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Serving you a weekly dose of Richly Melanated facts! The podcast about everything your parents and school forgot to teach you about LIFE!


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Serving you a weekly dose of Richly Melanated facts! The podcast about everything your parents and school forgot to teach you about LIFE!




Episode 68: Ventin' with Lunaa & Raphael

We get to hang out with our new friends, Lunaa Maria and Raphael. We are venting about the few things that make us mad. No messing with Australian wildlife for us!


Episode 67: Welcome to the ADZ

We finally got ADZ in the building!! Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. We are talking to B Ah Leader and KV about the whole music experience. Be sure to check them out...the are Richly Melanated Verified!!


Episode 66: Kickin' It with Richly

It has been a really intense month. We are just kicking back tonight with our favorite guys, Jai Renol and Marcus. Sit back, relax and let's shoot the shit!


Episode 65: Crisis Mode

There is a crisis and no one is talking about it. Where is the help? Where is the donation? Where is the advocation for change? Silence is compliance. We got some things to say about it!


Episode 64: Pride Month with China Marie

It's Pride Month...we didn't forget! We will be celebrating the LGBTQ community all month long. This time we have our special guest China Marie in the building. Join us as we dive into the music, lifestyle and thoughts of this independent artist.


Episode 63: Adopting Black

So are we adopting black kids to help them or as an express ticket to the pearly gates? Let’s dive into what it really does for our children of color that are being raised in iced cultures. Can anyone really raise our black kids?!?


Episode 62: Abortions' Right for Who?

Is this really happening in 2019? I guess everything is still possible in 2019. Alabama has now joined the abortion ban-wagon (did you see what I did there). Let's dive into this mess and what it really means for women in 2019!


Episode 61: Insecure or Fame Chaser?

Did you see the MET Gala? Did you hear what Ayesha Curry said? We are diving into all the fashion hit and miss from the 2019 MET Gala. Our guest Joel helps us navigate this Ayesha Curry storm. You don't want to miss this!


Episode 60: Boss Women

It's time to highlight some new business women!! Join us as we talk safe sex toys with Amber from Comeforeplay and Brandy will get your skin glowing with Bibbi's Hair and Skin Care. It's gonna be sexy tonight!


Episode 59: Black in the Military

**Echoing sound due to technical difficulties** We are talking about the black experience in the military tonight. We have our Navy man @djeuronyc and Ntional Guard Paul in the building to share their experience. I hope you're ready for the baby wipe showers and gas mask adventures!


Episode 58: Code Switching

Join us as we code switch our way through this episode. Who is code switching? Is everyone doing it? does everyone have to do it? We got questions!


Episode 57: #RIPNipsey

We are all mourning the lost of Nipsey Hussle for the same reason...we lost a real gem for the community. Join us as we sort thru what this lost really means to us and what we learn from it. #RIPNip


Episode 56: #SurvivingCardiB

Cardi B is out here drugging and raping men now? Cardi is telling to take revenge on your cheating man by setting him up with a transwoman? Let's dive in to all these crazy Cardi stories and make sense of it all.


Episode 55: Let's Talk about Sex Baby!!

Welcome to the sexier side Richly Melanated! Tuck the kids in bed and grab a glass of wine. We are ready to dive into our worse and best sex time stories with our guest Lisa of Concrete Reps.


Episode 54: Black Mental Health Matters

Let's be honest...we all need some TLC and I'm not talking about the CrazySexyCool album. Mental Health is a real thing and it is very real in the black community. Join us as we talk with Justin about getting to the root of this Mental Health crisis.


Episode 53: Final Report

Ok ok...we promise this is the last time we will be talking about these R.Kelly shenanigans. Join us as we dive into the real behind the Gayle interviews, Jordyn woods and P.Figz near death Thailand trip. Our special guest, Jamiere Shagwell, introduces us to his new web series "Backlash the Series".


Episode 52: #OscarsSoBlack

We were able to end Black History Month on a great note! With some very significant wins for the night, were they really a win for the culture? Let's dive into the significance of these wins for the culture. Our guest Keemz shares his thoughts and music with us on tonight's episode.


Episode 51: Damn Jussie

We were all up in arms behind Jussie Smollett but now it seems like we got played. Let's dive into this mess of a situation and how this changes everything for the "Empire" actor. Tonight we highlight up and coming artist Jai Renol who stops by to share his poetry and single "2190".


Episode 50: Grammy's Recap

This years' Grammy Awards was absolutely one to remember for many reasons. Let's dive into everything from Cardi B's historic win to J.Lo's Motown Tribute.


Episode 49: Pedophiles in Real Life

While everyone has been looking at R.Kelly, did we forget the other that have and are still doing it? Forget celebrities...what about us? Let's dive into other celebrity and even our own experiences.