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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.


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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day.






Best of The Herd

After Roger Goodell's critical comments about Deshaun Watson, Colin believes the entire NFL is working against the Browns to get Watson's suspension raised above the current 6 games. He talks about the NFL preseason and why certain teams don't need to bother playing any of their starters. He also has bad news for the Lakers as the season approaches and Russell Westbrook remains on the roster. Plus, Nick Wright from First Things First joins the show to talk about the changing landscape of...


HOUR 1 - Watson, Rodgers, Lakers

Roger Goodell's comments on Deshaun Watson is more proof the NFL wants him suspended more than 6 games Players like Aaron Rodgers don't need to play during the preseason Another story has leaked about the Lakers and it shows Russell Westbrook is a bad fit Guest: Albert Breer See for privacy information.


HOUR 2 - NIL, AFC, offense

College teams that have a chance to be special because of NIL Looking at the AFC NFL teams that have offensive minded head coaches Guest: Nick Wright See for privacy information.


HOUR 3 - NFL, Cowboys

Looking at NFL teams who don't have a feel for offense You need to spend wisely in the NFL News from Cowboys training camp Guest: David Helman See for privacy information.


Colin Cowherd Podcast - Nick Wright on Top 50 NBA List, Rodgers Trips, Belichick OC Arrogance

Colin explains how Kevin Durant’s career would be better if he never met social media, if the Jets have any chance to avoid disaster after a season ending injury to LT Mekhi Bechton, and why he’d avoid letting Hard Knocks in the door at all costs. (3:00) Then, First Things First co-host - and host of the What's Wright? podcast - Nick Wright joins Colin to discuss why he ranked LeBron #1 over MJ and Kareem in his Top 50 NBA Player of All-Time list (14:00), what’s behind Aaron Rodgers...


The Favorites - The "Toughest" Part of Betting

Today's guest is Steve Magness, a performance expert, coach and author of the new book "Do Hard Things." He's coached some of the top distance runners in the world, and literally wrote the book on the subject. But his newest book asks its readers to re-think how they perceive the prevailing model of toughness and its mentality of fear, false bravado, and hiding weakness. Sports betting is famously an environment filled with false bravado and weakness hiding as strength. It is a pursuit...


Best of The Herd

After another brawl at New York Giants training camp, Colin says this is bad news for the person who's supposed to be their franchise leader. He analyzes the latest development with Kevin Durant's trade request and why it's obvious he's forcing his way out of Brooklyn before the season starts. He also explains why the Patriots are struggling in training camp and why they are similar to Blockbuster. Plus, Hall of Famer and NFL on Fox analyst Jimmy Johnson joins the show to discuss the...


HOUR 1 - Giants, Durant, Patriots

The fights at New York Giants camp should tell you all you need to know Kevin Durant is doing whatever he can to get traded The Patriots don't seem to have a feel for offense and it's hurting Mac Jones Guest: Peter Schrager See for privacy information.


HOUR 2 - Rams, USC, Miami

Looking at the Rams team and their culture The transfer portal will really help USC What are the realistic expectations for the Hurricanes? Guest: Jimmy Johnson See for privacy information.



What to expect from USC this season The NFL owners aren't happy with Deshaun Watson's contract Guests: Austin Ekeler, Mark Sanchez See for privacy information.


Hoops Tonight- Kevin Durant gives Nets ultimatum, how should Brooklyn respond?

Jason Timpf reacts to news of Kevin Durant telling Nets owner Joseph Tsai that he needs to choose between Durant or the pairing of general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash. #Herd See for privacy information.


3 and Out - Darnold/Baker Battle, Rodgers Good Trip, Bills SB Pressure, Camp Overreactions, Mailbag

John explains why the Panthers camp QB battle between Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield is already over, why Aaron Rodgers' highly criticized psychedelic off-season has him in a positive headspace heading into Week 1, why the Bills and Colts’; weak divisions are giving them a golden opportunity to make a title run, why Andy Reid’s “tree” beyond coaching reaches to all corners of the NFL - dwarfing Belichick’s, why highly publicized QB training camp struggles are overblown, and why the NCAA...


Best of The Herd

Colin discusses the reported struggles for Mac Jones and the Patriots offense during training camp and why Bill Belichick needs a reality check at this point in his career. He believes Russell Wilson's success with the Bronco's this season is going to make his former head coach Pete Carroll look bad. He tells you why he was right about Kyler Murray and wrong about Carson Wentz. Plus, 2-time Super Bowl champion Danny Amendola joins the show to talk about his former coach Josh McDaniels and...


HOUR 1 - Patriots, Dolphins, Broncos

There's a story that Patriots QB Mac Jones is struggling at training camp What the film shows so far about Tua Tagovailoa at camp Broncos QB Russell Wilson has a chance to make Pete Carroll look bad Guest: Tom Curran See for privacy information.


HOUR 2 - Right & wrong, NFL

Where Colin was right and wrong Colin gives some NFL playoff predictions Guest: Eric Mangini See for privacy information.


HOUR 3 - NFL, Kevin Durant

The 49ers plan on holding on to Jimmy Garoppolo a little while longer Kevin Durant has given the Nets an ultimatum Guests: Danny Amendola, Buck Brooks See for privacy information.


Colin Cowherd Podcast - Colin's Super Bowl Bubble + Ian O’Connor on Jeter Legacy, Brady Tampering, Giants/Jimmy G Fit

First, (3:00) Colin lists his ‘Super Bowl Bubble’ teams that are good enough to bring home a Lombardi, and which teams are sitting outside looking in. He also explains how the Rams plan on managing Matt Stafford’s tennis elbow, and if they should keep OBJ for another year. Then, Ian O'Connor -- NY Post columnist and author of Coach K: The Rise and Reign of Mike Krzyzewski Belichick, and The Captain -- and Colin discuss the new Derek Jeter doc The Captain (12:00), the contrast between the...

Jenkins and Jonez - Bron, Bronny, and Bryce + Weird Dating Stories

The guys discuss the nuances of being the “fun” parent, LeBron’s reported “productive” meeting with the Lakers, the best vacation landscapes, weird dating stories, why heirloom tomatoes are so much better, and more. #Herd See for privacy information.

Hoops Tonight - Reaction to Lakers-Jazz-Knicks trade rumors + Top 25 Players in the NBA: Ja Morant, Dame Lillard & Paul George on brink of top 10

Jason Timpf reacts to rumors of a Lakers-Jazz-Knicks three team trade and shares which players the Lakers should target in a potential deal to best help LeBron James and Anthony Davis win a championship. plus Jason ranks players 15-11 of his Top 25 Players in the NBA featuring young stars like Ja Morant, Brandon Ingram, and Devin Booker as well as superstar veterans like Damian Lillard and Paul George. #Herd See for privacy information.

3 and Out Weekend Mailbag

John answers listener questions and empties out the Middlekauff Mailbag. Subscribe NOW and follow Middlekauff and The Volume on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for the latest content and FanDuel for the best wagering action! #herd See for privacy information.