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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.

Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.


Bristol, CT


Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.




Shannon Penn talks home-schooling, Dak and Cam

Bomani Jones and former show producer Shannon Penn discuss the technical competency of teachers as they give virtual instruction to elementary school children (2:30), teams not giving back to COVID-19 support in proportion with their overall net worth (18:21), how the situation affects Dak Prescott's contract negotiations (27:12) and how underappreciated Cam Newton was during his time with the Panthers (32:50).


Hold Up

Bomani Jones wonders how the Olympic athletes will be able to stay fit in self-isolation with Tokyo 2020 getting postponed till 2021 (2:03). What does Seth Wickersham's piece on Tom Brady choosing to leave New England reveal about where it leaves the Patriots at QB (16:57) and how does the suspension of the NBA season affect the salary cap and in turn the players' wallets (27:51)? Plus, an IYHH including D-Nice running a club on his IG (34:28) and your voicemails from your worst haircuts...


Spencer Hall on football coach attire, NCAA Tournament & Brady to TB

Bomani Jones and Spencer Hall of SB Nation discuss the attire of head football coaches in light of people refusing to wear work clothes remotely (7:20), if anyone is missing the NCAA Tournament TV product and why linemen dancing should replace it (22:02) as well as how much colleges didn't want to cancel their spring games (35:54). Plus, just what is Tom Brady's experience going to be like in Tampa (55:21) and what will the post-lasik Jameis be like (1:02:26)?


Not So Free, Agency

Bomani Jones shares why he's not necessarily a fan of this working from home situation, and you shouldn't be either despite what people say about enjoying "being alone" (1:54). Plus, Tom Brady and Cam Newton won't be returning to their respective teams (17:05) and the Texans trade DeAndre Hopkins (25:14). Plus, an IYHH with colleges shutting down amid Coronavirus (32:56) and your best voicemails on what made you "quit football" (43:17).


Domonique Foxworth on the NFL's CBA

Bomani and Domonique Foxworth discuss the negotiations for the NFL's next collective bargaining agreement. Is a seventeenth game worth it (4:28)? Foxworth looks back on the previous negotiations and how united (or not) the players are (15:47). How does this compare to labor in the other leagues (21:17) and what impression did have of the owners he worked alongside when he was NFLPA president (32:17)? Plus, why Foxworth continues to "stan" for Ozzie Newsome (48:22) and where is Tom Brady's...


Parental Advisory

Bomani Jones weighs in on how the Coronavirus is affecting the tail end of the season for the NBA and CBB (1:54), whether or not the "Nets culture" was actually conducive to superstar talent in the aftermath of the team parting ways with coach Kenny Atkinson (22:05) as well as why there may be no winners in the NFL's CBA negotiations (31:43). Plus, an IYHH including a female komodo dragon conceiving babies without a male partner (41:44) and your stories from the lengths of avoiding the...


All Knicks-ed Up, Stephon Marbury

Bomani Jones shares his thoughts about the diabolical situation with the Knicks, including James Dolan, Charles Oakley, Spike Lee and more (2:21). Plus, Former NBA G Stephon Marbury stops by to discuss the new documentary about his life "A Kid from Coney Island" (18:20). They touch on how playing with his brothers nurtured his talent as a prospect, why he loves Atlanta after spending only one year at Georgia Tech (28:02), fans misunderstanding his time in Minnesota (33:35), sharing his bout...


Funny Money

Bomani Jones weighs in on LeBron's relationship or lack thereof with Zion Williamson and what it says about his ascension in the league (1:16), how he would "fix" the NFL Combine (14:03), as well as how the NFL players are addressing their possible strike against the proposed collective bargaining agreement. (22:32). Plus, an IYHH including a man in Oregon getting caught trying to buy Girl Scout cookies with fake money (33:21) and your voicemails from when you got kicked out of your crew...


Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report talks "Take It There" Season 2

Bomani Jones and Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report chat about Season 2 of her show "Take It There" (3:10), including her latest episodes with Chris Paul (12:09) and Kevin Durant (26:40). Taylor and Bo talk about the last time they were nervous (19:39), burner accounts vs. lurk accounts on social (32:11), dealing with fame (43:50), what's coming next for her in her career (53:01) and much more.


Weight of the World

Bomani Jones weighs in on Deontay Wilder's loss to Tyson Fury and whether or not his excuse about the heavy pre-fight suit contributing to his TKO holds any water (3:51). Plus, Michael Jordan's display of emotion at Kobe and Gianna Bryant's celebration of life (14:35) and when hand size matters for NFL draft prospects at the QB position (25:42). Plus, an IYHH including tips for locking in cheaper airfares (33:58) and your voicemails from mixed race fight parties of years past or present...


