprising picks for who they think could make the NBA Finals. Learn more about your ad-choices at


The Jboy Show - Week 7 Recap: Massive Upsets for LSU and Auburn, plus Chaos in Knoxville

Jboy breaks down a stacked week 7 in college football. Make sure to check us out LIVE on Youtube every day at 3pm EST, plus follow us @thejboyshow on all social media platforms! Learn more about your ad-choices at


3 and Out - 3 for the $$$ Week 6 NFL Picks (Plus Exclusive Bonus Pick)

John runs his picks for the his top 3 Week 6 NFL games by Action Network sharp Stuckey to see if there's professional agreement or disagreement on his picks, plus a podcast exclusive bonus pick! Make sure you follow John and The Volume on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for the latest content and updates and check out FanDuel for the best wagering and daily fantasy action! Learn more about your ad-choices at


The Favorites - Best Bets for NFL Week 6 | The Favorites Sports Betting Podcast

An NFL slate loaded with potential awaits Chad Millman and Simon Hunter of the Action Network, as they narrow down their favorite picks for Week 6, giving the Eagles, Browns and even the disrupted Raiders long, longing glances. Together they select a short list of teams they'll be backing on Sunday, plus underdog moneylines they like, survivor pool picks, and so much more. Plus, will the Bills make Simon want to shout on Monday night? Learn more about your ad-choices at...


Colin Cowherd Podcast - Prime Cuts: Gruden Reaction, Cardinals GM Steve Keim on Kyler, D-Hop Trade, Cowboys with Matt Mosley, Week 6 Bets

It's the best of The Colin Cowherd Podcast! First Colin's top takes, including his reaction to the headline dominating downfall of Jon Gruden with the Raiders (3:00), and why Browns HC Kevin Stefanski's late-game decisions in a loss to the Chargers prove he doesn't believe in Baker (11:00), Then, Cardinals GM Steve Keim tells Colin when he knew that Kyler was a "generational talent" (15:00), and the incredible inside story behind trading for DeAndre Hopkins (17:00), Next, longtime Dallas...


The Jboy Show - Can Kentucky Take Down Georgia?

Hours before an exciting week 7, Jake gives you all the keys to victory for the big SEC games. Make sure to check us out LIVE on Youtube every day at 3pm EST, plus follow us @thejboyshow on all social media platforms. Learn more about your ad-choices at


Best of The Herd

Colin discusses the Dodgers advancing to the NLCS over the Giants and why San Francisco fans have no reason to complain about a controversial call at the end of the game. He believes Tom Brady's success in Tampa Bay this late in his career is helping other QBs around the league. He also shares his Blazing 5 picks for week 6 in the NFL. Plus, Super Bowl champion Seth Joyner joins the show to tell Colin if the Eagles have their QB of the future in Jalen Hurts. Learn more about your ad-choices...


HOUR 1 - Dodgers- Giants, Eagles, Brady, Jackson

The Giants didn't lose the series because of a bad call The Eagles need to give more support to Jalen Hurts Other teams should start copying the Bucs formula for success Lamar Jackson keeps proving people wrong Guest: Albert Breer Learn more about your ad-choices at


HOUR 2 - Blazing 5, Browns

Colin's new Blazing 5 picks for the weekend OBJ isn't the right fit in Cleveland Guest: Seth Joyner Learn more about your ad-choices at


HOUR 3 - Dodgers, Mayfield, headlines

More on the Dodgers win over the Giants What Baker Mayfield has to deal with playing in Cleveland Tomorrows headlines today Guests: Brady Quinn, Jason McIntyre Learn more about your ad-choices at


3 and Out - Teammate Tom, Hurts Ain't It, Cowardly Mark Davis, Defending Schefty, Week 6 Preview and 3 for the $$$ Picks

John opens by venting on the ending of the Dodgers/Giants Game 5, then turns to Bucs TNF win over the Eagles, how Tom Brady the teammate has an offense loaded with outcasts humming, and why Jalen Hurts is not the answer at QB for Philly. He also looks at Mark Davis taking his customary coward's way out in not addressing the Jon Gruden mess, why the NFL should force Davis out, why Derek Carr deserves an immense amount of credit, and why the journalists pearl clutching over multiple Adam...


Colin Cowherd Podcast - NFL Week 6 Picks and Betting Breakdown, "Fake Questions, Real Answers" on Gruden and Kyrie

First, Fake Questions, Real Answers on Gruden's shocking stupidity, why the Nets deserve blame for the Kyrie drama, and the NFL's most underrated coach (3:00). Then, The Action Network CCO Chad Millman tells Colin whether he's a sharp or square with his NFL Week 6 bets, including Cardinals/Browns (11:00), Bengals/Lions (14:00), Seahawks/Steelers (16:00), Rams/Giants (21:00), Cowboys/Patriots (24:00), Chargers/Ravens (27:00), Packers/Bears (29:00), Vikings/Panthers (32:00), Bills/Titans...