Three-Time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen

Bomani and three-time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen discuss NBA storylines for the second half of the season. Can Houston's small-ball work in the postseason (3:02)? Which team will rise to the top in the East? Are the Bucks balanced enough (9:55) or will the leaders on the Sixers step it up (15:38)? How about the Lakers and Clippers out West (30:05)? Were the Warriors smart to pick up Andrew Wiggins (44:37)? Plus, what it was like guarding Rasheed Wallace and Vince Carter (58:43).


Perception Problem

Bomani Jones weighs in on the most entertaining bits from All-Star Weekend, including Kyrie Irving getting elected VP of the NPAPA, the changes to the format of the All-Star Game itself and controversy in the dunk contest scoring (1:57). Bo shares why player justice won't make the Astros apologize for the sign-stealing scandal (19:48). Can you ever remember a team soft-peddling like what is happening with John Beilein and the Cavs (36:52)? Plus, an IYHH including Millennials actually saving...


Ta-Nehisi Coates

Bomani Jones is joined by author Ta-Nehisi Coates to chat about how the issues presented in "Vick", the latest 30 for 30 documentary, are permeating through the culture right now. They discuss black quarterbacks in the league historically like Warren Moon and Randall Cunningham (2:24), bringing people from your childhood along with you professionally (12:06), the stigma behind dog fighting and Vick's rehabilitation (18:01), players utilizing the power they possess (35:22), code-switching...


For The Love Of The Game

Bomani Jones wonders what kind of following does the XFL need to break even despite fielding a league of "sorry" players (1:55). Why do we feel the need to speak Taysom Hill into existence as a franchise QB when you already have Teddy Bridgewater on your roster (15:53)? Dwyane Wade sets an example for all parents and Bo tells you why (29:42). Plus, an IYHH including a hydrogen-powered superyacht (39:28) and your "wrastlin" destruction voicemails (50:59).


Howard Bryant of ESPN on "Full Dissidence: Notes from an Uneven Playing Field"

Bomani and Howard Bryant discuss his newest book, "Full Dissidence: Notes from an Uneven Playing Field". They dish on the inspiration for the book (1:52), Jay-Z's relationship with the NFL (7:35), why some athletes avoid their "black-ness" and how it contributes to the segregation of locker rooms (17:05). Plus, paid patriotism in the NFL (31:51) as well as what role Colin Kaepernick has to play in our culture going forward (45:38).


Michael Vick: A Complex Path

After being named a captain in this year's Pro Bowl, Michael Vick faced a new wave of criticism. Animal advocates and football fans alike point to Vick being sent to federal prison for his involvement in dogfighting. Between Vick's initial NFL run, his time served and his return to football following that sentence, he has a complicated story. Ahead of tonight's "30 for 30" documentary, ESPN's Bomani Jones explores the context of Vick's career, his ongoing path to redemption and what his...


Casualty Of Progress

Bomani doesn't take too much pleasure in being right most times, but in the case of Jimmy Garoppolo he does (1:56). He shares why the 49ers were a "casualty of progress" and covers Jay-Z's interview in the New York Times about his involvement with the NFL as well as problematic Super Bowl commercials (15:19). Plus, the role LeBron James played Friday night as Staples Center remembered Kobe Bryant (27:22), an IYHH including fare evasion in NYC's subway system (34:09) and a midseason version...


Vinnie Goodwill, Yahoo! Sports

Bomani and Vinnie Goodwill from Yahoo! Sports discuss Kobe Bryant's career after his passing (4:26). They look back on how his arc in the league compares with contemporaries Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal (22:09). Plus, the loyalty of the "Kobe-stan" (40:11), his relationship with other players in the league and much more (51:10).


Rest In Peace

In an emotional edition of the show, Bomani shares his thoughts on the loss of Lakers and basketball legend Kobe Bryant who passed away on Sunday along with his 13-year old daughter Gianna and 7 others in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles. He discusses the disbelief he felt in the aftermath of the news (1:24), why he means something different to every one of us (20:30) and how he won over his on-the-court detractors (36:18). Plus, an IYHH including a new level of security for Tinder users...


Franchise Guy, Dan Wetzel on Netflix Aaron Hernandez Documentary

Bomani shares his takeaways from Zion Williamson's debut for the Pelicans (2:13) and why he doesn't think Eli Manning is a Hall of Famer in light of his retirement from football (9:07). Plus, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports joins to discuss the Netflix documentary he executive produced "Killer Inside: The Mind of Hernandez" (14:52). Together they delve into the scope of the doc including Aaron's motive for the murder of Odin Lloyd, what role the Patriots played in monitoring Hernandez's behavior...